If you knew a rapper was teh ghey

Supposedly, about one tenth of our population is teh ghey, but if you notice, hardly any rappers are teh ghey. Or, at the very least, there aren’t very many rappers who are out homosexuals.

There have been a few teh ghey guys who have tried to rap over the years, but none of the accomplished very much other than their very own chapter in the new Jeff Chang book. Is it because hip-hop is just that homophobic, or is it because teh ghey rappers tend to suck balls both literally and figuratively? Hmm…

But you to assume that there have been at least a few teh ghey guys who have managed to go unnoticed while building a successful career in rap. Over the years, there have been rumors about quite a few people, but I’m not gonna go there, because I think we all know who they are, and god forbid someone should throw himself out a window.

Here’s my question though: Say for an instance there was some guy who was a really popular and one day it was discovered that he was teh ghey. Would his career all of sudden be destroyed, or would it depend on other factors? Assuming he didn’t all of a sudden start rapping about blowing guys, would you still cop and bump his records?

As far-fetched as it seems, something similar recently happened with Lil’ Cease, which I’m sure you’ve all heard about at this point. I don’t know if he’s definitely teh ghey or not, but there’s video of him waving his schlong in another guy’s face, which is bad enough. The thing is, nobody thought he was a good rapper to begin with, so who gives a shit?

For the sake of argument though, let’s assume it was some rapper who pretty much everyone likes and who couldn’t possibly be teh ghey, like Snoop Dogg. What if – and keep in mind this is a completely hypothetical question – a video emerged of Snoop doing all kinds of nasty teh ghey shit like blowing another guy and taking it up the coat?

Would his career definitely be ruined?

Things to consider:

1) It’s not like Doggystyle or any of the umpteen subsequent Snoop Dogg albums are at all teh ghey in subject matter, though I suppose his constant blunt smoking could suggest some sort of oral fixation.

2) But at the same time, those old Snoop Dogg albums would be undermined in the sense that you now know that Snoop hasn’t been living the same life that he rapped about, which is key in hip-hop.

3) If you were listening to an album by a well-known teh ghey artist, especially if you were outside in a park or something, people might think you were teh ghey, which could be a dangerous situation.

What do you ‘bags think?

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  • 6 100

    This whole post is teh ghey.

    Bol, are you teh ghey?

  • http://www.myspace.com/sirfrancis1 Sir Francis

    That shit’d be fucked up…but 90% of rappers dont fully live what they rap about…so if it’s good music…its good music…reguardless…thats what it is…what if a long lost Tupapc gay sex tape was found?…people would still love that man and his music…good music trancends the artist themselves and becomes something larger…word

  • naturiface


  • http://myspace.com/billybangmyshit billybangmyshit

    nobody would buy music from a gay rapper knowingly. At least not a hardcore gay rapper. We don’t seem to hold fake street credibility against the lame ass rappers, but fake heterosexuality is a whole different ballgame.

  • Dr Flav

    cosign Sir Francis. Something is wrong with you Bol, Lol.

  • kt

    I really dont give a fuck bout what a person do behind closed doors look how much money elton john got look at all those loves songs luther was singing for men that shit dont got nonthing to do with the music only dick im watching is mine only pussy Im watching is yours

  • kt

    I really dont give a fuck bout what a person do behind closed doors look how much money elton john got look at all those loves songs luther was singing for men that shit dont got nonthing to do with the music only dick im watching is mine only pussy Im watching is yours

  • JRocMFDeal

    I think if I found out my favorite rapper was gay I would be really disappointed. You want to be able to relate to that MC. Andre 3000 is by far my favorite. People use to call him gay because he dressed different and he wasn’t rapping cliche shit (dope, murder and bitches).I think about the raunchiest rap song I ever heard.(5th Ward Boys: Pussy, Weed and Alcohol).I love that song, “Pussy, Pussy, Pussy, Pussy” as stated by the great Willie D. That song just doesn’t have the same feeling if Willie D said “ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling.

  • DirtDoggy

    Faggots have a mental imbalance just like depression they need some meds and therapy ASAP. If your a male and reading this and don’t like pussy, you definitely have a serious problem in the head.

    But more bitches for me, so I’m not hating.

    I highly doubt at the time of a classic album the rapper was gay, you just can’t be gay and spit a classic album, it just wouldn’t happen, If we find out a classic artist is gay my bet is that he wasn’t at the time he made the album.


