50 Cent don’t need no girlfriend

50 Cent’s new album Curtis won’t be out for another couple of month’s, but I’m already starting to get tired of it. Which is a bad sign, because if I had to guess, I’d say we’re in for another two months worth of leaked dis records and publicity stunts before the shit even hit stores.

The latest of which is “Fully Loaded Clip,” which I’m sure you’ve heard by now. It isn’t a dis record per se in the sense Fiddy doesn’t so much as dis rappers for having famous girlfriends as he makes fun of them for kissing, which is pretty juvenile even by Fiddy’s standards. But obviously the idea was to ruffle a few feathers.

Stream “Fully Loaded Clip.”

The only person I can imagine will be really upset is Lil’ Wayne, since Fiddy suggests that Young Buck may have run up in Trina at some point, or at the very least was offered, but who knows. Even Weezy himself admits to following his “father” up in that. And I think we’ve all seen that video of what Trina used to do at Trick Daddy concerts.

You’ll recall that Fiddy had his own little dalliance with Vivica A. Fox a few years ago, long after she had begun to look like a drag queen. Which I’d say wasn’t a good look. As much money as he has, it’s the rare occasion that you hear about Fiddy scoring with a chick. Which begs the question: what’s this guy’s deal, anyway?

Not to sound like the 15 year-old boy that I am, but if I was 50 Cent, I’d pretty much spend all my time fucking. (I’d also buy every Nintendo game ever!) Granted he does rap a lot about banging chicks, but I don’t know. I’m beginning to wonder about the guy. Is teh gheyness genetic?

No but really, I understand “Fully Loaded Clip” was probably just intended as a throwaway street single, but I’m still kinda disappointed. In addition to the fact that it’s just plain not that good (which I suppose isn’t that much of a surprise), you wish he would’ve actually dissed somebody or addressed the situation with G-Unit or something.

But, alas, there’s still two whole months before Curtis hits the racks. Even if Fiddy never makes another good song again in his life (and let’s face it, he might not), here’s hoping he says something really mean about somebody in the interim. Lord knows I could use something to write about.

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  • Bolislife

    ur the best bol! are we still on for bowling at 5?

  • Danny

    Good Post bol…

    He just set himself up for the biggest diss recored of all time!! He was talking about other rappers “Hollywood Affairs” and he went out with Vivica Fox!!!

    Lol this nigga doesn’t only have the apperance of a fucking gorilla but he has the mentall capacity of one too….

  • http://www.xxlmag.com King Ben

    Fiddy gonna dis someone.

  • dub jay

    i guess this means im first!!

  • dduubbzz

    Fuck a bumb wack rapper that makes his career of dissin! Nas said it best

  • 4 ya momma

    what did trina use to do at the trick concerts the dirty girl

  • 4 ya momma

    what did trina use to do at the trick concerts the dirty girl………FIRST

  • stoneyisland

    Bol, 50 gets more pussy on accident then you probably get when you go to them chinese whore houses on payday. The point is even ugly muthafuckas with money get top shelf bitches, just because he aint flaunting his shit doesnt means he gay, I mean NO one has ever saw you with any female companion unless you count your right and left hands.





  • J Millz

    Um………..Yeah……….anyway even if the albums garbage it’s still gonna go plat because of 5-0′s “marketing skills”

  • Combat Jack

    What’s really sad is that I’m anticipating Cam’ron’s “Courtesy Curtis” LP over Fif’s “Curtis”.

    Sad but true.

  • http://blog.myspace.com/bloggindre dc36

    Seems like you may never write another good blog. Seems like you guys have a lot in common.

  • DJ Atrice

    1st! What a hater…

  • http://www.niggaknow.com MarvOne

    At least you listened to me BOL and wrote a blog post nigga. Stay out the comments.

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  • jburg

    Man you are a serious career hater. You need a girlfriend, you got to much time on your hands!

  • EReal

    Byron, you are a flagrant hater.

    Do I need to reminf you of the dress Viv was rockin at the MTV awards that year?? I bet you’d give your sorry ass life to even get near a bitch that hot. And, just because he dosent keep his business all in the street and date famous throw away bitches that means he’s not gettin any ass? LMFAO.
    Either way full loaded was weak, but entertaining and the point of it isnt to make fun of people for kissing, it’s making a point that these cats are suckers for love. I guess in all you inherent wisdom it wasnt obvious enough for you. The basic message is while your out there fallin in love and courting hoes, Im on my grind gettin this money. That musta flew over your head.
    I’ll take my observations on women from a more reliable source than a tranny loving basement dweller with no neck and pronounced lisp that bashes women at every possible opportunity, thank you.

