Is This Man The New Primo?

Kanye Glasses

I don’t blog much these days because not much excites me. I can’t force it anymore, but this Common/Kanye track gives me hope. This is the best individual “hip-hop” song I’ve heard all year. Say what you want about Common, but his last album still outsold Rick Ross. And I personally agree with the Kanye being the new DJ Premier, though Just Blaze can pull off a hell of an argument for that crown. Though Kanye is hip hop enough to never wear those disrespectful glasses (see above). Finding Forever coming soon.

COMMON f/ DWELE – THE PEOPLE (prod by The New Primo)

This is street radio

For unsung hero

Riding in the Regal

Trying to stay legal

My daughter found Nemo

I found the new Premo

Yeah you know how we do

We do it for the people

And the struggle of the brothers and the folks

The lovers of the dope, experiment to discover hope

Scuffle for notes, the rougher I wrote times were harder

Went from rockin’ Starter to the voice of a martyr

While white folks focus on dogs and yoga

The people on the low end trying to ball and get over

Lyrics are like liquor for the fallen soldier

From the bounce to the ounce it’s all our culture

Everyday we hustling, tryna get them custom rims

Law we aint trusting them, thick broads we lusting them

Sick and tired of punching in, I look on the bus at them

When I see them struggling, I think how I’m touching them

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  • bobby

    1st bitches /sick u suck balls

  • Manny

    I’ve had this track on repeat for about 30 mins now. But Ye aint a DJ so I dont how he could be the new Primo. Oh, and Madlib>Kanye.

  • turo krazy

    I got mad love for Ye’ he is a hometown brotha (CHI) but on the real noone will ever be the new Primo! You can’t cut it like PReme did yo, he creates all his own loops, drum cuts and bass, Ye’ hires his! But i am not hating on em just knowin the fact that Ye’ hasn’t really stepped out of his small circle he made for em selve last year. The soul sample loops are getting redundant and if you clearly pay attention to Christina Aguilera’s l.p PREME crushed alot of beats. Ye’ is on the trail but he still has to catch up to Just Blaze who is an architecht! I say Blaze over Ye’!

    Turo Krazy

  • thoreauly77

    hmm, ye the new primo? doesnt that imply that primo’s not bringing it anymore? which of course we all know thats not true.

  • Sincere (Sin)

    Common is one of the best…

  • Josh

    Frequency is the new Preemo.

    Primo is cousin in Spanish.

  • Ali

    that song is sick

  • semi

    Hey Sikamore, shouldnt you be trying to find the next new preemo? WMG looking ugly brother.

  • NoMamesBuey

    DJ Bitchamore is one of the WOAT morons on the internets. Only this idiot can simulatenously
    1 rip on those born before 1980
    2 comparing every new jack born after 1980 to the same dudes born before 1980 he just ripped on. IDIOT!

    I give you 1 PROP though (note 1 prop, not “props”) for noting Common & Kanye. I’m surprised Bitchamore actually did this, since Common/Kanye
    a actually make quality music
    b are born before 1978

  • Supreme

    There’s only One PREMO!!!

  • NoMamesBuey

    I see my prior comment has been censored & deleted. WTF. DJ BitchMade Bitchamore

  • John Brown

    AYO Sick,

    What ever happened to those other blogs you promised us?


    that was cool i got plenty of shit like that i hope these cats bring it back might be willing to give a try one day the world might be ready one

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    damn Sickamore gets more hate than me??? I thought i was the last of the Dying Breed of Hate Targets. I feel a lil better now.

    But as far as Kanye being the New Primo? Nah there will only be one Primo, thats a problem i have now, instead of dudes being the first “them” everyone still chasin the smoke clouds of the 80′s and 90′s. it’s 2007 and time to show progression. bad enough all these dudes chasin footsteps got the game “stagnant” enough. I know when i “go in” da only thing on my mind is how a listener who actually tunes into the lyrical side of things can relate to what his mind digests cause my beat selection is up to par and even beyond compared to alot of other stuff. But its a place for everything in this game i’m jus tryin to get a leg in the door.

    disclaimer: my opinion is just an opinion, if you are confused with the term “opinion” open a dictionary or google it.

  • ryan

    i’ve always thought premo was totally overrated his beats are very simplistic, and he has not once changed his style. the beats he does today are the exact same as the ones he did 13 years ago, thats why he has not been able to stay on top in my opinion.

  • smog

    common is all over xxl today – post should have read common is the new common. bitches. plus kayne isnt even close to DJ Premier, kayne aint got no title in his name. boy would be lost infront of two turntables and a mixer like bol with a girl

  • Glazecity

    C’mon’s not that serious. Take it easy…lol

    Kanye is the new primo. He is the sample king just like Primo was back when he was Hip Hop’s got to producer. I think everyone here including Sick acknowledeges that Both producers are great.

    No need to disrespect people at anytime anyplace.

    Respectful Black Man and The Future Sound of NYC

  • these posts are racist

    Wow. Chicago, The Go is going at them…SouthSide, West Side…North Side, stand up.

    Its time to move the capital of hip hop from the dirty south to Chicago.



  • T.R.E.Y.


    anyway, i do hope that this new Comm album is better than Be, which i personally found to be one of the more average Kanye projects despite all the accolades it got. it was like he purposely made his beats less exciting for Comm’s style, which was jez plain borin’ at some parts.

