Damon Dash lost

I tend to be of the opinion that none of these hip-hop moguls are the business geniuses they’d have you believe, though I think we all know I live to hate on shit. I mean, Jay-Z has managed to build a business empire worth upwards of $300 million or whatever, but so did the Olsen twins, and I don’t hear anyone calling them a genius.

But I think we can all pretty much agree that Damon Dash is decidedly not a very good businessman. Say what you will about Jay-Z, but at least that dude stays making money, whether it’s the salary he pulls in from Def Jam, or the windfall he received from the recent sale of his clothing line, to whatever else it is that he does. Damon Dash? Not so much.

According to a recent story in the New York Post, hardly any of his various ventures have turned so much as a dime since the two parted a year and a half ago. Both the State Property line of sportswear as well as his record label the Damon Dash Music Group have since been shuttered. And neither his own clothing line, called CEO, nor his wife Rachel Roy’s clothing line have managed to turn a profit.


The Pro-Keds brand of sneakers, which he licenses from Stride Rite, did manage to more than double sales in the past year, but here’s the thing: they probably only sold like five pairs in 2005, and then last year they managed to double that to 10. Huzzah. Think about it: When’s the last time you actually saw somebody walking around in a pair of Pro-Keds? Only on that TV show he had, right?

Supposedly his wife’s clothing line was featured on Oprah, so they’re counting on that being profitable by the end of next year, though I’ll believe that when I see it. And even if it does, I’m sure it’ll still be tough for him to accept. Hopefully he’s got one of those Russell Simmons-style arrangements where his wife’s clothing line doesn’t actually belong to her, in case she sould ever get any big ideas.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z never had so much money. The deal to sell Roc-A-Wear to the same company who sells all of that Joe Boxer shit to K-Mart was said to be worth over $204 million. Who knows how much of that Jay himself actually took home (you know that shit was secretly owned by a buncha TIs), but presumably it was quite a bit more than they gave Damon Dash when they fired him last year.

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  • Coop called first

    I said it.

    • JB

      can anyone tell me what a TI is?


    dame betta do what the name say^^^^

  • http://www.jameslambjr.com J. Lamb

    Damon Dash not profitable. News at 11.

    Seriously, wasn’t this obvious? The self-proclaimed ‘cakeaholic’ always appeared a glorified hanger-on with a poor shaving habits to me. He was the only member of Rocafella’s public lineup without any marketable skills whatsoever. He can’t rap, can’t produce, and couldn’t make useful stars out of the old school lineup outside of Mr. Carter himself.

    You know, the best example of Damon Dash’s abysmal business skills was the Freeway album. How does one debut a new rap artist by placing guest stars on every track? Damon presented walking paranoia mixed with unapologetic stupidity to the pop culture image of the rap mogul.

    I guess the best one could say about Damon Dash is that he’s not Suge Knight.

  • http://xxlmag.com eskay

    Dame stay losing

  • 6 100

    Ayo, Bol.

    I think Dame started the show “Ultimate Hustler” to learn tips from real entrepreneurs.

    Dame was just a drug flunky who got lucky in the late 80′s/early 90′s.

  • ti


  • http://almostaexpert.com missile 6

    wow bol, thats the first time you didn’t hate on jay. good post though, dame did kind of fall off so far. lets see if he can bounce back without hova by his side.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com King Ben

    Hating on poor Damon. I’m sure he’s going through it right now hopefully shit gets better for him. True though how he ain’t shit with out Hov, I mean Hovi is a supa dupa star, and Dame looked like the bad guy of the breakup.
    Good Luck.

  • JAZ

    (you know that shit was secretly owned by a buncha TIs), what does this mean???

  • k0nfidence


    damon dash is a douche bag

  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    i’m not gonna hate on dash, the man’s got more money than everyone that posted a comment on here times 20.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    houston’s finest Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 3:05 pm
    i’m not gonna hate on dash, the man’s got more money than everyone that posted a comment on here times 20.


    I second that emotion (no Smokey Robinson)

  • http://officialhiphop.blogspot.com Scorpio1970

    Dame always thought he was the businessman that made Jay-Z, all the while never realizing Jay-Z is what made him the businessman. In all honesty, he became successful inspite of himself. People had to deal with that asshole to get to Jay-Z. Not anymore, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Now he can put all of the prep school knowledge he has to becoming a success all on his own. GOOD LUCK!

