Is it fall yet?

This one ended up a bit lengthy, so I’ll keep it brief. Today I’m going to be taking a look at this year’s hottest summer anthems in hip-hop and other vaguely hip-hop-like genres of black music. Granted when you’ve been out of college for a few years, and you spend the vast majority of your time holed up in your mother’s basement, the summer doesn’t mean nearly as much as it did, say, 10 years ago. But summer is still one of the most important times of the year for music, and I figured it’d be instructive to take a look at a few of the records that are likely to be the most popular this time around.

Without further ado:

R. Kelly feat. T.I. and T-Pain, “I’m a Flirt (Remix).” R. Kelly may be a 40 year-old functionally illiterate child rapist, but damnit if the guy can’t write a hit single. I’m not as crazy about “I’m a Flirt” as I was the “Ignition” remix, but “I’m a Flirt” has somehow managed to become even more ubiquitous than that song was a few years ago. I basically can’t get in my car and drive around the corner to cop a burrito without hearing it. As I pointed out in my review of Double Up on my own site, Kells brings up a good point on “I’m a Flirt.” If I had a girlfriend, the last place I’d be trying to bring her was anywhere near R. Kelly, even if she was a grown woman, in which case I’m sure R. Kelly wouldn’t be at all interested.

Baby Boy da Prince, “Dis Is de Way I Live.” If you thought the Minstrel Rap movement faded away last year with songs like “Chain Hang Low” and “Chicken Noodle Soup,” then I’m afraid to say you’re sadly mistaken. The lyrics to “Dis Is de Way I Live” may not include any overt references to fried chicken; and I’ve yet to see the video, but as far as I know, it doesn’t include any tap dancing or anything; but in some ways, “Dis Is de Way Live” manages to go those Minstrel Rap classics one further, both in the way the song’s lyrics are about how Baby Boy da Prince does nothing but sleep ‘n eat, not to mention the way he mangles the English language as if he was Emmett Till’s 90 year-old sharecropper uncle yelling, “Dar he!” or some shit.

Shop Boyz, “Party Like a Rockstar.”
Say what you will about the motherfucking Shop Boyz (and believe me, I will), but at least they’ve got an eye for a good gimmick. I’m not sure why this is, but all of a sudden mad black kids are fascinated with all things rock music (except of course for listening to rock music that doesn’t suck balls, but that’s a topic for another discussion). Younger kids in particular are rocking tight jeans and chain wallets and band t-shirts as if this was 1993 all over again. And if ever there was a rock-rap anthem for black music as wallpaper types, it’s “Party Like a Rockstar,” what with its bizarre references to the likes of Marilyn Manson and the Osbournes of all people. If only these d-bags could actually rap.

Rihanna feat. Jay-Z, “Umb-a-rella.” Speaking of black people who are getting into rock music, I wonder how many black people are really into “Umb-a-rella;” because there’s hardly anything particularly hip-hop-like, or even R&B-ish, about it. The drums sound right out of some Rush of Blood-era Coldplay record, and there’s guitar on it. Granted there’s only the slightest bit of actual guitar fuzz, not unlike “Party Like a Rockstar,” but still. It’s obvious to me the only reason they even play this on black stations is because Rihanna herself is black, albeit in the most space alien way possible. Meanwhile I’ve still yet to hear any Amy Winehouse on black stations, even after Jay-Z dropped a perfunctory, phoned-in guest verse on “You Know I’m No Good,” as if there wasn’t already a version with Ghostface Killah. Hmm…

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  • Casey

    Word…why dont more rappers reference rock music like Rage?

  • P

    is “You know I’m no good” the same as “Rehab” cus he dropped an “okay” verse on that too..i’m not really up on Amy winehouse, so…

  • Severe

    good question bol. what a sad list

  • http://A jUSTIN


  • EReal

    That Baby Boy song is old as hell. You couldnt say like Big Things Poppin, or We Takin Ova or anything that may be NEW besides that god awful Um-Ber-Ella bullshit? lol.

    >R. Kelly may be a 40 year-old functionally illiterate child rapist, but damnit if the guy can’t write a hit single.
    You’ve been delivering some classic lines lately, sloth. Really, LOL.

    That and your self hating definitley covers up the lack of content with hilarity.

    Sloth, where are all the other fuckin bloggers at?

