Southerners will buy anything

This actually occurred to me a few days ago, before I realized that T.I.’s new shite sandwich of an album would sell somewhere in the neighborhood of 460,000 copies its first week out: Not to tell the tIs at Interscope (aka my benefactors) how to do their job, but they probably would’ve been better off just releasing Curtis back when it was supposed to come out, a few weeks ago.

I can appreciate the fact that they were concerned that the first three singles all sucked balls and nobody liked them and who’s going to buy a CD filled with songs that no one could actually enjoy listening to, but here’s two things to consider: a) it’s pretty obvious at this point that 50 Cent is categorically incapable of creating any music worth listening to, and b) people run out and cop shitty albums en masse all the time.

Take for example this new T.I. album. Even the most hardened of LCD rap apologists (my bad for having to mention you in a post again, Noz) couldn’t help but give it a vote of no confidence. And yet, this shite sandwich of an album has managed to sell better than any rap album in ages. Which makes you wonder: how fucked up would T.I. vs. T.I.P. have to have been for it not to sell as well as it did?

My theory: T.I. vs. T.I.P. would’ve sold over 400,000 copies its first week out regardless (even if there was no music on it at all), just because that’s how many people are out there who like shitty rap music in the first place, and lack either the means or the know-how (in many cases both) to find out just how bad it is before they run out and drop their $9 bucks or whatever on it.

In that sense, I can’t help but be reminded of my post last year in which I attempted to convince Jive Records to cancel the release of OutKast’s Idlewild and lock it in the same safe where they keep that film Jerry Lewis made about the Holocaust – a post for which I’m still convinced I should have received an award from the RIAA or something.

It had already occurred to me a while before the film+soundtrack was released that this was going to be the worst thing that could possibly happen to OutKast’s career – much worse, in fact, than if Andre 3000 had gone out and raped a child or something – because I’m a visionary like that. But most people didn’t know one way or the other.

Think about it: if the soundtrack album in particular was never released, OutKast would still be regarded as one of the best groups in hip-hop; their last album would be Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, which sold over 10 million copies (if you count each one as two), not the utter commercial and artistic embarrassment that is the Idlewild soundtrack.

The key, both in that case and in the case of these god-awful new LCD rap albums, is to play on people’s ignorance. Three weeks ago, those of us with Internets connections and a frame of reference with regard to quality music realized that the new 50 Cent album wouldn’t be any good, but most people – especially our brothers and sisters in the South (sorry) – didn’t know one way or the other.

If Interscope would’ve released Curtis then, it probably would’ve sold upwards of a million copies, if not more, just on account of it being the new 50 Cent album. I’m not saying it won’t whenever it is eventually released, especially given how many people were just duped into copping T.I. vs. T.I.P. I’m just saying. Why run the risk?

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  • Atl’s own

    what!? TI album is easily the best album thus far. even with those 3 less than spectacular songs in act II

  • DANJA29

    so… is this just a thinly-veiled admission that you were wrong, Bol?

    and really, I don’t trust your opinion on rap anymore after you said El-P’s shit was album of the year. As shitty as rap’s been in ’07, I’d like to believe someone better than that guy has had the best album so far.

  • John Brown


    Basically you are bashing the people who support their artist and region. But then you bash the New Yorkers who dont support the NY rappers. You can’t make the cake and eat as well.

  • Severe

    yall are really hatin on TI. i think that because he did such a good job marketing the album, everybody’s expectations were ridiculously high. no artist can drop an album like KING every time. its still a solid album, one of the best (if not the best) rap album to drop so far this year. but not a classic that we’ll remember even 6mos from now. when some real hip hop albums come out later this year (common, kanye, raekwon, etc..) TI vs TIP will be forgotten.


    If TI has the best album thus far, then we’re in for the WORST YEAR IN HIP HOP. I wish Common and Wu release their albums already to show everyone what real hip hop is all about.

  • Incilin

    Despite the fact that Idlewild sucked and all, OutKast is still one of the greatest groups of all time. Consider this; with the exception of Idlewild, everyone of their albums are great. “Speakerboxxx/Love Below” “ATLiens” and “Stankonia” are all classics. And as I noted before during the “Top 25 albums” posts, no one can decide which Outkast album is the best. That’s why none of their albums where in the final top ten list, despite the fact at least one of their albums where on almost everyone’s list.

  • EReal

    Thats why I laugh when people say 50s gonna flop.


    JayZ, T.I., Jeezy, all sucked balls and still sold more than Nas. You think 50s gonna flop? LMAO.

    1 hunned.

  • Biz


  • Cinsere

    “Southerners will buy anything
    As long as it looks sufficiently ignorant.”

    LOL! It’s really everybody, though…not just southerners.

  • Larry Brite

    Boi – I’m not sure how you’ve managed not 2 get shot yet – (???????)

  • noz

    wait until they get the internet in the south.

  • Ike Turner

    Tina tried to go out and buy just anything…….Bitch found out the hard way! Yall better watch them hoes money

  • Atl’s own

    Nicca WU is washed up! and Common (a good rapper) just is not gone cut it.

  • E-Thug

    T.I.’s album sucked balls and it managed to sell 468,000 copies…hip hop is fucking DEAD!

    Why do people go out and buy this stupid shit, instead of going out to buy actual good music?

    First Week Sales:
    T.I.-”T.I. Vs. T.I.P.”=486,000
    Clipse-”Hell Hath No Fury”=85,000

    This shit is messed up. How are people gonna look over good rap music and buy this Atlanta made mess.

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Up north cats will hate on everything. Just goes to show the the so called Hip Hop exsperts know nothing about it.

    So please go get the KRS-1 records put’em on repeat then kill yourself.

  • Roc907

    “wait until they get the internet in the south.”


