Most of your favorite rappers are snitches

As if hip-hop didn’t already have enough problems, what with the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson prepared to pull their usual shakedown tactics on the major labels, Cam’ron of all people went on 60 Minutes last night to discuss hip-hop’s ignorant-ass black people’s hip-hop’s stop snitching ethos.

If you haven’t already, you might want to check that out.

It actually gets into a lot of the same shit I discussed here last year in the aftermath of the killing of Busta Rhymes’ jewelry polisher (no, really) Israel Ramirez and the subsequent debate over when, if ever, it’s okay to talk to the police. Which would lead me to believe that they began working on the story back then and only decided to run with it now that hip-hop is catching so much heat from all directions.

As I mentioned at the time, this idea of talking to the police being so verboten in hip-hop is especially ironic since so many rappers who claim to uphold the code of the streets have been talking to the police on the low for years. In fact, both of the main artists featured in last night’s 60 Minutes segment have said a lot more to the police over the years than “Hi, how are ya?”

Cam’ron may not have said shit to 5-0 when Jay-Z tried to have him assassinated in Washington, DC a few years ago, but he sure as hell did that time he got his as whooped at a basketball game in his own hood back in 1999. According to the police report, which you can peep for yourself at The Smoking Gun, Cam filed an official complaint with NYPD while was holed up in the hospital waiting for the swelling to go down.

Similarly, Busta Rhymes, whose failure to implicate best weed carrier evar Tony Yayo in the killing of his bag handler was the crux of last night’s segment, didn’t have nearly as much of a problem pointing the finger when one of his babies mothers went ape shit on his car and then tried to pull some of the dreads out of his hair. (Though, as I noted at the time, a case can be made that snitching on women doesn’t really count.)

Busta Police Report 1

Busta Police Report 2

In fact, does it strike anyone else as odd that 60 Minutes would run a segment on rappers who refuse to cooperate with the police featuring two rappers who are on the record as having cooperated with police? Did they not even bother to check one way or the other? I realize both Mike Wallace and Ed Bradley are dead as doornails, and Anderson Cooper is more of a secretly teh ghey trust fund baby with a death wish than an according to Hoyle journalist, but stil.

If anything, last night’s episode just goes to show that a) that movie The Insider was right – 60 Minutes has no credibility as a news organization (unlike, say, Bol’s Saturday Night Workout), and b) rappers are full of shit. When it comes down to it, these d-bags will say pretty much anything, if they think it might make them a dollar. What hip-hop needs is real journalists who are willing and capable of pointing out such bullshit.

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  • i am god

    camron and d whole dipset team are juss a bunch of punk ass bitches. Juelz is not even 5′ 3…..CAMRON AND JIM JONES suck….Ok so basically is weezy all day.. none of u can touch him…

  • Were Read 2 Def

    Bustas not 25

  • First

    Nicely done, Bol.

  • houston’s finest

    wow, niggas still bringing back 1999 huh?….but cam didn’t act all ignorant, like i was expecting. he used complete sentences, no slang, really surprised me.

  • nineteen80sbaby

    Anderson Cooper: Are you a millionaire?

    Cam: yes, sir

  • The Spaniard

    The new WWE.

    This post is accurate to 1/1000000000000 of a probibility unit.



  • stoneyisland

    Bol, you keep this shit up and I might just start respecting your self hating, dick sucking, playstation 3 playing ass:) on the real you hit it right on the head Camron is a fake. Most of these so called hard core rappers (busta) are bitches.

  • k swanger

    “…and Anderson Cooper is more of a secretly teh
    ghey trust fund baby with a death wish than an according to Hoyle journalist, but still.”

    Classic Bol.

    Keep it coming…(No Camron sitting next to a “Pat” look-a-like at a fashion show)

  • Bol

    >Bustas not 25

    Well, he was 10 years ago.

