The Movement Is About More Than Music

When the latest offering from the DipSet camp hits stores on Tuesday there’s going to be an additional subplot to the already expanding library of strife and duress generated by the Diplomats. This time there will be the spectre of internal strife within their ‘movement’ that threatens to derail their progress. Then again, the Dips live for this type of shit, and I can’t wait for them to sample the hook by the Rolling Stones saying that “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

On the latest CD we only hear Cam’Ron once, well, technically. J.R. Writer needs to be renamed Jr. Cam’Ron because he has xeroxed Cam’Ron’s flow and voice pattern perfectly. There’s not too much Juelz on this disk either or Jimmy for that matter which is actually a good thing. Essentially, it’s another coming out party for Hell Rell, 40 Cal and Jr. Cam’Ron. I don’t normally tell you good people to download music because often that’s illegal, but this is one time where you should save your $13 hard earned dollars for some weed and a couple of Dutches. Speaking of Dutches, why did Akbar try to tell me that Dutches are now $1.25?!? I was like, “Nigga please, I work for U.P.S.” I will travel into the hood-hood if I have to in order to keep paying a dollar for my Dutches, but I’m psycho like that.

What was the last song that the Dips were really big for? The Jim Jones joint was nearly a year ago and in that time that has elapsed since the Dips have had mini fueds with anyone in rap music that would oblige them. NaS was bored with their antics, while Jay-Z played along with them for promotion of his last CD. Tru Life was tickled pink (literally) that the Dips would give him some shine, but when Fisty Scent got on the radar we all forgot about Tru the following day. During all of this stress and strife how many official bangers have been released by the Dips? Therein lies the problem. All beef with no bangers makes for a boring storyline. I liked Suga Duga and the remix but those aren’t enough to cement the reputation of the Dips as hitmakers. And where are the HeatMakers?

These dudes can rap better than most of the trash that occupies the public radio airwaves but without some majestic beats their rhymes sound uninspiring. It’s time for The Diplomats to be about their hustle again. All this more than music talk is fucked the fuck up when the music isn’t the hottest shit on the streets. I say forget about all those other projects like syrupy liquor and tight shirts and get back to creating that rap music that makes people want to zone out with the volume turned up to 32.

If you copp the new Dips CD peep these tracks…
‘Street Pharmacist’
‘Suga Duga’ (you already know)
‘The Corner’
‘Getting By’
‘Show & Tell’

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  • badmanstibo

    1st ha ha
    cant believe I just did that

  • jasper

    kaka pipi kaka pipi

  • Lennox


  • fmartin


  • Ruiz

    Dipset? Who the fuck is Dipset? HA!!

  • b.b


  • Whoa

    Is It Still Cool to be 1st? Your lifeless teenagers…

    Ontopic: I only check Juelz. That’s it no Dips and pink wearing diplomats for me.

  • FuckUPayMe618

    For some strange reason i think Cam leaving dipshit may benefit him most.

  • pimp master

    Dipset is a movement that has control of all New York dipolmats 4 life kk ck fk niggas ya heard.

  • J.R.O.

    Real T, Sunday. I thought Diplomatic Immunity was a great album. But, that was years ago.

    Seriously, if Dipset came out of the South, they’d be running this rap shit.

  • john cochran

    the dips are the last hope of My fair east coast. Thats sad, since they only make a hit once every year and 1/2. Dip immunity was a slept on banger, but they never capatilzed off it. Juelz should be maturing already as a songwriter, and cam, being the leader, should be churning out hits. Fuck beef if it aint served with a side of summer banger. I hate the fashion trends they’ve started( I like my jeans to have room for my sack), and thier drink is horrible, so they gotta call heatmakers back up and get to work. And lay off a couple employees too ( hell rell, 40 cal, bezel, that chick).

  • N.O. 4 life

    whateva juelz drops will be more than enough for this year….and if that i cant feel my face album with wayne ever drops that will a big plus to dipset…really dipset isnt comin out with any classics like diplomatic immunity prolly ever again

  • NoMamesBuey

    Hip hop will never die, despite all the wack MCs in the mainstream.

    For my bilingual spanish-speaking heads, peep the new Calle 13 album.

    Their MC Residente is both hillarious & lyrical MC in the tradition of Redman, Das EFX, Chino XL, & Eminem

    Oh yeah, with Residente add yet another MC to the near-infinite list of MCs that completely body & Schiavo “the best rapper alive” Lil Wang.

  • Danny

    Dipset 4 life.

  • Ali

    Jimmy has beef with Camron now haha… that i think about it….all tha rappers in tha game who work with dipset only worked with jimmy & juelz…..i dont remember camron being on any of those remixes with jimmy……..jimmy & juelz are smart cuz theyre leavin Cam to fuck himself up….they aint tryna bring themsleves down in this 50 cent shit…..& 50 is tha smartest one of all cuz he only dissed Cam alone while Cam dissed all G-Unit……..Camron’s dead dipset isnt tho

  • Devo G

    The Dips is just about over. Praise KRS-One!