  • john cochran

    “If only these d-bags could actually rap”
    You summed up 90% of the shit out now. Nice hooks, nice beat, a lil dance to go with it, but they cant rap. I cant lie I kinda like that rock star shit cause the bass in it knocks and that “totally dude” part is fuckin funny. The days of the real summer banger are gone. 2 of those songs arent even rap, thats how fucked up shit is. That rihanna song sucks ass, not even a Jigga verse can hide the fact that this bitch cant sing. Two of the most anticipated artists’(Tip, Kanyeezy) singles arent even hot. No one will ever run the summer like hov.

  • chuck

    I thought the jay-z verse was on rehab

  • i killed hip hop

    really?!……. rock music…… no one cares.

  • Jay

    well if those are the summer hits were fucked… all of those songs suck ass.. ima flirt is ok and this the way i live is ok.. but im sayin if this is summer hits then …damn

  • Conor

    Wasn’t it “Rehab” the Camel tossed some throwaway’s on. He should just have his Butler Bleek rap all his guest spots from now on.

  • MOE


  • livefromthe225

    “no good” and “rehab” are not the same songs, the guest spot was on “rehab”

  • ME

    ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Why speak on something you have no knowledge of Sloth. All you do is come off as prejudice and ignorant. New Awlins is called the Big Easy for a reason. The cost of living is low (well it was before Katrina) and we like to eat, drink and chill. We like to kick back and smell the roses. We aren’t fast paced like up north. The bottom line is I am sick of you Northern folk hating on the South. What is your problem, we never hate on the north or west. To cover the whole “English” language thing. Tell me Bol what color skin are you. I bet my last dollar your ancestors spoke a different language than the one you pride your self in being proficient in. That is as uncle tom as it gets. Priding yourself in being proficient in a language that was forced on you. Any world renown educated person would tell you that the English language is ass and assbackwards based on the other languages. That is all for now.


    Rihanna herself is black, albeit in the most space alien way possible.
    LMAO…. if only you had this focus when you wrote all your blogs(no homo)

    Young Jeezy and his weedcarriers have an anthem in “whitegirl”

    Fabolous “you make me better”

  • thoreauly77

    jesus jumping christ on a pogo stick.

    all of these artists are garbagio. people still listen to the radio? aaargh!!!

  • Bol

    is “You know I’m no good” the same as “Rehab” cus he dropped an “okay” verse on that too..i’m not really up on Amy winehouse, so…

    I could be mistaking the two. If so, my bad.

  • Dollar Wells

    Umbrella is really on some M83, francouis keyboard steez. By which, I mean it rocks.

    I’m a Flirt won’t last the summer though. It’s already peaked.

  • smog

    ok seven posts without actual music cominatry is over
    everyone rejoice
    adding to ereal’s crayness
    i think bol is uncle ruckes’ (from the boondocks) long lost son
    i think you did a really good job on taking a step back and looking at what types of shit people who arent spendin all day day on the internets lookin at rap music are going to be listening to and how we (hip hop community) are going to have to listen to this shit
    im tellin yall “dont tell me nothin” is gonna blow up
    that song with fisty, jay and luda will be hot also

  • livefromthe225


  • livefromthe225


  • livefromthe225

    rapper = FAGGOTS = BOL

  • yaboy

    yo pipe down you dingbat cochran. kanye’s single ‘stronger’ is crazy.

    anyway, bol i thought your post would help keep robert goulet away today but im dozing off as i type………

  • Deez Nutz

    In D.C. they play the Amy Winehouse Jay-Z remix…that joint be cranking young (d.c. slang)

  • b-ease

    Fabolous’s (pause) “You Make Me Better” is shaping up to be bigger (double pause) than anything else this summer.

    And the video for International Players’ Anthem has turned that from a disgusting album/posse cut into a bonafied summer anthem.

    But really, these two and the ones on your list are really it. Damn.

  • green eyes

    these are the summer anthems?? its going to be a long, hot shitty music filled summer.

  • Tha Flow Of Time

    ye man, u missed ‘Big Shit Poppin’, its older but still bangin, and ‘Brown Paper Bag’

    o ye, n for all the other times i didn’t wnat to waste my time commenting, that one homie speaks the truth, u definitely are, without a doubt, a faggot ass nigga. Actin like Uncle Ruckus, hating black ppl, won’t change ur skin color. It does however, make u look like a fool, but most of ur commenst establish that well enough. I mean, seriously, u gotta go get some therapy or sumn.