  • these posts are racist

    The “Justice System” is really misnamed. One of the first things you learn in the 1st year law class Civil Procedure is that the courtroom is an “Adversarial System”. In the context of a criminial case, it is the Prosecutor vs. the Defense Attorney, not Everyone vs. Injustice. The cop’s job is to pick people up and bring them to a DA. The DA picks a case she believes should be prosecuted and uses info/evidence compiled by the cop. The Defense Attorney chips away at the case trying to find “reasonable” doubt. The Judge is supposed to ensure that proper procedure and evidence is admitted properly and in accordance with the law. Slick tactics, manipulation of the spirit of the law, etc. is the norm, not the exception.

    Historically, DA’s (prosecutors) have been tougher on african americans than whites and cops…well if you don’t know the history of cops and blacks in America, you shouldn’t be on this web site…As a result of this and the nature of the adversarial system, people don’t talk to cops/there is a stigma for not talking to cops, etc. because there is an appearance that its “us against them” not us, the cops, etc. against injustice.

    Rappers have capitalized on this and are using this to make themselves rich. If Cam, Busta, Game, [insert rapper here] or anyone else was facing hard time, etc. they would “snitch” out their own mother.

    There is a belief among most lay people that the law, courts, cops, etc. and the legal system is designed to find “justice”. This is just factually and historically, not true.





  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    The only time you talk to the police is for INSURANCE PURPOSES BOL; you can bet that. Once again I’m just filling the holes like New Orleans Sewage and Water.

  • Meka Soul

    > Once again I’m just filling the holes like New Orleans Sewage and Water.>

    if you’re feeling holes like them, then i don’t believe you’re doing a good job at all.

  • paper boy

    i dont see how ‘stop snitchin’ applys to serial killers, child malesters, and rapists
    cam is ignorant and dumb as fuck

  • Port_o_Prince


  • Cuban Link

    the only justified snitching is if ur snitching on a terrorist.Snitching on them is a great thing to do, cuz it makes all the non terrorists hapy, but other than that u need to be a man and take matters into ur own hands.

  • Prodigal Son

    If your going to do an exposé on “Anti -Snitch” culture at least get an important and respected rapper in an interview, or simply one who has much more open minded opinions…

  • Snitchin azz Mufucka

    Id rat on every single one of you mufuckas and if BOL’s sick ass keeps talkin sideways about Dakota Fanning I might have his no-necked fat lisping ass investigated. Real Tawk.

    Fuck yo favorite rapper. He’s most likely a Jew’s BITCH.

    Kiss my ass!

  • King Ben

    Well said. The truth.

  • FuckUPayMe618

    95% of all rappers are pussy. Especially Busta that nigga been happy go lucky his whole career. Since he signed with aftermath his career been going down the drain. He let his boy die in vain just so that he can save his falling career. I hope somebody shoot his pussy ass.

  • b

    Cam didnt really snitch on anyone in that report. the police just came to him in the hospital, and he told them matter of factly that he got his ass whupped by mad dudes. what they should have asked cam about was his snitchin at the end of Paid in Full


    BOL,BOL,BOL… Once again you write a good point and than muck it up with you’re own poor journalism. So you know for a fact that Jigga had Cam shot and if I’ve got this correct, Yayo shot Ramirez — now who’s reporting bad journalism. Maybe 60 minutes can hire you next. Man watch what you say cause you might not know what the hell you’re talking about. Of course you can do that hidden away behind your laptops.In the streets you get smoked for shit like that. It’s obvious you ain’t from or in the streets. I can’t stand busta’s like you.How someone that ain’t ever been in the game gets to talk shit like they running game still amazes me. I guess I have the freedom not to read your blogs but man, you frontin’ and I wish these lil teeny bopping fans you got would open they eyes. — You ain’t nothing but a brother getting paid off the lives of people who are really grinding out there. It’s time for someone to “snitch-out” your fake ass and I got no problem doing it.

  • hopboy

    When people make issue of the “Stop Snitchin” theme, why do they not also criticize Mobster movies that originally brought this idea of a “code of silence” to the mainstream. Sopranos, The Godfather and the Departed all had similar themes…. “snitchess get stitches”. The Idea of Omereta (the basic idea not cooperating with police even when it is in your own interest) was brought from Italy. It wasn’t created in Harlem. Good job of pointing that out Anderson Cooper……………………….. by the way, Camron is a fag. Gayme sucks.