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    I wouldn’t say that they fell off, but the sudden “expansion” of beatmakers and lack of Heatmakers probably strayed alot of peeps away from them already knowing the Dips plus Heatmakers was equivalent to having an actual “signature sound”. Their beat selection still is pretty much better than alot but often times it sounds more experimental as opposed to being diversely consistent.

    I neva expected any over the top lyricism from the Dips, but they do make credible songs that have their own style of lyricism (half ya’ll just can’t grasp the slang usage so save the jokes for Caroline’s or a Bad Boys Of Comedy Audition).

    And as far as Akbar, tell dat nigga to stop frontin, Dutches aint even a top-shelf cigar, we just use em to roll our piff wit.

    Well glad mines still only cost a $1. Shit i remember when phillies was only 50 cent.

    As The Spliff Burneths, I shall Return!


    DipSet is NOT Good Rappers! I don’t know what type of Crack this nigga is smoking,but, his Dealer must be a Millionaire cuzz…anyway I like them niggas swagger and they are Funny in Movies,public and on TV Shows cuz they are like your Average Ghetto Trashy niggas that are Offensive and Stereotypically Ignorant, and not Ashamed of it, which make them doing ANYTHING sooooo Funny!

  • king blair

    gettin punched by john leguizamoes little brother is so not ballin

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    lmaoooo@the last 2 posts

  • flyboy403

    the disc is aight man any dip fan will like it the beats r slammin and the flows r dope any hip hop fan will think its barley ok but seein how im a dip fan tryin 2 give a un bias oppinion id give it 3/5 maybe 2.5/5 but a dip fan will give it 4/5 no doubt

  • TC


  • Pancho

    NoMamesBuey Says:

    May 6th, 2007 at 3:25 pm
    Hip hop will never die, despite all the wack MCs in the mainstream.

    For my bilingual spanish-speaking heads, peep the new Calle 13 album.

    Their MC Residente is both hillarious & lyrical MC in the tradition of Redman, Das EFX, Chino XL, & Eminem

    Oh yeah, with Residente add yet another MC to the near-infinite list of MCs that completely body & Schiavo “the best rapper alive” Lil Wang.

    ^^^Co-Sign BIG TIME!!!! What’s unfortunate is that many people on here don’t know spanish, and thus will dismiss Calle 13 completely…I nod my head to Calle 13 more than the Dips (Opera filled with nothing but spanish obcenities…priceless).


    Dipset was ill when they weren’t trying to go mainstream…I would like to see the hunger and drive they once had when Diplomatic Immunity came out.


    Tru Life went and Victimized Cam so now CrackHead azz Jim Jones wanna Jump Ship or act like he can take the Beef that The Big Homie Jay put on Dip Sets Heads! Niggaz wake up Jay been gettin at The Dips, Cam gettin shot,Juelz gettin no Love at Def Jam and Jimmy get Beat Up by some 16 year Olds and mugged,now Jay sent a lil nigga Tru Life to go Punk them nuckaz! Them niggaz didn’t want Beans slappin em around, damn if they can’t fight Tru Life how they gon handle The Broad Street Bully?

  • Dr Flav

    First let me say that y’all got to cop them Dutches by the box, it cheaper and they are fresher. On topic, Cam owns Dipset and he gave hood cats an opportunity to shine, he has no problem battlin anybody and speaks his mind right or wrong and I respect that. I hope this brings out the beast in Cam and inspires the darts I know he has in his arsenal. Crews need to stick together, be loyal and honor the chain of command. How can Luca Brasi fire Don Corleone? Could Kobe fire Phil Jackson?

  • Maurice Garland

    my shit goes to 38

  • Surge

    AYo 4 real. The Dips CAN be lyrical when they wanna be. J.R. and 40 are some beasts. Juelz is slippin on his spit game. Jim was never hot, he got famous off an ad lib. Cam cant even stay on topic when he spits anymore. Hell Rell aint dropped cuz he knows he gon flop. Bezel jus talk about guns. Kasa’s wack. Jha Jha wack. They beats sound weird as fuck now!!! They need to stop with the commercial shit and the trendsetting cuz its fucking up how ill they r on the mic!!!


    THE NEW GENERATION consist of Wayne, juelz,lloyd banks the upcomin ny mixtape rappers stack bundles,40 cal,remo,
    g-kid, niki minaj need to hold it down.. and dipset need to get they stuff together they the only crew left wit swag gunit got the hits but dont appeal the young audience

  • MidEast

    Dips are shitty boo boo! Niggaz smell like my nieces pamper.They will be like cassette tapes in less than two years…..obsolete.Then some idiots gonna start calling them legends.Yeah right! U niggaz from the crackbaby generation need to leave them niggaz alone!