    If a rapper with Snoops credentials was outed as being homosexual, then yes it would make me question everything in the past..But as is custom, once the media kills the story and the person comes out with a new album (R Kelly – Chocolate Factory) the general public put the issues of the past in the past and move forward. So that being said, Snoop would still sell albums, don’t know about rockin shows though.

  • My Effin’ Opinion


    Question: If you found out a rappers was gay would you still bump his shit (no teh ghey Bol post)
    Answer: *blank stare*
    BOL: Ah hah (in a Billy Crystal Jewish accent)

  • Dr Flav

    “god forbid someone should throw himself out a window.” Erick Sermon?

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff


    i guess this was Mase inspired.

    Well fuck it, i aint gay!

    proceede on!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    How about this Bol …

    Let’s say you are a very popular rapper that has millions of fans and then let’s say a picture of you kissing another grown man appears out of nowhere. Do you think you’ll lose those fans?

    Nuff said.

  • Dr Flav

    Lol @ MEO, so this was a trick question? roffle.


    What if one of your favorite bloggers were TEH GHEY? Would that change things?

  • Evans

    Supposedly Busta Rhymes is Teh Ghey.

  • Moe Real

    This reminds me of when I found out Bol was overweight. I could never read his shit (nullus) the same way again.

  • ChicagoPimp

    Come on Of course none of you would buy his record cause your image is all u have like if u found ouut your favorite gangsta rapper used to be a nerd from beverly hills u wouldnt bu his cd

  • The1whosunned U!

    gayest rappers ever

    1.tupac- fuck what you heard go watch the biggie and tupac movie and tell me when that nigga was in high school he wasn’t flamin! nigga had on a leatarde’ and all types fag shit, plus suge poke that.
    2.lil’wayne-no explanation necessary (~smooches~)
    3.kayne west- front if ya’ll want but I really know how that jaw came up broke! plus the gay endorsement on mtv.
    4.Game- c’mon, c’mon, bitch attitude,butterflies,stripper past,name drops men on the daily…c’mon!
    5.Mase-not includin the new shit that jus popped off but what better way to get young fresh ass (nullus!) then become a man of the cloth.
    6.Chingy- Getitboy……….hmmmm……GAY GODDAMNIT
    7.DMX- y’all know how crack heads roll “man I’ll suck yo’ dick!”
    8.Rza- it’s proven he hang out in all types gay bars and shit, google if you don’t believe plus that egyptian cross stands for a man and a woman being one in the same….eeegghhh!
    9.Erick sermon-or erika servemen when he’s in girl mode. all the signs all there;lisp,pretty eyes (no homo!),suicidal(only a fag would really kill his self!)
    10.Camron- damnit don’t make have to spell all this shit this shem in disguise did. fuck it,the song “oh BOY!”(teh ghey!xINFINITEY), the pink shirts,furs,bandana’s etc.,etc.,purple city bird gang, last time I checked you call yo’ women birds,hidden meaning in the name?,affiliated with mase and J.R. writer is official nut holder (orally and click wise).
    Hey you don’t like the list tell dem’faggots quit givin’ me the ammo and start bangin’ them video hoes instead of sittin’ 10 niggas deep in a trailer smokin and sharin’emotions.

  • akimana

    Cease and Big was mad cool, and BIG always had the suspect lyrics…i’m just sayin

  • MistaS


  • http://www.xxlmag.com King Ben

    Man that is some funny shit Bol. Yeah I wonder who is gay in hip-hop, I’m shallow if my favorite rapper was gay, he would not be my favorite rapper any longer. My reasons are not because I hate gays, just that would mean we have totally diffrent views and I would feel diffrent listening to his lyrics, because its coming from a gay man not a straight man. “DirtDoggy” what you said was half smart and half retarded I agree a gay man can’t spit classic shit, they just can’t I’m homo’s you just can’t. Reasons are because Gays are usaully low self esteem individuals, confused. Classic ryhme spitters got that swagger, but what you said about if one is outed, who was famous he was not gay at the time, your born gay homie you just don’t decide one day you don’t like pussy.

  • beeyo

    Bol is a big fat, gay blog genius.
    Billy X Sunday will be in to make a Wayne joke sometime today.

  • Combat Jack

    ^ “but I’m not gonna go there, because I think we all know who they are, and god forbid someone should throw himself out a window.”

