Hip-Hop Music Is Making You Stupidererrr…

What do you value for yourself?  Is it the new sneakers that you just bought, or is it your ability to string your thoughts together in a linear, cohesive bond that allows you to communicate yourself and generate income for yourself and earn the purchasing power to acquire the aforementioned product? That question right there speaks volumes as to who you are as a person.  Do you revel in the destination or the journey you took to that place?  The same questions can be applied to the art that you value.  Are you the type of cat that appreciates the details contained inside of a Rembrandt or do you fucks with the white canvas with the red dot painted in the center?  If I’m a music industry executive and I see that you will accept the blank canvas with the red dot because I’ve hyped it up and thrown a party for it that is what I will give you from now until you wise the fuck up.

The Hip-Hop and rap music that you have been consuming is that blank shit, and it’s making you a fucking blank too.  I consider the people that are smart enough to have an internet connection part of America’s (and the world for that matter) minority.  You are smart enough to get some of your information from another source other than television.  This puts you head and shoulders above the masses as far common intelligence.  You have the ability to filter and secure information that isn’t available at this time to other folks.  This makes you more informed and ultimately smarter since you will be able to make decisions for yourself based on having internalized more facts.  Can we all agree on this much?  Can we all agree that the more info you have access to the smarter it makes you?

So why do you get upset when I tell you that the rap music that you fucks with is making you dumber?  Let me give you several examples how this is so.  Rap music is based on a rapper manipulating language to create verses and stanzas that relate that rappers stream of thoughts.  By no stretch of the mind is this easy and it is certainly not easy when that rapper employs complex polysyllabic terms within the rap verses.  Can we all agree that the insertion of a term like ‘hypochondriac’ is more complex than the word ‘cat’ or ‘hat’?  So any rapper that can create verses with these complex words stands to be more intelligent than a rapper who can not by virtue of the difficulty the word brings to the song measure.  Are you still with me?

I will argue that the popular construction of rap music is designed to make you the listener dumber because the structure and presentation of complex terms is being removed from the songs.  In 2006, the song ‘Chain Hang Low’ from the rapper Jibbs was the number one downloaded ringtone of all time.  T.I., was the undisputed king of rap record sales in 2006 and his song ‘What You Know’ was a multi-platinum hit.  Lastly, in 2006, the rap group Wu-Tang Clan was honored by VH-1 for their contributions to Hip-Hop culture.  They performed a song called ‘Triumph’.  Let’s take a minute and analyze these three songs and then maybe you can tell me if I am lying to you.

Jibbs  – ‘Chain Hang Low’
Follow the link above to a webpage that lists the lyrics for the song.  Let’s also not forget that the melody for this song is an extrapolation of the ‘Zip Coon’ minstrel anthem originally performed during the 1800’s by whites in blackface.  There are 740 words contained within the Jibbs song and there are only 10 polysyllabic words of which ‘platinum’ is repeated 5 times.  So you essentially have 6 polysyllabic words for a 700 word song.  That amounts to under 1 percent of the song.  There can be little question that ‘Chain Hang Low’ was fashioned for retards and fans of rap music that attend special education developmentally challenged classes.  God bless their dumb hearts.  Let’s look at 2006’s most popular rap single…

T.I. – ‘What You Know’
The title of this song gives me some hope since T.I. is positing the question to the listener asking if the listener is informed.  However, this could be a pre-emptive strike type of assertion in that T.I. asks what knowledge you have before you have the chance to ask him the same.  For those of you scoring at home, ‘What You Know’ has a word count of a little over 750 with only 7 different polysyllabic terms contained in that total.  I suppose I should give T.I. props for not using the word ‘platinum’ once.  Anyhoo, this song does even worse than Jibbs’ at conveying complex terms to the listener.  I just got dumber reading the lyrics.  I could feel my brain being sucked out through my eyeholes.

2006 was also the year that one of Hip-Hop’s landmark groups was honored by mainstream media.  The Wu-Tang Clan is the embodiment of Black unity in the ‘hood.  All of the members bring a different and effective talent to the table for the group.  Their strongest talent was their ability to harness the possibilities of the universe in rhyme form.  They created lyrics that were as illustrative as graphic novels.  The Wu-Tang are Black superheroes.  Tragic and flawed all the same, but heroic in the sense that they recognize GOD is the creator and they are the messengers.  Peep the lyrics for the ‘Triumph’ and do the math.

