Pink toe invasion

Anyone else catch the feature on Joss Stone in this month’s XXL? I didn’t bother to read it myself, but I did happen to notice that the picture of her was smokin’! They need to put that up in the Eye Candy section here so I can give it the full amount of attention it deserves.

You can get an idea of what I’m talking about at Joss’ MySpace profile. I’m digging the whole vaguely tanned skin + purple hair thing – like a real life troll doll with a thick blaccent. She could probably stand to lose 10 pounds, but what are you gonna do? I know I’m not about to do shit!

Well, I did run out and cop Joss’ new album, Introducing Joss Stone. I figured it might be alright, since I did sorta kinda like the cover of that White Stripes song she did a few years ago. Plus, this shit’s being prominently featured in XXL; how bad can it be?


As it turns out, it’s kinda mediocre. I never actually heard her other two albums, but this one has a pronounced hip-hop element to it that sounds kinda forced and phony. Common rhymes on one track, and Lauryn Hill is featured on another one, which I thought was an interesting touch.

In fact, it’s obvious to me Joss Stone is being put forth as a sort of 2K7 Lauryn Hill, along with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, Nelly Furtado and so on and so forth.

Granted, hardly any of these bitches could be categorized as MCs, but in an age when Gnarls Barkley outsold pretty much every rap album last year, who gives a shit? Also, lest we forget, Lauryn Hill herself found fame and fortune as a singer more so than as a rapper.

And of course they all happen to be white (albeit in some cases vaguely hispanic).

Here’s the thing: I wonder whether this is some conspiracy on behalf of the TIs to make Bol’s day force the black woman out of hip-hop, or is it just a matter of all of the best-looking, most talented female hip-hop acts all being young, nubile white bitches.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to think. The former would seem to make sense business-wise, but then I’m not aware anecdotally of any black female hip-hop artists being denied on account of their race. There aren’t very many prominent black female hip-hop artists today, but there weren’t five years ago either.

What do you ‘bags think?

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  • RockCity

    All black female MC’s rap about is how good they can deep throat and spend niggas money.


    i think you are a real sellout- house nickka ..i think you dont even realize always got something bad to say about black women but you seem to lite up with glee when speaking on a pink toe….i’ve read your blogs and it’s obvious you are a busta..I’m mean i dont no one guy who would go out and buy a joss stone album..i picture you like that big black dude on “white chix” riding in a broke down drop top singing a joss stone song…you epitomize the word busta!

  • crimerate

    Two words… Jean Grae

  • b-ease

    yea, but jean grae suffers from the same problems as her male counterparts (Talib,Phonte). Yea, shes a dope rapper but female rappers like her have never been that successful. 7 years ago she would have been Rah Digga.

  • Pizo

    don’t be ignorant and think that you’ve heard all black female mc’s. to be specific the clown who posted first. Wake up lil nigga.

    get at me…

  • EReal


    Im laughing so damn hard picturing Bol singin to that white bitch in the car. Except Bol is alot creepier and lisping all over the place with his head all sideways on his no-neck like a confused broke dick dog.

  • dameSTATii

    I haven’t even read the post yet, but way to keep the terminology alive Bolchemist!


  • chillin mayne

    yall done forgot one important thang….WHO GIVES A FUCC??…..joss stone?…im like slim thug, i aint neva herd of dat, wat da HELL yall lisnin to??….mayne yall trippin…to be real wit yall, dont matta whetha dey black, white, yellow, purple, gray, female, male, both…most rappas aint sayin nothin..aint talkin bout shit…yall feel me?…mayne…anyways im bout to go throw on sum mike jones hahahahaha….

  • dameSTATii

    Does “busta” still exist in spoken vocabulary, or only on the page?

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

    We sure aren’t saying that in the (grating) Bay!

  • EReal

    @ Dame

    I dont know, but yall say crazy shit out there anyway all the time. I got a thizz face, I need some piffy piff, da fuck?? LOL

  • Moe Real

    I think you don’t know what vague means, Bald. I think you were flipping through the dictionary, found that word and decided you needed to use it twice in a post. A vague tan? What? Can someone be vaguely tanned? Or vaguely Hispanic? Bol is a vague busta?


    lisping all over the place with his head all sideways on his no-neck like a confused broke dick dog.

    ^I wish I wrote that.

  • RedAlert

    SMASH you already said it all! Corny ass dork motherfucker!! LMAO

  • these posts are racist

    I don’t understand all the personal attacks. It’s hilarious. These cats will attack a person with hollow insults but rarely even try using logic or facts to make an argument.

    On the real, step ya game up!

    I’m still laughing at dude who called me a “lame-a-zoid”.

  • New York Nigga

    SMASHGORDON shut da hell up man u homo on da real i’ll bang that wite girl YEAYEAYEYEAY!!

  • these posts are racist


    And to all you squares who think I’m Lupe Fiasco’s younger brother, it’s not true. I’m 27 years old…Lupe is like 23. I’m just a cat who loves hip hop and trys to speak the truth.

    Holla at me.

  • Moe Real

    I don’t understand all the personal attacks.

