Special Ed "Ready 2 Attack"

A.D.O.R. "Let It All Hang Out"

K-Solo "Letterman"

Shyheim "On and On"

Positive K "Night Shift (Pimp Version)"

Nine "Whutcha Want?"

Channel Live "Mad Izm"

Cappadonna "Slang Editorial"

Keith Murray "It's That Hit"

Naughty By Nature "It's On (Kay Gee Remix)"

Ultramagnetic MC's "One, Two, One, Two"

Tha Alkaholiks "The Next Level"

Lil Kim "Drugs"

Leaders of The New School "What's Next?"

King Tee "A Hoe B-4 Tha Homie"

JT The Bigga Figga "Game Recognize Game"

Ice Cube "A Bird In The Hand"

Yo Yo "The Bonnie and Clyde Theme"

P.S. Couldn't sleep. Plus I wanted to see what it would look like with me holding down all 7 spots on the homepage. Maybe next time I'll do 24 blogs in 24 hours. One every hour. No audio. Somebody wake-up Eskay! Okay, I'll wait til Monday. Don't let the bed bugs bite and don't bite my style, bitches.