  • nyrapnevaleft


  • ga slim

    U sound dumb for that one bol, Why can’t we like different music ass wipe. Long Live The South


    50 will sell 1 million his first week i got t.i.’s album it was desent

  • May

    honestly, i have never understood the hype about t.i. vs t.i.p., i just couldn’t get into it…i dunno, maybe it’s because i’m not a big t.i. fan…i find nothing impressive about him…am i missing something here? it looks like nothing new to me, the split personality shit is just corny now…i have never bothered to spend $15 on this new cd, nor have i wasted my time downloading the thing…i guess i’ll wait for the fall for better albums…or i could wait for DETOX…

  • SC Boy

    For this jack*** and all those who agree with him and who feel qualified to speak on the South without being from here I have one thing to say. Hate must be in Northerners blood or something. You hate us, you hate each other. What is it? Everybody who talks sh** about the South is probably one generation removed from being down here but now we’re this and that. If you like the North so much stay up there meaning don’t move down for jobs or good houses, don’t come down to Miami, Myrtle Beach or the Essence fest to party. Stay up there. We got this. Look we support our own something you don’t do. That’s why TI will sell 500,000 and also why none of your so-called artist will sell platinum. We were buying those albums before simply because we know the strength of sticking together but not anymore. Now that you cats have shown your true colors I and many like me will never buy another east coast album in my life. Starve. We ain’t going nowhere.

  • freakzilla504

    Bol – i have heard U take numerous shot at the south and I have come to realize … Dude u are from St.Louis with your Midwest swing.You are not from NY or the Northeast ..Damn!!!You need to be checking for nelly or Huey.Bol I know more about Hip Hop than you do.Wassup

  • Rizzop2003

    The guy even had sportscenter playing that “big shit poppin” on there. The marketing plan was force fed to the masses and he sold 460K…..hopefully he does the same numbers next week. And to “ATL’s own” that said “Nicca WU is washed up! and Common (a good rapper) just is not gone cut it. The Game>>>>>>>> Any song on TI vs. TIP. And you cant count 9 better rappers in the ATL that are better than the 9 wu tang members…..I triple dog dare ya!

  • Dr Flav

    Noz, we going to avoid letting bloggers know we connected, just for instances like these. Points to Bol, does Nelson Muntz (c) “aha,” orders catfish sandwich with cheese and side of spaghetti.

  • Rizzop2003

    “JayZ, T.I., Jeezy, all sucked balls and still sold more than Nas. You think 50s gonna flop? LMAO.” 50 wont flop, but was any album you mentioned better than NAS’s HEEEEELLLL NAW! Sales= all you need is some catchy beats and say the same damn thing over and over “what you know about that”, “Show me what you got” i prefer substance over style anyday, the rest of sheep are brainwashed into thinking life is the club.

  • Caine

    Mane, ya’ll some ignorant muthafuckaz. Hip Hop is entertainment. Nowadays the shit is so mainstream, that anyone with an ounce of personality, charisma, charm, and a dopeboy past will sell more than your fuckin Nas’s, Common’s, Dead Prez, The Root’s, & etc. So instead of hatin, just get ya shit together. Wonder why Jay-Z ain’t have no problems selling records? Because the muthafucka had that certain aura about him. Same thing TI has. So stop hatin and get ya’ll shit together. And you Bol…u just an ignorant son-of-bitch that grew up wit white boys. Tighten up sucka!

  • brebre


  • khal

    Cinsere Says:

    July 11th, 2007 at 10:31 am
    “Southerners will buy anything
    As long as it looks sufficiently ignorant.”

    LOL! It’s really everybody, though…not just southerners.

    how the fuck do you explain the flop that is MIMS, or most NY hip-hop to be honest?

  • old white guy

    I’m probably the last one out there but I support this rap shit. I bought Ghostface, Clipse, T.I., Jay, Nas, Redman and about everything else. They all have their high and low points. I won’t even download 50 though. Quit all the hate and just enjoy the music. Or go write for Blender.


    The south still winning, the north still loosing, that’s how i see it. T.I. is already gold, and Monch will flop hard as hell, Monch sold dipset numbers… next up to flop from NY is Wu Tang 8 Diagrams, it’s expected to sell 8K in it’s first week, LMAO.. Wu-Tand’s album is going to go Napkin.

    I cant wait for that Carter 3 to drop, and go Plat, while that NY shit will continue to collect dust, and Bol will be so pissed when them 1st week #’s come out for Carter 3, and he will pe so depressed by the # of records (insert potential flopping NY artist here)sells, he will do hip hop a favor and kill himself.

  • The Spaniard

    Due to the back and forth on Bol’s blog about T.I.’s artistic skill (or lack thereof) I took some time out to listen to his music. As incredible as this may sound I had never heard a T.I. song other than the stuff they play on the radio during the times I happened to be unfortunate enough to be stuck in a car with someone who still listens to the radio for musical entertainment. Needless to say, that brief exposure to his catalog left no desire for me to seek out any other music by him. After listening to more of his music I am still highly underwhelmed. I do not understand what the appeal is at all. That opinion alone means nothing however because he obviously has a fanbase. I can say that, at best, he can sometimes make a catchy tune. Very simplistic rhyme scheme and musical composition. Once again, the only thing that means is that I will not be motivated to spend any cash on his music. the real insight I have discovered over time is that, in general, people who like this type of music tend not to be the type of people I can get along with personally wise on anything but a superficial level. I will even go so far as to say that, in my experience, these people tend not to be well versed or advanced in most standard measures of intelligence and critical thinking skills. I suppose some of them can function reasonably well day to day in society but I would not be looking to them for any reasoned and insightful analysis on any non-remedial topics.

    As an aside to this, Pet Rocks (a pebble in a box sold as a pet) made Gary Dalh a millionaire in the ’70s. Go figure.

  • jamie

    actually, i thought that idlewild soundtrack was a lot better than speakerboxxx/love below, which sucked.

  • Space Cowboy

    Wu-Tang is garbage, they suck, and they are washed up.. deal with it NY… if a nigga catch you listening to that NY music down south, you will get laughed at, and probably get your ass kicked.

  • dameSTAtus

    Bol, I don’t know if you can go back and edit these XXL posts, but I’d imagine you need a:

    (LCD = Least Common Denominator = The most easily understoond and tuned into shyt)

    I know most don’t get it.