  • cc

    Amy Winehouse is FIRE

  • urdeadmomrollinginhergrave

    Dumbass, that was Jay-Z on the Rehab remix which was also done by Pharoahe Monch, how the hell are you a hip-hop columnist, when you nothing about it.

  • Bol

    For what it worth, the Baby Boy da Prince and the T.I. record are only a few places apart on the Billboard Hot 100, despite the fact that the T.I. record is obviously receiving that a lot more promotion.

    Neither the Fiddy nor the DJ Khaled records are anywhere in the top 50. (Why do you think the Fiddy album was pushed back to September?)

    I don’t know what it’s like in, say, New York or (god forbid) the South, but these really are the most popular songs on the radio here in the STL.

  • john cochran


  • Cinsere

    Those are the worst excuses for summer anthems EVAR! It almost makes me wish 50 “chavos” actually would drop in June……wait……no, not really…

  • b-ease

    To “Tha Flow of Time” and N-Credible


    Correct me if im wrong, but bol is SATIRE. Every statement is meant to looked at for humor and double meaning.

    Pseudo-black activists were so focused on defending bad songs that they didnt even get the Emmit Till uncle reference (a TRUE uncle tom).

  • Fernando

    Umb-a-rella is the worst song I have heard all year. And Rhianna is second in line for the most dinosaur looking chick in the game right behind Fantasia.

    Im a flirt is catchy. Is there anything the black community doesnt forgive you for???

    T-Pain and Akon seem to be everywhere too. I wonder if T-Pain is a secret heir to the Roger Troutman estate, thus inheriting his magic robot voice box. Seriously though, so many people have used that damn thing, why is T-Pain reaping the benefits? I say magic.

    Dis is de way I live is the second worse song out this year. And despite what Nbred says, he sounds like a damn retard. Look here southern people, english is not that hard, you sound like fools and everybody knows it. And Bol, he does make reference to chicken and watermelon in the video. They have a huge BBQ with all the cuzins overjoyed at the sight of sweet sweet watermelon & fried chicken.

    Shop Boys…….hmmmmmmmmmm. Im interested in the follow up single. Im pretty sure that Rockstar is the only song they will ever have that sells more than 10 copies. They are destined for failure.

  • Soulrise

    Not only will UGK and Outkast’s new song be the anthem of international players but it will be the anthem for the summer of 2007 as well.

  • thatwhitedude

    i like the umbrella song and like the video even more, maybe its cuz im white though…rhianna can DEF get it! i’m almost 100 percent sure that by the end of the summer, the “jam of the summer” will not be one of these at all and will probably be a song that has yet to drop or just dropped…i mean wasn’t last summer’s jam by jim jones (ballin’)? and i don’t think it dropped this early in the summer, people are jumping the gun on naming the song of the summer in my opinion, be patient and wait at least til july 4th til you start doing debates like this…i guess its a slow news day bol? shit where’s a post/discussion on paris hilton???

  • b-ease

    …and “Big Shit Poppin” is a flop. thats why they’re rushing the next single with Wyclef (which will also flop).

    However, the beginning of the video with the 10 lbs weights is the funniest shit i’ve seen since the #1 video (no homo).

  • thatwhitedude

    since i’m from the H, i’m hoping UGK’s single is the jam of the summer, although i don’t like it or the video as much as say party like a rockstar, but then again i am white…i find it most hilarious that it took yall this long to come up with the uncle ruckus diss, yall need to catch up and stop being so slow, cuz i’m positive bol has heard that one already and has prob 20 diff comebacks for it…hate all yall want but at least bol still posts on his xxl blog….

  • kevin

    wel im sure if bol didnt have beef w pimp c (nullus?) then im sure international players anthem would’ve been on here. right, bol? that song is fire

  • john cochran


  • the two

    jigga had a verse on rehab i thought, not i know youre no good

  • Fernando

    Nothing is Fire to Bol anymore unless its independant, white, whiney, and generally teh ghey. I dont think it is possible for a Gin Blossoms superfan to feel Intl. Players anthem. And we all know what Bol does to Gin Blossom videos.

  • gutta gutta

    These are wack songs. The real summer anthem era is gone and all of the new school southern rappers are a bunch of minstrel show clowns who make black people look bad.

  • Black Ty

    Nah. Fabolous’s “Brooklyn” will be the anthem. It’s already gettin serious play on the radio. Either that or “Make Me Better”.