  • Fernando


    Damon Dash is a joke. If I were him, I would take all that loot, head straight down to Merrill Lynch, and live off of interest for the rest of my life. Instead, he’s probably going to blow it all on stupid jig adventures and ganja mules.

  • Htown Chick

    i’m not gonna hate on dash, the man’s got more money than everyone that posted a comment on here times 20.
    I co-sign on that statment…. Dam still need hov

  • i’ll shit bag u

    he still richer then your punk bitch hatin ass u fat fuck stop hatin fatty 1

  • http://xxlmag.com d

    dame need to sell that shit for what ever he can get and start ova !!!

  • http://xxlmag.com d

    dame need to sell that shit for what ever he can get and start ova !!!

  • kingpin of crime

    been meaning to ask you. What the hell is “TI”?

  • ?????????

    Let me get this clear, Dame Dash worth around 20-40 million lost? If he’s lost whoose winning? You sound desperate to hate on somebody fatboy.

  • b dub

    What Dame Dash Needs Is Talent
    One Hit album from a artist without Jay hell 1 hit anything and the industry will be on his cock like they never jumped off NO HOMO.
    Industry full of faggots.

  • Franklin Ave

    Biship Boss Is The Future
    Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend

  • Byron Crawford’s Stomach

    Yo, dude you hatin

    It just said in the article that Pro Keds grossed 22 million.

    Making this article irrelevant as hell.

    I dont know nobody broke with 22 million in profits.

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    “I hear motherfuckers sayin’, they made HOV…”

  • N.O. 4 life

    Man dame sold out on me…i was too ready to throw away all my roc and throw on ceo…but i couldnt even find ceo on google….i wanted to him to do well but i guess he just aint all that great hustla as I previously thought

  • JD

    who really cares about Dame Dash anyway?

  • Dr Flav

    Another cosign for houston’s finest. Roffle @ people trying to clown Dame finances and paying car notes and rent.


    i give a thumbs down to damon dash.

  • b-ease

    JAZ Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 2:28 pm
    (you know that shit was secretly owned by a buncha TIs), what does this mean???


    TI stands for Tall Israelis. bol was basically saying that it was secretly owned by a bunch of Jews.

  • stoneyisland

    Dame has made over 20 to 30 million as head of rockawear, however as a business man he obviously wanst eh sharpest knife in the drawer, otherwise Jigga wouldnt have been able to walk away with the name and logo and the majority of everything that was valuable in the company. Again Dame got rich because of jay and jay wouldnt be were he was without dame. I mean Jay would still be doing his thing but I think Jay sat back and watch how dame did business and learned from the shit. A classic case of the pupil eventually beating the master………..

  • Smitty Pt3

    fuck damon dash, you wanna know whos tha truth? ME, smitty pt3, fuck everyone else

  • What

    If being worth over $100 million is losing we should all strive to be losers….

  • Smitty313

    Jay-Z owned half of Rocawear. When him and Dame were both involed they owned 25% a piece. Dame Dash did not make Jay-Z in anyway. They learned the biz together. Jay-Z learned alot of other things from people like Steve Stoute and Lyor Cohen. People who Dame Dash hated. Jay-Z surronds himself with people who’s gonna make him rich not hang out with people who he has conflict with (Dipset). They didn’t like each other even in the Roc’s golden years.

  • Smitty313

    Plus if you look back. Dame had alot of groups none of them blew up until Jay-Z. He had Mase, Camron, Big L and some people who I don’t remember their names. Puffy made millions off of Mase. Camron wasn’t known until he got with Un. Big L made a name for himself. So I really don’t know what Dame did. Him and Jay just put there money together to start the Roc. I think Jay held on as long as he could before he parted ways.

  • hannah smith

    It’s taken people this long to figure out that there is no point at all to Damon Dash?!





  • The Spaniard

    1. “I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov, made Hov say, OK, so? Make another Hov.”

    2. “Should have stayed in Food & Beverage”

    Game Over.