  • Chad Biggz

    I got the album. I’m not down south. Its prolly his worse album. Maybe better than Urban Legend. I’m giving it to my brother this weekend so he can have it I don’t want it. I got the album, so hopefully we can talk about album sells. Who went Gold this year? Anyone? Maybe labels will see how well T.I. Or T.I.P. did and they will wanna release rap albums sometime this year.

  • dd

    well t.i sits rite in the middle. sumartist try to b to lyrical and cant really apeal to evry 1. then sum jus say fuck the lyrics and ride the beat. i think ti sits rite in the middle. a decent mixture. like jay said u gotta dumb down yo flo

  • dameSTAtus

    “The Spaniard” is intelligent on the (humble cough) dameSTATUS, Combat Jack, and Bomani Jones tip.

    “Jamie” has very “different” taste/appreciation in music than most.. (being polite this morning).


    “Space Cowboy” is an 11 year old kid who needs some parental controls on his Internet. Plus he probably doesn’t even appreciate the song from which his handle (nullus) is derived.

    Bol is from the Midwest. Nothing furhter.

  • jeff

    first week sales is like a first date with a chick. yeah, u r all geeked to finally go out with the broad that you’ve been pursuiting for quite some time..but if ya’ll go out on the first date only to find out she’s no different than any other bitch…you may just end up fucking the bitch for the hell of it, but you know you won’t have a worthwhile relationship with her. Same thing with that T.I. album, everyone was gon cop it when they first got the chance. After a few listens, you gon pop I’m Serious and Trap Muzik back in your tape deck and realize T.I. vs. T.I.P. looked good on the outside, but the bitch didn’t have enough substance to stimulate you for more than a minute. When the word spreads, about it…everyone is going to feel the same way. Pay attention to the charts for a few weeks and you will feel me.

  • hokus

    Ha HA! you bloggers are so like politicians. You think you know shit, you hate on everyone who is trying to do shit you never could, and when half a million people prove you wrong then they’re stupid. Sounds like you’re in denial that you’re a fake ass journalist with no education worth a dime. All you bloggers have is an opinion and time on your hands. Next time someone you don’t like succeeds you should laugh at youselves, because everyone else is. HA HA!

  • Worley

    It’s women. They love TI. Most dudes I know can’t stand the lil n*gga shouting and screaming about he wants respect. Dude has a serious Napoleon complex. I can’t cosign that stuff about 50. Heads in NYC bump all three singles. That new “Get Money” joint got the city going bananas. That Freeway “Big Spender” joint is fire too. Did I really say that? Freeway actually has another hit?

  • dameSTAtus

    Freeway is the big homey. We made sure he had a beautiful, botanical time out here in the Bay.

    I was juiced to hear his song W/ Turf Talkeezeee (waits for crickets from people who don’t know who Turf is)

  • SC Boy

    A lot of you on here talk about the intellectual capabilities of the average Southerner being the reason we like our own music. First of all you just don’t get it. Plus your so called king Jay-Z has admitted several times to dumbing down his music for the audience so what does that say for YOUR intellectual prowess…Spaniard. It’s the same ole sh** all over again…”if it’s not new york, it’s not right.” Well suck it up. Your beats suck and so do your lyrics. No one can relate because you only make music for your borough. Like 50 said “yo a** is local.”

  • SC Boy

    I know one thing Southerners won’t buy anymore…New York albums or your disrespect.

  • these posts are racist

    Much respect to T.I. a 26 yr old brotha doing well, congrats and many more successes.

  • South 19

    Let me get this straight Bol you’re b/c no paid attention to your bullshit review of the TI and decided to buy the album to make their decision about the album. Dude get over it you are a blogger the lowest rung of journalism. NO CARES WHAT YOU THINK.

  • FPL

    If Sade drops a record today…I would buy it…fuck what you clowns on the net have to say!
    If Outkast drops….Im gonna go get that!
    This isnt a regional thing…this is supporting the artist that you are feeling (fuck pause..)
    You need to raise up off the South…if anythin our “REIGN” has been about supporting niggas we like, regardless of what critics print/type.

  • smog

    we need a rap civil war and shit

    July 11th, 2007 at 10:50 am
    Nicca WU is washed up! and Common (a good rapper) just is not gone cut it.

    that people actually say this kinda of stuff goes to show you how different atl peoples are from northern people. to say that up here would just be
    blasphemy but then again thats the same thing that birdflysouth said, what i think is really interesting is that yall southern people werent sayin shit before when bol and noz and everyone was killing t.i.’s record and now that he got sales everyone is backing him in the posts wtf is with that?

  • Cinsere

    khal Says:

    July 11th, 2007 at 11:42 am
    Cinsere Says:

    July 11th, 2007 at 10:31 am
    “Southerners will buy anything
    As long as it looks sufficiently ignorant.”

    LOL! It’s really everybody, though…not just southerners.

    how the fuck do you explain the flop that is MIMS, or most NY hip-hop to be honest?

    Well…because MIMS was no different than D4L before him and The Shop Boys after him…other than him being from NY. Don’t act like southern dudes don’t flop, too. “Ringtone” artists are called that for a reason. They have no body of work, beyond that simplistically catchy tune, to cultivate a decent fanbase. TI has a body of work, plus (I suppose) a personality that draws people…thus, he has a fanbase. That, + a huge marketing campaign, x the fact that nobody cares about interesting or compelling lyrics anymore = 468,000 units in first week sales.