  • Cinsere

    Bol for president mayor editor-in-chief!

  • Randy Watson


  • Combat Jack

    ^ “Cam filed an official complaint with NYPD while was holed up in the hospital waiting for the swelling to go down.”


  • chevy boy

    camron told the police he got beat up but he did not say what they look like or who did it. SO GET DA FACTS RIGHT

  • miltownhustla

    Real street niggaz should never snitch on anybody. Meaning they shouldn’t dime out on a nigga that didnt get caught up just ’cause they are scared to go to jail. They also shouldn’t put police up on street game that doesn’t involve them either.

    By the classical definition of the word I am not a snitch. But I can tell you the few exceptions of when it is within the code to call the police/ file a police report.

    1. My shit (car/stereo/house) got broke off or damaged and I have insurance. WTF you expect me to just take the L for no fucking reason. GTFOH

    2. I see a kidnapped kid on the news and I recognize the pedophile looking character suspected of taking the child. Man I’m dialing 911 faster than Cam after that ass beating. Hell anything involving child molestation or kidnapping a kid, with the exception that someone owed someone some money for some keys (or similar situation) and their kids got snatched up in retaliation. I wouldn’t say shit then because that’d be the parents fault. Dont put your family on the line if you is a shiesty ass nigga

    3. Mufuckas out here that be raping and robbin’ old ladies. Cmon now that shit is bogus. I know yall seen the video of dude beating that 90+ yr old lady’s ass and taking her purse. If I knew him personally Id fuck him off myself, but if he was just someone I recognized and I didnt know where he was you better believe I’d give the police whatever info I could come up with. Some shit aint got nothing to do with the street or the code that applies. A lot of shit cats be doing nowadays is just outta line.

    4. If I had information about some extreme terror shit (i.e. 9-11-01) I’d have to call the feds. What part of the street code says I have to let some extremists fly into a fucking building and kill daycares full of children not to mention 1000′s of innocent adults. Fuck, it wouldnt even have to be 9-11 level. I would’ve dropped the dime on Timothy McVeigh’s crazy ass.

    All of this from someone who truly honors the code. I think the problem is these wack ass rappers who aint really from the street are trying to adopt a code that they don’t understand.

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    Cam’ron may not have said shit to 5-0 when Jay-Z tried to have him assassinated in Washington, DC a few years ago

    For U to make that statement, must means that he snitched on JayZ rite??? Cuz if I remembered Cam did say that whoeva shot him threw up a Roc sign, which is SNITCHING!!! So now this square wanna talk about how he won’t snitch cuz it won’t help his record sales, well let’s see…gettin’ shot ain’t help his records sales which is whut that whole lil bullshyt wuz about, muphuckaz wanna be like….CCCUUURRRRTTTTIISSSSSSS!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!


    I’m not a fan of Cam’ron’s music at all… but this dude comes across as plenty ignorant for a college educated cat. With all of the respectable heads (Chuck D, KRS, Nas, Ice Cube… notice no Wayne or T.I.) that can be expected to hold it down for hip hop on some intellectual ish, they go and get the most non-articulate dudes on the planet to speak on certain topics.

    The 60 Minutes piece had nothing to do with the ‘Stop Snitching’ phenomenon at all; this was just a ploy to broadcast reinforcements of the negative stereotypes in hip hop. If they wanted to have a serious discussion, they know who they could have talked to; but a serious discussion is the furthest thing from their mind. Hip hop is under attack in a way it’s never been, and it’s important to realize that if you haven’t already.

    For people who don’t understand the role mass media projection of hip hop plays into the larger scheme of things, I would advise you to take a trip outside of the country and see how other people react to you. I remember being in Spain years ago, and I had this cat ask me, not ‘if’, but how many people had I shot. I was stunned because he was being sincere.

    The point is, they attack the marginal negativity (which is made to seem less than marginal because the negativity is what people pay attention to) by simply exploiting the negativity (why else would they have Cam’ron on CBS and FOX News).

