The new Biggie album

So this morning I copped the new Biggie greatest hits album. Not that I needed it or anything; like any self-respecting fan of hip-hop before it began to suck balls, I’ve got both of Biggie’s albums on CD in a box somewhere.

I haven’t listened to either of them in ages, but if I really needed to hear, say, “Hypnotize,” I could just spend half the day looking for my copy of Life After Death – or, more likely, just cop it on MP3 from the Internets the same way I just copped this greatest hits bullshit.

I don’t have either of Biggie’s posthumous albums, 1999′s Born Again and 2005′s Duets, but of course I’d never want to listen to anything from either of them other than maybe “Dead Wrong.” Indeed one of the problems with Greatest Hits is that it includes quite a few tracks from these albums.

“Dead Wrong” is here, but so is the Duran Duran-sampling “Notorious B.I.G.” from Born Again and Jazze Pha’s “Nasty Girl” from Duets. Granted, those are two of the better-executed of the numerous Biggie corpse rapings, but obviously that’s not saying a whole lot.

Then there’s also the two “new” bonus tracks: a version of the original, gullier “One More Chance” with a guest rap by Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant on the chorus, and some shit called “Running Your Mouth” with Fabolous, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes.

I’m surprised es-curl hasn’t put both of the new tracks up in the Bangers section yet, but you know how XXL is. The TIs at Warner Brothers probably don’t want anyone to hear how they sound until the after the album is released next week.

Fortunately, both of the new tracks are available to stream elsewhere:

Notorious B.I.G. ft. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Fabolous & Busta Rhymes – “Running Your Mouth”

Notorious B.I.G. ft. Ja Rule & Ralph Tresvant – “Want That Old Thing Back”

I’d be lying if I said I knew where the verse from “Running Your Mouth” is from, but it is kinda gully. I’d love to hear it the way it was originally recorded, rather than cut and pasted into the middle of some shitty new Fabolous record.

“Want that Old Thing Back,” the new version of the original “One More Chance” is just wrong. How in the world it could have occurred to Diddy that anyone would want to hear Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant on anything, let alone Biggie’s greatest hits album is beyond me.

Otherwise, Greatest Hits is a decent-enough collection of Biggie records, but here’s the thing: most of us have heard these songs a million times before. And even if you haven’t, you’d probably just be better off copping those first two albums and being more or less done with it.

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  • DocZeus

    I’m not sure if anybody else is on board with this but I prefer the original album version of One More Chance opposed to the more popular (and thus more bullshit) remix. I always thought the remix was one Biggie’s worse songs he ever made while the original was pretty damn gully.

  • derfla the hus’la

    i aint coping anything new from biggie……the two first albums are enough anything after that will be wack as bol.

  • da’realestwritin’


  • Combat Jack

    ^ “Bad Boy for life my ass. “?



    First!!! so look up bitches…i didnt even read this post. lmao

    • Mack

      ^ So retarded you browse the hip-hop sites saying first…you are the hater in the club huh.

  • mannyworld33



  • frikas

    1st??? yeah thats right didy is fucking up biggies image!

  • OnE3nD

    Thats pretty messed up considering hes supposedly ur favorite rapper…but whatever.

  • Atl’s own

    that old thing back is strait fie!

    probably better if dey substitute Ja w/ favorite rapper here.

  • Tyler

    Yea’ Diddy said that after that last album he wasn’t putting out any more Biggie albums. . I guess he wanted 2 buy a new car or something cause he it comes just like I knew it would. What an asshole Diddy is. . He Killed Biggie the 1st time and now he is tryin’ 2 Kill him again by workin’ him 2 death:

    Get wit’ it or Get rolled over by it:


    another and desparate ploy to squeeze another dollar from BIG,I got to say you finally joins the ranks of Lyor,buy 100,000 of my artist records so they would debut at #1,Cohen and Jimmy,I could give a fuck who you dumb niggaz beef wit(Dre,50,Suge),just long as you do your numbers,Ivine..congrats DIDDY…oh yeah,dont eva Sing again,that last nite shit is the worse

  • anonymous

    I have no problems putting out BIG music. It’s just that Puff is putting out SHITTY music. The guests and beats are horrible.

    The only song where he had a producer who actually worked with BIG was dead wrong. And that’s the best song since big died.


  • jacquez

    man the album had 2 fuckin albums how the hell you gonna make a greatest hits.