  • Tyler

    BoL, it would have been easier & better if U would have just said ‘dat U were wrong. No harm, no foul. I told T.I’s album was cool and could go Plat. which points on the real problem with the industry. It’s 2 many people like U with jobs at the label ‘dat don’t really have the ears 4 the game. Give it up 4 the South once and awhile cause no one thought ‘dat we could control this rap shit 4 this long. Like I said before, Hockey & Soccer are next.
    BoL, when are U gonna do some deep investigating reporting on ‘dat article from yesterday about one of your people a XXL have a real BIG DADDY KANE moment? U know, when dude was waiting on BIG DADDY 2 rip off his close and bounce his joint of said dudes forhead? Be a ShockBlogger & Get 2 the bottom of ‘dat shit yo and leave tryin’ 2 be an industry A&R, Alone. aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • suckaniggadickmakeaniggarich

    S C
    be easy cuz…you seem pretty worked up about all the hate from the north…but if you think a bout it…we right. The south has a handful of rappers worth listening to (weezy, jeezy, luda, ti, outkast) The problem is, the respresentation of the south is bullshit like “party like a rockstar” garbage. Bottom line, without support from the north, the south would crumble (as a society and within music) I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, it is what it is. SO go eat some bean pie and drink some “lean” while you drive your tractor through your “mobile home”. NY stand up.
    oh yea….check the name..faggot

  • CL

    Toilet Bol,

    Because you think is it a shite sandwich obviously doesn’t make it so. Besides, you had the nerve to say that Prodigy’s “Return of the Mac” was one of the best albums of the first half of 2007. That album is a shite sandwich if I ever heard one.

  • Jovan

    Lets all keep it real, the TI album is lackluster, no matter how many people purchased it.

    Good music NEVER sells as well as music that has been marketed extremely well. Case in point: Artists like India Arie, John Legend, The Roots ( and a whole bunch of the guys that Noz listens to ) are artists who make timeless music: music that will still sound good 5 years from now. However, many of these artists fail to receive the corporate push that an artist like TI, 50 Cent, or Jeezy will because they don’t appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    And go ahead and mention ( insert dead popular artists name here ). One of two things takes place when everyone agrees that an artist makes good art and is commerically viable.

    1. Everyone agrees in retrospect after the artist has died ( read Tupac )

    2. The artist is the exception to the rule ( read Biggie )

    It’s much easier to sell sex, violence, and drugs and wrap it up in a glossy package and call it “music” than it is to atually market an artist who makes art for art’s sake. And I’m not suggesting that music about sex, drugs, and violence isn’t art…however…I do question an artists motivation when listening to the newest latest.

    And Hip Hop is NOT dead. Demographically speaking, white teenagers have always purchase more records those than those of us from the “hood” and I’m sure that this the case with TI. He’s the newest latest crossover rapper to appeal to the suburbs. 50 cent and Kanye tend to do the same thing which is one of the reasons that their respective albums will sell, regardless if they’re actually any good or not.

    Besides, if ya’ll niggas are younger than 24 all of your favorite artsts are ring tone rappers and you couldn’t tell good music from the hole in your ass.

    I’m just saying…

  • jacquez
  • The Spaniard


    I agree totally with that sentiment. Congrats to him and his money making enterprise. I’m always glad to see another person be successful. I still don’t like his music but that is neither here nor there in ragards to this sentiment.

    @SC Boy
    1. I’m not from New York…or any other east coast city.

    2. I was just bumping Outkast the other day while I was workout out. I also listen to a lot of (pre 1995) Rap-a-Lot roster. So much for hating on the south. (although according to some Texas isn’t in the south…*cough*)

    3. I never said anything about anyone’s geographical location having anything to do with their relative intelligence (or stupidity). I’m sure T.I. (or whomever you like) moved units in all major areas of the country. The south alone could not reasonably account for 500,000 units in week one. I love the south and I hope to relocate there in a few years.

    4. Your comment about Jay-Z illustrates my point perfectly. Although I didn’t think he was particularly complex at any point in his career he certainly did “dumb down” his approach purposely in order to move more units. The only thiing that says is that he was smart enough to recognize the general (low) intelligence level of the mass market.

    5. I would be willing to bet that you do think who I listen to sucks. That’s fine with me. I’ll still listen to them regardless. My comments about the correlation of intelligence and musical tastes still stand intact regardless. I still listen to Soul on Ice like it was my first day in college. Funcrusher plus was a classic album to me. Killarmy sold 17 copies and I bump Galactics like it was the theme music on ESPN. As a matter of fact, when I play NBA 2k I create a playlist of a lot of shit, some hot, (on the charts) some not. What does that mean? Very little. The only problem, if it can really be called a problem, is that if shit music sells like hot cakes the overall supply (and demand) for other genres of music drops. In any event, I still have to continue write this software to pay my mortgage feed my family, so fuck it.

    (Where is my Reflection Eternal CD?)

    “make a radio hit, heads criticize it, underground classic nobody buys it. what’s a nigger to do?”
    Ras Kass

    Ralph Tresvant must be really popular on this board.


    The key, both in that case and in the case of these god-awful new LCD rap albums, is to play on people’s ignorance. Three weeks ago, those of us with Internets connections and a frame of reference with regard to quality music realized that the new 50 Cent album wouldn’t be any good, but most people – especially our brothers and sisters in the South (sorry) – didn’t know one way or the other. U GOT SOME FUCKING NERVE STOP HATING ON THE SOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tezzy

    well this just means that lil wayne will sell about 650,000 copies and its not the southerners who buy anything its the surburban kids and girls who will buy someones style over the actuall quility of music and thats why they gonna sell like that but and im a 50 fan but those 1st few singles was weak

  • frikas

    bol u a fool maine

  • frikas

    bol u a fool man!

  • viski

    All the people bashin bol are fuckin ridiculous…teh truth is that TI v TIP kinda sucked.,..everyone get off of his dick everyone knows it wasnt as good as it was hyped up to be. and bol is right that music doesnt really matter any more its all about persona and the fanbase and judging by these numbers bols right 50 is going to do every well

  • ThingAlec

    first things first. I remember a while ago that you said that you warmed up to Idlewild (excluding the last 5 songs)/

    Yes everything on T.I. Vs. T.I.P., T.I. did already. Thats why people arent feeling this album. He did the same shit on King and Urban Legend. If those albums never came out, T.I. Vs. T.I.P. may be recieved much better. My opinion is this.

    King>>>>>>>>>T.I. Vs. T.I.P.

    T.I. Vs. T.I.P.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>King.

    So really i’d be fine if they just released an instrumental version of this album.