    On another note, couldn’t nobody wash shorty’s face that was on 60 Minutes last night… had some mad nasty booger type particle hanging off his face. I’m just saying.


  • AK47

    >When people make issue of the “Stop Snitchin” theme, why do they not also criticize Mobster movies that originally brought this idea of a “code of silence” to the mainstream. Sopranos, The Godfather and the Departed all had similar themes…. “snitchess get stitches”.

    finally, someone makes a valid point. the mafia and organized crime invented the “code” a long ass time ago. but, white people gonna steady blame hip-hop for everything thats wrong with society.

    and it probably would just be a bunch of speculation before that nappy perm havin motherfucker decided to open his fuckin mouth and get too involved.

    lets just say if someone popped his ass, i aint pickin up no phone and i didnt see shit.

  • 50 CENT


  • Incilin

    Ahh, technically bloggers like you Bol are those real journalists exposing this shit. I didn’t want to say that, but it’s the truth. I gota say this is a great post because now when people come up to me talking about that episode I can quickly respond with the ammo you’ve provided. Thanks Bol.


    Bol is Nutty, but, True all of America’s Favorite Rappers are Snitches: 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Cam’Ron, and even Jay-Z, long live a genre that prides itself on “keepin it Real”, right?

  • H.A.T.E.R

    The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE Says:

    April 23rd, 2007 at 2:31 pm
    The only time you talk to the police is for INSURANCE PURPOSES BOL; you can bet that. Once again I’m just filling the holes like New Orleans Sewage and Water.
    shut up you gay swamp rat

    Cam and Busta are both snitches and homos.

  • Lolness

    I trust the cops more than the fuckin “gangstas” fucking up my community with drugs and murder.

    >When people make issue of the “Stop Snitchin” theme, why do they not also criticize Mobster movies that originally brought this idea of a “code of silence” to the mainstream. Sopranos, The Godfather and the Departed all had similar themes…. “snitchess get stitches”.

    Because the (fake) mobster movies never threatened their audience with (real) violence and murder if they “snitched”.


    Maybe we as a Hip-Hop Culture can Evolve and not have to care if a Artist is “Real” because he didn’t “Snitch” or not, or maybe we view “Realness” as Ignorance, Real Talk: Cam’Ron is not like a Top 5 Rapper, Busta Rhymes is good on his best day and 50 Cent is The Reigning “King Of R& B” because that nigga sing and croon more than R. Kelly! Shout out My City Chi-Town Wild 100′s, Southside!

  • J.R.O.

    Personally, I could give a fuck about maintaining a rep when it comes to snitching. The #1 reason I’d never do it tho’ is because I’m not trying to have my fam or crew harmed over some shit like that. You have to take matters into your hands. The ‘Stop Snitching’ thing has fucked some shit up, yeah, but that’s how things go.


    i don’t worry about snitches or snitching. because i handle my ish legit.

  • Empryss

    Jay-Z tried to have him assassinated in Washington, DC a few years ago^^^

    Assinated? GTFOH

    i saw his ass on the newz holdin his arm lyke a little bitch while talkin to the reporters

    Shyt its his own fault for the ‘assination’ attempt He shoula known betta than to bring his Lambo down to Dc Niggaz down here are ghetto and stupid and apparently Cam’ron is jus as dumb as they are

    Assassination i can’t believe u used that word to describe a carjacking….

    Jay-Z smarter than that he could have had some russian poison Cam’ron and Jimmi and Juelz and do us all a fava

  • Bad Luck

    First of all if u got jumped by 15 angry niggas and went to a hospital,the first thing they would make u fill out is a police report because the bruises from plain around are alot different from gettin jumped.2nd,Why should Busta snitch when he can act humble about it and get them niggas back on the Low like they did him.I think this Bol guy just writes shit to see how people will react and after a few paragraphs he loses focus.Stop thinkin with ur ass BOL

  • Dr Flav

    Stay Fresh, Get Money, and Mind Your Business. I didnt learn dont snitch from hip hop, I learned it from my elders. Cam spoke real talk, I think the serial killer response was as exaggerated as the question itself.

