50 Cent's new album Curtis won't be out for another couple of month's, but I'm already starting to get tired of it. Which is a bad sign, because if I had to guess, I'd say we're in for another two months worth of leaked dis records and publicity stunts before the shit even hit stores.

The latest of which is "Fully Loaded Clip," which I'm sure you've heard by now. It isn't a dis record per se in the sense Fiddy doesn't so much as dis rappers for having famous girlfriends as he makes fun of them for kissing, which is pretty juvenile even by Fiddy's standards. But obviously the idea was to ruffle a few feathers.

The only person I can imagine will be really upset is Lil' Wayne, since Fiddy suggests that Young Buck may have run up in Trina at some point, or at the very least was offered, but who knows. Even Weezy himself admits to following his "father" up in that. And I think we've all seen that video of what Trina used to do at Trick Daddy concerts.

You'll recall that Fiddy had his own little dalliance with Vivica A. Fox a few years ago, long after she had begun to look like a drag queen. Which I'd say wasn't a good look. As much money as he has, it's the rare occasion that you hear about Fiddy scoring with a chick. Which begs the question: what's this guy's deal, anyway?

Not to sound like the 15 year-old boy that I am, but if I was 50 Cent, I'd pretty much spend all my time fucking. (I'd also buy every Nintendo game ever!) Granted he does rap a lot about banging chicks, but I don't know. I'm beginning to wonder about the guy. Is teh gheyness genetic?

No but really, I understand "Fully Loaded Clip" was probably just intended as a throwaway street single, but I'm still kinda disappointed. In addition to the fact that it's just plain not that good (which I suppose isn't that much of a surprise), you wish he would've actually dissed somebody or addressed the situation with G-Unit or something.

But, alas, there's still two whole months before Curtis hits the racks. Even if Fiddy never makes another good song again in his life (and let's face it, he might not), here's hoping he says something really mean about somebody in the interim. Lord knows I could use something to write about.