Power of The Dollar

Who you callin’ a whore? LOL. You know I had to go here. But with so many joints to choose from it’s tough. Fuck it, here goes nothing. Collabs, baby!

YN’s Featuring Wayne Vol. 1

“Make It Rain”

“Make It Rain (Remix)”

“We Takin’ Over”

“Brown Paper Bag”

“It’s Me Bitches (Remix)”

“Party Like A Rockstar (Remix)”

“White Girl (Remix)”


“Championship Pop Bottles”

“Dufflebag Boys”

“Screwed Up”

“Beat Without Bass”

“Uh Oh”

“Sweetest Girl”

“Lil Girl Gone”

“I Whip Yae”

“Whip Game”

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  • Danny


  • VLsteve

    YN, please…… shut the fuck…up

  • Cuban Link

    Yo I lost mad respect for you this week YN.Your a Weezy stan now.Fuckouttahere

  • illijah

    hahaha, yn you crack me up! But you gotta keep this agruement unbiased. How many remixes, officially or unofficially has 50 done. I know he did remixes for chingy(right thurr), justin timberlake(cry me a river), jkwon(tipsy), you know whats up, and i could go on for a lot more but i think that 50 is a good artist, but he gets too much breathing room to criticize artists. I mean wayne, whether you hate him or not is a really good lyricist and has great songs. I mean if 50 is gonna judge all of these artists, then why cant we take a look at his formats and talk about him? I think hes just sick because he sees ja rule using these people to help him get back up and he wants to destroy anything associated with rule. I say that 50 should let rule get back up so he can prove what happened wasnt a fluke

  • C. Rob

    Wayne=most hated rapper alive

  • La Dolce Vita

    As Katt Williams said, The more haters you got, the better you’re doing whatever you’re doing. (paraphrase)

  • Chad Biggz

    Weezy is every where!!!

    I finally seen Wayne in concert yesterday. And he wasn’t as bad as I thought he was going to be

  • N.O. 4 life

    …you prolly missed his best collabo on that hollywood divorce off the idlewild soundtrack…

  • Moe Mun-E

    yeeo N.O. 4 Life i kno watchu talkin bout ….hollywood divorce was one of weezys best collabos ever ..i mean his verse was way better dhen wat all the legends on the track wer spittin ….weezys straight fire ..he got the potential to be the best in the game …im waitin fer his carter 3 ..he jus gotta get his act together- be consistent on each track ..get timbo ..dre (the doc)…swiss beatz and all the other dope producers to hook him up wit sum crazzyy ass beats ..and the restt will be history …

  • http://www.xxlmag.com CJR

    man this shit is fire wayne running this shit. He been doing it since before tha carter I that boy a animal. believe that if you don’t believe me check out the carter I tha suffix dedication II the first young money mixtape and tha drought 3 shit fuck that everything. If you don’t like man what you like. ya dig

  • the one

    Lil Wayne should Ether fifty.

  • grapes

    The One is right. Ether 50 to prove how good you are Wayne. If you really think you’re the best…HAHA

  • gkid12345

    wayne couldnt ether 50 if his life depended on it. 50 threw at jab at wayne and wayne aint reply.

  • http://www.biguklove.com amy

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