Wu-Tang Clan – ‘Triumph’
There are over a thousand words that build this epic track and there are 87 polysyllabic words contained within that number.  In O.D.B.’s intro he almost surpasses the number of complex words used by Jibbs and T.I. for their total songs.  I have to transcribe the following stanza that Inspectah Deck uses to open the rhyme verses with.  These verses are as picturesque and detailed as any painting that I have ever seen.  They are both fantasy and reality using literal literature in rhyme form…

I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies
and hypotheses can’t define how I be droppin these
mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery
Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me
Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits
tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics
I inspect you, through the future see millenium
Killa B’s sold fifty gold sixty platinum
Shacklin the masses with drastic rap tactics
Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths
Black Wu jackets queen B’s ease the guns in
Rumble with patrolmen, tear gas laced the function
Heads by the score take flight incite a war
Chicks hit the floor, diehard fans demand more
Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly
Proceeds to blow swingin swords like Shinobi
Stomp grounds and pound footprints in solid rock
Wu got it locked, performin live on your hottest block

This is why they say Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

Osiris Lives!

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  • these posts are racist

    That’s real talk.

  • yobroshot

    I guess we’re talking mainstream here, but we can’t forget another dude who paints Rembrandts, and that dude is Gift of Gab.

  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp SONNY CHEEBA

    Now THAT’S a Fucking post!!!

    Now i’m really fucking with you my nig…

    I love the fact u pointed out that Wu Tang were superheroes… that’s what rappers were back in the day: Melle Mel, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Krs One, Public Enemy, NWA, etc.

    Those names alone spoke volumes, let alone there body of work…

    Now look at the names nowadays:

    Lil Flip,Slim Thug, Mike Jones, TI, Jibbs, Nelly, Mims, Bow Wow, Lil Boosie, Game, Young Buck, Young Jeezy,etc.

    You get the drift… It’s a shame!

    If u came out with some iconic name like “Rakim”, u’d be labeled a muslim extremist/terrorist by a nucca like Bol…

    And that’s real…

  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp SONNY CHEEBA

    Oh yeah, here’s a thread i put up on a site i fucks with, show u my train of thought:

    Timbaland and Dr. Dre Don’t Make Their Own Beats???

    I’m Tired Of People Saying “Timbaland (or Dr. Dre) Doesn’t Do His Own Beats”

    It’s like this youngins… Producers are like fashion designers… When they all started out they made ALL there stuff themselves (couture), that’s how they got the reputation/accolades/career … But as they grow, they use designers (other producers/musicians) to help with the work load. These “designers” come up with ideas, and then the producer takes what he likes and flips it. He makes into something that the under study couldn’t or wouldn’t have done… Thus making it, his design as well…

    When u go to Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci or Armani, u don’t know who designed the clothing! u just know it looks good and it’s Gucci! And that’s what music is like… U go to Timbaland or Dre for their sound/style and their name… Who cares who “made the beat”, as long as it has the stamp of approval from the producer! And all alot of times these “designers” get frustrated and go on their own- and most don’t survive, with the exception of Scott Storch…

    Now some producers still make everything couture (DJ Premiere, DJ Quik, etc), but that’s a small portion… Even Kanye has 2-3 “designers” under him making beats… Brian “All Day” Miller is one of them and Kanye’s gotten credit on his work… But the people came to Kanye, not Brian- yadig?

    I hope this clarifies things, cuz niggaz be arguinng all day about this sh*t…

  • jacquez

    Nice post and Wu-Tang was a good example simply because they use polysylabic words that make sense unlike some pretentious rappers who phrase words together to give the impression that they are intelligent.

  • thoreauly77

    ha! perfectly expressed my thoughts here. now, i know i will be called a backpacker or some other stupid name for saying this, but aesop rock is a serious threat on the mic. his rhyme skills are ridiculous.

    co-sign yobroshot.

  • John Brown

    damn you are actually putting thought in your blogs ever since YN was going to unplugged you for that mtv blog. Is good to know you aint dumbing down for no one.


  • the_face

    One of the greatest verses of all time, great posts homie.

  • EReal

    Hypochondriac, hangin out at the laundry mat, where all the fat white trashy blondes be at”

  • John Brown

    I didnt even kow that Jibbs had the #1 D.L. song last year. Whats wrong with those people.

  • WhiteChoco

    TRIUMPH!! Its don’t get much better then that

  • Atl’s own


    your logic is fatally flawed!

    the assertion that using words with multiple syllables rather than one can determines a persons intelligence is obsurdly wrong!

    nor do using polysyllabic terms make a rap more difficult to create, given there are many such words that are in every day use that people can generally rhyme such words with easily.

    a better measure of rapping ability would be to check how the words are used rather than tne mere length of the word. an even better measure would be control and complexity of poetic and non-poetic devices in the mix (such as allusions, simile, metaphors, refferences, etc.).

    also the beat and how well yo favorite mc road the beat!