    Byron, you’re fallin off. big time. I can see how you’re trying to capitalize off of all the g-unit hate going around tho, at least youre half intelligent in that respect.

    step your game up Byron, or BXS will blog-bitch-smack you like Noz, SON! LOL.

    1 hunned.

  • john cochran

    Fif corny as hell. I miss the get rich or die tryin days. Now he use to many west coast sounding beats and talk about the club every song. fuck outta here. I doubt he gay though, if thats what your hinting at. I mean cmon, he could walk through the mall and get bjs from bitches, wit they men standin right there. If he is, then thats a waste of money. Only reason I would want money is for cars and hoes, if you gay you can stay broke.

  • smog

    yeah i would also be doin it all day if i was 50, but that dude probley plays with action figures and eats milk and cookies

  • Fernando


    Fiddy aint ghey. Thats for damn sure. Id keep all my yamps on the low too if I were him. You dont think that he has some of the baddest ever coming through on the regular? Why mess with famous beezies in the limelight who just bring drama when you can get hutches that look just as good on the low.

    With that said……..His music hurts, his products hurt, and his fake gang is a bunch of retards.

  • dameSTATii

    >>Is teh gheyness genetic?

    Ruh roh, goin’ at big moms is usually not a good lookerton!

  • blyx

    it’s clear that he dates older women because he has an unresolved oedipal complex; his mother died at a young age and he has unresolved mother issues. also, as hip hop’s bad guy – he realizes that an overly active public sex life can only hurt him, it can’t help. therefore he choose to remain low key about it. that’s SMART. that’s why he’s worth what he’s worth and you need to talk shit on the web to make ends meet. when you think about it – your positioning is pathetic and weak. but i think you know that already. good luck stacking adsense chips with you as the draw, homey. lol.

  • thetestpilot

    you my nigga bol. you my nigga! regardless of anything you always rep the real shit! always! never change dog! its what makes your shit hot! you gonna be running this blog shit one day!

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    the whole theme behind the song was that he isn’t a sucker for love and he is keeping his eyes on the prize…prize = wealth…not money…i got money…

    which gives me a chance to enlighten you ignoramuses…there is a big difference b/w having money and having wealth…a person with money has to keep a eye on how much they spen and how much they have left (MC Hammer/Nas)…a person with wealth doesnt care about money (Russel Simmons)…

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    im laughing str8 to the bank…hahahaha…ha…ha…hahaha

  • Cinsere

    It’s funny…I been sayin’ 50 is corny since the GRODT days, and the only reason that album was hot was cuz Dre and them LACED him with phenomenal production! Now is when all ya’ll start to see this dude’s mediocrity…

  • DANJA29

    I almost thought you were serious in sayin’ Vivica wasn’t hot back when Fiddy was rollin’ with her…

    …but then I remembered she’s black, and well… you got issues with them.

  • http://www.first.com First

    I figured if you were that rich you’d just try to seduce Brooke from the Real World. She’d probably turn you down, though.

  • A.Cambry

    >>>>>Lord knows I could use something to write about.

    Word. I was getting a little tired of all your social commentary.

    I do however feel sorry that someone forced you to listen to 50 Cent. Despite how much of an @$$ I think you are, nobody deserves to have to listen to Homo-thugs rapping.

  • Belize

    Fine Bol-my 25(and I didnt even hate on ur gordo ass-lol):


  • Fernando

    Wow Nbred, thats original.

    Where did you come up with that? Possibly the Chris Rock stand-up?

  • ripsta

    fuck 50…no one likes him anymore

  • old head one

    nobody notices that this man does NOT drink alcohol, does NOT smoke weed, and (obviously from the “sin city” green screen-type videos, and the cam dis in his actual home) that he is NOT in the hood. check out the inside artwork/pictures in “the massacre” he’s smoking cigarettes, cooking dope with guns all around, and liquor within reach. THIS MAN DOES NONE OF THIS. but the very sad thing is, THAT OUR YOUNG AND IMPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. the man is an obvious tool and a slave for the profiteers of the pain of our communities. IT’S TIME WE WAKE UP AND STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS. but then again, most of the people who can afford a computer system and expertly download music, movies, and interviews (and spend the time doing it everyday all day, before, during, and after work/school/living off of their parents) REALLY don’t have to worry about REAL LIFE DRAMA ANYWAYZ. I am so sick of these cardboard cutout rappers. The man gets beat up, stabbed, and clapped in the mouth, and we act like he’s malcolm x or some shit! REALLY? then he runs to the west coast, takes steroids, puts on bulletproof vests with logos on him and his young son, and we act like HE’S THE REALEST. THIS IS PATHETIC NONSENSE. I notice that he didn’t go at scarface, z-ro, or j. prince when they called him out. WHERE WAS THAT FULLY LOADED CLIP THEN? and it’s obvious from the “GQ” cover and the fact that he always seems to be wearing some shall we say, “cosmetic enhancement products” that HE MAY NOT LIKE WOMEN, BUT MEN. SERIOUSLY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • Prince Of The South