    Secondly. I’m pretty sure about 90% of hip-hop fans have given up on 50 Cent by now. It’s like Nas kinda (but hear me out first). Just like Nas can never make an album as good al Illmatic again. 50 will never be able to make and album as good as GRODT again. I miss the 50 of 2003. He critisized rapper (Ja) for being gangsta and yet only doing love songs. 50 has pretty much become Ja Rule.

  • Crocker

    To play Devil’s Advocate, yeah, I’ll say it, that T.I. sucked a mother fucking cock. But let’s be honest Bol, what in the hell is the Midwest scene looking like. A half-fag who has ghost producers and ghostwriters who keeps a college theme throughout all his albums. Ur pioneers, Bone Thugs, are doing candy-coated singles with J.D. and his scarred,sexually abused artist, “BOW WEEZY!” and Mariah fucking Carey. Oh yeah and Twista. If it weren’t for Common and Mark Ronson’s golden boy, ur entire scene would be screwed. So uh, I guess in conclusion sir, I’ma keep all the way real, you’re from St. Louis. Name one dope rapper from St. Louis. ……….. Fuck You Very Much And Thank You For Your Time.


    return of the mac is crazy wit all the alchemist production cant wait 4 havoc’s album KUSH

    go cop curtis 9-4-07 and KING MATHERS

  • Dr Flav

    A lotta of these artists wish they could sell a ringtone, I find it funny when people use rappers selling ringers as a dis, lets see if Saigon can create some sales instead of jealous and envious titles for cats getting heard on a ring or where ever.

  • DocZeus

    I think we all can agree that Jay-Z’s last album while doing pretty well for the first few weeks was an artistic and commercial disappointment. That record was going to do 1 million records at the absolute minimum since this was Jay’s comeback record and the ridiculous amount of hype that surrounded it.

    T.I. was going to do about 500,000 at the absolute minimum considering “King” was his breakthrough album and usually the benefits of having such a monster record are reaped afterwards. However, we’ll see how much it eventually sells after the first week sales. You can’t really tell if a record has staying power until the second week.

    As for, 50? His star has significantly faded since The Massacre. None of his singles are even remotely popular as “Candy Shop” let alone “In Da Club.” People have generally gotten tired of his antics. G-Unit Records has basically died commercial death. I think it’ll sell about One Million Records total since he’s still a big star but he won’t be seeing his old numbers ever again.

  • jeff

    Spaniard has a legitimate post. I live in the south, but I’m not from here. Artists care about money more than their fans. If they cared for their fans, they would give them an album that could hold them over for way more than a few months. Acting like they care for their fans is some PR bullshit. It’s about the loot. T.I. (just like DMX) will use and abuse his popularity to make some cheddar. People purchase bullshit everywhere, not just the south. I’m not here to state what is and what isn’t bullshit, but I think those of us with a certain level of sense know.

  • these posts are racist

    Fake intellectuals are bad for the game/
    They lame/
    Hating on a brotha making change/
    Instead of making change/
    They’d rather speak in vain/
    And rejoice when they see other people in pain/
    Spitting what they hear, watching fox news/
    They hate on Muslims in their posts cuz its easy to do/
    Instead of critical thinking they rather shock and awe/
    Not really understanding what it means to be shocked and awed/
    But awe damn, my comments are probably not worth/
    The time that i take to write, and it hurts/
    To see young black males with a medium that could change/
    Rejoice and write about other people’s pain/
    Billy and BOL two clowns in a pod/
    Far from being Slick Rick, but their ignorance makes me say “Oh…oh my God”/



  • Ronnie Friday

    50 Cent already had his album that sold on name alone “The Massacre”

  • jjjjjj





    Buron tyou never let me down. i get it. you say the opposite of what the main stream is targeting. its like you make yourself the black sheep no matter how insane you dound. like if every says the sky is the best at blue you would be the dude to put out that a red sky would fit the worlds atmosphere better or sum shit like that…i get it tho thanx. thats why TI is where he’s at today…shit you talked shit bout JAY so why be suprised right?

  • jjjjjj

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^shit was wack

  • T.R.E.Y.

    sorry Bolliam, as much as i usually like some of your posts this one was less bitter and funny, and more bitter and retah-ded.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    and like i said, no one’s allowed to complain when Common doesn’t sell well based on that “Game” single. i know it’s tragic those ign’ant younguns don’t like that good ol’ boom bap, but there’s a reason it won’t appeal right now, like Noz explained in a post about Little Brother a while back. and not because of a record label conspirasah.

  • The Spaniard

    (1 more hour to go!)

    Something else that popped out at me while I was reviewing the comments in this (and others) post is the allegence some people have to their geographical region. That phenomenon has always been curious to me. Several comments have been posted about supporting regional artist just because they are from the same place, so it seems. As the poster Jeff says, so what? That is just part of a marketing ploy/scheme/plan to get more money in their hands. A motherfucker could be from Assfuck, India and a flamming homosexual but if his album was good I would buy it pronto. On the other hand if MC Shithead who lived right down the street from me had a album sitting right next to it and that shit was wack then, fuck supporting the “regional” guy. If he was a cool cat I suppose I would let him have a few bucks to get a meal but nada for his CD. Nigger, you suck. Stick to selling weed or whatever it is you do.

    This extends to sports as well. Am I supposed to be a Bears fan because I live here? People act like I took I shit on their left boot when I tell them I don’t give a shit about the Bears/Bulls/Cubs/Sox or what local team you can name. I like (playing) sports in general and will watch any well played event. I will applaud (or lambast) any deserving play on either side. Why? Because it benefits me none nor do I derive any pleasure from rooting for the “home team”. (nor do they give a shit in most cases)

    Back to the Hip-Hop…

    As far as hip-hop artists and songs go beats are fine and dandy and I like plenty of songs primarily because of the beat but for me to consider you a top notch MC as far as rhyming I have to be able to listen to you spitting accapela with no loss of the appreciation of your verse. Take away the catchy beat and the nursery rhymes (1,2,1,2 rhyme pattern) stand out. There is a reason my 3 year old sings along with the garbage his mom listens to and loves the production. It’s because he can relate, it is closer to his maturity level.

    Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock….

  • -R-E-A-L-

    T.I. always needs some kind of publicity stunt to sell his albums…

    the lil flip beef… Urban Legend

    droppin his gay rollerblading movie.. KING

    punchin chaka zulu in the face… T.I. vs TIPdrill

    I smell a Ludacris beef cooking up…

    How can T.I. be king of the souf when he aint even king of his city???

    Everyone knows Ludacris got ATL on lock

  • these posts are racist

    “Nigger, you suck. Stick to selling weed or whatever it is you do.”


    You racist prick. Say that to a real black man and see what happens to you.

  • Sooo Wooo


  • Fernando

    If you said it to a real black man you would get beat down or shot and then the black guy would go to jail. Is that about right TPAR? That is how you settle disputes right?

    Hey nice rap TPAR!! But arent Muslims the ones who are always rejoicing when they see people in pain? (9-11, Blackhawk incident, any time jews get murked)

  • Fernando

    T.I is going to over-expose himself. Im still confused how he got so popular.

  • May

    The Spaniard:

    “Take away the catchy beat and the nursery rhymes (1,2,1,2 rhyme pattern) stand out. There is a reason my 3 year old sings along with the garbage his mom listens to and loves the production. It’s because he can relate, it is closer to his maturity level.

    Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock…”

    ^Are you indirectly saying something about your son’s mother? I’m just curious…

  • Fernando


    Is there anything a black person could do that you wouldnt say “Im just glad to see a brotha gettin his money and making things happen”??? Can you have any opinion about anything without involving race?

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso

    She Lives In My Laaaaaaaaaaaap.


  • these posts are racist

    I don’t bust nines like a no-brain actor/
    I do bust rhymes at you no-name bastards/
    I don’t snort lines like a cocaine rapper/
    But i do read books, cuz its the knowledge i’m after/
    After I spit a rhyme, noone will go after/
    Like lil cease to biggie, RIP one of the greatest rappers/

    These racist cats, ain’t facing facts/
    They watch faux news and trace it back/
    They think they lacin’ cats with priceless jewels,
    Well you fools, we want our payment back/
    I ain’t playing black/ i’m demanding that/
    Those who use our culture, stop hanging that!/

    Corporations run our lives more than our elected congress/
    Stare the truth in its eyes and I guarantee it will make you vomit/
    A greedy man would sell you the rope he is to be hung by, if it meant he’d make a profit/
    That’s why Hip Hop is dying! Its been hijacked, yes, but we keep ourselves hostage!/

    I ain’t trippin, but if you listen, and stop dismissin/ what i’m saying as just bitchin’/
    Perhaps you would understand what i’m saying and we could start using hip hop as our kitchen/
    To cook up the truth that will set us free/
    Read, learn and think and simply be.

  • doctor69

    bol is kinda right and wrong remember who bought the shop boyz hahahha I do wanna know who buys this crap aka snap or gaysta music real hip hop stand up nyc

  • Southcidal

    NEWSFLASH: T.I. sales units everywhere Bolhead. Don’t you realize that NY and Boston hoodrats are just as much into the T.I. as Bankhead hoodrats are? So typical another bitter East coaster, desperately clinging to the past. Still wishing that artists such as T.I. and Luda make an album similar to Pete Rock and CL Smooth or DeLaSoul.

    Here’s another NEWSFLASH:
    Souther rappers are selling because they’re making songs for the DJs. Isn’t that the origin of Hip Hop? Biggie sold records because DJs sought his shit. Ditto for Fif and Hov. Nas is the exception. He makes shit that is not party friendly but it is creative as fuck.

    You East Coast busters should stop hating on the stop and start trying to come with some creativity.

  • Mr. Whats beef

    t.i is a rapper right, he makes rap music right.

    so uuuum t.i. groupies tell me this.

    compare t.i.’s new shit that just came out to any other rap album and see how good it does.

    perfect example

    t.i vs t.i.p vs jay-z the blueprint

    t.i new shit vs word of mouf

    t.i new shit vs get rich or die tryin

    t.i new shit vs country grammar

    t.i new shit vs stillmatic, illmatic

    listen the list goes on, all them albums would blow his new shit out the water.
    those are great albums.

  • The Spaniard

    “The Spaniard” is a character in a movie not my race. I am black. Grew up on 69th street in Chicago, far, far awy from the suburbs (not that there’s anything wrong with the suburbs!). So I reckon that what will happen if I say that to “a real black man” is the same thing that happens everyday when I say nigger the the dozens of friends and associates I see almost every day. Absolutely nothing. I hope you are not one of those advanced thinkers that thinks the alternate version “Nigga” make the word any better. I use the lingo I chose too, and if I feel like nigger is the appropriate word for the sentence then nigger it is. If someone wants to fight me over that word then you are welcome to. I can assure you, win or lose, that will be a fight soon not forgotten by the aggressor.

    Context is important son. If I meant the word as an insult then you should be insulted. If I did not then you should either roll with the overiding theme of the rest of the sentence or ostricize me from your circle. Nigger.

    I sure am saying something about her. I’ve said it to her directly. “Your overall taste in music is shit.” Lucky for her he has some other high qualities that compensate for that flaw most of the time. However, some her thought processes are highly suspect and they seem to be easily associated with the garbage she listens to.

  • Benjamins

    dooo doo or watever ur name is west coast cant laugh they dont say shit cuz noone cares about them anymore east coast and south both way better than the west and mr. beef how can u say any of nellys cds is better than anything ti has put out its people like u that make white people look stupid.

  • The Spaniard

    I also use the phrases coon, spear chucker, porch monkey and tar baby. I am mocking two concepts at the same time.

    1. The fact that people get worked up into a violent rage about name calling (very childish).

    2. The fact that the term nigger is the only popular term out of all the others to negatively describe the black race in common use. (not that I really subscribe to the significance of race categories anyway outside of a man made sociological construct.)

    I guess I can join Bol now as a self hating porch monkey (although I’m not fat! In fact, I am in pretty good shape.)

