Too Much

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Y’all enjoyed it so much last time, fuck it, let’s do it again. Next issue: Cover(s) and edit note. Feel free to cop it twice. You still can’t see me. Word to Kimora Lee. I feel sorry for you muthafuckas.

We the Best

I’m the king of magzinos. This is how you spell “Preemo.” But I don’t do it for the people, truth be told—I does it for me. As the homie Clark Kent said in my favorite episode of the criminally-slept-on The Ultimate Hustler (Damon, holla at me, man!), you don’t do this, I do this. And I’m on the tippy-toppy like Tip or T.I. or T.I.P. or whatever you want to call the man who ruled the ’06 and is back for his re-up. Rubber band man. Wild like the Taliban. And when I tally up the numbers, the K.I.N.G. of the ATL gives Big Elly another one in the victory box. I’m all about a check. Check!

I know you rappers out there are gonna be cussin’ out your managers and crying to your publicists. How did Yellow Nigga (sorry, Russ, I got a brand here, pimpin’—ain’t nothing changing on this side, daddy) give the dude Clifford Harris two covers? He’s one nigga. Two covers. One nigga. Two covers. It don’t add up. And then you see the back? What you know about that? The original Murder Inc. and Fiddy (I love when White people call him that) and Yayo know all about that. Yup, we sell the back, but not the front. Take that shit somewhere else. Step into the Ozone, if you know what I mean. I stay keyboard strapped.

You know, last night (I see you, Puff) I was twisty-pissy drunk off an $85 bottle of the finest bubbly my lips have ever touched. (Pause. No Dipset beef. Double pause.) Me and the homie Jonathan Mannion were having a real talk, as you ’80s babies say. Or a real conversation, as grown-ass men have on occasion. Basically, the gist of the shit was this: In the hip-hop world, you think photographer, you think Jonathan Mannion. You think DJ, you think Funkmaster Flex. You think magazine editor—and guess what, nappy-headed hoes and my swagger-jacking foes—you close your eyes and you see me. Elliott Jesse Christopher Wilson II. That’s right, I’m a junior. I love pop dukes, and we don’t even peck cheeks. Must be a Southern thing.

And shit, that’s what XXL’s becoming lately. I told y’all last month my master plan. If things keep goin’ this way, YN might cop his next crib and recline below the Mason-Dixon Line. But I know the question y’all want an answer to. When does 50 mania kick in? When is Curtis coming home and setting off the summer madness? Well, it’s with great sadness that I regret to inform you that 50 is no longer fuckin’ with…Sike! The nigga’s on the next cover. Anything less is uncivilized. Yeah, you’ll see Ferrari on about 500 covers, but I promise you no one does it like us. Please believe, I keep the tricks up my sleeve.

Speaking of which, after Curtis comes our 10th anniversary issue. That’s right. That’s when I really get on my soapbox and slap box you chumps on your ears. Fuck lotto and you Mega Millions–dreamin’ morons, I got a new motto: A Decade of Dominance. Double XL. XXL. Extra Large. Extra Large. Whatever you want to call it. I had then. I got now. I don’t care who got next. Respect to the foundation of this brand, but give the god his due. YN and his elite fleet sure as hell renovated the hell out of this muthafucka. XXL La Familia, and I’m muthafuckin’ Bob Vila.

Before I go, everybody say “hoe.” Say “hoe.” Life’s a bitch, and then you die. Why try throw bleach in your eye? Anti-rap crusaders, get the bozack. We don’t need to explain ourselves. It’s our culture. Parents just don’t understand. Kool G Rap’s catalogue may be morally indefensible, but he’s one hell of a lyricist. Raise your crumb snatchers and leave them rappers alone. Jeans. Hoods. Guns. Crack. Oh my God, I think I’m having a rap attack. Get back, Loretta. If it gets warm, take off the hot sweater. It’s poetry, peons. Push, push in the Bush. Bring ’em home safely instead.

Afternoon nap time,

Elliott “YN Forever” Wilson

P.S. Jay-Z told Marley Just was the new Preemo. I’m just sayin’…

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  • crack

    not again! y wont u put someone up and coming (no homo) on the cover?