  • ipopXusemagnumXLandreadXXL

    Wow…the Media is a muthafucka…ALL HAIL 50!

  • MarvOne

    Yo I only pay .75 cent for my dutches at the shell gas station on south orange ave in the hood-hood.


    5 Reasons I Am Not Feeling the Dipset

    1. Because they’ve always been wack

    2. Because they will be wack yet again tomorrow

    3. Because they’ve found a way to make being wack profitable

    4. Because they don’t know how wack they are

    5. Because we as hip hoppers are forced to half-assed defend them every time someone takes a shit on hip hop music (like that retarded cousin you got, that every time he says/does something retarded, you keep making excuses; after all, he is family)

    And can somebody please tell me… why is it so taboo nowadays that noone fearlessly refers to themselves as a ‘hip hopper’ or a ‘head’. Anyone ever bother to think that was the first step to snatch hip hop from under our noses?

    click on the byline to visit the Official Hip Hop Radio Blog

  • John Brown

    I dont know bout paying $1.00 or $1.25 for dutchess, I pay .80 at this bodega down here in Miami. Damn Billy they taxing you, homie. Oh BTW, who got drunk on CINCO de MAYO. I know I did.

    Billy, going back to the this RAPPER is this SUPER-HERO theme. I know you said that J.O. is the PUNISHER, and I said T.I. but I now agree with you because your right J.O. is just punishing every track he is on. But wait till that T.I. v.s. TIP album drops then maybe you will think differently. BTW, who is the PHOENIX of the rap game BILLY?

  • smog

    whatevar “Speaking of Dutches, why did Akbar try to tell me that Dutches are now $1.25?!? I was like, “Nigga please, I work for U.P.S.” I will travel into the hood-hood if I have to in order to keep paying a dollar for my Dutches, but I’m psycho like that.”

    plus sunday is right
    dipset needs to do thier extra grind
    when its reppin time

  • Belize

    dips stay losing…

  • dneroda1


  • blackgns

    Who cares really?

  • Gerv

    Who gives a shit!!!

  • dneroda1

    Who gives a flying fuck about dipset???????

  • BlkGenius

    Who really cares about these fools except for little school girls?

  • http://Rapandbullshyt Sincere (Sin)

    “Put a barrel in a “CAPO” mouth, ’til his scalp come out….You a kid, you don’t live what you rap about”…Nas

    Truth hurts…

  • Pancho

    Diplomatic Immunity > Everything the Dips have done…EVER.

  • Cuban Link

    How the fuck was Jimmys joint nearly a year ago?But word, Cam used to be ill back in the day.The whole click, until after the whole Koch thing.

    But as for Jim Jones, for some reason Ive been really getting into Crunk Muzik off his first album for some reason.Ive been blasting that everywhere for like a month now.Maybe cuz it sounded soo cool in Def Jam Icon.

  • Cuban Link

    also those 5 posts in a row saying who gives a shit are the same person, you can tell by the homo names.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    John Brown,
    That was a good ass question. Who would you rather see resurrect herr career in rap?

    Foxy Brown
    Lil’ Kim
    Rah Digga

  • ricky

    ao cop them dipset mixtapez n fuck tha cd’s….dipset team invasion n dipset street radio…cop thoze

  • All Dae

    Tru tru. Joints like “I’m Ready” and “Git em Girl” r classic. They’ll get focused again, hopefuly before some real sh*t jump off.

  • All Dae

    Dipset has dropped classics. Hopefully they’ll regroup and get back to making music

  • DC’s Finest (Actual wayne/dipset Hater)

    Dipset is garbage. they get their style from the souf yet they are from new york. They stole Nike Boots from DC niggas(myself). Dey some gumps period, Camron cant rap, Jenny cant rap, and the rest of them suck as well. My sister like them though…bitch

  • http://yahoo damoNsta07


  • Dip Set City

    Its Over Part 2 is pretty hot


    Problem is, Dipset just dont got it no more. Longevity is key. Now in days, rappers try to copy another successful rappes formula and reproduce it. Somewhere along the line though, they fuck it up. 50 was the last (and probly will be the last) to take somebodys formula and flip it in his favor (jarule – who? i know i know). You gotta respect him for it tho. but dipset cant stand up to the power of 50 and actually think they can last. Shit, im in harlem, everyday, every night….when i come out the studio, i hear my shit bumpin more than Jr. Cam, Hell rell, 40, or whoeva else….Joe budden said it best ‘Some Niggaz is BBBAAALLLIIINNN! on the practice squad!!!”……Damn, somebody gimmie an artice or sumtin…..and oh yea Billy Sunday, “The wild 100′s” still got $1 Dutches!!!!