    Classic E-Double reference!

  • jericho

    Bol your gay and we still read your post on the daily

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    If I found out my favorite rapper was gay, He’d instantly become Bol’s favorite rapper.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    bol even tough you a fat nerdy ass nigga this is actually a good point many ppl already know by now that niggas like wayne and baby are kissin faggots yet ppl still bump dem fags shit the final thing if you bump a gay dudes shit that make u a homothug end of story.

  • Danny

    WTF is teh ghey? who created that stupid language?

    Anyways, if a rapper were teh ghey than all he would have to do is say no-homo and its ok lol.

    Like ma$e for example, he should make a public statement saying,

    Yes it’s true I picked up a transvestite and had sex, no-homo…

  • Mr. P

    hey bol maybe thats why you hate on hip hop so much, you know cause you cant relate to anything. and maybe if it was more about the things that you could relate to like dicks and assholes, then maybe you could do with your columns like you do dildos and shove them up your ass.. that sounds more like your taste, so the hopes of your favorite rapper being gay, are just as pointless as these columns, you dont know shit about rap and youll never get to suck 50s dick. oh and you look like samuel jacksons gay cousin.

  • ICE MIC “800″

    Good Job Dr. FLav thought I was the only one who caught the Erick Sermon reference. If I found out my fav rapper was gay I would throw away all of his CD’s and never support him again not for being gay but for being a liar. I am not gay but I do not hate gay people. I hate Down Low men and they need to be outed.

  • Ty-Ty

    Ok.. I’m new here… What does (Nullus) mean? And why do you guys call it, Teh Ghey?

  • DANJA29

    As many gay people as there are… and as many rappers as there are… that ratio is too fukkin’ high for there to NOT be some teh ghey rap niggas out there.

    That being said, I don’t know that it would change too much about their old music, to be honest. I just don’t know if I could bump their new shit as hard (no teh ghey). I can honestly say if Erick Sermon (for example) was officially outed… I would likely still hear EPMD’s “Business As Usual” and think “that homo-ass nigga sure made some tough-ass beats”.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Yes, I’m teh ghey…..hawt no?

  • Jersey Keith

    Noone should claim to be a homo in the rap game, its hard to picture a guy so violent to another and then turn around n be so sensual. Too confusing….sing R&B or jus beat it!!

  • Latino Thug

    JA!, this was a funny post.

    but I really think that there are some rappers, some famous one that are gay and they just living this pretend life just for the sake of business, and i really think they’ll talk when they get old and don’t give a fuck anymore about hip hop (and of course they’ll be enough fucking rich).

  • Bayboy

    um, bol you forgot to initiate a special state of no homo/nullus/pause/ayo! to this entire post.

    a few points here:
    - if someone has to put nullus or no homo at the end of any vaguely gay reference, isn’t that the gayest shit ever?
    - how on earth did you actually find a video with lil cease weinie-wagging? i mean, c’mon, do you have to google “lil cease + gay shit + weiners”. seriously, that’s fucking weird.
    - people like dirtdoggy are why things like columbine happen.
    - bol, how hung-over were you when you wrote this today?

  • http://myspace.com/k0nfidence k0nfidence

    no one would listen to a teh ghey rapper. homophobes would be chomping at the bit to make fun of anyone they heard listenng to a teh ghey rapper. too many haters make it impossible for a gay rapper to be successful.

    I wouldn’t myself, cuz unless they were spittin some hard bars (nullus just in case) i’d just feel awkward


    May 16th, 2007 at 2:58 pm
    WTF is teh ghey? who created that stupid language?

    Anyways, if a rapper were teh ghey than all he would have to do is say no-homo and its ok lol.

    Like ma$e for example, he should make a public statement saying,

    Yes it’s true I picked up a transvestite and had sex, no-homo…
    Your a faggot

  • gerald n. the birdman

    I remember reading an interview where Lil Cease was talking about running trains on chicks with his boys and about what a special moment it is to smashing a chick with another dude. Its all coming together now(NH).

  • these posts are racist


    Unfortunatley, the way many members of our community and society in general define manhood by, among other things, how we degrade women. We live in a very racist and mysoginistic society. That’s why people call other men “faggots”. The implication is that you are less of a man because you get “f’d”, like a woman does…

    Since hip hop is driven by the sense of “being a man” and being a man is defined, to a great extent, as I describe above, a homosexual rapper would not be successful.

