I need to apologize to everyone that has come here to my blog in order to find the higher level of Hip-Hop that I promised. I have been highlighting our differences instead of finding the threads that pull us together. Despite our regional diversity and our own personal favorites we all love Hip-Hop. We love it enough to get into heated dialogue in these comments sections. At the end of the day, what has that gotten us? The corporate forces that have been undermining the culture are hard at work while we trade insults on these posts. If we don’t come together for something real Hip-Hop will be our generations jazz or blues music. It will be as relevant to our children as our parent’s music was relevant to us. Are you ready to represent for rap music’s fate.

Music fucking TeleVision has been one of the most egregious cultural hustlers when it comes to Hip-Hop. They threw rap music under the bus when they cancelled ‘Yo! Raps’ then only to give the fans the bastardized ‘Direct Effect’. MTV and their parent company Viacom are the main reasons we see and hear no diversity in rap music. These fools are strangling the game right in front of our eyes, literally in front of our eyes. MTV never loved or respected the culture. Hip-Hop always had step-child status except when there were some ratings to secure. Then we’d see shit like Hip-Hop week and the MTV list of the top ten greatest rappers. For a few hours on Sunday they give you their ‘Sucker Free’ programming. The truth is that they have been playing us like suckers. And I’m not gonna take this shit anymore. Music fucking TeleVision is trying to rewrite the legacy of Hip-Hop in their image by creating the list of the top ten Hip-Hop groups of all time. It’s time for us to tell MTV to “Fuck yo’ couch! And fuck yo’ remote control. And fuck yo’ top ten lists” since those humps don’t love Hip-Hop anyway.

Look at the list they’ve started…

10. UGK
9. Fugees
8. Salt 'N Pepa
6. A Tribe Called Quest
5. Wu-Tang Clan
4. Outkast
3. Public Enemy
2. N.W.A
1. Run-DMC

Do you people agree with this shit? Hell to the no! There is no way Public Enemy and the Wu aren’t #1 and #2. Where is 2 Live Crew? Where is De La Soul? Where are the motherfucking Beastie Boys?!?!

I just shut down the comments section here on this blog. Don’t leave a comment here. You are killing Hip-Hop if you try to leave a comment here. I need you to go to your favorite blogger, be that Byron Crawford, or Eskay or Sickamore, whoever, and tell them that this bullshit being perpetrated by Music fucking Television has to stop right here. If you’re ready to take your voice from this comments section and put it in the face of the corporate beast that has been raping rap music for all of its energy and substance then here is what we will do…

Until they show Hip-Hop the respect that it deserves we will no longer consume their bullshit. And to keep shit extra funky holler at these people right here for producing all of these top ten lists.

The MTV Hip-Hop Brain Trust

Tell them that they are part of the corporate machine that is stealing away the legacy of Hip-Hop and let them know we won’t accept their shit anymore.

I’ve had enough of being divided about Hip-Hop. The arguments have been senseless and irrelevant and while I perpetuated them the corporations came in and stole Hip-Hop away right in front of my very eyes. I again apologize to all my readers who had been promised Hip-Hop on a higher level from my blog. Today is the day that we emancipate our music from corporate slavery. Spread the word. Tell Music fucking TeleVision to respect our music, our art and our culture, or get the hell away from it.

One Hundred.