  • This is for you Byron

    what makes you better than these guys? they took an ass whooping and delt with it!I bet your fat ass gets kicked daily you house nigga. who gives a fuck if busta rhymes filed a police report, these are rappers not mobsters.Byron Crawford why do you think you can break balls and call people snitches, what dirt have you done punk, what do you claim? nothing! you’re a piece of shit that can’t come out of your house for dropping names you are the gossiping snitch, you read these magazines on rappers and thats your source of info. its different in the streets and your speaking on street issues & you ain’t no street nigga so keep bloging but keep your mouth shut in the streets.

  • snitching?

    everytime you visit a hospital for being stabbed shot jumped etc. you must file a police report so its not up to you its manditory how is that snitching?all of you need to stop calling niggas bitches because every real nigga is dead or in prison, As in real I mean stupid, Get an education young brothas!

  • b

    camron took hip hop back by ten years in 60 seconds.

    p.s bol ,u do realise by ur statements about jay-z attempting to assasinate can that u have just commited a libelous and slanderous act dont u?now how do u think jiggas lawyers would react when they see that shit?

  • jay dubb

    if every rapper alive is so called keeping it real ,then all of is snitching!

  • Harold Crick

    I say this with all due respect (no I don’t): this whole “stop snitching,” “snitches get stickes,” “you get one of mine, I get ten of yours” street culture stuff is bullshit.

    How the hell can you blame white America or journalists or whatever for mischaracterizing this issue and blaming it on hip-hop? Yes, it may have originated in Italy and brought to this country by the mob. So what? White America doesn’t envy the mob. We’re entertained by the movies and that’s about it. We don’t worship them. We don’t wish we could do what they do. They’re characters in a movie, and that’s it (they didn’t start it, anyway. Those old west dudes like Billy the Kid or whatever wouldn’t talk to cops, either… it’s a thing with all criminals).

    Rappers are mostly fake anyway, but they do still reflect what a lot of people think, and the people in this thread have provided more evidence. “The streets” take the ideas from criminals and put them into everyday life. Basically, people like you guys who are “anti-snitching” are trying to turn the entire hip-hop community (hell, the whole black community) into organized crime. You’re creating an incredibly self-destructive culture.

    How many people are in jail right now for retaliation murders? How many people have been killed after a retaliation murder (retaliation for the retaliation)? I bet it’s a lot, and any is too many. Hell, how many innocent people were hurt or killed by people who could have been put in jail had someone talked?

    There’s a reason every civilized nation has cops. When you take the law into your own hands, you risk doing more harm than good. Sure, you may feel more “manly” for awhile, but will you feel “real” if the guy you don’t “snitch” on goes on to hurt an innocent person? Will you feel good about yourself if you handle stuff on your own instead of “snitching” and you get caught? It must feel manly to be rotting in jail as your family’s on the outside and you can’t provide for them.

    Real men do three things:

    1. do everything within their power to provide for their family

    2. protect themselves and their family as best as they can (revenge is not the same thing as protection)

    3. do not interfer with another man attempting to do 1 and 2 (which in some cases may mean you don’t snitch, but if a situation could inhibit your ability to do either 1 or 2, then you need to step up and do something)

  • Tiro – South Africa

    Harold Crick thet was some real talk. The first reply that made sense. Guys should really start to think before they open the mouths or act. I love Hip-hop, i think it’s one of the few good things to come out america, that and Meagan Goode, but this whole gang, criminal, crack selling culture is straight KAK (Colloquial South African term for SHIT preferrably the bovine kind).
    They are making themselves and by extension the whole community look stupid


    Black men and women gather round. This is simple. 60 minutes doesn’t give a fuck if niggas get on BET and dance a gig or sing opera. What they really wanted to do is to say “Look at these niggas killing each other and getting away with itm cause a nigga wanna make money by looking cool on tv. Taking something thats been a way of life in the black hood since slave days. (you a house nigga or a field nigga), this story was not for black folks, not for entertainment industry, not even for the police. This story was for mainstream white America who’s still trying to figure out why lil’ Billy from surburbia got a doo rag on with his pants saggin’. Camron was a pawn, and I think he looked stupid when Anderson said “If you knew a serial killer was in ya building would you go to police?” he said ” I would move.” A real nigga in the hood would have that mofo come up missing. But like i said, young black kids ain’t gonna see how stupid that sound. White America was laughing real loud though. I heard em’! But letem’ laugh. Cause when it comes to white America, I don’t give a fuck. But them mother fuckas is always lookin at us. Watch ya back my niggas!!!