    Is this too deep for ya?

  • connor

    I think at best you could get a couple of good albums out of it before the concept of being simultaneously hood and gay got played.

    Also whoever said gays can’t make classic records is way off- there’s lots of research showing that geniuses are mad disproportionately homosexual- see da vinci, michaelangelo, etc on up to today. So I would bet in counterpoint that way MORE than 10% of classic-album-having rappers are ‘mos.

    Plus, isn’t there something really gay about beefing? Focusing lots of emotional energy on another man and sustaining that for YEARS? That is a strong attachment…cough nas/jay…cough

  • BklynBandette

    A Gay Major Rapper? Who would be surprised? As an African-American woman living in the D.L. era, where AIDS is destroying my sisters by the truckloads, I have been forced to develop a GayDar that is SICK! And I’m here to tell you: more of your favorites (Who are supposed HardCore) are playing in the “Chocolate Factory” than they’ll let on.
    Here in NY the music scene is in Full Swing. Not only is this the home of HipHop, but because many still insist upon Shittin’ where they Eat, we get to see them live their lives upclose and personal. They go to D.L. & Thug Queer parties in The Hood and it eventually gets out. So the news would not make us raise an eyebrow. At least not to the action per se, but that they were dumb enough to get caught out there like that.
    But also, take into consideration how popular it is to be disrespectful to women and you’d know what’s up. No one hates women more than Gay men. And HipHop has become so anti-estrogen till it’s ridiculous. All they wanna do is be around “Their Niggas” with their pants hanging off their asses leaving it exposed. Hmm??
    We’ve all heard tails of certain Record Execs, but y’all need to start checking the M.C.s too.

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

  • i’ll shit bag u

    hell no fuck dat!!!!

  • Fernando

    They would get banned. Straight up. I cant listen to Michael Jackson anymore. And I definitely wouldnt bump some teh ghey rapper. There is just too much content in peoples lyrics that could be taken the wrong way.

    If that makes me a homophobe, so be it. In fact, I really dont like anyhting to do with teh gheyness other than having them help me pick out a suit at Saks (no homo), or helping my girl design the interior of a house, or having them cook some cuisine at a restaurant. Lesbians are completely different of course. If some video surface of MC Lyte all up in Lil Kim, i probably wouldnt care (not just because I dont bump female rappers cause they are weak). Teh gheyness is digusting.

  • Fernando

    TPAR –

    Good point. Rap is driven by a certain machismo that one must have. But dont act like being teh ghey doesnt make you less of a man. It does. They act like women, and have no real use in society.

    Women need to be degraded. It fuels them to do better. Thus, teh ghey men should be degraded as well, They are worthless. I mean, seriously, if you couldnt eff females, how many of them would you actually want to hang out with? They are mostly whiny, emotional, jealous, insecure people. Now imagine all of those traits in some pathetic little man. WORTHLESS!

  • Fernando


    Good friend of mine was a asst. producer for a major television sho on HBO. He went to all sorts of Hollywood parties, and seen all sorts of dirt (Ben Affleck taxing Britney Spears in a restroom, etc. etc.). One thing he did mention is that to get a carreer, many people have to do “favors” to the big wigs in charge. One person mentioned by name was Will Smith. Yes he is married to Jada, but I heard he had to “service” some people to get to that next level. There had to have been some rappers who did the same ish. How else would you explain Joe Budden or Cassidy?????

  • roc_representa

    I’m pretty sure that Kanye is gay, and I still bump his music.

  • DocZeus

    Well, I suppose in the case of Snoop Dogg if a gay sex tape came out that would ruin his career because its a gay sex tape but I suppose it really would matter who the rapper was. Like in the case, of somebody like Kanye or Common, I don’t think it would matter that much because they dress like preppy white people and dressing like preppy white people in the hip hop world automatically means you’re gay. While in the case of somebody like Cam’ron and his “life roommate” Juelz Santana, it probably would ruin their careers because their fans are childish fourteen year olds. (Not that it would suprise me one bit if Cam and Juelz came out because their music is so laced with so much unintentional homoeroticism that its hard to take these guys straight when they rap about fucking women.)

  • ME

    wut if nas was teh ghey when he made illmatic………………..would you still have luv for him.