    *no offense Bol! The hatred of fat people is amazing also, although I dislike fat chicks sexually! Go figure.*

  • The Spaniard

    By the way, my friend of german descent said he would fuck Maria Sharpovia before Serena Williams and I said “Nigger, you are a god damned fool!” I guess I was racist then too seeing that all people originate from Africa (They most likely do from what we know).

  • Fernando

    Ha ha,

    TPAR is such a fucking faggot. He got punked cause he is such an emotional bitch over race issues.

    I bet TPAR pees sitting down and wears a diaper to sleep. Bitch

  • Cuban Link

    good post, true too.Im happy 50 didnt drop though, Im kinda waiting for some track to come out and make the album have a little hope for being on GRODT

    Im sure though that Curtis is just a little something he threw together while waiting for BISD, being how BISD is on the anniversary of GRODT, which 50 will probably have put some effort into.

    And btw, I wish everyday Jive wouldve listened to you…

  • tj

    this is how i see it man i dont hate on the south or the north. Im from maryland. But what i do know is party like a rockstar and snap music bullshit sucks. but that dosent mean i dont like southern music i like luda and a serious outkast fan. but my heart is in north

  • tj

    oh yeah and so far 2007 hip hop sucks.

  • MJ

    Im in Iraq right now, so i dont have the luxary of always hearing singles before i cop the album, but i did hear “Big Shit Poppin” , and , as a HUGE TI fan, i was not that impressed. TI vs TIP was ok, not great, but ok.

    Texas is my home state, and it sickens me to hear people say the south is killing hip hop. ill admit, southern rap isnt the most creative, and outside of scarface and andre3000, not many of the lyrics will blow you away, but people like it. just because YOU dont like it it doesnt mean
    “HipHOP is Dead”, which is probably the most retarded shit ive ever heard. and for the record, im not biased, i LOVE that ol skool “grab ya dick” NY shit, i grew up on it. and it will be back, it takes time. it just seems to me everyone in NY says rap sucks when NY aint churning out platinum records. the same shit happend during the Death Row era. Be easy NY, yall will have the momentum again. any true hip hop fan knows this shit go’s in waves, and right now the south is hot, we aint running shit, it just poppin’ right now

    as i said , im from Texas, and by no means i am one of them dudes who says soemthing is tight just cause its from where im from. dont get me wrong, i like to see dudes reppin my state, but Mike Jones is garbage, Paul Walls last album sucked, and the one b4 that was highly overated, but that dont mean shit is dead. the one thing i love about hip hop is that there is something for everyone.

    and to all of you from the south, we may be shining right now, but keep in mind, just because somebody says “TI sucks”, doesnt mean they’re hating, which brings me to my next point……

    Bol, i know we all have the right to an opinion, but your opinion borders on hatin’. ive been reading your blogs for a min, and i admit you do have valid points sometimes, and sometimes that shit is funny, but it looks like you hate anything that sells. its well known you hate jay z cause you refuse to give him any props, same with 50. just cause you dont buy it and someone else does doesnt make them a d-bag. if you dont like it, dont buy it. but i do agree with you on one thing, just because the shit sells doesnt make it a classic or mean that rapper is the best out. it just means they have loyal fans, thats all. like hova said “if skills sold……”

  • c.i..z.z.l.e.

    seriously and i mean this with all my heart : Fuck you

  • thoreauly77

    spaniard: youre too smart to try and justify the use of the word in such simple terms; dont do that shit. you will get called out for it.

  • The Spaniard


    I’m not sure what you are objecting to or refering to as simple. The words or the concept. Please elaborate if possible. I’m curious to what you are saying.

    I have heard the counter points to using the word nigger. (There is an interesting book called “Why Do African Americans Call Themselves the N…Word?”) I just don’t agree with the final point. There is no self hate or hate of anyone else when using the word. I don’t care what the original use was. It’s my lingo now and I use it as I see fit.

  • G2

    There a really a whole lot of educated (Spaniard/Bol/Billy) and uneducated (fill in the blank) fools on this site. Honestly. Spaniard, your posts must really make you feel like your tuition was well spent. This really isn’t the forum for those bull-shit, psuedo-intellectual posts. I’m from Detroit, not that that matters, but that’s just to say that I could also care less where an artist is from. While Kweli is my favorite MC, I love T.I.’s music too. If you can’t relate to his side of “our” struggle, that’s not to say that anyone who does isn’t intelligent. Please, do us all a favor, and stfu.


    Um…T.I. album isn’t really that bad,it isn’t the greatest but sheesh you guys are trying to crucify the guy,go snack on that Hurricane Chris kid for a while

  • tone

    yes the album is horrible never been a T.I. fan tho only good records are dopeman,tell em’ is said that, and jay-z’s verse on watch what you say

  • bigbankhank

    BOL is fukin NOZ, nobody notice how these dudes act like fuck buddys. I guarantee these dudes kissed at least twice. Stop hating on the south its just to lame. I know your dumbass no damnwell he didnt sell all that in the south east coast up north was buying the shit to. Fucked up cuz the ones that brought it up there bought that before the eastcoast artist. haha. I give to yall though upnorth killing the rap game right now they bringing hiphop back with Lip Gloss MIMS Aunt JACKIE,

  • BOL & ALL NY People are Bitches

    Look @ all these wack ass NYC niggas and Bol Aka Mr Wanna be for NYC ass nigga…nigga shut yo sideways seaturtle tended window neck ass up…u and ya NYC dick suckas…fuck NYC…wack ass rappers…thats why yall not selling…nobody dont wanna hear that bitch ass fuck shit…fuck Hip Hop…bitch we country rap tunes…you think shit like amusement park gone sell? yall need down south acts to sell records…ole garbage ass nigga and BOL, somebody gone shoot yo bitch ass one day too.