  • EReal

    I love how hiphop is at fault for everything now, its ri-fucking-donkulous. Its like all the shit that hiphop took from white folks, like gun play, disrespecting women, and now this ‘omerta’ style stop snitchin shit. They wanna flip it on us, like its all our fault.
    I dont know if yall heard the interview on Radio One with 50, but as much as yall haters hate, he speaks the truth.
    These same images and ideas are played out on TV and Movies every single damned day. Plus the images seen on TV and Movies are twice as powerful because it’s images and sound, not just sound. But the movie industry is bringing in so much money, they wont attack that, they attack what every whitebread motha fucka fears in this country – the black man.
    Anyways, I digress.
    The stop snitchin shit is an ethos thats supposed to be adopted by those in the streets and in the game. Its not supposed to count for CAC’s in the burbs its just another thing these lil CAC’s grabbed onto that they think they can handle but cant.
    Its like if you listen to Buck’s ‘We Dont Need No Help’ – Most of the time the 5′s make shit worse, not better. They come around harrassin constantly and never solve shit. Lemme ask everyone in this forum, have you ever had a crime happen to you. I.E. House Robbed, Car Stolen, Someone Mug you,. ect… probably. Now count how many times the 5′s solved the case, or found your shit, or the person who did it. Exactly. I cant count one in my life. The cops only want you to sell someone out, period. They dont give a fuck about you, your family, your situation, they wanna know what they wanna know and they will lean on you on yours until they get it. Without regard for the fact that when the case goes to court and discovery is made, that your name is on the statement, or you may have to testify and now you live more in fear than you did if there was a dealer on the block. The cops dont protect sources, CI’s anything, when it comes to discovery, you are exposed. The fact of the matter is that unless its a life and death thing, its not necessary. But when it is a life and death thing, you are risking your life coming forward.
    I say let the cops do their fucking job without us. Because when it comes down to it, thats what they really care about is their job. Not you, not your family or well being, not your neighboorhood. Their job. So let them do it them damn selves and earn their money. Noone helps me at my job with inside info and if they did, it would probably be illegal. I.E. Martha Stewart, IMHO.
    Thats it for me.

    1 hunned.

  • mannyworld33



  • Rizzop

    Dudes is quick to call rappers they dont know bitches, but dont realize they got more to lose than the average street negro. Why would a busta rhymes want to go around shooting niggas and waste all his hard earned money? Thats for regular bum ass niggas that have nothing to live for. if niggas are talking hard, dont think a quarter mill wont get you clipped.At that, id just send a little nigga to get you so you dont sue….Why dudes gotta get they hands dirty? thats why so many niggas locked up now…..

  • stoneyisland

    miltownhustla you seem like a real nigga kudos my nigga. You hit it right on the head, there are certain things i will dime out a nigga over, like the four things you listed. However it is not my job to help paid police to solve crimes, they get paid to do their jobs. What no one has touched on is that this snitching shit only happens to brothers who are out doing illegal shit, the hard working black folks I know who all have jobs and own thier homes arent out doing crazy shit or place themselves in situations where they may have too snitch. That said I refuse to let a group of so called hard core niggas tell em what I can say and not say thats that slave mentality, some of you so called brothers should have been white.

  • P-Matik

    Cam’RUN Giles

  • Phil

    Ultimately, this is something of an empty critique, Mr. Crawford. Neither of those situations are really snitching. Beef with your children’s mother, as you knew before you filed this, doesn’t count, and filing a police report when you get jumped is extremely weak, but not snitching. Snitching, in it’s purest form, is to volunteer information to the police on someone’s activities. If you get jumped and the cops show up and you decide to press charges, how is that snitching? Were the police somehow unaware that you’d caught the beatdown? Was it a mystery? But it is interesting that Mr. Giles would apply such a stringent standard to his man (CURTISSS!) when he had done much the same.

