When the latest offering from the DipSet camp hits stores on Tuesday there’s going to be an additional subplot to the already expanding library of strife and duress generated by the Diplomats. This time there will be the spectre of internal strife within their ‘movement’ that threatens to derail their progress. Then again, the Dips live for this type of shit, and I can’t wait for them to sample the hook by the Rolling Stones saying that “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

On the latest CD we only hear Cam’Ron once, well, technically. J.R. Writer needs to be renamed Jr. Cam’Ron because he has xeroxed Cam’Ron’s flow and voice pattern perfectly. There’s not too much Juelz on this disk either or Jimmy for that matter which is actually a good thing. Essentially, it’s another coming out party for Hell Rell, 40 Cal and Jr. Cam’Ron. I don’t normally tell you good people to download music because often that’s illegal, but this is one time where you should save your $13 hard earned dollars for some weed and a couple of Dutches. Speaking of Dutches, why did Akbar try to tell me that Dutches are now $1.25?!? I was like, “Nigga please, I work for U.P.S.” I will travel into the hood-hood if I have to in order to keep paying a dollar for my Dutches, but I’m psycho like that.

What was the last song that the Dips were really big for? The Jim Jones joint was nearly a year ago and in that time that has elapsed since the Dips have had mini fueds with anyone in rap music that would oblige them. NaS was bored with their antics, while Jay-Z played along with them for promotion of his last CD. Tru Life was tickled pink (literally) that the Dips would give him some shine, but when Fisty Scent got on the radar we all forgot about Tru the following day. During all of this stress and strife how many official bangers have been released by the Dips? Therein lies the problem. All beef with no bangers makes for a boring storyline. I liked Suga Duga and the remix but those aren’t enough to cement the reputation of the Dips as hitmakers. And where are the HeatMakers?

These dudes can rap better than most of the trash that occupies the public radio airwaves but without some majestic beats their rhymes sound uninspiring. It’s time for The Diplomats to be about their hustle again. All this more than music talk is fucked the fuck up when the music isn’t the hottest shit on the streets. I say forget about all those other projects like syrupy liquor and tight shirts and get back to creating that rap music that makes people want to zone out with the volume turned up to 32.

If you copp the new Dips CD peep these tracks…
‘Street Pharmacist’
‘Suga Duga’ (you already know)
‘The Corner’
‘Getting By’
‘Show & Tell’