  • john cochran

    I agree stunna, Biggie dont need a greatist hits, the albums are still in stores. As a matter of fact, didnt they just re-release ready to die about a year or two ago. I dony care for rap greatest hits period. They just throw all of the persons singles on the shit and call it a day. Bad boy has sucked ass ever since Big died, minus maybe shyne. I wasnt a big fan of him anyway. I love Big and Pac’s music but to be honest I dont wanna listen to it anymore, maybe once in a while but not enough to buy anything new.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    I wish Puff woulda went wit Jacquez insteada Ja on dat track.

  • Government Names


    But that’s the thing, Ready To Die isn’t in stores, and hasn’t been for the last year or two, because of that lawsuit over a sample on the title track. My theory is that this Greatest Hits CD was less about the usual Bad Boy cash in on his legacy and more about keeping the hits from RTD commercially available.

  • First

    At least 50 Cent didn’t make the album.

  • shp

    juvie had a greatest hits album HAH

  • Meka Soul

    >“Want that Old Thing Back,” the new version of the original “One More Chance” is just wrong.>

    jesus christ, you hit the nail on the head. this is the worst b.i.g. shit ever, even moreso than that bumbaclaat song mr. “preserve my sexy” [pause!] pieced together with the hot boys [extra pause] from “born again.”


    R.I.P Biggie

    All you need is Ready To Die and Life After Death. This greatest hits collection is an excuse for Diddy to buy more proactive

  • Who Cares

    You gotta check out Mr. Cee’s Best of Biggie Mixtape. It is pre-Life After Death, and somebody is bootlegging it on CD these days, so you will probably be able to download it. Crazy Freestyles and guest spots he did before Ready to Die, including his song with R.A. the Rugged Man back when he was called Crustified Dibbs. It’s much better than this crap.

  • P

    that verse with fabolous and busta…sound like the third verse to the whatchu want song(on duets)..they must have replaced that verse with Jay-Z’s and recycled it to another song

  • Fernando

    “Biggie Corpse Raping”…

    I banned Pac and Biggie albums about 5 years ago. Anything they ever did that was worth a Sh*t was released while they were alive. There were a few unreleased tracks that were koo, but there is a reason that many of them were UNRELEASED. Nothing worse than a Pac fan that just cant let go. HE IS DEAD, GET OVER IT. Or go buy some albums by The Realest a.k.a Fake Pac. Or Gorilla Black a.k.a Fake Biggie if you need that fix.

    Good Post Big Gay Bol (That interview you did is the gheyest EVAR) Never talk on tape again!

  • takk

    the 2 bonus tracks were on the welcome to Bad Boy mixtape from last year along with a bunch of street songs that SHUDA been on Duets. Diddy is a fucking idiot. A rich one,but an idiot nevertheless

  • H-LO

    There is a third album, every B.I.G. – fan needs to own: It’s the RAP PHENOMENON – Mixtape. It’s the ultimate showcase of why biggie was the illest. Besides of hearing well-known rhymes masterfully blend to something completely original and new you gots lots of unreleased shit and some amazing freestyle performances; some interviews twrown in hold it all together. I can’t really explain how exciting this disc is. DJ Vlad, Dirty Harry and Green Lantern put a hell of work and love into it and their skills and knowledge of music make sure that Biggies unique talented is presented to highest effect. Make no mistake this is absolute essential! (same goes for pt. 2 featturing 2Pac in his most intense)

    So don’t waste your money on the best of – buy the these two mixtapes!

    RAP PHENOMENON by Dirty Harry DJ Vlad

  • DANJA29

    Aside from about couple songs off each of those last two albums, most of these posthumous Biggie hatchet job records have been ass.

    And since any Biggie fan should already have all the greatest hits already and not give a fukk about having two new hatchet job records, I won’t be out there wastin my money on that shit.

    Puff already wasted my time with that Bad Boy 10 anniversary- how Bad Boy gonna have that big-ass reign they had in the ’90s and come out with a 10th anniversary album with 13 fucking songs on it?

  • Cuban Link

    I was about to say Dead wrong was hot but u beat me to it.fuck.

    The weak or the strong, who got it goin on? You’re dead wrong

  • jrb

    the verse from running your mouth was taken from the same song that watchu want, the song on duets w jay-z, was taken from….and both thses songs were bonus songs from duets if you got the album from traget

  • Craptacular

    “but it is kinda gully”

    Honestly I don’t think you’ve earned the right to say the word “gully”. It’s a few years old and well your soft as a marshmellow; what could you possibly know about being “gully”.

  • Adam K

    “But that’s the thing, Ready To Die isn’t in stores, and hasn’t been for the last year or two, because of that lawsuit over a sample on the title track. My theory is that this Greatest Hits CD was less about the usual Bad Boy cash in on his legacy and more about keeping the hits from RTD commercially available.”

