Gimme A Break


For those of you missed my breakadays or use to hope them shits would go away, I’m back. What you thought you got rid of me for good? Yup, now that I’m once again on my blog grind I gotta supply the tunes behind some of the tunes you’ve been bumping in your iTunes the past few months.

In homage to the homies, Breakbeat Lenny and Mr. Flores (look it up, pimpin’), I modestly present to you: YN’s Ultimate Breaks and Beats Vol. Uno. Happy Friday, fuckers!

Gil Scott-Heron “We Almost Lost Detroit”

Syreeta “Black Maybe”

Nina Simone “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Live)”

Don Covay “If There’s A Will, There’s A Way”

Edwin Birdsong “Cola Bottle Baby”

Daft Punk “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”

Thom Yorke “The Eraser”

Peter & John Bjorn “Young Folks”

Seyfou Yohannes “Tezeta”

Shereen “Al Sa’ban Aleeh”

Milton Nascimento “Catavento”

Jeannie Reynolds “I’m Hooked On You”

Gene Page “Blacula Strikes”

The Montclairs “Do I Stand A Chance?”

O.V. Wright “A Nickel And A Nail”

Ester Byrde “Touch Me, Take Me”

Bill Summers “Dreaming”

Four Tops “Nothing”

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    1st bitches!!! Nina Simone ain’t no joke.

  • Cinsere

    NICE! I missed this shit…but how’bout posting the years like you used to?

  • D Nice

    I missed this too. Best thing on this site. Also, gotta love that Prodigy album, best beats of the year.

  • EReal

    Go Old Head, Go Old Head.

  • LounginCMA

    thank god u came back with the breaks, now dont leave again!

  • Incilin

    Yeahhh nigga! YN doing tha damn thing.

  • Detroit P

    Other than the ones from the Kanye West mixtape and the Make Me Better song..does anybody know what beat these songs were sampled for and is the Four Tops one for Brown Paper Bag

  • po

    return of the mac, detroit p.

    can we some uncle murda, and slim thug

  • Danny

    I have no recollection of you or any of your blogs, therefore, sorry but I didn’t miss you :)

  • jacquez
  • Real Talk

    Danny Says:

    June 29th, 2007 at 12:55 pm
    I have no recollection of you or any of your blogs, therefore, sorry but I didn’t miss you :)

    ^^ Um.. this is his Magizine/website

  • WILL


  • WILL


  • rkm

    Now that you’re back on your game can you get rid of Billy and Bol? Every post they write sounds like the same thing over and over.

  • Real Talk

    and not sure about the rest of them but the first 8 are Kanye beats.

    the first 4 are common joints
    I almost didn’t catch what that Gil Scott-heron joint was. The was Kanye chopped that up is rediculous.

    Thanks for the Drop. I’m going to have to go crate/cd rack diggin this weekend now.

  • Cinsere

    Actually, Realtalk…Common’s “Misunderstood” was produced by Devo Springfield, not Kanye. But your right…Kanye’s a FOOL for how he flipped that Gil Scott-Heron shit!

  • negative props

    I definitely hear some Aasim and Fabolous in there but I’m salty that I don’t know who used that Four Tops joint because I know it but still can’t figure it out

  • Will The Thrill

    Breakadays are the shit! Thanks for posting where the samples come from. You gotta know the past before you know the present and future. Besides, more good music was made back then.

  • baz

    oooh… nice hidden gems dipshit. thome yorke, daft punk and peter bjorn and john are on some real dusty fingers hidden crates shit. get back to me when you got something worth listening to

  • Billy Kincaid

    The Gil-Scott Heron joint was also used for Mos Def & Talib Kweli’s “Brown Skin Lady” when they were Black Star in 1998.

  • R.C.

    the four tops joint was sampled for Ghost’s “guerilla hood” from the Theodore unit LP “718″

  • Peter

    Damn, so which came first? Touch Me, Take Me, or Love Sounds?

  • khikobane

    good look on tha ghostface…..fabolous “u make me betta?…man timbaland be rapin’ them indian cats’…he stay sampling………god i love hip hop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    O.V. ‘muthafunkin’ Wright!!

  • Turniphead

    actually that “Brown Paper Bag” is Yvonne Elliman- If I Can’t Have You

  • mazemayhim

    Almost 2 weeks later and I’m still playin the songs off this blog! Please tell me what album is that Four Tops song on.