I bet half of the people that come to this site regularly would be better presidents of a record label than some of these shitbags that are running things now. All these motherfuckers seem to know how to do is take vacations and pat each other on the back. The real talent is contained in the performers. Maybe you can extend some credit to Diddy for being able to find that talent, but he always runs them into the ground. Let’s face it, the recording industry was a den of thieves from jump street and shit has only gotten more desperate since they can’t figure out how to maximize the profits from their content. That shit these record companies did to DJ Drama was fucked the fuck up.

Fat Joe just got a platinum plaque for a ringtone?!? What the fuck is next for these record companies? Are they finally going to give plaques to the artists that are downloaded the most? In that case, the Clipse will finally be getting their due. The south should stand up now. I thought it was ridiculous that the recording industry would recognize ringtone sales to the level that they are awarding platinum certifications. I guess ringtones really are the new rap music. I wonder if Just Blaze is still making polyphonic beats like he did back in the 2-way pager days? How ill would that be if Saigon’s new album were only choruses and polyphonic ringtones? That shit would go wild platinum.

But now what if you were a label exec or owner? Which rappers would you sign to your roster? Who would you want to place as the centerpiece to your movement? Fisty Scent? Lil’ Wang? T.I.? Who would you surround them with to balance out their styles and content? You can answer these questions and more by becoming the head of your own record label and playing the cRap Music Fantasy League. CMFL was developed so that all the people that imagine themselves as CEO’s of entertainment companies could select a roster of artists of their choosing and compete with other CEO’s for which imprint would score the most points. It’s like a fantasy baseball league but instead of ballplayers you draft rappers.

The next round of cRap Music Fantasy League is about to kick off for the third fiscal quarter (7/1/2007) so if you want to join in the fun just log onto Dallas Penn Dot Com and follow the instructions. The winner of the cRap Music Fantasy league gets an exclusive pair of Nike Dunks sneakers for free. Registering for the league is also free and the shit is wild fun. It’s up to us internets people to save Hip-Hop from the monotony of Foxy Brown arrests.