  • Malik C.

    Normally an article like this would make me depressed at the state of rap these days, but Wu-Tang got another album coming out so it just helps support the point of Wu-Tang being the best group ever.

  • http://dronkmunk.blogpsot.com dronkmunk

    Hmmm…comparing Jibbs to Wu-tang?

    Seems like kind of an easy target

  • Atl’s own

    oh forgot to mention the emotion of it all. both for the artist and the ensuing fans.

  • derfla the hus’la

    good post sunday daim……I feel sorry for them youngins they brain cells are pratically getting drained but hey if you let the media think for you thats what you get

  • EReal

    GOD DAMNIT. Why the fuck are my posts getting cut off???

    I dont feel like retyping that whole shit man damn.

    I agree. Thats it. Fuck it.

  • D.GUTTER89


  • crimerate

    Yo ATL, a good point until you discredited yourself by using “road” instead of rode.

  • Combat Jack

    good post!

  • rec

    Cosign ATL’s own…

    though Billy, your arguments are a good starting point for discussion

    “The hard headed never learn..” Meth “Triumph”

  • Ghost

    ATL’s Own has a good point (better check your spelling though dog) but I think that Sunday was expressing an overarching and cohesive element that is only relevant when all of those things that ATL mentioned are integrated as well. As any respectable fan of hip hop is discerning to lyrics, we would know when muthafuckas are stringing random words together without any structure as far as narrative or stream of consciousness goes. So all in all, I think that all of those elements go without saying – and yes, it is a whole lot harder to string together polysyllabic words than monosyllabic words, regardless. Note “I weave a web of words so intricately that the english dictionary lacks an adjective to fit me” -Brother Ali. What now?

    Oh…and no one can fuck with Aesop Rock

  • lee

    Now that’s a f****** post

  • Incilin

    I’m not sure how you derived your “polysyllabic terms” count, but I don’t need it to know TI and Jibbs just cant fuck with Wu-Tang. It’s like comparing fine wine to kool-aid.

    That Deck verse is one of the greatest verses i ever heard.

    As far as rhyming‘hypochondriac’ and rhyming cat and hat, well I’ve heard Eminem do both. hypochondriac in “As The World Turns” and hat and cat and such in the entire verse of “Saying Goodbye To Hollywood”. But I dont think either one of us question his lyrical ability.

    Overall, this a good post. And I’m glad you put it up.

  • Rizzop

    “also the beat and how well yo favorite mc road the beat!”……..You just made the man’s point!! Thats what listening to Lil wayne does!!! Of course im kidding, but Mr Sunday has a point, Niggas aint blowing people out the water like that anymore. I would looooove to see any southern rappers one VERSE top Inspectah top that since 2000(no southern hate, just keeping it real)….Please send it

  • Notorious A.G.C.


  • Malik C.

    To Atl’s own

    Of course everything you said was important but in no way discredits what he said. Sure Dr. Suess books rhyme, but a poet that uses a larger vocabulary can create more vivid pictures and create a more interesting story or song. The type of language used helps the song a simple song has simple fans.

  • Bang

    Sometimes simplicity is the hardest thing to master.

    The point of COMMUNICATING shit is to get your point across. Why would you say “hypochondriac” when you aren’t talking about an hypochondriac? My dude

    The readers need to never confuse the thought that using big words alone mean intelligence, that’s just book smarts and tacked on vocabulary.

    Intelligence has more to do with content, and not just using a thesauraus. Ideas are key to seeing where someone’s head is. You’re right in that the WU used visual descriptions and made smarter music than TI, true -

    You have a point, but it aint always like that. Cus some broke n!ggas have no schoolingor book smarts, but are smart with how they handle themselves in the streets

    Smart ideas, and the desire to improve yourself mean that you are showing intelligence. People are dumb today cus they want to stagnate!


  • Were Read 2 Def

    >That Deck verse is one of the greatest verses i ever heard.

    ^Sorry, man. It is the best evar.

  • Meka Soul

    >also the beat and how well yo favorite mc road the beat!>

    a shining example on how non-polysyllabic words makes you dumber.

