Tru Life Lost

It was only a few months ago when Tru Life had the internets going nuts over the cover artwork for his Tru York mixtape.  Within a few minutes DipSet had crafted some reply imagery and thrown down the gauntlet.  Cam’Ron Junior b/k/a J.R. Writer stepped in to add his $.02 and Jim Jones has even mentioned Tru Life in a couple of interviews but none of these things were on the radar once the Cam’Ron Fifty Cent beef jumped off.  The momentum that Tru Life was gaining up to his major label album release was killed immediately.  In order to convince paranoid record execs into releasing his first album he is going to have to start the ball rolling all over again.  After listening to the tracks and watching the videos from the Cam Fifty beef will anybody even care about  Tru Life’s issues with the Dips?

Releasing a rap album in 2007 is a far more thought over process than ten years ago.  Here we are almost at the end of the first quarter of the year and there hasn’t been one major label album release.  Everyone is scared as shit that they are going to be losing money and you know what?  They’re prah’lee right.  Interscope Records seems to be the only machine that knows how to get their artists into our heads.  How else do you explain Tony Yayo’s trainwreck being certified gold status while NaS’ latest album languishes just north of 600K units?  Interscope is just  that good.  That’s why I expect Young Buck’s album to be 2007’s first platinum offering.  Hopefully Y.B. puts a Tru Life diss track on his album so people don’t forget Tru’s name.

I won’t pretend to be an A & R for my day job, but I know what I like and I know what is missing from all the artists that are in my iPod.  The true spirit of Tupac.  Tru Life needs to live up to the depth of his chosen emcee name. He needs to spit true stories about the lows and the highs in real life.  All the shit that we all can relate to on the daily. If Tru Life thinks that throwing darts at Lil’ Wayne or DipSet is what will get him some name recognition then he should try living on a blogger salary.  There is no champagne or spinning rims in this lifestyle.

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  • 100 Dollars

    tru-life lost the day he actually dissed dipset. they both suck.

  • I Fux

    if duke wants some help he should look to Weezy and instead of beefing start rhyming his ass off, No Dick Dedrick……..Get his mixtape grind on…. and drop albums nonstop(c) his Boss

  • John Brown

    “I won’t pretend to be an A & R for my day job”

    Not trying to start nothing but are you taking a jab at Sick? Just answer my question. Oh by the way I tried to google your name and all that came out was a picture of Bol with a blow-up doll. Well it was nice to read a blog from you without a shot at the south. Tru Life lost since he backed down from the boxing match Jim offered him. By the way where is Jay on all this, at the end of the Brooklyn High “remix” he shouted him out. By the way has Tru Life been on a Jay video? Google that Billy Bolday.

    Hallelujah…Holla Back


  • Str8 hater

    Tru Dyke is a subpar emce at best thats the real reason no one gives a rats ass about him. As for the Dip Shits (just Cam) Hes gonna end up realeasing albums on that labe that Fat Ho is on.The real winner in this is steriod Jackson and the losers are the fans of real hiphop. At least UGK shit is coming out soon ya dig


    I battled/destroyed Tru Life & Hell Rell, now they’re beefing…


    PS Billy Sunday *hearts* Bol

  • Nasser

    How can you say that Tru Life lost when before no one outside of NY knew who he was. He got his name into your blog and many others and it will sell some records.

    Also, I will guarantee you that Buck does not go platinum. How many platinum records were put out in 2006, can you count more than five, hell can you count more than three that came out in 2006.

    For all the hate this website plows onto Def Jam and Jay-Z, no other label had the success that they had in ’06.

  • John Brown

    Has anyone else read or heard Yayo’s latest interview where he talks bout Dipset and Game. If you havent since XXL dot com is late (like always) go to and read it. Not trying to plug it but since the news here are not up to date might as well let anyone inform.





    Billy Sunday=Bol

  • Boner Jams 03

    i hope tru life eats a salmonella peanut butter and jelly sandwich

  • derfla the hus’la

    dude young buck wont be putting any diss tracks in he’s album.


    dipset just gotta ignore this hoe n they’ll make the braided hair bitch dissapear.


    Tru-Life lost because his album hasn’t been released yet. Dissing people isn’t a bad idea though because most people wouldn’t have noticed him otherwise. Hopefully Termanology or Joell Ortiz start dissing people to get a mainstream buzz

  • thatdukeSuave

    Man, this shit old as hell Billy. Tru Life been dead. Last blog hyping up, this one reporting, in your own words, something that happened a few months ago. This shit ain’t even beef, its shit. If there’s gotta be beef, I wish it would be someone worth a damn. Maybe somebody like Kanye could just randomly diss Eminem. Then we would find out if K.West can bring out the lyrical monster in him, and maybe Em would get motivated to put out some raw, rapid-fire verbal swords. Then they could squash it and Kanye would teach Em how to make beats that don’t all sound alike. Sorry. Random tangent. “Smoke more weed, Turtle. Honestly”

  • Incilin

    Yea, I had the same thought after the beef popped off. I seem to be the only person who actually likes Tru Life as a rapper (well, me and Saigon) and what you said about the spirt of Tupac is so true. This a good post, but its kinda short

  • Billy X. Sunday

    yeah this was a short drop. I thought I made my point early on. Tomorrows joint will be way longer.