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    Be was decent, this song sounds like it’s goin in the right direction album-wise, good luck to them both on the project!

    fuck it!


    wow those are the gayest looking glasses ever

  • big kev

    Kanye will never be the new Primo.He is a dope producer but DJ Premier is the greatest producer of all time. PERIOD!!!

  • Cuban Link

    This is one of the cons for hip hop these days. We’re always after the next whoever.IMO, we need to take it where the next left off.

    Papoose=Big L(only hopefully pappy will shine)
    Black milk=J.Dilla
    Kanye=Common(rapping wise)
    Lupe=Mos Def(this one is arguable thou)

    Kanye is dope, but not fit to take it up where Primo left off.However, its arguable to say that Primo is going to be done anytime soon.Thats one reason production>>rapping career wise these days, you get more money and you can do it for however long you want.Once you hit your late 30s kids dont cop ur CD.Even I didnt cop Kingdom Come the first week out.

  • b

    just blaze>>>>>primo .always and forever.dont u ever doubt it.

    i am angry that blaze and primo gave all these hot beats to other niggas but gave jay some arbage minus kingdom come and show me what u got

  • Billy X. Sunday

    If Com Sense was to start writin’ some Lil’ Wang verses then maybe Lil’ Wangsta might could be the best rapper alive one day.

  • Fatal

    I think both Kanye and Premo both are top sample producers. These two guys have been keeping Hip Hop ( true Hip Hop that is) breathing for the past few years mainstream wise and we should support them along with Just Blaze and the Heatmakers. “They held you down for six summers…. where’s the love?….

  • T.R.E.Y.

    Heatmakers = poor man’s Just Blaze/Kanye.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    and Premo’s cool, but how many hits did he have before Christina Aguilera?

    (“salesdontmatterlol”) ok, forget i said anything

  • Pancho

    I’m sorry…

    DJ Premier made Christina Aguilera ok to listen to listen to in that track, “Back In The Day”

    I am a BIG Kanye fan, but I would rank him just behind Premo.

  • smog

    “these posts are racist” iz da trewist
    chicago, whut

    o yeah
    again kayne does not equal dj premier (of course)

  • Tray

    Premo’s been done for five years.

  • beeyo

    Sick, you are one unmotivated summummabitch. Take some pride in your work, you coast jumping summummabitch. Good post though.
    Glad to see you listen to people other than Lil WayNas, T.I.-Z, and The Notorious J.E.E.Z.Y. Where did THAT post go, BTW? Are they the ones not exciting you?

  • HHS1982

    Just Blaze is the EVOLUTION of Premier. What I love about him is that not only can he can put together music in so many different ways beyond just sampling, but there’s something about everything he touches that’s undeniably hip-hop… I’m talking that old boom-bap that Preemo is so revered for. Kanye just doesn’t have the boom-bap in his blood for me to compare him to Preme. Just Blaze has been on beat-making HGH for the past year tho, and I personally think he’s the best hip-hop producer ever; maybe not the greatest, but in technical and artistic terms definitely the best. Kanye…. ehh, not so much

  • Rizzop

    There will never be another premo, but i see what you’re getting at. All them dudes are just students of the game and have an ear for music…..And to “tray” Please listen to “classic” and stop spitting out nonsense

  • N.O. 4 life

    nobody can be another premier and why would you wanna be….common look like he bout to put out a classic….but yet again billy keeps a nigga he doesnt like on his lips^^^^

  • fraser mclaren

    ryan your a dick

  • Young Legacy

    That shit was hot. My nigga said lyrics are like liquor for the fallen soldier.

  • Zachary saylor

    simple and plan kanye is nice but to be premier he has to do it for another decade or so and by then premier will have been nearly 2 decades deep into this. they can’t catch up with that.



  • Malik C.

    As long as Common has more then 10 tracks and no long ass “uplifting” outro, I’ll be happy.

  • these posts are racist

    This song is so hot. Lyrics, beat, flow, vibe and energy. You can’t get better than this. RIP to Tupac. I miss real rap.

  • where it started

    You fuckin bugging

  • ceelos

    the people is the dopest REAL hip hop track thats come out since the classic joint Ye did with nas and them enjoy the track cause gems like these arent coming out to often now a days.

    Every 80′s baby ball player on this list is >>>>>>>>>>>>> every 80′s baby hip hop artists….step your games up hip hop.

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  • marc h.

    you sure his last album outsold rick ross? wikipedia doesn’t agree, but then again, wikipedia…

  • CoeBoy

    Skip the premo shit man. Focus on the common sense shit on this track. This song a hit cuz of the beat but the lyrics make it classic. Com’ Sense to the next level. CHI CITY ALL DAY……

  • life sentence

    when is saigon’s album comin out. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. if you were A&Ring my project i would come to the office with two guns blazin. i would rip your head off.

  • Sidewalks Of NY

    Comparing Kanye West to DJ Premier is like putting brand new shiny rims on a dirty rusted Pinto. Didnt Kanye just get owned by Swizz Beatz at this year’s Summer Jam? LOLLLLL!

  • facts.

    the new Premier MY ASS! Hahahahah, best joke of ’07 right there. You can;t catch Primo on E! TV….Fools!

  • Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

    What about alchemist. Surely u haven’t forgotten him already.

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