Role Model

OK, we all know Shawn Carter is dude’s American Idol but this is kinda ridiculous. Here’s everything I could gather of Weezy We over an S.C. track. Let the poppers pop, the breakers break and the haters hate. Lil Wayne weekend is a wrap. Stank you very much.

Hey Wayne-Z won’t you play that song:

“Dough Is What I Got”

“You Don’t Know Weezy”



“Moment of Clarity”

“Where I’m From”



“Dirt Off Your Shoulder”

“Dec. 4”


“I’ma Hustler”


“What We Do”

“Excuse Me Miss”

“Never Split”

“Best of Me”

“Hos Hos Hos”

“Guess Who’s Back”


“Big Pimpin”

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  • ILL

    wayne jacks off to fade to black

  • lowendmytheory

    Blah blah blah, wack wack wack. Hip-Hop on a higher level? YN will sell his effin soul to move more units of this rag.

  • Purple Hulk


  • sk

    dam this nicca got some fing nerve to go at Hov… can’t even make a decent song over none of these beats an I didn’t listen to all these shits to know that

  • Cuban Link

    man, Weezys a Jay-Z stan.He even has the nerve to go on make his last name the same as Jigga’s.Fag.

  • me nigga

    ince again heres purple haulk (an avid wayne hater) if u hate him so much then why read all yns post. and he kinda got jay on the show me what you got beat. he destroyed dat shit

  • Dr Flav

    Damn I was hopin this was the 24 blogs, it would have been hilarious to watch Purple Hulk’s brain disintergrate. Wayne running it, quit talkin nonsense and go to your favorite rappers myspace and tell em to step they bars up because even if you in denial, dude is a problem.

  • Young Carter

    How can u forget Dear Summer?

  • Rich Arte

    or “we are the Champions” with sqad up.

  • Calibud

    Unbelievable weekend posts. Good lookin YN.

  • N.O. 4 life

    does anyone else know any other rapper with this much material??

  • TurnipHead

    quietly Wayne is a beast, his sqad 4 shit, specifically that “best of me”joint is undeniably fire

  • fgf

    wow this dude is obsessed with jigga its shamefull.its like he wants make love to jay-z

  • Daaaamn G I N A

    I concur.. how COULD they forget Dear Summer.. he wrecked that beat

  • yo

    I know I wasnt the only one to catch the destinct change in his flow.

  • BronxFinest

    Damn This Lil Fag Just Fucked Up Some Classic Music… Nigga Make Ur Own Hits & Get Off Hov’s Dick…

  • Bob

    He also went over the ignorant shit beat and dead presidents … but Jay was better on both, obviously

  • Jerod

    Dear Summer!!!!!!!!!

    Haters: Fuck you.

  • TheManInThisB

    Dear Summer is the 3rd one or the Suffix u damn geniuses

  • Jack

    lil wayne said before that he was the best rapper alive since the best rapper retired then Jay-Z came back and he had to stick to his story. And in Reality Jay-Z is top 3 of all time anyway you look at it and American Gangster sold 433,000 first week lil waynes last official effort the carter 2 (239,3120)first week who’s hotter right now? lil wayne does his thing on mixtapes but your not a great artist till you have those classic albums. you could compare him to mostly anyone right now except for Jay-Z the one person he can’t compare with so he should stop using his already used beats. how can you go at the guy that clearly influenced you he did ok on some of these but most he just ruined.