    It was on Rehab. You can buy that shit straight off Itunes.

  • rrr

    i agree with the comment about that Kanye/Daft Punk song, real good song

  • ff

    bol u fat filthy hater.jay-z did not do a remix of u knowe am no good.he did a remix of rehab.they are two different songs.hence ghost face has nuthing to do with the song.fitly hater.

  • Dude

    Dude, you may have well put ‘lipgloss’ on there too. Sheesh, summer just started; be patient and real bangers will drop.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    the only Baby Boy da Prince song i’ve heard is that one with Mannie Fresh. naw meen?!? NAW MEEN!?!?

  • Malik C.

    I loathe “Party Like a Rockstar” to no end. It’s such a blanket term. Also, why are showing punk fans in the video when they’re rapping(I use the word loosely) about what Glam Metal bands used to do? Wild shit, I can’t remember which band but one had a sex pit going on during their concerts.



  • T.R.E.Y.

    oh, and as for “Big Things Poppin’,” if i’m T.I. am i pissed that my song’s getting beat by fruity-ass Gym Class Heroes on the charts? laame.

  • HNIC

    Fernando’s comment pretty much sums up the tracks that Bol listed… And International Players Anthem should’ve definitely been included on that list. 3Stacks verse is that fire!!! His lyrics have been quite prolific on not only that track, but every remix track that he’s blessed in recent months. Especially, on that “What a Job” track he did with Devin “The Dude” & Snoop Dogg, a couple of months back. He’s back on his “A” game, IMO. I can’t wait for his next Solo LP to drop. I will most definitely cop it!

    On a side note, EREAL & N-CRED calling Bol a Sloth is hilarious!!!

  • Truth Be Told

    I dont mean to offend but this summer going to suck… unless you bang that underground…

  • Tyler

    Great post again Bol. U doin’ your thang man. Yea’ I have been tellin U fools for over a year now about the UrbanRock movement takin over the streets but U d bags wouldn’t listen but now U got no choice cause U are about 2 get rolled over by it:
    So Lose Yo Mind at:

  • tseliot

    “umbrella” isn’t hip-hop, r&b, or anything of the sort. it’s some strange, midly discomforting version of electro-pop. obviously this will alienate a lot of people.

    i, for one, think it’s an amazing song. and for the record, jay-z’s verse was completely unnecessary, and i’m glad that certain radio stations are finally taking to editing it out.

  • Tyler

    Yea’ ‘dat RockStar joint is hot but not as hot as the UrbanRock found at and at it’s about 2 put the game on Paris Hilton.

  • tseliot

    oh, and as for the baby boy song — complete one-off, one hit wonder.

    and is it just me, or does anybody else immediately recall paperboy’s “ditty” when they listen to it?

    if that’s any indication of where baby boy will be in a year or two . . .

  • Dr Flav

    Fern, your fat assed mammy and sister ate all the chicken and they puttin a real big dent in the watermelon. We doin well down here in the south, suck boys. Buy you some self confidence gutta gutta, and stop worrying about what other races and people think of you, call it whatever type of show you want, minstrel or whatever the fuck, its what the masses want and Im not sorry that a few crabs are mad at it.

  • che

    R. Kelly’s really annoying. I hate all his recent music.

  • DANJA29

    I must be in the dark or somethin’… I swore it was June 8th. Summer (officially) hasn’t even started yet. A song could come out three weeks from now that blows all that shit away. The summer’s just arrived, sit down and wait for it.

  • beeyo

    BOL = Bent Over Laughing.
    However, I have not bent over (no homo!) nor really LAUGHED a good hearty laugh at Byrons posts in a while.
    Therefore, I propose his name be changed to;


    CAL the sloth.
    What do you think Cal?

  • 107

    ok thats jacked up all you d bags taking shot at the the toilet bol. and thats kind of screwed up xxl how you guys using this guy to make these ridiculous post 3 times a day. byron crawford passed away 4 days ago on the crapper and these posts are crap. damn show some love for the dead already.