    Tru Life to me is trash, you cant get on and come out dissing cats to get fame, what ever happen to having a hot single out the gate, followed by a hot album, these new cats think beef will sell records, in some cases,it will, but not in this one.

  • xXL

    tru has a long tim till his album drops, memph is prolly coming out b4 so hes prolly not gonna go at it till fif and cams drama settles down, y would he get into that if he has nothing to promote, his mixtape is already successful and its gonna be a while b4 his album… prolly after the next jay-z album

  • jacquez
  • da’realestwritin’

    tru and the dips lost because it’s gay.fuck that beef shit, that shit is played out! niggas still ain’t listenin’ damn big!

  • rec


    February 27th, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    “Hopefully Termanology or Joell Ortiz start dissing people to get a mainstream buzz”

    Why?…What’s wrong with releasing shit that just doesn’t suck?

  • houston’s finest

    good post billy, niggas over at treat tru-dyke as a GAWD. i really think they worship this clown. but back to business, you damn right he lost. jr writer ate his lunch with that track “your done”. and his mixtape with that drag shit is already collecting dust. guess that tru album aint dropping til ’08.

  • john cochran

    Who gives a shit about a Tru life, Jr writer, or any other dickhead involved in these made for mixtape beefs. It’s getting really boring to me. Not one album has been released this year, at least one worth buying. I think Sean Price came out in Dec. but I’m not sure, that was the last thing I bought. My point is unless any of them have albums out I dont give a shit. Let them all kill eachother and lay in the middle of the street.

  • Hurricane Game

    I Think we all agree Tru Life sucks Balls.
    So R.I.P Tru Life’s Career

    Didnt even make next year.


    Tru didn’t lose shit. Its about quality music, not quantity. All these other cats put out 900 mix tapes and 4 albums a year and most of it is garbage. Too much catering to TRL and the radio goin on. Shouts to Smith Pj’s

  • farrockaway

    how bout lets talk about snitchset 1st hand kingston ny my nig poop doin 25 4 clappin 1 of those ratin ass dikset dik riders that fuck wit moe sticky who was hiding in broadway east neva seen him yet only bitches did n out of say 30 rat muther fucker 29 wrote statements 1 got killed about a month ago every fake ass blood nigga up hea ratted word to my kids ill show u statements my nig sent me tell them niggas write a song about that ill buy it

  • farrockaway

    i fux wit tru life fuck the rappin ya really do fold like futons when it come to the ratchets so dont comment bk talkin bout gay r ratter or whoever got skills this is street shit so dont get involved nuttin u hea on the radio is real n oh yea ny stop suckin on a bloody dick the shit weak dont follow that bullshit these niggas cant go to cali wit dat shit so what that tell u crips run cali seem like all the bloods ran to ny im ashamed of ny man

  • farrockaway

    lmao p.s. watch all the web bangers come out…holla at me 4 them statements tho on some real shit 1

  • farrockaway

    lmao watch all the web bangers come out

  • Jisean07

    Yo, i don’t really f wit Dipset anyway abut the fact that they took shots at a livin legend don’t settle well wit me. By the way john Brown(#3&7) is the gayest white rapper i have eva HEARD OF AND IS A DISGRACE TO HIP HOP altogether. What da hell is Hallelujah Holla Back anyway

  • >>–Allegany-Arrows–>>

    yall dnt even know! that snitch set song that tru does??? thats fuckin boss!!!

  • ooh ooh

    Car wars… Car wars… Car wars.. LMAO

  • Omar

    i actually got love for both crew’s, i love their battles, but not the beef.
    But tru life aint lost he’s coming big
    just being held bac

    like papoose(suppose to come out january 07)
    saigon, gravy (deal with atlantic, prolly coming out in 09), maino, and the rest of nyc artist but if they would come with a song like chiken noodle soup there album will be out asap

  • n/a

    tru life has done a good job of exposing bitch set of how lame they make New York look. There one of the few resons why hip hop is at a dead state. But at the same time tru life can step it up just a little bit. Dipset or I’m sorry, bitchset doesn’t want to admit how lame they truely are. Their movement & record sales are always going to go wood.

  • Clayton

    First off, Tru Life doesn’t have a buzz outside of whatever New York neighborhood he’s from; so dissing Dipset is the only chance he has to blow up. Second, I think Dipset is backed by real bloods. Cam’ron and Jim Jones are both fairly well-known rappers that do concerts all over the country. I’m not blood, but I think that somebody would have killed them by now if they were flat out faking it. Come on, this is a real gang we’re talking about with real shot callers doing life in prison. If I was just out there faking blood, they’d get me. So Stop saying that people are not blood just because they don’t live in Compton. Third, using large font and too much profanity makes you look ignorant, not intimidating. How you gonna scare somebody over the Internet, emoticons?