  • crack

    and whats up with all the “yellow nigga” shit? u some kind of narcissist? since when is having the same complexion as bert from sesame street something to brag about?

  • Smokie

    I think this article was “too much”.



    U HAVE SOLD YOUR AZZ OUT A LONG TIME AGO. U INSIST ON FEEDING US THESE GARBAGE RAPPERS IN YOUR GARBAGE MAGAZINE. U and the T.I.’s that back your YELLOW COON azz dayz are numbered…Ur editorials are a waste of time, ink and paper. You are a complete disgrace, U dispicable piece of shit.



    FUCK XXL!!! FUCK ‘QUEEN’!!!!


  • YouKnow

    This is ridiculous. Why not just put D4L on the cover. Because apparently no matter how trash/southern (synonyms) a rapper is, they’ll get on the cover as long as they say “partna”.

  • doc

    i dont think he was bragging about his skin color YN is just an alias. its whatever. loved the editorial. it was great. best part of the mag. the first thing i read when i cop it.

  • thoreauly77

    yet another incomparably obnoxious editorial.

  • the shit

    this is a dumb ass editorial.i’m glad t.i. is on 2 fuck all you hatas

  • LowKey

    Yellow Nigga is always straight mashin on dudez! Nothing but motivation right there…I’m coming for ya spot “YN”!!

  • gully

    haha…I loved it…just for that im definitely copping this one

  • Crimson

    Dude sounds like a complete jackass in his editorials. He sounds like a white guy talking mad shit at a lacrosse game or something.

  • Chuck

    we need up and comers on the cover, I’m a big T.I fan, im a big Weezy fan, I’m a big Nas fan, i love pac, but I dont want to see them on the cover all the damn time. I know you have to sell magazines, but real rap fans want up and comers to get some exposure

  • Casey

    Im not buyin another XXL till an Eastcoast rapper gets a cover. TI’s single flopped. He doesnt deserve it more than Sean Price or some1

  • Casey

    And Fif doesnt count

  • robb2eleven

    dude does sound mad corny most of the time. but i like how he puts gasoline on any fire out there. sometimes its gangsta sometimes its comical but its always interesting. so stop hating you herbs.

  • hustlaz ave

    elliot, you a bitch

  • Benzino

    XXL wins again…T.I. and T.I.P. look like the same person, if u ask me

  • hannah Smith

    “as this: In the hip-hop world, you think photographer, you think Jonathan Mannion.”

    Nah, son, you think Jamel Shabazz, Joe Conzo and Ernie Paniccioli.

    Besides, Mannion’s shit’s so stale these days; another rapper looking glossy, who cares? Where’s the flavor?

  • Cajun Peach

    HA! love the “double” issue, love XXL and the spin-off pub’s and as always i look forward to your editorials each and every month!

  • DANJA29

    CRACK said:

    not again! y wont u put someone up and coming (no homo) on the cover?

    Up-and-coming, like who? Anybody out there that’s on “up-n-coming” status is either not halfway there or waiting forever to drop an album. Why would XXL put somebody like that on the cover… unless they wanted to show the Source that they could outdo them in everything, including brick issues?

    Come on now… did you honestly think Tip and his new album (or Fiddy for that matter) were gonna get pushed aside for Saigon or some other no-release-date nigga?

  • steelydang

    What a windbag.

  • mr. perfect

    i love XXL, and i say this because i want to be reading you guys after i retire, but hip-hop is generational (if thaz even a word) now. my lil’ bro loves hip hop but he dont listen to the same shit i do, and he dont read the same shit i do. shit, on some platforms we cant even relate. hip hop is big enuff to be diverse. open the market up a lil bit more, really show the sub par mu’fuckas the meanin’ of out the box.

  • ccluskin

    this shit’s funny as hell.

    fuckin e-haters love to step up on comment boards. y’all ain’t nothin but random assholes makin irrelevant points on your girls laptop.

    YN keep it up baby, you an es make this magazine what it is.