    It’s back out. I saw it in stores the other day. I read somewhere that the offending sample was removed.

  • BlackBoy

    “Honestly I don’t think you’ve earned the right to say the word “gully”. It’s a few years old and well your soft as a marshmellow; what could you possibly know about being “gully”.

    ^surviving as many heart attacks as him and still religiously eat Hardee’s Thickburgers has to merit some gulliness, right?

  • realMC

    Long live biggie smalls! y’all just a bunch of hatin ass niggas! Puff is doin the right thing by keepin Big’s name in da streets!

  • South

    I hate you Bol

  • Hurricane Game

    No More Biggie post albums.

    And definately no more Bol on Camera.

    His lil childish laugh.

    His heavy breathing.

    And his constant drooling on camera.

  • Rizzop2003

    Fuck what you heard Biggie>97 percent of rappers out. R.I.P

  • i say

    r.i.p biggie.people hes go so get over it,its been 10 years,let the man rest will you.

  • Rizzop2003

    By the way boycott MTV…they suck ass

  • 007
  • EReal

    I wanna smack Puffy so hard on the face it leaves acne on my hand for letting Ja Rule get anywhere NEAR a BIG track.

    Boycott P-Shitty.
    R.I.P. Notorious B.I.G. the G.O.A.T.
    “The Greatest Rapper of All Time died on March 9th”

    1 hunned.



  • daesonesb


    Why Puff Daddy, Why?????

    Im sure that motherfucker is actually mentally retarded. I read some shit yesterday where he’s quoted saying “I dont travel outside the US without 30 bags.” Yep.

  • J.R.O.

    Yeah, I read the headline and thought, ‘this asshole…’ But, you’re right, Bol. The Duets album was garbage and Diddy is just trying to cash in with this album. His excuse, ‘I want more people to see that he was the greatest rapper of all time’. The fuck outta here. R.I.P. B.I.G.

  • Ca$H

    That biggie verse on “Running Your Mouth” came from the original version of “What You Want” the posthumous version is on Duets, it has the other two verses featuring the GOD MC: Jay Z.

  • Prince Of The South

    Damn Puff wasn’t playing when he said bad boy for life. He got BIG in his artists hooks and now he putting out another greatest hits cd, b/c duets was basically his stuff from his first two cds with new beats and guest spots. He should have kept BIG on top with a platinum record for duets now he going to put out another brick. Funny how when BIG was alive he was the highest selling artist on Bad Boy and now he’s dead and out sold everyone on there. Joc 800 Danity Kane 800 Diddy 500 Cassie 300 Duets platinum.

  • Sam

    Download Ready to Die and cop Life after death, that simple.

  • MoneyMakers

    Diddy just wants to make more money because his bad boy label isn’t selling to good. It never actually has since biggie died. Diddy is nothing without him and always will be.And how can you release a greatest hits album when not all of his greatest hits are on it. Where’s Mo Money More Problems and Sky is the Limit the singles from Life After Death. And how about his first record Party and Bullshit. Screw this Greatest Hits CD. Just go cop Ready to Die and Life After Death. They are way better overall albums. Screw you Diddy or Puff Daddy or Poppa Diddy Pop or whatever your calling yourself these days. Go Dance and Be all over your artist records like you always do.

  • MoneyMakers


  • MoneyMakers


  • MoneyMakers

    Ready to die is now AVAILABLE in stores like BESTBUY. they must of just put it back out

  • Ca$h D

    I got much respect for biggie but I think diddy could have made the Greatest Hits better…mo money mo problems,sky’s the limit,playas anthem ect… they should have made it before other tracks on the cd! Plus their are 5 unreleased unused biggie songs that didn’t make duets thet should have been on their before these 2 old bootleg sounding cheap tracks (want that old thing back & running your mouth) are lame!!

  • Ca$h D 2

    their are 5 unreleased biggie songs and diddy decided on (want that old thing back & running your mouth)those are the 2 worst biggie songs I ever heard!

  • Ca$h D


  • Tristan

    Wait he put Jarule on there but didnt put his tribute to B.I.G. on there he was the first to do that about any artist an he didnt even put all about the benjiamns

  • PK47 aka Prince of Philly

    the verse from runnin ya mouth is actually the 4th verse from what ya want….cuz if u muhfuckas still got the OG version…..u notice the last few bars are totally different……..i think its from a demo version or somethin……but i agree with the want that old thing back………..they was better off puttin a 3rd biggie verse from some other song aint no1 hear of yet…….FUCK DIDDY…………….

  • xxxxl

    diddy prolly only put rule on there to piss 50 off.

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