    Also, youd have to look at the fact that dat one song you thought the rapper was rappin to your girl………………he was really rappin to you ass

    i aint gay so i aint gotta say no homo

  • Mr. P

    fuck a faggot, they can eat a dick, you see that should in no way offend gay people, because those things actually happen to them. i mean if rappers were gay than how would you talk shit to em. thats the first thing you do is expose their homosexual tendancies, youd probably have to find some other way to actually offend them, like that their interior decorating sucks or that they look fat. if a rapper was gay they probably would be even more successful because gay poeple actually buy shit. who agrees that bol looks like samuel jacksons gay cousin?…..The Infamous Mr. P


    I saw the Lil’ Cease video. worst part was that the girls in the room look like they got beat with the ugly stick….and weren’t even digging Cease! a former Junior Mafia member should be able to pull better tail than that. very disappointing.

  • Bayboy

    iam not bayboy, i am thoreauly77, and xxl needs to fix this shit!!! that post earlier as “bayboy”, you know, the smart and funny one, was me.

  • J Millz

    This whole blog is pretty homo if you ask me. Well i found out one of my favorite rappers might have been a stripper and i didn’t bump him for months so there’s no way i could ever bump an out the closet gayngta rapper.

  • J Millz

    This whole blog is pretty homo if you ask me. Well i found out one of my favorite rappers might have been a stripper and i didn’t bump him for months so there’s no way i could ever bump an out the closet gayngta rapper.

  • these posts are racist

    “Women need to be degraded. It fuels them to do better. Thus, teh ghey men should be degraded as well, They are worthless.”

    I think you’re being faceitious…just to be…but assuming you’re being serious, does the above pertain to your mother, sister or daughter?

  • king blair

    if u ride the hershey highway i can’t with a STRAIGHT mind listen to that shit it like being gay with 6 degrees of seperation. my favorite album is reasonable doubt but if i found out hov liked dick i would burn all three copies i have that includes a tape version and the dollar bill version an strike that shit from memory. i’m not a homophobe but i can’t get down like that period

  • these posts are racist

    By the way, being homophobic is bigotry, for all my fellow people of color who are quick to disrespect a homosexual but go bananas if someone disrespects our race, etc. Bigotry is bigotry.

  • these posts are racist

    By the way, being homophobic is bigotry, for all my fellow people of color who are quick to disrespect a homosexual but go bananas if someone disrespects our race, etc. Bigotry is bigotry.

  • these posts are racist

    By the way, being homophobic is bigotry, for all my fellow people of color who are quick to disrespect a homosexual but go bananas if someone disrespects our race, etc. Bigotry is bigotry.

  • dutchess

    How many no homos or nulluses does it take before we can assume that one is gay…I figure Bol has exceeded the quota by now.

  • ChiDude

    I would bump a gay dude (yes homo)

  • sDOT

    J Millz Says:

    May 16th, 2007 at 5:30 pm
    This whole blog is pretty homo if you ask me. Well i found out one of my favorite rappers might have been a stripper and i didn’t bump him for months so there’s no way i could ever bump an out the closet gayngta rapper.
    There is more than enough homosexuality in the black community. A lot of dudes are on the DL. With all of these cats coming out jail, sucking dick seems to be the next hot thing. So, I expect a good amount of dudes to be teh ghey…Just as much as I expect a fair amount of bloggers to engage in tea-bagging

  • ChiDude


    It doesn’t take too much work to tax Britney Spears. Pretty much everyone has been there, even teh ghey rappers.

  • http://xxlmag.com T

    what the fuck is teh ghey? stop sayn dat stupid shit all da time nigga

  • thoreauly77

    homophobia is gay. gay gay gay!

  • bp

    This blog is gay.

    A high abundance of homosexuality.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    thoreauly77 Says:

    May 16th, 2007 at 7:10 pm
    homophobia is gay. gay gay gay!
    ^^^^^^^^^being a homo is gay gay gay you fukin homo faggot.

  • Cuban Link

    i thought everyone knew he was gay after his first solo album…

  • http://straightoutleodis.blogspot.com Analogue

    Damn there’s a lot of homophobes on here.

    Seriously guys, get a life… being an internet nerd is one thing, but being an out-and-out hate-filled bigot is some next-level waste-of-oxygen shit.

    The whole “No Homo” thing is straight retarded as well… yeah we get it, you like fucking women… me too, but that doesn’t mean I feel the need to denigrate someone just cos of what they do in private as a consenting adult.