  • Atl’s own

    to Malik c., that is a fallacy.

    it wasn’t my goal to discredit, only point out errors in reasoning.

    larger vocab. does in no way automatically create within itself a more vivid picture; i know this becuz u could describe an experience jus as vivid using smaller words; however emotion does have the effect of making the description more vivid (see 2Pac, “dear momma” for example).

    whether large words make the song more interesting is opinion, not fact; in my opinion it doesn’t(see scarface “i never seen a man cry” for example)!

    “…a simple song has simple fans.” if u say so (yet, another opinion) tell that to the legion of scarface and 2Pac fans.

    Its sumtimes better to get strait to the point rather than always beating around the bush, with theez extra extra words; if he went to the store just say that.

    what i can tell u about niggaz always using words that the general public don’t know or care to know for that matter is they are full of themselves, and i would say missin’ the point of makin music for the masses which is bad buisness.

    by the way Dr.Suess was a highly intellegent man that wrote children’s stories, not a rapper, u must be confused (or was that an intentional red herring, though i doubt it).

  • Atl’s own

    to meka-soul

    pleez tell me how so?

  • DANJA29

    It’s funny to me… when I was in high school, I remember this kid who was stuck on that Deck verse from ‘Triumph’. He was a casual rap fan (not really a backpacker or a real lyric-obsessed dude) but he loved that verse.

    Now I think of what most kids in high school are listenin’ to and I wonder if there’s a chance in hell that they’d even listen any further into some shit that starts off with “I bomb atomically”. Let alone a song that’s nearly 6 minutes long with no hook.

    You might be on to somethin’ there, Sunday. In fact, I’m sure you are.

  • TS

    Wu-Tang does seem to have the ability to make certain schmoes _think_ they’re a lot smarter than they are, yeah.

  • Cashus Clay

    That Inspectah Deck verse is off the chain but its not a fair comparision cuz Jibbs is retartded and what you know about is a single thats suppose to get people hyped. Never the less good Post

  • Atl’s own

    couldn’t agree wit u more

  • http://deleted Incilin

    Haha, Dr. Flav I give you mad props for that one right there. I think we can all agree that it’s more than just rhymes you spit (to those Pac and Face mentions) its how you say it. And the emotion in your delivery. Anyone with me on that?

  • Pennez

    uh oh…someone is running out of material…you did this last year on your site! but i still fux with you tho….

  • http://www.myspace.com/pizomuzik Pizo

    I’m with Atl and a few others, placing intelligence strictly on the size of a word leaves out too many other factors. If that was the case most of the groups and people that help pioneer Hip-Hop would be considered morons. People such as Kurtis Blow, Sugar Hill Gang, Afrika Afrika Bambaataa. Not giving props in anyway to jibbs, I’m just saying it’s not that cut and dry.

    get at me…

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?cat=29 noz

    Limp Bizkit “Nookie” 359 words, 7 of which contain three or more syllables.

    Billie Holiday “Strange Fruit” 78 Words, 2 of which contain three or more syllables.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday


    you wanna talk to me my nigger?

    I e-mailed you my phone number, hit me back so we can talk.

  • Malik C.

    atl’s own

    I’m well aware that Dr. Suess is a children’s book writer. The point was off the content and that he rhymed. Easier connection then some foreign poet I could have pulled out me ass. Regardless I never stated that just because someone DOES have a larger vocabulary means that what they say is better then a man that has a smaller vocabulary. Another board I frequent I deal with a dude who thinks/acts like that. Nothing I said there was absolute to anything. Hell Gorillaz have several songs that just repeat two lines but I still enjoy them nonetheless. I was only defending the point that a larger vocabulary used can help improve something, I’d rather not read/write/hear the same 2 words to describe something through an entire book/conversation/song. There are many more components to rap then vocab. It IS still a very important part. I could list about 15 other things (techniques used) I care more for in a rap then it though.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Dr. Seuss was a genius at teaching small children the use of language through rhyme and mnemonics. What does that have to do with rap music at it’s highest levels.

    Do you want children to be able to recite ‘What You Know’? The cadence and rhyme metre is built for a young child or someone of that capacity, but the content described shouldn’t be consumed by a child. I don’t want your seven year old to be concerned with ‘brawds’.

    Can y’all dudes not see the forest because of all the trees you’ve smoked?