    Fully Loaded clip did it’s job, got Wayne in the studio ready to promote 50 like you doing by writing a blog and got people talking about his album. Hey homie go ahead and hate, you doing your job at xxl which is promoting interscope artists. I can’t wait to see what you say about Dre and Eminem when they come out. I can see it now Dre’s washed up and Eminem’s white and should make country music. Fact is hip hop needs artists like Interscope’s big three to sell huge numbers. Last year no one sold records and had an album of the year. Jay could have went multiplatinum with Kingdom Come but that was his warm up album and he messed his singles up Show Me What You Got to Lost ones. This year Eminem,Dre,50, and Kanye West going to do big numbers and whoever comes out before the Grammy deadlines is going to be up for album of the year (50 cent Kanye West and Dre if he drop by september.)

  • shade45

    WWWWWAAAAAAAA!!!.I need to write another story about 50 cent 2 get news!!!!Bowel your just a worker…not a boss

  • http://dahshyt.blogspot.com Belize

    For once I agreee with NBRED

    It was written > Illmatic

  • Pete

    so what did trina do?

  • Young Saint

    this writer is a fuckin lame

  • gnicks

    50 is just a whiny little bitch. Game murdered him on every diss record and 50 couldn’t match it. It’s not about being gangsta, its all about the flow. After all, how gangsta can you be if you get shot 9 times, beat up, stabbed, and you get caught selling drugs. Gettin shot is just like losing a fight. If he had died he would have been just another dumb sucker that lost his life messing with a real G. Jay said it best, “Yall respect the one that got shot, I respect the shooter”. 50 stay rich, and stop lying to the listners.

  • phatsam

    this dude must be sucking fat joe dick or fucking game regardless who he diss before his album come out his most succesful singles are not diss records in the club is not a diss record 21 questions is not a diss record the massacer had 4 singles on the top ten charts nobody done that since the beatles and they wont piggy bank. 11 million people bought grodt and at least 3/4 of that was going to buy the massacer without the release of piggy bank .the only gimmick he has is making hits yall dudes is gay because .dont be mad because if he has a problem with your favorite rapper he has the heart to say whats on his mind and call out his or her name. then some of you dumb fucks say he should stop dissing the inc the niggas might of had something to do with you almost being killed i wouldnt let up either i would be like fuck them and any body that roll with them. most of you writers are closet dudes yall might have stayed in the hood but you was hiding in the closet if any thing went down.homos

  • rec

    Ummm….platinum albums don’t pay MY bills…so i really don’t give a shit how much they sell…if i’m gonna spend my hard earned money on your shit it has to be on point period! i dont’ give a shit about dis records, i could care less about your marketing plan, the guests on the shit, your endorsements dont’ mean shit to me…what matters is “is the fuckin’ product dope!” all the rest of this shit is smoke and mirrors. don’t get me wrong i think that shit is entertaining in doses but ultimately it didn’t make buy any of 50 or his cronies shit since GRODT!

  • skillz_az

    i agree!!!

  • http://yahoo.com jrockya

    come on hataz, da song is hot. 4get what he say , its hot and funny.

  • brizzlelean
  • Cuban Link

    50 Cent>>>>_____ Not rapping wise, just his talking once hes done rapping on the track.He can body anyone with his talking.He even has Puffy shook, which is a difficult feat.


    maayn ill be doin the same thing. gettin all types of pussy man. i seen that picture with him and that broad on allhiphop..maaayn!

