After I watched the VH-1 special documentary ‘Blood Diamonds’ featuring Paul Wall, Tego Calderon and Raekwon, I gained a greater appreciation for Paul Wall. He was actually a knowledgeable dude and he seemed able to put the pieces together quicker than the rapping counterparts that he accompanied on the trip to Sierra Leone. Not to say that the other rappers weren’t intelligent or anything, but Paul Wall understood the many layers involved with the sale of the precious stones.

Maybe this is why he’s decided to forego the profits from his diamond encrusted tooth coverings popularly known as grills. Instead donating the monies to charities that aid all of the people still fucked the fuck up after more than a decade of civil war inside of Sierra Leone. Paul Wall is also using his money to host a free concert for Houstonians (read: poor azz jigs displaced by Hurricane Katrina). That will be a pretty penny considering costs for the venue, staffing, security and insurance. Something in the range of fifty K comes to mind.

If your’e anything like me and you trust absolutely no one’s motives then you have to start to wonder why the hell is this dude becoming all environmentally friendly and shit. Paul Wall seems to be doing a lot of progressive things for Africa and African Americans alike. It’s like Paul Wall is angling to get on the ballot with that former slave owner, Barack Obaama. Marrying a fat Black bitch already made him a saint in my book, but all this extra shit is starting to make dude look suspect. What if Paul Wall was really campaigning to be the next Martin Luther King Jr. for the Blacks? Do you know how much Black pussy Paul Wall would get then?!? Not just the Black hos that fucks with the rap music, but all that sweet Black poonahnee that listens to Lauryn Hill and Dwele and Jill Scott. He would even have entrée to the Black sisters that don’t fucks with any of this devil music. Tender Black church twat.

Hell to the no!!! Paul Wall is cool and shit, but I will not vote for his azz to be the next Martin Luther King Jr. Albeit, there has been a dearth in Black leadership for forty years, but look at all the social gains we’ve made. In the last five years we’ve had how many Oscar winners? 3-6 Mafia bitches! That shit smells like progress to me. If Paul Wall wants to be the next Martin Luther King he is going to have to bring some extra white shit to the table. How about some Black NASCAR drivers in the Nextel Cup race? You know how jigs love to chirp each other with their Nextel phones. I would like NaS label to buy a car and wrap it with photos and graphics from his new album. That way when I watch the Darlington 500 I can say, “Look at NaS’ car go.” But we need more white shit in the ‘hood.

We need better fucking supermarkets so I don’t have to go the bodega and McDonald’s to do my grocery shopping. We need better playgrounds that have that soft rubbery shit under the monkey bars so that jig babies don’t have to open their skulls onto the pavement when they fall. We need more white bitches in the ‘hood too. Especially those hos from Nebraska and Kansas with the big ‘ol corn fed booties. We need miniature golf courses. We need oxygen bars. We need Subaru dealerships. What we don’t need is another hero, because a hero ain’t nothin’ but a sandwich.

So if Paul Wall wants to be the next Martin Luther King Jr. tell him to bring some of that good white shit to the ‘hood that white has been keeping to himself for all these years. Maybe then I’ll vote for him.