  • hannah Smith

    Um, looking at the covers, shouldn’t there be a decent difference between the two images/personas? Other than ‘TIP’ looking like he’s been neglecting to hit up the gym, there’s not really any difference.

    This one should probably have stayed at the ideas stage…

  • V

    ur are a fool. “Its the first thing I read when i get XXL”

    what else is it gonna be? its the first thing u CAN read not including the 40 ads…

  • EReal

    Man Elliott, you suck on your own dick too much homie. Yella is the Lil Wayne of editors.

    Eminem made yall. You know it, so get off your shit. They could replace your corny ass and I bet the Mag will still do it’s numbers, know why? WHERES THE ALTERNATIVE??
    Its easy to win with no competition.

    1 hunned.

    p.s. your last drop was about how ur site’s gonna run shit. WELP, aint shit changed except now I get other people’s email addys to spam. Thanx alot YN.

  • hannah smith

    You missed the bit about how half of the links on the site don’t work, the audio clips are terrible/often the wrong song, and the online ‘interviews’ are full of typos and bad writing.

  • Dr Flav

    “You still can’t see me. Word to Kimora Lee. I feel sorry for you muthafuckas.” LOL, WOW! Thats strong ether right there. TI makes XXL history with both covers, thats whats up, the new single is C- though Tip, come with it homie.

  • EReal

    hannah smith Says:
    Oh yeah, my bad. What she said yella.

    Hannah and I actually argee upon something, and thats a rarity.
    Your site still sucks donkey ball sachs and you’re an arrogant ass who thinks he’s alot more important than he really is.

  • hannah smith

    The new tagline should read: “XXL – Number one in a field of, er, one.”

  • Bonfiles Lenoir

    this post = ugh. Niggerisim at its finest.

  • M.Z.

    The Murder Inc. issue is classic. You should look on the inside too YN, that’s when ya’ll was killin’ the Source for real. If you need to see it as a refresher I got you(or the og jay/master p one, redman, et……)let me know. You just got to send them back.

  • DocZeus

    Can someone please explain to Elliot Wilson that he’s a magazine editor and bragging about putting a hot rapper on your cover is not that big of an accomplishment. You don’t see Anna Wintour over at Vogue writing mastubatory self congratulations when she gets Nicole Kidman on her cover!!! Dude, please stop.

  • anonymous


  • hannah Smith

    “Can someone please explain to Elliot Wilson that he’s a magazine editor and bragging about putting a hot rapper on your cover is not that big of an accomplishment. You don’t see Anna Wintour over at Vogue writing mastubatory self congratulations when she gets Nicole Kidman on her cover!!! Dude, please stop.”

    That’s possibly the best comment ever on this here web vessel, but shhhh… Elliot might hear you!

  • Ron Lee

    YN, there’s no one in this game i respect more, (maybe Dame), than you. i never thought a balance of the bullshit and the real shit could coexist so beautifully. Also, to settle this issue, you should have a panel of the platinum(300,000 sold) artists debate the state of hip hop with a panel of underground artists. Title it, “Real Hip Hop or Not” and call it a day. Send my publishing and royalties to the above email address

  • Crack Killa

    Bitch is you on crack i bet this crack will like the cover if you have naked guy in it hahah so stfu

  • Tyler
  • HNIC

    Good look on the two T.I. covers!!! I think that Tip should release “No Sweat” as his next single… but, he should include one more verse for all of the naysayers to shut fools up regarding his reign as the “King of the South”.

  • Christian Prz.

    Every single editorial dude ever posted was “too much” as previously mentioned.

  • http://xxlmag kane corleone

    YN for President haters, i like cuz and his edits’ r just to kick dirt on people like ya’ll who was faithfully buyin the sauce and now look @ chu not only r u buyin XXL but u r on the WEBSITE as well .I dont know bout u but when people shit on me and i comeback to ETHER THEM AND WHOEVER STOOD WITH THEM,I’m gonna b poppin my colla and nose @ u offbrandz 2 just like Jr does!!