  • Nullus

    if they release “Lemme Get That” from Rihanna’s album, it’ll be this summer’s “Hollaback Girl”/”London Bridge.”

    rappin’ singers are the new rappers

  • jeff

    here in atlanta, they are playing the hell out of a song called “ay bay bay” by hurricane chris. i think he is from st. louis but got his record broke down here on someone’s mixtapes. anyway, everytime that shit comes on in public…people start going into a frenzy. if he eventually gets national rotation and a video, that shit is gonna be a summer smash. As coon and ignorant as the song is, something about that shit is just infectuous. There’s a song called “Souljah Boy” that may end up being big also

  • Atl’s own

    i can almost guarantee TI’s big shit poppin will be gettin much more play through out the summer. the single is one of the records with greatest airplay and sales this week.

    that umbrella song is fie too, and Rihanna is fine as hell.

  • H-LO

    Umbrella is great, Rihanna’s best single, yet. And Jay’s verse is simply perfect and not to long that it might interfere with song, it just blasts you away, infinitly playable.
    And there are still remaints of black music: beside the rap, rhythm of drums and vocals are still in “jazz”-feel – wow

  • beeyo

    Rihanna looks like richboy

  • KeeJee

    Daammnn, Lil Jon is sssoo stupid, he let go all of the hype that his Crunk Rock album would had if he had release it right after his Snap ya fingaz hit! To badd.

  • Kareem

    Make It Rain is the flyest summer anthem yeahhhhhh boi

  • Cuban Link


    anyway, Bol this list was stupid.Summer isnt even officially here yet, and all of those songs have pretty muched died down.I never really hear Im a Flirt very much anymore, never hear The Way I Live anaymore, I like Umbrella, but shes already releasing a new single, Party Like A Rockstar may have a few weeks left in it.

    Make Me Better by Fabolous is hot, I dont know about outside of NYC, but that songs on Power 105 and Hot 97 every 10 seconds.But even that has already hit its peak.

    But some better choices would be shit like Money in the Bank by Swizzy and Krispy by the newest coon outta Memphis.I pray it doesnt, but whatever T-Pain releases as a single next would prolly catch on too.

  • Cuban Link

    @ ATL’s Own, co-sign about Rihanna being fine as hell (and finally legal this year) but I doubt Big Shit Poppin will catch on.However, I can almost guarantee whatever he releases next as a single will catch on huge.

  • South City

    Please, don’t pin that Hurricane Chris bufu’er on StL. That nigga’s from Boosie country. International Players Anthem has been gettin’ some play in the whip for some time now. Currently, I’m on my “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” mixtape shit. I pulled up to the gas station w/ “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’” blarin’ from my speakers,and 3 people asked me who’s song it was. If I’m gettin’ that type of reaction at a gas station, it’s only a matter of time before that shit starts tearin’ up the radio waves.

  • grapes

    fuck jay-z. pharoahe monch makes a rehab remix, which is fire. then jay makes a half-effort remix. which gets played on the stations? mr. corporate america of course, because nice lyricists aren’t respected these days. ghost makes a you know i’m no good remix, doesn’t even get rotation. fucking white kids dictating hip-hop stations these days…amy winehouse gets played still though. i’mma flirt is too old and overplayed to last much longer. baby boy da prince is bullshit, never even heard of that jam. party like a rockstar is catchy. period. and fuck rihanna, he look ugly now, fuck.

  • DANJA29

    This blog actually shows out of the loop and unreliable BOL is as a hip-hop critic. Not that I give any more of a shit about what’s gonna be hot on the radio this summer than he does, but dude has songs on this list that they were playin’ when it was still cold outside. Yeah BOL, those are gonna be the songs of the summer.

  • beeyo

    Cuban is mad cuz he likes a bitch that looks like Richboy. Cuban Link is a walking Anti-Nullus.

  • beeyo

    Cuban wants TIP to “catch on huge”.

  • beeyo

    Cuban wants Fabolous to make him better.

  • beeyo

    Cuban Link loves to eat sausage links.

  • beeyo

    Rihanna looks like Eazy E after the Aids.

  • Ali

    yea all thses songs are garbage…all I can do with these songs is compare them 2 past summer garbage bangers like its goin down & lean back

  • Gutta Gutta

    Yo Jeff, I’m in ATL too and if that wack “Ay bey bey” shit blows up then hip-hop is truly dead.

  • jeff

    lol @ gutta gutta. man, that song ignorant as fuck. I hope it don’t blow up, but man…I was a Braves game the other day and there was this group of kids on a field trip singing that monkey shit.

  • karnage

    man i hate dis bol dude. u just hate on everybody. cant you just say something good about anything. i hate you, u are a hateful idiot.

