The Meaning Of The Name


I was thumbing through the official T.I. vs. T.I.P. album when suddenly…

It’s official. Forget the Feds, some dude in Chicago has officially thrown a monkey wrench in the plans of our former blogger. DJ Dram? Sorry doggie, I just ain’t feelin’ it. It does make a difference.

This is the worst thing in hip-hop name game history since Common lost his Sense to some White boy. Since Biggie became B.I.G. When will these rap cats ever learn? Trademark your shit, you mark-ass busters.

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  • these posts are racist

    Please elaborate, why is Drama now going by Dram? Just because he didn’t “officially” trademark the name “DJ Drama”, he can contest another DJ’s filing…and if he gets a good lawyer could retain rights to the name, given his widespread fame and use of it…

    But yes, I agree…pay a few hundred bucks from the front end…and be sure to have lawyers fight to make sure nobody starts using your name…

  • Incilin

    Wow. You can’t be serious. This is terrible.

  • Danny

    It’s probably a mis print….

  • Tyler

    Let’s hope that it was a mis-print bro. Is ‘dat truly why Commen dropped tha’ Sense off his name? aka
    Love it or Hate it tell a friend.

  • DANJA29

    Damn… hasn’t that yellow nigga lost enough this year- now he gotta lose the ‘A’ too?

    2007 has not been the year for Drama… I mean Dram.

  • dameSTAtus

    Good catch and better point E. However, “Drama” is such a generic name, that it’s likely someone else “owned” it in some sense way before Drama blew up.

    Back in the days when you could cop his CD’s in front of Stegalls. Word to the ATL of many moons ago.

    Now you got the A&R blogger (sorry, I can’t call another grown man “sickamoe”, just like I can’t call one “delicious”) living out there, and that’s like the sign of the apocalpyse. When the cornballs come out…watch out….

    And EW, Drama is as just as entrepreneurial as you are, if not more, and much younger. So there’s no need for your slick line at the end. Maybe your sour that he didn’t stick w/ writing for your publication.

    Speaking of Sour, and all things Diesel: Happy Friday Everyone! Word to Byron’s Ecko Sneaks!

  • Purple Hulk

    That sucks, he should keep the name, that no name in chicago should change it

  • EReal

    Purple Hulk Says:

    July 6th, 2007 at 12:44 pm
    That sucks, he should keep the name, that no name in chicago should change it

    Why doesnt he send “T.I.P.” to handle it since he’s so gangsta and cant control his shit. lol.

    1 hunned.

  • Caine

    Do ya thang Donny. Dats a big name to live up to. I might give u a listen…

  • OranJuiceJones

    remember the real Drama from Atlana??!?!!? Left, right,Left,Right/ Get on Up…..what happened to that dude, yall act like he wasnt the shit in ATL for a hot second a few years back

  • john cochran

    ojjones^^^get on up forward march!!

    “Dram” or the more popular “dr..dr..Dramatic..” I still call him Dram or Drama so fuck it

  • boner jams 03

    good thing dj DRAM ain’t a rapper…if he ever had a diss track thrown his way rappers would use the whole dj quik /mc eiht battle line…u know when quik said ” u left the g out ya name cuz the g aint in u…” …so an atlanta rapper would say:” u left the a out your name cuz….well u get the point…

  • yacksippa

    i can’t believe you dude another bullshit topic

    dj dram dj drama r whateva he is still tha hottest dj out

    and wit tha feds and shit the prob had sumtin to do wit it

    anything wit dj drama on it thed tax and i heard him say he say he never copy writted the name dj drama but that he was sellin street now wit an industry joint comin out u gotta b legit

    fuck yall x blooger you corny bitch

  • BRE


  • Maurice Garland

    on a side note…who thinks the Big Kuntry King album is actually coming out?



  • Gerald N. the birdman

    BIG KUNT !!!! – that’s

  • Donny Goines

    (Dennis the Menace voice) Oh Mr Willlllllllson lol

    You really wanna know whats the meaning of the name
    I was born Donny, did alot of reading bout the game
    Came across Donald, thought he was a genius in his day
    And I wrote well, so I started thinking just the same

    Short stories at first, none of them were ever published
    Then I focused on rap, and found out I really loved it
    Started inn a group, but before I took public
    Felt I needed a name that would really carry substance

    So I spoke to my boy, and told him bout my dilemma
    He blurted “Donny Goines” which I really thought was clever
    So I ran wit the name, worked hard and got better
    Attention came quick, then one day I got a letter

    It came from his son, asking me about the name
    Told him I respect his father, wont use it in vain
    Then he gave me his blessing but told me its a dirty game
    So here I am Elliot now my mark is made

  • Donny Goines

    Cant blame me for trying to catch your attention. Your the Editor of XXL for Christs sakes lol…

  • andres

    what was wrong with his OG name, DJ Dramatic?

  • crown_holder23

    the only droped the A in drama so the shit would be block and square and puting the A in drame would throw off the whole this with the font size they chose


    When are we gettin a Kanye West Cover? Will yall stop puttin Apes On the Cover?

  • beatz23

    “common sense lost his sense to a white boy”??
    if your talking about eminem then youve got it the other way around, common won that battle