  • T-Vine

    Now that’s mad deep!! You got the heads noddin’. And that’s a true hip hop explanation, once a person can consume what you just spit, I mean really take it in..then it’s totally clear why the South is Whick..Whick Whack!! What you wrote was not only breath taking but the Straight Up Gospel..I’m totally speachless! That’s what I was trying to say before..you can’t ryhme “man” with “man” 20 times in one song and be number one even if you do…you’re still ludicrous..corny! True hip hop is not ignorant, superficial, or common..it’s intense, mezmerizing, and thought provoking..yeah everyday brotha’s flowin but they are educated (either through the streets or formally) and creative enough to express on a relative and meaningful level… not just with a red dot..
    The B is for Brilliant Billy Sunday! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  • Fabo

    I mean, if all this is true i guess the best rappers alive would be like canibus and chino xl or some shit. Never mind if it fucking makes sense or anything, just as long as theres lots of big words right?

    You must be the type of cat thats like “oh shit” whenever canibus says some dumb nonsense like “Ill masticate your equilibrium. Decentralize your mental delirium with my lyrical darts that sting like venom”

    Just throwing out tons of multiple syllable words makes it way easier cause you don’t have to actually flow or have rhythm or cadence, you can just read off dictionary words and spit your superscientifical madness.

    Why do you think theres so many wack white underground rappers that cop this whole style?

    Now I cant take away anything from triumph cause thats a classic song, and the jibbs track is a fucking joke. But i think T.I. Holds up. Especially when you take into account his delivery, which is actually way more developed than say….U-god.

  • eauhellzgnaw

    I also have a problem with Billy’s lyrical analyses because the selection is biased as hell. It’d be more fair to comare Jibbs to an equally NY popular NY retard from the late 90s (Ja Rule, for instance).

    And to everyone saying that there is more to great MCs than polysyllabic words: of course flow and style matter; that goes without saying. That’s why Gift of Gab and Aesop Rock, for all of their verbosity, don’t measure up to Ghostface, Nas at his best, etc.: they sound like friggin geeks, hence their fanbases.

    And Billie Holiday freaked the hell out of “Strange Fruit,” but it was written by a radical Jewish schoolteacher.


    When will all of you old heads see the bigger picture. I understand where you are coming from no hip hop today is not early what is was decades ago no will ever be again. R&B is not what it was decades ago. Rock etc. Music evovles with generations. Hip Hop is different from when you where coming up. Its not a regional thing because the average hip hop fans youngins to age 25 prefer whats out right now. To old heads lates 20s to thirties the problem is you dont except the fact that you are old now. Its like when you were coming up into hip hop and your older generation was saying hip hop isnt music. real music is marvin gaye, lenny williams etc. Old dudes on here hating on a 16 year old rap style comparing jibbs to wu tang. Hip Hop now is not about how many big words out the dictionary you can get into a verse but more into what the new hip hop generation can vibe to and relate to. The reason MIMS FAT JOE, DIDDY, DJ WEBSTAR, etc all wack coming out the east but gettin radio spins mad crazy is because they adapted to the new generation of hip hop. Point is if you are a old head you couldnt relate to the new hip hop generation so you would never understand what hip hop is today

  • Pancho

    Good post…u make valid points…more songs that use more vocabulary will mean that our vocabulary can increase. More vocab we know, the better we can express ourselves. The better we can express ourselves, our lives will be better for it (bet u anything that a person will have better chances of finding a job with an increased vocbaulary than a person that can’t speak as well).

    I also agree with ATL’s OWN though. The use of words are important. Jibbs just mindlessly throws words together. Bun B can tell a story with simple words. So could 2Pac, Common, Notorious B.I.G, and more!


    Impressive post. Co-sign.

    now if you could just stop using “hardbody”(no pimp c in prison) everything would be o.k.

  • NickeNitro

    Big words = Smart, huh? You sound real edumacated.

    Sorry, but when I listen to music, I want to hear something dope, not something smart. Obviously something smart can be dope for that reason (and something dumb might not be dope for that reason), but using a bunch of big words for the sake of it is neither dope nor smart. It’s just pretentious.

    Like look at American college rock fans. They’re all so enamored with rockers that use big words simply for that reason (“it’s so literate”) that they end up unwittingly listening to a bunch of gimmicky, derivative garbage and endlessly pondering vaguities.

    So instead of spending every column you write looking like a dumbass by repeatedly calling hip-hop fans dumb, you should talk about what’s dope music out now, like Ruff Draft, which has been ignored by XXL, naturally, in favor of giving more coverage to Jibbs and TI.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    As someone on this thread may have written, sometimes more is said with less.

    Let me explain to you all again in very simple term the meaning of this drop…

    In respect to the music of HIP-HOP, the year 2006 was an interesting study. I picked three songs from that year to analyse (yes, the Wu song was created before, but it was performed during a highly televised concert, therefore it stands out for me as relevant in 2006).