  • doctor69

    don’t worry bol cam’RUN has album dropping so does lil wayne and murphy lee hahahahahahahahahhaha which all equals wood guess nas really was nastrudamus when he predicted hip hop demise hahahaahahahhhahahahahaahlooks like I be breaking my radio this summer or looking for a good jazz station and amy gets play in nyc late night with mister cee otherwise is coon music all day every day on hot 97 and power 105

  • JasonKeith734

    Trill Fam WIPE ME DOWN=Summer ANTHEM 07′

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso

    Bol’s on-point! Summers aint da same and neither is Summer-Music. But i live in no ones basement, lol!

  • doctor69

    hey gayson keith the trill fam sucks balls fuck them uneducated soon to be dl dudes rappers

  • flyboy403

    Kanye west can’t tell me nothin and stronger !!! If u don’t know now u know on this lackin ass website allhiphop already has em

  • Cuban Link

    Beeyo dropped 5 comments on me in less than 9 minutes.

    Got Obsessions?

    and yo what is that Hey bay bay shit called?Its catchy as fuck, whack, but still catchy

  • Gutta Gutta

    Thats real talk Jeff, its sad that this generation of kids has to be raised on shit like that. You know most of us came up on that real shit like Pac and scarface. And Cuban Link, that wack song is called “Ay Bey Bey” by Hurricane Chris.

  • Mpho

    Don’t yall fear, Killa Cam is coming to save the summer and niggas is gonna be on his dick again (No Homo)

  • That Dude

    LOL!!! HA HA!! I don’t know why everyone is getting pissed for. Everything BOL has said on this page, is hilarious.

  • IceD-MKY

    ^ mpho, you just gave me a hard-on.

  • life sentence

    fire joe budden

  • life sentence

    fire joe budden

  • joe

    if u think weezy aint gonna bring dat fire this summer u bin smoking somethin stronger than weed (double up better than i’m a flirt)

  • Prince Of The South

    I agree Summer for the last two years has been boring. I thought TI was going to do it, but that Big Shit Poppin’ gets tired after the third listen. Nobody’s comming with any hot music for the summer anymore. R. Kelly song is cool, but it’s not up to R. Kelly usual level, but after 15 years of hits I guess he can slip up once. We’re almost 7 months into the year and nobody’s put out an album that people are excited about. If they don’t pick it up soon the grammys gonna snub rap categories all together like they did best female rap artist.

  • Cuban Link

    Oh wow I thought u people were joking when u said ay bey bey.Wow…

    And @ Joe, how is Weezy gonna bring that fire?Is he scheduled to drop anything except maybe one random mixtape just to hold people off for a few months till Tha Cater III? Weezys stans are so annoying, they always say hes on top when he doesnt even do anything.

  • doctor69

    mypho is gay for even saying caM’RUN

  • Mr. Whats beef

    yall sleepin on that fox, lil boosie, and webbie joint, wipe me down (remix), that shit gets play everywhere

  • Content

    Bol wrote that disgusting ass post yesterday because Stack was one of Lupe’s homeboys.

    That’s just pathetic.

  • jeff

    I am glad XXL had the integrity to get rid of that post about Stack Bundles by Bol. Usually I get a kick out of reading your shit, whether I agree or don’t agree. Regardless to whether or not he was dope or wack, that’s somebody’s son you was talking about. In addition to that, he could possibly be someone’s father, brother or sister, boyfriend, etc. Karma is a bitch man, and that shit was low as fuck. I hope you don’t get hit by a bus and Don Imus starts making fun of you on XM Radio while someone out there who loves and misses you is grieving.

  • 11kap

    We have officially entered a new generation of black youth, as of 2007. You’re beginning to feel old, aren’t you 80s babies? finally. I have been waiting for you all to shut up about how young you all are. Now who are beginning to be the new oldheads?

  • i’ll shit bag u


  • b-ease

    Damn. The site definetly took down Bol’s blog about Stack.

    I doubt that bol had any idea Stack and Lupe were affiliated (shit,nobody else did).

    The post was insensitive, but censorship (especially on the internet) is a slippery slope.


    R.I.P stack..

  • proto

    i think that new t.i song with wyclef could be sikk, atleast better than big shit poppin, or strongaaa by kanye could catch on

  • proto

    that new t.i song with wyclef could be sikk, seems to have a bangin beat

  • Dirrty South Soldier

    what the fuck do you call “staright to the bank” if not a summer hit