As far as problems go, having your baby's mother walk out on you because she heard you were banging Sienna Miller is a nice one to have. Most guys should be so lucky! Diddy, on the other hand, seems pretty broken up about it.

Him and Mario Winans have gone and put together a video, which I believe was designed to help make visual the kind of inner turmoil Diddy must be going through. It's the umpteenth single released from last year's Press Play, which I find better than the vast majority of rap albums released in the past year or so. I don't know how well it's selling, but the single with him and Keyshia Cole has been ubiquitous all year now.

In the video, him and Mario Winans travel around to several clubs in Diddy's swanky-looking Porsche or whatever and come across a whole litany of broads who are obviously just dripping to wet his dock. But Diddy can't get too excited, because he's still broken up about his baby's mother having run out on him. Instead, he just kinda sits there with that same expression on his face he had in the video for "I'll Be Missing You."

That must be his sad expression.

On the one hand, of course I don't buy this act for a minute. I'm not saying the guy's not upset that his relationship is in shambles, but if he's lost any sleep because of it at all, I'm sure it was because he was balls deep in some whore. But on the other hand, I can appreciate where he's coming from here. I mean, obviously the guy has done quite a bit to take care of his family, but I guess that's just not enough these days.

For his part, Diddy claims there was no such adultery, which, if that's true, would make this especially fucked up. But I'm assuming it isn't, the reason being, quite simply, the fact that if I was Diddy, I'd be trying my damnedest to bang Sienna Miller and/or something along those lines. (For those of you who don't find that sort of thing attractive, feel free to insert the name of which ever tank-assed black chick floats your boat.)

Of course it could be the case that Diddy's girlfriend Kim Porter just gave birth to twin girls, and so she felt abandoned to a certain degree, since I'm sure Diddy is gone more often than not, regardless of whether or not he was getting his weenie wet. But again you have to look at things from Diddy's perspective. Presumably his kids and their mothers have become accustomed to a certain standard of living and obviously that shit doesn't pay for itself.

Other things to consider: It's not like the two of them were ever married in the first place. In the 10-plus years they've been together, who knows how many broads he's dropped a load in. Also, Kim Porter, who's no spring chicken to begin with, just gave birth to twin girls, so you have to imagine that hoo-hah is pretty devastated right about now. If anything, Diddy probably thought he was doing it a favor by giving it a break for a few months.

I'm not saying Kim Porter should feel obligated to stay with Diddy if she doesn't want to. But I'll admit, I do find it rather bothersome anytime a guy has got to pay that much in child support to a woman just to have her trample all over his feelings like this. She could probably say or do whatever she wants to him, and he'd still be obligated to pay her, but let a few of those checks be late... I tell you, it just ain't right!