    The gist of this drop says that most Hip-Hop fans would prefer a blank canvas with a red dot in the center as opposed to a Rembrandt to represent their artform. Why is this?

    People love to say that their favorite rapper is like Charles Barkley or Magic Johnson or some other NBA legend that has won high acclaim, but I ask you this… Look at the career of Michael Jordan and all of those players that he made better and made champions by virtue of his contact with them. Ask yourself who has been made better by contact with your favorite rapper?

    Dumbing down one’s music to increase one’s dollars might ultimately make you a wealthy performer, but does that make for good art?

  • Youcantry

    Complexity=better is an impossible argument. You are judging quantity against quality and that is a sort of oil/water. The harder the words, the less people will understand, doesn’t matter what you are talking about. Complex words, in fact, can be often nothing more than a verbal tactic, used to confuse and code, more than anything else.

  • John Brown



  • EReal

    I think people wanna over simplify what you’re trying to say, Sunday.

    I dont think Sunday was saying that you HAVE to use a ton of big words or all big words or even confusing strings of big words like the example of Canibus.
    I think he’s saying that theres a lack of any real challenge to the listener to extend their own vocab or to hit the rewind and hear what they’re talking about and feel the music.
    True the Inspecta verse uses a bunch of big words, but the words make sense, they paint a picture of a Sick MC rockin a show so hard that the cops come to shut the shit down because he’s that sick. But you have to listen, you have to discern that.
    I remember when I first heard this song or other Wu tracks, or when I first copped the Slim Shady EP TAPE. I had to keep hitting rewind to go back and listen again, like DAMN did he just say that???
    There isnt that feeling alot in rap today. There is of course backpacker rap, but Sunday IMO was refering to Mainstream hiphop. Yesterday I listened to the track “No Apologies” by Eminem on the Re-Up mixtape (album w/e). It was the first time in a long time that I got actual goosebumps from hearing a hiphop track.(pause) Em’s wordplay and the way he makes you feel exactly how he’s feeling, seeing it thru his eyes, was amazing. It reassured me that Em is the sickest in the game PERIOD. Then I hear shit like Doe Boy Fresh and that ‘Penutbutter inside, outside jelly’ bullshit, and Im like.. damn.
    The closest Ive heard lately (06′ mainstream, meaning not Ghostface, because he’s insane good) is Chamillionaire. He makes me feel texas, he makes me see shit with his words. Its like when you first listened to the Chronic and you bumped it and felt the westside, felt the vibe like you were ridin with Dre. Its like when you heard Murda Musik for the first time. That feeling, that type of art, where the rapper makes you see what hes talkin about, not just hear. Where the rap evokes emotion beyond bustin heads and fuckin hoes. Thats whats missing in mainstream, IMO. and Thats what I took from the post.

    I wrote something like this but it got cut off yesterday, I just saw everyone breaking it down to “Now you hafta use big words?? WTf?” argument.

    1 hunned.


    Co-sign EREAL

    Albums like The Chronic, The Infamous, and Murda Muzik were more than cds they were like movies

  • Re 3rd

    I agree with you. But the target demo wants sing song stuff. So what are you gonna do? (throws hands up)

  • http://biochemicalslang.blogspot.com Vik

    nice post sunday.

    you’ve been on FFIIIYYAAA lately.

    keep it gully my dude.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^Word life Ereal gets the gold star for reading comprehension.

    “I think he’s saying that theres a lack of any real challenge to the listener to extend their own vocab or to hit the REWIND and hear what they’re talking about and feel the music”

  • SmokinAces

    I don’t want to fully discredit your opinion because it is on point mostly. But I think things like emotion and overall meaning trump the use of big words. Pac for example didn’t use the entire dictionary to create rhymes, but through his emotion he made you fully understand and feel what he was saying. That to me is more important. Not to compare MC’s to this, but stories in the Bible or speeches given by say Malcolm X were put in terms the people of the day could understand so they could grasp it better. Use of words that the average man, woman, and child could not understand could have made the message fall flat. Lastly, Jibbs shit is garbage no doubt, but with T.I., I think you could have found other songs, like I Still Love You (from Trap Musik) that give off incredible detail and heartfelt emotion.

  • http://yourallwelcome.blogspot.com/ 911

    I get it. I comprehend. Exactly.