  • Cuban Link

    and if Snoop got caught givning a dude head, no Bols blog on being gay, he could easily cover it up by saying he ODd or something, and Id prolly believe it.

  • http://xxlmag.com WritersBlock

    lil wayne is gay and people still listen to him and not only that, hes a bad rapper and people think hes good…so i think that answers your question right there

  • BklynBandette

    On The Real, This Is A Real Question, that deserves a Very Real Answer and A Very Real Dialogue. So I have a few issues I need to address.

    1st up, These Posts Are Racists-
    My Brother, you are so right. Homophobia is a form of Bigotry. But so is Sexism. When you meet me for the first time two things are certain: 1) I am African-American, and 2) I am Female. Both Characteristics make me an involuntary victim of the Glass Ceiling. You would never know my Sexuality, you can only assume. But you can see Mama’s Color and Curves a block away! Feel Me? lol. There is no “Closet” for an African-American Woman, yet we persevere.
    And by no means am I suggesting that a Gay person stay Closeted. But in most cases, if one doesn’t tell you they’re Gay you would not know. And if you’re checking for Mannerisms you may be fooled. Not every Gay person acts like RuPaul or Rosie O’Donnell. And then sometimes those are mere stereotypes.
    And although I would imagine that being Gay is a struggle, it is NOT the same struggles as being Black. Let alone Black & Female.

    and 2nd … My Brother Analogue-
    I have a question for you that I’d like you to both Think about, then answer HONESTLY, Okay?
    You said- and I quote- “You like fucking women … me too, but that doesn’t mean I feel the need to denigrate someone just cos of what they do in private as a consenting adult”. Truer words have never been said since I’ve been posting here. But my question to you Sir is this: Does the same Rules and Privilege apply to the Hoes? Reason I ask is because it was just a little over a month ago when most of y’all felt that Hoes were part of the Great DownFall of the Hood. Very true indeed. But men who have unprotected sex with men, then come home to their female mates (and in some cases Children also) don’t help Hood Relations either.

    Brothers, Holla @ Ya Girl. I’m really interested in your thoughts, and this Dialogue is important and necessary. We have to be able to come together to help ourselves as Brothers and Sisters before we can join hands with others and sing “We Are The World”.

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

  • Calibud

    I wouldnt be interested in a gay rappers music. Im not homophobic at all, but if a gay rapper was out the closet and he was a true artist then alot of his content would be dedicated to his relationships with men. I cant stomache that shit. Nothin against gays what-so-ever, but homosexuality (between men) will always be gross to me.

    Hip Hop isnt homophobic because we dont support gay rappers. We dont support them because its disgusting. If you can listen to a gay rapper make songs about what goes on in his life then you might as well watch them kiss each other or worse watch a gay porn. That shit is all nasty but I’ll repeat: it doesnt make you homophobic for feeling that way.

  • Pete


  • The Infamous Mr. P

    gay people dont even like rap, isnt lke elton john and madonna all they listen to anyways? thats a pretty picture isnt it, 50cent doing the vogue. who agrees BOL looks like samuel jacksons gay cousin? hey even a better question, what if your favorite xxl blogger was gay?

  • gteach

    I feel where ur coming from bol, but snoop has so much momementum, it would be hard 2 defame the man…even if it were 2 say he was teh ghey.

    Those tactickz only werk on those still establishing themselves.

    Take kanye 4 example… or maybe even cee-lo… what if that happened 2 them?

  • dvine

    homophobes deserve nothing but pain and suffering. they should be beaten to death with sticks.

  • http://thatdude.net gteach

    gays are fo gays

  • http://angrycitizen.typepad.com angrycitizen

    gayer than weezy fucking baby

  • jimbob

    How do xxl give you a blog when you use teh gay to describe faggots? Next time proof read your shit.

  • Intifada

    I don’t care.

    But it seems to me Bol, that you are way too interested in this whole “teh ghey” shit in the first place.

    You wanna come out?

  • Cincity Shark

    50 Cent is gay and I’ll bet he goes platinum. P. Diddy is gay and everyone liked “Last Night” so much he remixed it twice…and whoever uses “teh ghey” is gay.

  • Hokus

    ummm…. no.