  • Mr. Whats beef

    BENJAMINS lmao do u really have those lol, listen first off im not white son, B, or money, dont know where in the hell u get that idea from. and second of all country grammar did tremendously well when it came out, it was nelly at the top of his game and around that time that cd was something to listen too, point is there are so many albums that are better than t.i’s or t.i.p’s new LP.

    and dont u think a song like “E.I” in its day was just as good as big shit poppin if not better.see all the other albums where cool with u but u have to point out nelly as a sucker mc

  • The Spaniard

    My tuition was well spent but that is neither here nor there. If you read closely you will see that I did not say that if someone likes MC jigamahoo then that person is not intelligent. I made a statement about a subset of people from my (limited) experience. Maybe Rhodes Scholars are bumping Trap Muzic. I don’t know…or really give a shit. If you think I was attempting to be intellectual then you obviously have no idea of what being an “intellectual” really entails. I still don’t like his music therefore I can’t relate to his vision of our “struggle”. (I’m sure part of the reason we are struggling is due to the fact that “we” sell drugs in our neigborhoods and sell an image where as we strive, and overextend ourselves, to buy useless shit) There is another struggle you are having…it is with the comprehension of simple concepts and the english language in general.

    1. Congrats to T.I.(or whomever) for their success.
    2. Fuck his music. I don’t like it.
    3. I use the word nigger, nigger.
    4. Get a real male role model and learn how to not act/react primarily on emotions (similar to a woman)
    5. This is the fourm for whatever I want to post, as it was related to the original blog entry, idiot.
    6. If my dislike of T.I.’s music upsets you so much maybe you should see if he’ll send you a get well card for you hurt feelings.

    Ralph Tresvant + semi-literate monkey = (you)

  • Step Your Shit Up New York

    man, fuck Stillmatic and GRODT. T.I. vs T.I.P. eats ‘em for breakfast and shytes ‘em out. y’all’re crazy.

  • http://N/A Ayigansta



  • tj

    cizzle shut the fuck up you punk ass bitch. you probably a dumbass white boy who live in wyoming.

  • mrLex

    Damn! CD’s cost $9 over there. It’s $14.99 over here.

  • hokus

    T.I. Must be fire. People have alot to talk about. I hope no one would speak on a real flop with this kind of volume. It’s good to see real debate on this shit, if anyone’s gonna fix the current state it’s everyone on this message board.(sarchasm!)

  • EReal


    Bro, the shit is played. You arent some fuckin internets civil rights leader, you dont have a movement and never will. Dont you realize by constantly shovin that shit down peoples throats (PAUSE!) that they’re more likely to rezent your comments than actually hear what you’re saying? Man just give it up, its old already bruh.

  • Sammy Champagne


  • Jeff

    Spaniard ain’t never lied! lol. these motherfuckers acting like they have stocks invested in TIs new album. It ain’t a matter of being intellectual or retarded, it’s a matter of preference based off of whatever your reasons are. I don’t think TI is wack, I think his albums are. Honestly speaking, for that guy to be so friggin popular and not be able to hit double plat is a reflection of how MOST people feel about him and his products. Folks can try to factor in all that illegal downloading all they want, but thats a cop out. Average joe didnt have a cd player in their car 10 yrs ago, but whatever CD they wanted, they got someone to dub that shit for them onto a 90 min maxell tape if they were too cheap to buy the cd. I feel the same way about Fabolous. He will drop all them extremely dope mixtape verses and freestyles just to drop a shitty ass formulated album. Man, even the Dogg Pound went double back in the day. Warren G, Bone, Lords of The Underground, E40…. I can go on and on. All these niggas had back then was a song on the radio, a video, and a source ad. Their shit sold itself. Fact of the matter is, TIs job is easy….he just gotta come dope. He already got the exposure to have a diamond plaque, he’d rather just hustle you and get paid real quick

  • Rizz

    To those that dont think hip hop i dead please stop talking about how much someone sold. It doesnt make you or I any more money than we have. When hip hop started it had NOTHING TO DO with financial gain! It had to do with expressing yourself, expressing pain to the masses, shedding light on to the fucked up conditions minorites lived in, or just having more lyrical prowess than the next man as well as just having fun. THIS IS NOT what hip hop is based on today. It is now just a business, how much you sold, and how much money you can get from it. It not about the art. It makes no point to argue if East>west>south>midwest, there is bullshit everywhere, and there are some people who look at OUR music as just a way to make $$$$, not to make the world a better place, or to bring more light to the fact that we still live in fucked up conditions. So yes folks, its dead. Not in the sense that music cannot still be good, but once the overall majority of the people that grew up on hip hop cant stand the shit, its become something different than the orginal concept. HIP-POP. You cant fault 50 or TI for wanting to be rich and doing the same shit over and over. Its been shown to sell, and thats ALL that matters to them, or they cant have that new 2008 whatever or those diamonds.

  • B.O.B

    hip hop is dead not because of the south or new york but because no one is creative they are just out fo cash and sales and until that changes expect more crap from young joc ,TI, fabolous, and the rest of these crappy rappers




    Regional hate = ho shit

  • aquilogy

    can somebody tell TPAR to shut up

  • Price Of The South

    He’s right I bought the new TI off the strength of his last cd, because he showed some growth but this new cd is garbage. He took a step forward on the last cd and then went three steps back on this new one. TI vs TIP is bad it’s the whole second half of KING which was TI under peforming. On King it’s was hot and he showed growth then after Top Back it was garbage. I hope this garbage don’t go platinum. I guess I gotta wait and see what Wayne do under pressure now.

  • DC’s Finest


  • TaZ

    Its not about the region. Southerners cannot be blamed for there overexposure to the shittiest music ever created. Fuck the mainstream…

    P.S.: I use T.I. vs. T.I.P. to break up buds on

  • James (St. James) Dishroom

    Bol…… bash every single album out…what DO you like??? Small poem for you….

    “It is not the critic who counts,
    Not that man who points out how the strong man stumbled,
    Or where the doers of deeds could have done them better.
    The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena;
    Whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood;
    Who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again
    Who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions
    And spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at the best,
    Knows in the end the triumph of high achievement;
    And who, at worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly,
    So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls
    Who know neither victory nor defeat.”
    – Theodore Roosevelt