  • John Cochran

    Now thats what I’m sayin’ homie. Blogs like this spark real convo and debate. Keep doin’ ya thing bro. On HHIP Nas had a line like ” I cant sound smart cause yall will run away”. I forgot what song that was but he was right on the money. It seems as if songs that are more intelligent dont get any props. Like, the other day I was talking to a co-worker about who was the most lyrical rappers. He said Jada, Beans, TI, and some other no name mixtape cats. But when I brought up Ghost and the rest of the Wu he was like ” I dont understand what they be talkin’ bout”. My point is that I dont think certain music makes you dumber, cause I listen to everything. I just think dumb people cant understand intelligent music. 1

  • Fernando

    ATL’s Own……….

    I wonder why you arent feeling the post?? Possibly because all the people he is clowning come from the dumb-ass south!

    T.I’s lyrics for that song HUUUURRRRTTT! Damn, its like a 4 year old wrote them. Sure the beat was fire, and his delivery is sick, but those lyrics are garbage!


    I have to admit though. I feel a lot of Southern Rap and a lot of Bay Area rap. Much of which is extremely ignorant. But I also get down with the complex stuff too. Unfortunately people who arent fans of ALL rap or are not exposed to it think this is all that rap has to offer……sad


    Fern stay talkin bout nothing. Say Fern, HOW ABOUT KISSIN OUR DUMB ASS? While you are at it research where most of the predominantly black learning institutions are. As far as the writer of this blog, hip hop videos are neither Dora the explorer or Barney the purple dinosaur. Children go to school to learn vocabulary, typically through books, via recognition and syllable translation. Why not go ahead and blame hip hop on black crime, yeah that will help preserve the art.


    Why not blame the educational system? One day I will read this blog and find something positive being said about current hip hop and not biased cynicism toward artist and boasts.

  • Boner Jams 03

    t.i. had the worst bar of the year in 06 on that justin timberlake track:

    “they call me the candle guy/simply cuz i am on fiyaah”….


  • Boner Jams 03

    wait i take that back…he had the SECOND worst bar of 06…

    number one goes to lil boosie:

    “she get on the back of that motorbike/and all u see is BACK on that motorbike”

  • Cuban Link


    March 8th, 2007 at 1:01 pm
    Oh yeah, here’s a thread i put up on a site i fucks with, show u my train of thought:

    Timbaland and Dr. Dre Don’t Make Their Own Beats???

    I’m Tired Of People Saying “Timbaland (or Dr. Dre) Doesn’t Do His Own Beats”

    It’s like this youngins… Producers are like fashion designers… When they all started out they made ALL there stuff themselves (couture), that’s how they got the reputation/accolades/career … But as they grow, they use designers (other producers/musicians) to help with the work load. These “designers” come up with ideas, and then the producer takes what he likes and flips it. He makes into something that the under study couldn’t or wouldn’t have done… Thus making it, his design as well…

    When u go to Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci or Armani, u don’t know who designed the clothing! u just know it looks good and it’s Gucci! And that’s what music is like… U go to Timbaland or Dre for their sound/style and their name… Who cares who “made the beat”, as long as it has the stamp of approval from the producer! And all alot of times these “designers” get frustrated and go on their own- and most don’t survive, with the exception of Scott Storch…

    Now some producers still make everything couture (DJ Premiere, DJ Quik, etc), but that’s a small portion… Even Kanye has 2-3 “designers” under him making beats… Brian “All Day” Miller is one of them and Kanye’s gotten credit on his work… But the people came to Kanye, not Brian- yadig?

    I hope this clarifies things, cuz niggaz be arguinng all day about this sh*t…

    ^^^One of Kanyes designers is Rhymefest too, who made Jsesus Walks, which really made Kanye.

  • Colron

    Great post, but real talk(Sorry Andre!)..You are wrong to use the example of polysyllabic word count as a measure of rapping abilitiy without referencing the other layers of the songmaking. Especially to compare T.I. and Wu-Tang. Sometimes its harder to spit a bunch of smaller words than it is to spit one big one in the same sentence. Creating multiple rhymes sequences within the same bars and verses requires more, not less, thought. The real problem is that people dont reward the people that resonate with them the best because most people dont know what it is they like. That results from all listening to rap and not getting educated about it. Implicit admiration versus explicit. I knew I liked Eminem the first time I heard him(implicit). I couldnt tell you why Eminem is 2nd best on my top ten list until much later, because I had to listen to him a lot, compare his body of work to other rappers and also internalize his basic viewpoint and how he flips every part of the song to get it across.(Explicit) You have to listen subjectively to get the emotional content of a rap song and objectively to recognize the actual meaning of the words and see the craftmanship. Then you can really get the meaning of the song. So if I were to comapre Triumph and What You Know, I would say yes the Wu used harder words. T.I. used a simple pattern to evoke the swagger of a hustler turned rapper who stayed true to himself and simultaneously admonish rappers that claim the same lifestyle falsely, neither rapping on his level or living life at his risk level. That is hard. Wu-Tangs song Triumph is a poetic ode to the Wu’s current and eventual success. I give Wu the edge but I dont think its a fair comparison because What you Know is far from T.I.s best song. Triumph certaintly is top 5 Wu. So give Wu the victory in your post because of single selection. Thats really what they did better. 1.