  • stoneyisland

    I’m a heterosexual brother, been kicking it overseas for damn near 20 years, have meet some extremely cool ass people who I found out later were gay. Did it effect my opinion of them? fuck no. Maybe when I was 17 yeah but as i got older and emerged myself more in the european life style, I came to a conclusion…life is short as fuck if you meet someone who loves you back then handle your business, there are way too much other important issues then if some punk ass fake gangsta rapper (Camron) is a homo. I worry more about some stright thug ass muthafucka robbing me at gun point then worrying about if my next door neighbor is gay. Let God do the judging. One.

  • Bad Luck

    How the hell is snoop not gay and hes a 40 year old man with a Perm.

  • Nuff Barz

    y’all niggaz do realize that lil wayne HAS done this already with the whole him kissing baby shit. niggaz still listening to him and most likely will by the carter. right or wrong?


    This is stupid. There are so many Bi and Gay rappers. Who cares what they do behind closed doors. They can stay in the closet. Not my business. Only if you guys really knew the deal…trust me I know.

  • Bang

    WTF? WTF? WTF?

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    Stoney Island, that was some of the realest gay shit i eva read but dare not to advocate still!

  • tybe

    good question what’s tey ghey? snoop dogg taking it up the coat because of smoking weed hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • Combat Jack

    Actually, I still rock the first four EPMD albums on the reg, on account of them being straight classics, even though Eric is known to be the Green Eyed Butt Bandit. Dude could rap his ass off!! No homo. Sheet, for years I thought Jay Z was teh ghey and rocked his shit too. My wife convinced me that DMX was funny styles and his first album gets play. I guess it coms down to the rapper and the quality of their music. So yes, I would. Nullus.

  • slick as an old mack

    i cant take bol seriously man have u seen this muthafucka jus go to youtube and search byron crawford. im suspecting he is a lil teh ghey man up nigga

  • J Millz


    I just looked that shit up. Byron, its now confirmed, you’re gay ass hell. Byron talks like a gay white boy yall. Who wishes for a nigga to go back to the pen? Byron you’re seriously one of the biggest bitches on the internet. “I had speculation that kanye was gay”…You’re a homthug dog.

  • http://www.myspace.com/paradicebeats ParadiceBeats

    i think ur gay Bol

  • Ty-Ty

    Is anybody going to answer to where (teh ghey) got started? And what does Nullus mean



  • http://fdasdfsa hgfdhgf

    would you still read a hiphop blogger if he was gay?

  • stoneyisland

    Sinistah aka Sin Piff Says:

    May 17th, 2007 at 12:15 pm
    Stoney Island, that was some of the realest gay shit i eva read but dare not to advocate still!

    Sinista how can I be gay son? do the math muthafucka, I took your mama to studio 54 exactly 22 years ago, we got sauced up and voila! as Vadar told skywalker ” I’m your father”

  • May

    excuse me for sneaking on to this column so late.

    to me personally, it wouldn’t really matter if my favorite rapper or mc was gay or not…as long as he continues to spit fire, that’s what counts…

    however, my favorite mc/rapper would no longer be my favorite under two conditions:

    a) he starts rapping about giving head to another man, or

    b)he starts rapping about taking it up the ass.

    i will not tolerate that shit under any circumstances…unlike some of my female friends, i don’t really want to hear all of that

  • She Raw

    I never comment on these blogs I just sit back and read. But I have to say that some of the shit ppl post is the most ignorant shit I ever heard. I’m a woman who loves rap and I think it crazy that some people black people especially would judge a person this way.

    WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? POWERFUL? IN A PLACE TO PUT SOMEONE DOWN? I think “These Posts Are Racist” said it best. Bigotry is Bigotry.

    Look it up. Here, I’ll do it for you…

    Pronunciation: ‘bi-g&t
    Function: noun
    one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

    And just a hint for y’all, if you’re going to start a sentence with “I’m not homophobic but…” it means you’re homophobic and a bigot too.

    Fuck you.

  • on point

    How is being homophobic bigotry? That’s not even the same thing as raceism. Gays choose their lifestyle nobody can choose their reace. Homophobia is a word gay people made up for people who don’t agree with their life style.

  • Ill Will

    why u think i still bump kanye west?

  • Gutta

    lol, bol is smarter than he looks…without saying any names and getting yourself fired, you want us to spit out the names huh? i think no rapper,especally with the way rap albums are selling, can afford to come out the closet. if my favorite rapper came out the closet, i wouldnt buy his cd anymore and not so much because hes tey gey, it would be because he was lying on his songs. maybe im naive but if ya music is that hot,people will listen regardless of sexual preference. but there are some artists that are questionable.