    ^I bet this guy listens to Talib Kweli.

    Look, lamesauce, these posts are personal attacks (as your handle suggests), so what the fuck do you want?

  • Adam K

    Joss Stone….

    So hot.

    Into her cover of that White Stripes song more than the original.

  • http://deleted Incilin

    Wait, didn’t Sunday just post this? Was this like some XXL memo telling you to all post on female mcs?? (Where’s Tara when you need her??)Well, you gota good point here, altho I don’t know if its some grand conspircy or nothing. But I don’t know, you might be on to something. I will add that I must plug in some female mcs here like Jean Grea and Remy Ma. I don’t feel like discussing why thier good and all, I just felt like name dropping.


    man bol where your rants at these recent post are fucking boring man. is all you new good shit on your bowl crawford website?

  • dameSTATii

    “Piff” is east coast in nature, out here we got “Grapes”!

  • Realspitta

    u are so racist! Your not even cheering for own team. Dont be mad at hiphop or blackwomen because u aint getting none. This the last time im reading ur posts. sickamore we need you.

  • self hating nigga AKA bol

    bol you are a fucking disgrace to human exsitence. You should have been a cum stain on a dirty sheet in a cheap motel.I guess if I was fucking useless I would hate myself too. Do us a favor and fucking kill yourself bol.

    P.S. I pray to god that you dont have offspring

  • Poisonous Dart

    So let’s get this straight…you made a post about Joss Stone (Strike one, although I will admit it that she can get it…purple hair and all).

    You’re judging her album although you’ve never heard her previous work for reference and don’t care about R&B (Strike two)

    You make a Reed Richards reach about Black female emcees based on the notion that Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Joss Stone are currently being pushed on the market and female emcees aren’t prominent anymore (Strike three)

    This was some sloppy ass writing…although I usually have low expectations going in when I read your blogs.


  • self hating nigga AKA bol

    bol you are a disgrace to human existence. I pray to god that you dont have any offspring. Do us a favor and kill yourself. i wouldnt be suprise if some white dude wrote this racist shit under this name. But then again niggas will sell they soul for a fuckin mazda 626 with 17 inch rims

  • these posts are racist


    Advocates racial profiling of Arabs and Muslims. Does he not realize this same way of thinking could harm him? (as a black male).

    It’s funny, BOL-never employs logic in his arguments and will not respond to any post which clearly calls his logic and assertions into question.

  • self hating nigga AKA bol

    you are a fuckin racist

  • northsideSt.Louis



    LMAO @ this post

    Amy Winehouse and Fergie are ugly in the face though. Either way I’d definetly smash all the cracka chicks you mentioned.

  • egotripvh1

    i’m waiting on lucy diamonds? whats up bol? you got the 411?

  • Neo-Negro

    I’m agreeing with you on this one. Since all the black singers are switching to pop there’s more room left for white girls. By the way, Amy Winehouse is pretty dope though. Crazy, but dope. I like to describe her as a British Lauren Hill living in the sixtieas and an alchoholic.

  • Realspitta

    I got a question. How come you critize obama -whatever his name is- for taking a pic with beyonce but yet your bashing black woman cuz whitewomen like fatasses like you more than black females do. So what does that say about you. Are you black enough. Or even black period? Because a real nigga wouldnt talk about his own people like that. And if he did prefer white women he still wouldnt disrespect his own culture like that.

  • Pancho

    why is Bol still employed with XXL?

    I guess he makes everyone bash him completely here…that earns his keep.

    u decide to speak on Joss Stone when u wan to decide to post about females in a hip-hop site…f*cking JOSS STONE!

    WHAT THE F*CK?!?!?! People like you are the reason female artists like Jean Grae are never gonna be successful or get any recognition in the game today.

  • SukedowN

    Don’t sleep on her first CD. It’s damn good, she’s got a soulful voice.

  • Real_nygga

    Bol haul ass off the internet you a poor excuse as a blogger bitch

  • Hurricane Game

    Damn Bol U Actually are the definition of an Oreo.

  • mannyworld33



  • derfla the hus’la

    I hope you catch a virus you and your computer (c)Ivory ,how high

  • Corporate Doggy Dogg

    I can appreciate the bol’s dark sense of humor and use of exaggeration to accent a certain point. If you’re not of a certain level of intellect, you shouldn’t frequent his blogs. 1. If you’ve watched videos or tv for that matter in the last year or so you’d notice that the industry is attempting to “blackify whites” with questionable spray paint/tanning effects 2. there aren’t any black females emcees hitting the airwaves and 3. every white r&b songstress that can somewhat sing now are constantly described as soulful, sultry…so on and so forth. amen to the bol for keeping it 100

  • EReal

    LOL @ Derf.

    I dunno about Joss Stone, but I would break off Diamond from Crime Mobb with some of the Ol’ In & Out Burger, kna mean??????
    She been lookin good with that blonde weave. Hitter up with tha ShOcKa!!!
    2-4-Tha Pank 1-4-Tha Stank- HOLLAAA!