  • Colron

    Rembrant posts 4tw, Red dot posts 4tl..bitches. “Its bigger than hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip”..

  • nation

    very good post

    intro is very impressive

  • Hurricane Game

    Umm Shut the fuck up sunghey. U Dont have to use big wordz all the time to be a good lyracist. I Aint sayin U Should dumb ur lyrics down too much (Fuckin Jibbs) but overcomplicating it is just as bad (Ie. the Homo of the century Canibus).
    There was nothing wrong wit What U Know though so Fuck Up Sunghey. And U Compared Southern and Midwest Hip Hop Songs to Wu Tang. What About Chicken Noodle Soup. I Believe thats an East Coast Song. But no U Had to Hate On the south again. Go suck a cock U Lil Fuck Boy.

  • Hurricane Game

    Boner Jams 03 Says:

    March 9th, 2007 at 7:23 pm
    t.i. had the worst bar of the year in 06 on that justin timberlake track:

    “they call me the candle guy/simply cuz i am on fiyaah”….

    Boner Jams 03 Says:

    March 9th, 2007 at 7:24 pm
    wait i take that back…he had the SECOND worst bar of 06…

    number one goes to lil boosie:

    “she get on the back of that motorbike/and all u see is BACK on that motorbike”

    What about “Pimpin Make the beat drop, Fuck Her Wit a laptop.

    Possibly the worst Bars Ive ever heard in my life.

  • thhee

    now thats a post

  • Cuban Link

    ^^Jeezy had like the top 10 worst bars, just in Go Getta.Thats the only song Ive listened to by him tho, cuz the beat, video and R.Kellys verse/hook are hot.He might have had more then.

    Be The First To Admit Im am Alcoholic Only Blow Dat Good Shit Yea Dat Whatchamacallit


    Catch Me Posted On Da Block In Something Exotic
    ’07 Yea Da Same Color Hypnotic

    ^^^^Again, WTF?

    Theres more, but the Whatchamacallit line is just gosh awful.

  • third ward nolia slim

    The best rapper ever to do it (PAC) never worried about big huge words to get his point across. He just told you how it was what ever he was feeling at that time he put it on wax. Face was the same way. That Smile is one of my favorite songs of all time. Even B.I.G some east coast cats call him the greatest but neither did he deliver rhymes like wu tang. I understand where you coming from about peeps need to expand their mind. The thing about PAC BIG FACE is that no matter what the age everybody is always going to remember and be listening to them no matter what region you from. Whereas WU tang only mostly east coast dudes and up north cats will still be banging there music. And people in asia. You might catch a few dudes from around other regions listening but not to many. Hip Hop has evovled you cant blame the south, most of you leaving messages saying fuck the south and hatinig on south rappers or in your late twentys to 30s or white. You not understanding that hip hop evovles with time. Its a new generation. 15 to 25 is in control of hip hop. You may have a few that only want that old hip hop but the majority wants jeezy, T.I. Luda, crime mob, jibbs, mims, boosie, webbie, lil wayne, even sad to say young joc. These dudes is rapping to the new hip hop generation. If a kid 18 to 25 looks at a wu tang cd and then look at a jeezy CD and a NAS cd and he only got money for one 9 times out of ten the majority is going to get the JEEZY. thats just the truth. Jeezy hit platinum status for the second time. This is just the facts, no matter how much yall bitch and moan saying fuck the south and blaming it on the south it wont change. and for any body to say fuck the south over a computer is just lame as hell. Only coward homos talk ish ova the computer. real talk. and stop saying fuck these artist unless you bout saying it to they face. im out

  • EReal

    How about,

    “I knew she wouldnt get far, cause 500 dollars cant get you that far, how you get that far”



    “Im hot cause Im fly, you aint cause you not, this is why im hot”

  • mannyworld33




  • mannyworld33

    @ ereal
    here’s 1 4 u:

    “it’s a new day
    and if you ever knew dre
    then homie you would say
    i’m the new dre” GAME- let’s ride (WTF)