  • Cuban Link

    i think itd be a better idea for 50 to be on this cover, and TI being on next months, seeing how 50 drops in June and TI in July.But its whatever, your the boss.

  • May

    i enjoyed reading the post, it was hilarious…



  • That Dude

    yall hating on dat boi T.I. he’s king of the south a whole lot of fuck boy out here lame ass nigga u heard me

  • NickeNitro

    This dorky-ass shit explains a lot about XXL. Have fun “copping your next crib and reclining below the Mason-Dixon Line” or whatever. Shazzam!

  • Hova Lova

    what about some new york pplz come on you’d think this is a south side mag for fuck sake – fabolous has a highly anticipated album why not him?????

  • rhickey

    cosign on that nick. thank god blogs are free, eh?

  • Brodrick A Johnson

    The editor sounds like a 14 year old kid.

  • Left

    Real talk I’ma need this nigga to stop speaking in fragments that shit gets annoying having to read shit 3 times over to understand where this nigga is coming from. Good Look on the cover, seriously to everyone hating on it what did you expect. The nigga did his thing in 06 aint never really left and is about to do his thing this year. It would have been nice to see a East Coast rapper on there doing his thing or a midwest cat but fuck it, the niggga tip is doing his thing so they got to show love. 50 on the next cover, come on now yall know how xxl feels about g-unit asking them to not put 50 on the cover is like asking YN to stop sucking his own dick or askin bol to stop hating that shit wont happen its what these niggas do.

  • lowEndtheory

    always love the editorials…the top hip hop mag has to be started off with with a rapper’s swagg.
    Laugh @ dudes hatin while bringing traffic to this site and buying the mag.

  • Bang

    stay off the cocaine yella

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    EReal Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 11:19 am
    hannah smith Says:
    Oh yeah, my bad. What she said yella.

    Hannah and I actually argee upon something,


    I had to give props as well … Hannah has been spittin’ some well-deserved ether on several topics (that photographer reference to Shabazz, Conte and Paniccioli couldn’t have been more on point!)

    (unlike when she’s Tara-bashin’ for the fuck of it)



  • Edward Stubbs

    Ya’ll bitch ass niggas need to quit hatin on the King. T.I. is one of the best rappers out there now.Ain’t nobody want to see a fuckin nobody on the cover. So all them bitchass niggas hatin on T.I. keep on fuckin hatin cause that’s all you can really do.

  • Edward Stubbs

    T.I. isa the man. all ya’ll niggas that’s hatin ya’ll can just keep on hatin cause that’s all you can do.

  • June Bug

    GOD DAAMN, I love this dude – Elliott “YN” Wilson (no homo. Pause. No beef with Dipset. Double Pause). Hey, if you are reading this Elliott, I was reading last year’s Aug. Issue of XXL today, and thinking… “hey, Elliott was talking about publishing a book on Jigga… I wonder how he going about that?” So here’s the question for you Elliott. How’s the “SOUL OF THE HUSTLA – JIGGA” book coming about? I wanna read it. I’m probably one of a very few R&B Thugs that can recite Jigga’s every line – from Reasonable Doubt to Blueprint (eh some Blueprint 2 songs and that Allure song on Black Album, nothing from Kingdome Come) so I can’t wait for that book to come out. I read your Greeting Editorial first thing EVERY MONTH, and that’s probably the best article in the entire magazine copy (LOL). Anyway, much love going ya way (Pause again, no homo.) I’m married to XXL, so you can call me XXL Hubby, (IF XXL was female) bitchesss.

    ~June Bug

  • basta Gibbs

    NOT T.I AGAIN! I’m sick of it!!! are use running outta ideas? i’ve never seen an artist been pushed this much before, well only other artist i use to see on a fair bit was Jay z but thats a man in a different class! XXL I love your mag keep suprising us with something new. DID someone say T.I Is the KING? haaaaaaa

  • Walker V.W.

