Kanye Glasses

I don’t blog much these days because not much excites me. I can’t force it anymore, but this Common/Kanye track gives me hope. This is the best individual “hip-hop” song I’ve heard all year. Say what you want about Common, but his last album still outsold Rick Ross. And I personally agree with the Kanye being the new DJ Premier, though Just Blaze can pull off a hell of an argument for that crown. Though Kanye is hip hop enough to never wear those disrespectful glasses (see above). Finding Forever coming soon.

COMMON f/ DWELE – THE PEOPLE (prod by The New Primo)

This is street radio

For unsung hero

Riding in the Regal

Trying to stay legal

My daughter found Nemo

I found the new Premo

Yeah you know how we do

We do it for the people

And the struggle of the brothers and the folks

The lovers of the dope, experiment to discover hope

Scuffle for notes, the rougher I wrote times were harder

Went from rockin’ Starter to the voice of a martyr

While white folks focus on dogs and yoga

The people on the low end trying to ball and get over

Lyrics are like liquor for the fallen soldier

From the bounce to the ounce it’s all our culture

Everyday we hustling, tryna get them custom rims

Law we aint trusting them, thick broads we lusting them

Sick and tired of punching in, I look on the bus at them

When I see them struggling, I think how I’m touching them