  • Tyler

    Bol, U are a funny dude bro. . U should quit your day job and swich 2 stand up. . Do stand up wit a Dildo up yo ass no 50cents . . get it?
    Lose yo mInd at:

  • http://nahright.com tony new orleans

    4 the record dats fucked up what u said about 50 being gay like his mamma, that cat should get u clapped 4 saying that shit. i hope somebody from gunit read this blogg and it gets back to them.whenevr u diss a man family to get ppl to respond to a blog, u aint a man, and from that picture u got posted up, u look like a ninja turtle.g unit go get ya

  • MAC 50

    yo man you did not get the point of the song. he’s sayin that while all these other rappers out her are suckers for love, he’s on his grind and gettin that money. and even hinting that he’s gay!!!??? dude probably gets more pussy in a week than you get in a year. just cuz he don’t put his business out there like a don’t mean shit. just cuz you ain’t goin around everywhere talkin about your girl or bein with her don’t mean nothin. just listen to get in my car. 50 goin back to the get rich or die tryin days and I love it. the album is gon’ be fire. you startin to fall of for real bol

  • http://http:/xxlmag.com 31

    What type a dude is gonna get on another mans dick and get defensive about people sayin he don’t fuck? “he gets more pussy than you do in a week.” you’re a fag bro.. Just had to point that out… I really only clicked on this 50 bullshit to say…. DIPSET!

  • The Spaniard

    The new WWE.

  • http://360.yahoo.com/deshawn772004 Federal Ranga

    if you gay you can stay broke.

    Cosign like a mufucka…

  • Jus

    Album hasn’t even came out yet and look at the responses. Haters everywhere. I see 50 go sell at least a couple mill of dem alone. Bol 2

  • ak47

    >(I’d also buy every Nintendo game ever!)

    grow up nigga.

    50 did fuck around with vivica, but then he blasted her on one of his tracks a few weeks later. thats keepin it gangsta.

  • killa cali

    dat 50 is knockin ya suckas is hatin on da best thang going other than E40

  • ;Conte

    Fuck your Uncle Tom ass up bitch. Nobody takes you serious BOL. Your the whitest black dude there is. Your a fag bro. Look at your goofy ass. All you do is hate on people you fag. Face it, the song is fire, and it aint no diss record. Bol is a fag. And your a shit writer homey, notice how your only on the internet site, you aint in the real magazine. Ha, that tells me that they no you suck ass. Real talk, the only person at XXL that knows shit about hip hop is Brenden Fredwrick or whatever his name is, he always gave the best reveiws, and now dont he run this website, he should get rid of your ass. Everyone knows that all you do is hate so people will read your shit.

  • Conte

    Bol is a fag. This song is hot as fuck. Bol is an Uncle Tom ass fag. Your the whitest black dude there is. all you do is hate so people will read your shit. Your a fag. Notice how your only on the website, not the mag. That tells me that they know you aint shit. The only one at XXL that knows there shit is Brendan Fredwrick, he runs this websie now, but they need to get rid of you hating ass. And by the looks of it, you look pretty gay to me, fucking homo ass bitch.

  • dilly

    BOL, you a hater. period. song is hot diss record or not! no one is making good music like him except for maybe weezy. its all in good fun. only homos take shit personal. you are like 50 would say! so emotional!! like most writers!! I agree with Conte!! go hang with Camron on some pink and purple ish!!!

  • http://almostaexpert.com 31

    I’m not gonna talk shit about anyone on the unit of “The Unit” right now, but like him or not, Camron is the only one in the game today that I would say is better at that art of war shit than 50. Prime example is when 50 on his diss to Cam, shouted out Juelz and Jimmy… Great tactic to kind of destroy from within. Your boy Cam though flipped that shit and referenced the fact that he hasn’t heard 50 say anyone in G Unit’s names lately. We’ve all seen what has taken place between all of the members in G Unit since those comments. Though they say that everything is cool, it’s not. Camron has everyone talkin about how unraveled G Unit has become and once that started, it won’t stop. Its innevitable that the Unit is over. Cam has been just fuckin with 50 and he don’t know how to respond. Thus this bullshit ass song, which, I didn’t bother listening to because because I’m not the one to listen to some shit just to talk shit about it. With that said… Dipset all day

  • caly is active

    men fuk the bitches
    chase ur money


    I Like 50 Cents Music, and I love it when he Diss people because he does it in a Simple and Hilarious way, I think he is Naturally a Comedian because everytime I hear his Music I laugh! Killa Cam is Better MORE Funnier ( have you niggaz seen Killa Season?) and just hearing Cam yell “Cuuuurrrrtttttiiiisss” is Golden.

  • Baby Boy

    Dis nigga been wack since 2004.
    his last good song was In Da Club.
    And Possibly Ski Mask Way.
    Other than that Fuck Dis Homo Fuckboy.
    Straight To The Banks Wack!!

    Courtesy Curtis>Curtis S.S.K

  • Baby Boy

    Ps. That New Game Mixtape “You Know What It Is Volume 4″
    Is straight Fire.
    Cop Dat Shit!

