After the Hot Boys broke-up, Weezy got his Raekwon on and formed a new crew of rap neophytes called Sqad Up. It didn’t last. But before making Young Money a reality, Wayne did manage to knock out seven mixtapes with his old crew. And there’s actually some good shit on them. Here’s some of it:

YN’s Best of SQ Mixtapes Vol. 1

“Oh Boy Freestyle”

“Ether Freestyle”

“Oops Freestyle”

“Sqad Shit”

“I’m Gangsta”

“Oh Oh”

“Rock The Mic 1”

“Rock The Mic 2”

“Hos Hos Hos”

“Got Me A Model”

“Down 4 My Niggaz’

“Addictive Freestyle”

“Nothin Freestyle”

“Best of Me Freestyle”

“This Is The Way We Sqad”

“Every Man Wants A Woman”

“Weezy Baby Baby”

“Love Of My Life”

“Never Split”

“All I Have In This World”