  • yung ceasa

    yung ceasa Says:

    April 24th, 2007 at 10:21 am
    im beggin one of you bloggers to speak on how white america is tryin to destroy hip-hop, just because of tha imus controversy they wanna blame everything on rap, stop snitchin is wat i been raised up on….along with millions of others and alot of those are current rappers, im just beggin one of you to do a post about this, cause its a very serious issue if you are either a rap fan or a person that came up in tha inner city….this is somethin that needs to be spoken on

  • ChiDude

    @ Great Dane:
    Realest talk eva!!!

  • q-buro

    ignorance is so abundant in the above statements, as it is in the hip hop community. Everyone is talkin about who’s real and who’s fake….ITS MUSIC. It doesnt pay your bills so stop worrying about it…..either you like a song or not and thats where it ends……I dont have shit in common with trick daddy, but i like his shit. Grow up…. dumb mutherless cunts.

  • http://xxl q-buro

    By the way…..YUNG CEASA looks alot like LiL’ ceaser….the snitch……I hope one of you bloggers speak on how Black america BLAMES White america for all there fuck ups……that bitch made

  • jrjomo

    1. Camron is an idiot, someone really needs to tell this dude snitchin requires that you be involved in the dumb shit and then rat because you get caught. It’s that simple. If someone firebombs his Lamborghinis his bitch ass would go crying to the cops.
    2. Busta is a pussy, if he was a street dude, he would have handled his business, but he didn’t and he didn’t tell on the killer. His career is done so why not take a stand for something. Either do the right thing or handle your business and go to jail.
    3. Lil Kim, don’t let me start on this wanna be boss. How are you going to have shooter on the payroll then you end up taking the fall for the shooters. She couldn’t snitch because she’s not a street cat and if she said something whe could have possibly gotten a cap in her ass from her shooters who didn’t respect or fear her.
    4. 60 minutes, even though they were jumping on the bandwagon, they did show some of the negative effects of the media in general on the youth. That whole segment made us look dumb as hell. Rap is just supposed to be entertainment not the new bible.

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    The real reason behind this ‘stop snitchin’ campaign is that Witness Protection don’t protect nobody, and they supposed to be tha law, so we keeps our eyes open and our mouths shut!!!

  • jimmy starburst

    > What hip-hop needs is real journalists who are willing and capable of pointing out such bullshit.

    AMEN! but who..?

  • money man

    dawg dipsets real as fuck tho….. santana was a 9treyblood and them niggas is all form tha hoood yo this shit is some shit right here yeah right i belive this….alll rumors yo

  • THE G.O.D

    Peace, now in Busta’s case y’all sound dumb; money tried not to catch a domestic violence case[regardless if he had another female there], it might seem funny [I laughed my ass off---imagine baby moms pulling dreads out]for if she had made the call first his ass would have been thrown in jail. Dummies
    that’s not snitching.

  • young chris4x

    Cam culda did that cuz he prolly aint wanta get in trouble for probation he aint a snitch cuz he said sumone hit him. If he waz snitching he wulda said names an shit


    F*ck It! I’m done w/ Hip-Hop…Too Much F*cking Non-Sence…Not enough music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m rollin’ with “Heavy Metal”!!! F*ck Ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!

  • dipset4ever

    get off dipset’s dick all y’all

  • trushotta

    is dat his real address? nd he aint really snitch aint like he gave any full names or even a desckription

  • http://myspace/bulletproofelite MYSPACE.COM/bulletelite

    all bullshit

  • http://myspace/bulletproofelite MYSPACE.COM/bulletelite

    all bullshit

  • cause-you-guys-kn-wut-your-talkin-bout

    did anybody read cam’s report its not snitching all he says is he got jump he doesnt describe anybody or name any1 he just answerd the cops and got them off his back