  • x-mas kid

    aint nuttin else to say tho!i guess we forgot what we came for

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Dame still got the O.D.B. album to give him a few more chips in the game, but after that it’s a wrizzap.

  • http://myspace.com/djsyncity syncity

    first off, whenever a rapper claims he “owns” a successful clothing brand…it mostly tranlate that he is the face of the company and really owns—>a share…of the company. it usually barelly touches half. truth told…make some research about whom really “owns” the nj nets. u will see that jay-z is a minority shareholder. (and minority doesnt consist of race) …see: http://www.blackenterprise.com/cms/exclusivesopen.aspx?id=641 ….word is diddy owns only 20 percent of sean john but again, he is the image of the company and can pretty much claim whatever and everybody wins. and as far as dame dash, i beeeen said he was done after jay-z got fed-up with him. its not too late, maybe somebody with a good sense of business can revamp him. im a believer now…mind u at one time, mark ecko was 6 million dollars in debt.

  • moore

    ya but jay cant quite draw the pedophile demographic like the olsen twins have

  • snyper48

    “Too much flossing
    Too much Sam Rothstein”

  • b

    jay stays guapping

  • http://cameuprecords.com Firre

    Maybe Dame can replace Jim Jones in Dipset…

  • Sotuh 19

    The last time I check Jay-Z couldn’t get a record deal until Dame came it the picture Jay was Jaz-o’s flunky.

  • What

    well, dame brought kanye to roc-a-fella who just happens to be the biggest artist after jay-z to be on the roc. Also it seems dame brought other artists like beanie while jay-z seemed uncertain.

  • Rizzop

    Nigga still got millions more than every nigga on this site…..If he’s losing with millions in the bank, what does that say about everyone else? I mean personally, i dont want to see anyone fail, and being the person he is, he probably has other investments

  • jimbob

    do you get paid to write bullshit?

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  • these posts are racist

    “Jay-Z has managed to build a business empire worth upwards of $300 million or whatever, but so did the Olsen twins, and I don’t hear anyone calling them a genius.”

    Olsen Twins…child stars who grew up pampered and surrounded by wealthy business savvy people who made sure they would grow up to be wealthy. Jay-Z, grew up in the marcy housing projects…Great comparison BOL.

    How many people in the world are as wealthy as Jay-Z? OK, now take that number and tell me how many people that are that wealthy are did it themselves, i.e. didn’t inherit it? Doesn’t that tell you something about Jay-Z?

  • these posts are racist

    …And Dame Dash is worth more than the majority of people on the planet.


    I’m sure Damon needs your financial planning advice, isn’t it because of you he’s worth so much money anyway?

    Your usage of the word “Jig” is disgusting by the way…Real black people and anyone with any sense take comfort that you are nothing more than a racist coward…and clown.

  • http://myspace.com/twooddaproducer T. Wood……..Central Grove Representa

    Yo I got a pair of pro-keds…..straight up..

  • keke

    “Who knows how much of that Jay himself actually took home?(you know that shit was secretly owned by a buncha TIs)”….BOL,

    What the hell does TIs mean? This is driving me crazy can someone please tell me what that means?!!!

    Oh and as for pro-keds, I ain’t gonna lie….he has a nice line right now. I am really feeling the pac-man design he is using, it’s kinda fly.

  • M.Garvey

    Rachel Roy’s line of clothing will be big, im not a Dame Dash supporter but i can see a good product or business (i think so). Clothing lines dont make a profit for a while, look at Phat Farm, Russell was losing $20Mill then it turned around and he made 40, 50, i know prolly more for the Tall Israelis but whatever and eventually sold it for what 140 (prolly only like a 20% owner, but thats big still)

    • Noname

      Dude stop hating on Dame! Even though him and Jay dont run together no more youwill never hear Jay hate on that mans hustle game because Jay knew it took a team to build the roc him, Dame and Biggs and all you haters get your own money game straight I bet half the niggas who are hating probaly are fucked up! FINACIALLY!

  • dtanner

    dame dash will be aight that nigga is a smart business man who nos hoe to get hiself out of jams that nigga from harlem usa .sparkle city.

  • n23j xxx b8gv

    Damon dash lost.. Amazing :)