  • Khalil Amani

    Hold up! I’m missing something here! Okay, everybody’s bashing Bol and I don’t understand. I think he’s making a legitimate point about the state of black female emcees being replaced by white girls for whatever reasons. What’s the last hit by a black female emcee on the radio? Come on, where they at? I hear Fergie, Nelly Fertado, Christina, and that Pussy Cat Doll chick and Snoop, but I don’t hear any sistas doin’ hip-hop in the mainstream! I think the point that Bol is trying to make is that black female emceeing is disturbingly absent! All of you bloggers that feel the need to take cheap shots at someone’s percieved character flaws are simply exposing your ignorance before the world instead of dissecting what a brotha has written… a bunch of ig-nant, superficial jackasses that probably got more stereo equipment in yuor house than books! Now keep on hating! And anotha thang… Joss Stone can sang! Step your musical tastes up and become a little more ecletic in your life. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your ghetto pass for bumpin’ a white sista!

  • TrillGates

    PANCHO u wrong homie, the reason that Jean Grae is not recognized is because society is in a state that requires zero thought process to function. That’s why the wackest records sell the best. “The dumb are intrigued by the drum” they only wanna listen to beats not lyrics. Bottom line don’t nobody wanna hear that shyt. But if you put a white face in front of her work, now you got an anomale. I know you don’t understand, but that’s why joss stone even sells records bcuz she’s an anomale. Where as you got black chicks in any local church that could blow the socks off that broad sangin’. The nigga BOL makin a good point just look past the hate.

  • Pancho

    TRILLGATES^^^^yeah that too. Not many people wanna listen to lyricism anymore…and NO, I don’t understand why her sh*t would sell if you put a white face in her work (other than racism…which I do’t take part of).

    My point is that instead of giving true female mc’s like Jean Grae some attention…Bol goes out and f*ckin goes after Joss Stone.

  • Bol

    By show of hands, how many of you failed to realize I only did this post in the first place because there’s a Joss Stone feature in this month’s XXL?

    Don’t be embarrassed…

  • 007

    yeah and you could probably stand to lose 150 pounds



  • WHOA



  • Teenage Millionaire

    Okay my hands up Bol , i’m embarresed. But yeah I thought she was kinda hot in the mag now- I just brought it half an hour ago – But on the topic of Joss Stone. , Okay – People here in London can’t stand her , ova here in England she was marketied to us a some sweet white ‘country lass’ that sang like a black girl. But recentely she’s been going on tv and embarssingly puting on a psuedo new woik accent and putting people off her… But i’d still fuck her alllllday. Nothing wrong with fucking confused white women.

  • Teenage Millionaire

    In the mind of a white record label owner ….

    Marshall was to good so no other credible white mc’s could come out after him , but if I can dress up a white girl , not to black but ‘urban’ and drenched in trendyness and then make her rap in a ironic head nod to 1980′s – then maybe i’ll be on to something.

    20 platnumum plak’s later

    Wow – i’m a genius.

    In our mind’s …

    Come on , didn’t we all see this coming ?

  • ty from linden blvd

    i think you are a real sellout- house nickka ..i think you dont even realize always got something bad to say about black women but you seem to lite up with glee when speaking on a pink toe….i’ve read your blogs and it’s obvious you are a busta..I’m mean i dont no one guy who would go out and buy a joss stone album..i picture you like that big black dude on “white chix” riding in a broke down drop top singing a joss stone song…you epitomize the word busta!

    ^^^you have point about bol possibly but he’s right,funny that he brings this up cause the source had a article about this same topic in th eissue wit biggie on the cover (aka the rocafella world tour issue).

    what happened to the black female emcee?

    and yeah bol u wilding out,copping joss stone??man i sell cds,and i admit i have that shit but nobody(not even whitey)wants this shit.

  • Blakka

    Generally speaking, throughout our history our culture has been borrowed and stolen from. This ain’t nothin’ new. From Blues to Jazz to Rock n Roll and now to Hip-Hop, once people outside of our culture (Black/Hip-Hop)begin to take what’s ours and dilute it with what they want it to be ,we usually get the short end of the stick. Black women emcees are just the latest casualties of this. If they ain’t showin’ no ass , they get’s no play ; no matter how much they can spit.

  • Delgodo

    There are and will remain dope black female emcees in the indie world.They don’t equal sales because they never get signed by a major. They will always be overlooked because they actually have something to say without their titties hanging out or assets prominently featured in a video. The problem is cats don’t want to hear reality coming from a women’s mouth. It reminds them to much of their Mothers or baby mama drama. They like to hear ugly half naked dudes talk about how they sleep with models, drive expensive cars, and sport ugly chains and teeth made from precious metals. But we all know they are all rented in the videos and in reality. Sounds a little suspect to me.


  • Neo-Negro

    I’m actally glad Joss wa in XXL. People need to stop thinking that Hip-Hop is only for niggas in the hood. It’s worldwide, closed-minded sukas!

  • BE i learned Bol was a clumsy nerd who broke his ankle..went to bed early because his parents said he had to be in bed by 8 p.m. and also he was probably even fatter as a child because he ate Hamburgers all

  • EReal

    Bol = Hamburglar