90′s, Baby! 2

Special Ed “Ready 2 Attack”

A.D.O.R. “Let It All Hang Out”

K-Solo “Letterman”

Shyheim “On and On”

Positive K “Night Shift (Pimp Version)”

Nine “Whutcha Want?”

Channel Live “Mad Izm”

Cappadonna “Slang Editorial”

Keith Murray “It’s That Hit”

Naughty By Nature “It’s On (Kay Gee Remix)”

Ultramagnetic MC’s “One, Two, One, Two”

Tha Alkaholiks “The Next Level”

Lil Kim “Drugs”

Leaders of The New School “What’s Next?”

King Tee “A Hoe B-4 Tha Homie”

JT The Bigga Figga “Game Recognize Game”

Ice Cube “A Bird In The Hand”

Yo Yo “The Bonnie and Clyde Theme”

P.S. Couldn’t sleep. Plus I wanted to see what it would look like with me holding down all 7 spots on the homepage. Maybe next time I’ll do 24 blogs in 24 hours. One every hour. No audio. Somebody wake-up Eskay! Okay, I’ll wait til Monday. Don’t let the bed bugs bite and don’t bite my style, bitches.

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  • http://www.unkut.com Robbie

    When caffine and blogging meet…

  • http://xxlmag.com anthony

    Damn you YN its 5:33, feed me, feed me, more hip-hop…aiight but i’ll be back, lol good looking YN…

  • http://dronkmunk.blogspot.com dronkmunk

    Elliot, um, are you on coke?

  • http://www.myspace.com/jjthakydd JayKydd

    Thanks for those blogs…bringing some real hip hop on my birthday (7/7/07). Hold it down, YN!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Streets Is Watchin

    a little bit of that 90s funk can do strange thangs to a man for real…yn good job now take ya simple ass to sleep and think about how not to have to have another 50 cover before the year is out ha ha

  • DANJA29

    *puts on Helly Hansen jacket*

    I’m right there, YN.

  • diggsy

    classic kim & big

  • Northside’s finest

    Slang editorial is classic!!!!

  • Eman

    CAppdonna The pIlage was crazy! and King Tee remember when he was the only dude on aftermath when aftermath was nothing.

  • Incilin

    YN has finally taken over his own site. Move over Bol, YN is now the face of XXLmag.com That is, until he gets lazy again and doesn’t post for 3 months strait (a la Sickamore)

  • Hannah Smith

    Um, most of these tracks aren’t even remotely rare. What’s the point?

  • sk

    it’s not about the tracks being rare,if you listened 2 flex the other night those tracks he played weren’t rare they were just DOPE ass tracks, from when HIP-HOP was HIP-HOP where the songs aren’t about a dance and the beats and lyrics was just DISGUSTING(in a good way)

  • DANJA29

    ayo YN… real quick…

    you got that Knucklehedz “Hed Rush”???

    or Dredknots “Causin A Menace”???

    World Renown “How Nice I Am”???



    ALL THIS SHIT AND STILL NO KANYE WEST XXL COVER? What the Fuck!!!!!! Homie fuck 50 Cent, do a Real story on Hip-Hop’s # 1 MC: Kanye West!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://HHFanatic.blogspot.com HHFanatic

    NIce selection…..how bout we get these in one long flash player stream so I dont have to keep clicking. Get on your DJ grind kid!!

  • IT IS I

    You takin me back to junior high/high school with this shit. I still got these joints on clue and S&S mixtapes. Do me a favor, you think you can find King Just(Warrior’s Drum and No Flows on the Rodeo). I would greatly appreciate it. 1-hundred.

  • Ryan

    Yo It Is I, I got the whole King Just album, hit me up with your email address.

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    The Bomb Squad stayed busy.

  • Sheena

    Yo, if you can post The Legion: Jingle Jangle & Legion Groove, I’ll love you forever!