  • EWF


  • Bad Luck

    Fifty cent is the Smartest rap Villain ever,and has his own Clothing line/drink/owns shares in Shady.How the hell does he have the brains of a gorrilla like Danny said?I aint on Curtis side but give the man some respect,When get rich or die tryin came out on CD,yall were all over him.The hoes were crazy over his body:And thats why every girl had “50′s wifey” on their Binders at School:And the guys liked his hardcore Lyrics.But as time goes by,Artist either Grow or Shrink…in this case 50 grew as a buisness man but shrunk as a nigga in the streets.If u think about it 50 cent reminds me of the Snitch kid off of Recess…whats his name…Randell the Snitch cuz he stays behind security and snitches on niggas

  • you stupid

    you stupid as fuck for writing all that i mean what does that have to do with anything i would buy a whole bunch of video games yeah u sound fifteen yrs old u faggot

  • Gkid12345

    This shit is bias first of all. Second his two records off curtis so far combined on a scale of 1-10 are about an 8.5. You mad dumb.

  • J Millz

    alright, let me break it down. Hiphop is the world trade center on september 11. The people that work there represent the old school rappers/DJs. The real MCs of today are represented by the firemen who went in and tried to save people. The terrorists flying the planes represent the mainstreem rappers who are bringing down hiphop down(and eventually themselvs to). The industry is the George bush of the situation because they knew what was comming and they didn’t give a fuck. All we can do know is either go with what its evolved into or start from scratch and rebuild it to what it was. Since we can’t beat mainstream we might as well join and get this money.
    Ya dig?

  • i’ll shit bag u

    bol you a fake ass star and buckwild…your blogs are str8 jokes ya fat fuck 1

  • i’ll shit bag u

    bol you a fake ass star and buckwild…your blogs are str8 jokes ya fat fuck 1

  • Rizzop

    “nobody notices that this man does NOT drink alcohol, does NOT smoke weed, and (obviously from the “sin city” green screen-type videos, and the cam dis in his actual home) that he is NOT in the hood. check out the inside artwork/pictures in “the massacre” he’s smoking cigarettes, cooking dope with guns all around, and liquor within reach. THIS MAN DOES NONE OF THIS. but the very sad thing is, THAT OUR YOUNG AND IMPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. the man is an obvious tool and a slave for the profiteers of the pain of our communities. IT’S TIME WE WAKE UP AND STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS.”…………………….Thats some real shit homie!

  • Ali

    yea i didnt get that track….i thot he was cool with hov & nas so iono….wasnt that good either…..ima big 50 fan cuz get rich or die tryin is a classic & if u think otherwise u can suck a dick………BUT……tha massacre sucked ass & he better bring himself back 2 those glory days or else it’ll show he’s not a rapper….he’s an entrepreuner

  • MackMiles

    cmon yo .. he talked about the same shit on both albumz .. massacre jussa bit more commercial .. and jus because he’s goin for the money instead of jus talkin about it he’s a fake now ?? .. oh wait and he’s gay ?? .. WOW .. and it’s notta diss record idiots .. it’s street singles .. put it in your dome that he made 60 SONGS for the massacre and since this is a double album he got plenty ah shit to throw away .. they pretty good throw awayz neway .. KEEP EM COMIN SO THEY CAN KEEP THEIR G-UNOT GOIN ..

  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=0rvirkTyJ8k g
  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=0rvirkTyJ8k fdfdf
  • illwill76

    Even if Fiddy never makes another good song again in his life (and let’s face it, he might not),

    You can’t really be a serious hip hop journalist. And I agree with ISBU all of your blogs or articles what ever you want to call them seem like they are nothing but hate.

  • fred

    50 smashing cuz he got the fame and fortune! niggas hate on that but shouldnt cant be mad at cats gettin dey money i would like to see him
    smash of face,lil j,and z ro though just cuz they
    opened their mouths ..scarface is a fuckin has been and lil j hasnt had a real group since the has been ghetto boyz and z ro who the fuc is dat
    an artist that has gone tripple plywood and outside of texas is about as known as a pencil. yeah i guess i wouldnt diss them why give dem clowns free publicity

  • E.M.U.

    everybody love to hate.50 cent is probably the most hated rapper in the game and why is because he’s the only one with enough balls to say what he feels. hating equals more publicity so just keep hating .. by the way you know when a rapper fell off when he names his LP after another rapper..i.e. Cam …

  • http://donnyslaughter.com Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    Bol your fan club grows more and more with each day!!!LOL!!! I’m wondering why U hate Jay and Fiddy so much, who really gives a shyt who or how many brawdz they fuckin’, U act like he pokin’ yo moms and shyt, stop hatin’ so much square, it really ain’t cool!!!

  • J.A.M.E.S.





  • YO