It was only a few months ago when Tru Life had the internets going nuts over the cover artwork for his Tru York mixtape.  Within a few minutes DipSet had crafted some reply imagery and thrown down the gauntlet.  Cam’Ron Junior b/k/a J.R. Writer stepped in to add his $.02 and Jim Jones has even mentioned Tru Life in a couple of interviews but none of these things were on the radar once the Cam’Ron Fifty Cent beef jumped off.  The momentum that Tru Life was gaining up to his major label album release was killed immediately.  In order to convince paranoid record execs into releasing his first album he is going to have to start the ball rolling all over again.  After listening to the tracks and watching the videos from the Cam Fifty beef will anybody even care about  Tru Life’s issues with the Dips?

Releasing a rap album in 2007 is a far more thought over process than ten years ago.  Here we are almost at the end of the first quarter of the year and there hasn’t been one major label album release.  Everyone is scared as shit that they are going to be losing money and you know what?  They’re prah’lee right.  Interscope Records seems to be the only machine that knows how to get their artists into our heads.  How else do you explain Tony Yayo’s trainwreck being certified gold status while NaS’ latest album languishes just north of 600K units?  Interscope is just  that good.  That’s why I expect Young Buck’s album to be 2007’s first platinum offering.  Hopefully Y.B. puts a Tru Life diss track on his album so people don’t forget Tru’s name.

I won’t pretend to be an A & R for my day job, but I know what I like and I know what is missing from all the artists that are in my iPod.  The true spirit of Tupac.  Tru Life needs to live up to the depth of his chosen emcee name. He needs to spit true stories about the lows and the highs in real life.  All the shit that we all can relate to on the daily. If Tru Life thinks that throwing darts at Lil’ Wayne or DipSet is what will get him some name recognition then he should try living on a blogger salary.  There is no champagne or spinning rims in this lifestyle.