Supposedly, about one tenth of our population is teh ghey, but if you notice, hardly any rappers are teh ghey. Or, at the very least, there aren't very many rappers who are out homosexuals.

There have been a few teh ghey guys who have tried to rap over the years, but none of the accomplished very much other than their very own chapter in the new Jeff Chang book. Is it because hip-hop is just that homophobic, or is it because teh ghey rappers tend to suck balls both literally and figuratively? Hmm...

But you to assume that there have been at least a few teh ghey guys who have managed to go unnoticed while building a successful career in rap. Over the years, there have been rumors about quite a few people, but I'm not gonna go there, because I think we all know who they are, and god forbid someone should throw himself out a window.

Here's my question though: Say for an instance there was some guy who was a really popular and one day it was discovered that he was teh ghey. Would his career all of sudden be destroyed, or would it depend on other factors? Assuming he didn't all of a sudden start rapping about blowing guys, would you still cop and bump his records?

As far-fetched as it seems, something similar recently happened with Lil' Cease, which I'm sure you've all heard about at this point. I don't know if he's definitely teh ghey or not, but there's video of him waving his schlong in another guy's face, which is bad enough. The thing is, nobody thought he was a good rapper to begin with, so who gives a shit?

For the sake of argument though, let's assume it was some rapper who pretty much everyone likes and who couldn't possibly be teh ghey, like Snoop Dogg. What if - and keep in mind this is a completely hypothetical question - a video emerged of Snoop doing all kinds of nasty teh ghey shit like blowing another guy and taking it up the coat?

Would his career definitely be ruined?

Things to consider:

1) It's not like Doggystyle or any of the umpteen subsequent Snoop Dogg albums are at all teh ghey in subject matter, though I suppose his constant blunt smoking could suggest some sort of oral fixation.

2) But at the same time, those old Snoop Dogg albums would be undermined in the sense that you now know that Snoop hasn't been living the same life that he rapped about, which is key in hip-hop.

3) If you were listening to an album by a well-known teh ghey artist, especially if you were outside in a park or something, people might think you were teh ghey, which could be a dangerous situation.

What do you 'bags think?