    1.Kanye West
    3.erick sermon
    6.queen latifah
    7.mc lyte
    8.da brat

  • BklynBandette


    Brother, I agree with you 110%. However, your list … you ain’t even scratched the surface. Everybody you mentioned is rather obvious or fits a stereotype. You need to be checking for those hardcore dudes who can go “Un-detected” to the naked eye. Dudes who are Multi with beautiful girlfriends used for beards. HipHop has become rather Homo-Erotic over the past few years. Dudes is getting too Glossy & Glistening. Nothing wrong with a well groomed man. Personally, I love’m. But sometimes too much is well, … TOO MUCH! I have a problem with all those MotherFuckers.
    Do you remember an R&B group from back in the early 90′s called “Intro”? They made some hot joints too. Anywho, the lead singer was gay. And when the other group members found out the group disbanded. Unfortunately, the lead singer Kenny Greene contracted AIDS and died. And it was only after he was deathly ill that he owned up to his Homosexuality. But look at how many people were affected along the way? I know Homosexuality isn’t widely accepted, but it doesn’t negate the fact that condoms should be used at all times. He disrupted the lives of men and women. And it all leads back to one thing- DOSHONESTY!

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

  • BklynBandette

    Excuse the Misprint- DISHONESTY.

  • grapes

    Ferreal…if a rapper was homo, I would stop bumpin’ it IMMEDIATELY. I’m pretty homophobic, but also cause I bump tingz I follow the cause of. Like poppin’ off champagne and livin’ 50 cent…not gettin’ another menz off.

  • Afi

    i think this is very judgemental. anybody can b what they wanna b. if your rapper and your gay, i’m sure they wont b rapping about oh ya i like dick so much, i wanna suck it, i’m sure they wanna talk about other things. when ppl think about gayness, they think about two guyz suckin dick, OR takin it up the ass. which really isnt the deal, this isnt porn, what a rapper does on his own time, is what he does, buisness should b seperated with personal life, even though it will have alot of effects. ppl should b proffesional in what they do, and not have to tell dumbasses about their life style. it doesnt matter if the rapper is gay, i would still buy his or her albums REGAURDLESS of him or her being gay. this is a free world. god gave us will.

  • kenny

    1.Kanye West …. hes a bitch .(not gay)
    3.erick sermon ..tick
    4.q-tip .. tick
    5.diddy.. cmon man
    6.queen latifah.. yea she came out wit it didnt she
    7.mc lyte .. 50/50
    8.da brat … nah foul man .

  • kenny

    1.Kanye West …. hes a bitch .(not gay)
    3.erick sermon ..tick
    4.q-tip .. tick
    5.diddy.. cmon man
    6.queen latifah.. yea she came out wit it didnt she
    7.mc lyte .. 50/50
    8.da brat … nah foul man .

  • AK

    Man, Pimp C had his shit right in this same magazine.

    I don’t know if the man likes Martians, squirrels or whatever, so I ain’t gonna speak on something that I didn’t see. It’s no gay-bashing with me. It’s just, be proud of what you are, instead of hidin’ in the closet. And if ya fuck boys in the ass, then don’t be tryna fuck with the girls, too, poisoning the pussy population wit’ ya shitty ol’ dirty-ass dick.

    “So Pimp C is not a gay-basher?”
    I’m not a gay-basher, because gay people buy my records. Why would I be offended by your sexual preference, unless I’m in the closet? If ya like boys, go get all the boys ya want. And whatever you did that you ashamed of, don’t do it no more.

  • http://dubcnn.com raskizzo my nizzo

    TOP 10 Phags…
    1. Mangina Crusher Bol
    2. DNA Smoothie Drinker Bol
    3. Bol the Goo Guzzler
    4. Ahoy! Bol the Pittsburgh Butt Pirate!
    5. Bol the Ass Bandit
    6. Brokeback Bol
    7. Bol John Amaechi Orlando Magic
    8. Bol the Lance Bas clone
    9. Bol, Senator Larry Craig’s Cumm Dumpster
    10. COCK AND BOLs!!!!!!

    Raskizzo My Nizzo

  • Dook

    This IS gay!!1