    Can we get some more variety with this stuff? I mean, it seems like we got the same 4 or 5 people on the cover every issue, T.I., somebody in G-Unit, Jeezy, or Lil Wayne. What are rappers like Papoose, Sean Price, Canibus, or Ras Kass doin’ wrong? Even Ghostface is bein’ shut down come on..

  • Walker V.W.

    Now, I understand that T.I. is a popular rapper and I can’t say he dosen’t have some good songs but I think we’re kind of forgetting about the original southern rappers like Scarface, Trick Daddy, Outkast, Geto Boys, or even Master P. I think we all can agree ATLiens and We Can’t Be Stopped beat out any T.I. album.

  • buttuh

    Thats wussup. TI the King of the south. He deserve the cover. Ima have to get the tip one tho.

  • manny z

    Whats up with you tip on the cover again he don’t deserve it.Put Luda on the cover he won a grammy! but Luda’s better.

  • Mr.GQ

    yall ni99as need 2 stop hatin on TI/TIP cause yall broke asses aint got no damn money…peace up TOWN DOWN

  • WTF

    ti is overrated and got alot of dickriders that’s why he’s hot or should i say was hot because it damn sure aint his rapping skills because the nigga is garbage and his single big thangs poppin wtf????????? like i said garbage KING OF THE SOUTH MY ASS XXL I HAVE LOST RESPECT FOR YALL

  • FutureBlackLawyer

    i just subscribed to xxl. I reall like yall magazine and yall be on point with the reviews but t.i. is not consistent. Yall sholkd put cassidy in the mag cuz him and lil wayne the most consistent rappers right now.

  • thoreauly77

    elliot- it is difficult for me to describe how incredibly frustrating it is these days to try and read nothing loads right at all. harris pub has many potential lawsuits that could happen for breaking the “no-release” e-mail policy; links often don’t take us to the correct places; when i link does take you somewhere, the page says there is no data, which happened the first two things i clicked this morning.

    the grand irony of all of this is of course the hubris you display in all of your editorials. right now the only thing you have going for this site is bol, noz, and sunday. i have a feeling eskay is perhaps even limited to what he can post as content so as not to offend any artists that have vested interests in the publication. all conspiracies aside however, when you go off on lengthy diatribes about how amazing your web-site is, and it doesn’t actually EVEN WORK, you look like a fool. i enjoy the site when it is working, so please have harris-pub get something accomplished soon. okay, now i am off to ahh and hhdx to get my news and music.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Bol disrespecting the dead for the “shock-value” sake of racking up the comments is not a good look. It’s the exact opposite of “Hip Hop on a Higher level” … that the kind of thing you’d find on website where 13yr olds insult each other daily and provides no insight into Hip Hop whatsoever.

    If you were responsible for bringing that post down, KUDOS. XXLMAG dot com is on a low right now (in my opinion) but with everything comes peaks and valleys so I’m not to worried about … as long as it doesn’t lose it’s class which posts like Bol does.

    I’m through with BOL’s retarded ass, but I look forward to big things from XXLMAG dot com

  • campz

    yo son… fire bol.

    that nigga has to go asap.

  • thoreauly77

    YN- all this talk about ruling shit. check out the new ahh site.

  • YaYa

    FYI….Royal Camp Click out of Cleveland is the new TRUTH!!!!!

  • Ernie Paniccioli

    Elliot, I hope when you think Hip Hop Photographer you are deeper and smarter than to think Johnaton Mannion. I don’t even have to lay my credentials out on the table. That is wrong on so many levels and you should know better. Me Jamel Shabazz, Joe Conzo and Ronnie Wright as well as one or two others have layed it down and kept it tight for decades. I take that as a diss. It is like when Nelly stepped to KRS1. As nas said to Jay “Negro Please!”. I never saw Mannion at Zulu, in the streets, on tour in 88 with P.E. at Gang Summits or documenting all 5 elements for 3 decades. Ernie Paniccioli

  • joey doe

    and this is the crap you write that people are supposed to enjoy? a bunch of inside shit that normal readers won’t understand to make yourself feel cool. WELL ELLIOT, YOU ARE SO COOL MAN! j.doe

  • joey doe


  • calico
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