Shit On My Mind Vol. 6

Didn’t really see the rest of Dipset in the raw footage that was jacked from the upcoming Cam’ron video. Things that make you go hmmm.

The only one Killa undisputedly bodied was Stan Spit.

Read Ronin Ro’s Dr. Dre book on my trip back and forth to T Dot. Haaatteedd it!

What’s Just Blaze TV without a white man conducting an orchestra?

I hope Bill O’Reilly and Luda decide to continue to keep this thing on wax. I don’t want Bill to violate his probation.

We all miss Persia. Still I promise you the last two eps of White Rapper Show won’t let you down.

DJ Envy is a funny style dude.

I got the Ghetto Revival hoodie in black, where’s my red one, JB?

Why does the least-attractive stripper always get the most burn in those Uncut-style videos. Peep shorty in red on 50’s left in “Funeral Music” for evidence.

You can criticize but it’s just not fair. Ja Rule is not his hair.

If Akon really was the one who started the talk of Em and Kim reuniting, why aren’t we running around callin’ him a snitch? Word to Obie.

Y’all can talk all that shit about that Weezy cover you want. It’s gonna do its numbers. Trust.

Little Brother making it without 9th Wonder? Small chance.

When’s Boss Hova gonna finally give ?uestlove a gag order? He talks too much. That nigga never shuts up.

Who’s gonna tell the Chubbster a.k.a. Ricky Ross his 15 minutes are up?

About a month ago, Eve was running around the music industry playing people her still D.R.E.-less next album on Aftermath. Nobody gave a fuck, that’s why y’all didn’t read anything about it, anywhere.

You don’t have a TV show until you get an on-air date.

I still can’t believe Bol showed his grill to Erik Parker. Why, Crawford, why?

Das EFX’s Dray has gonna solo? Finally!

Q-Tip would rather DJ than make a hit record.

Gillie, Gillie, Gillie can’t you see? Getting locked up won’t help you buddy.

Why is “I’m A Flirt” only a bonus cut on the Bow Wow album? Me thinks R. Kelly’s massa Barry Weiss is shuttin’ down them single rights.

Peeped the “Make it Rain (Remix)” good to see Bentley Farnsworth’s back doin’ what he does best—holding umbrellas. Ah, another rap dream deferred.

Oh yeah, The Game Belongs To Me! Sorry UGK.

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  • lukee lefty

    i got some shit on my mind dogs……how come i neva saw a review for Kingdom Come ??? i buy your magazine every month and nobody else has questioned it but will

  • nation

    had me second guessing your blogging for a minute there

  • nation

    you must not be in public a lot

  • jaguar_paw bitches!

    props on the wayne cover.bols mannerisms shure r suspect(that ninja is gay!).
    no splinter, bol,mims,etc.

  • NoMamesBuey

    Little Brother will continue to be dope without 9th Wonder. Phonte lyrically ethers your fa-go cover boy Weezy Fa-go Baby

    YN will continue to be a bitchmade corporate whore to Big Music/Media & prop their product, seldom of high quality, while dismissing dope non-mass marketed MCs without giving them a listen.

    YN will also continue to delete this comment, in the same bitchmade fashion he did to that Bol post where Bol showed the XXL – Interscope connection.

  • NoMamesBuey

    Any random Questo opinion/statement >> YN’s life

  • Belize

    What envy do to u star jr.?

  • Dip Set City

    that was kinda wack. ur blog is terrible

  • Gully_Foot

    that interscope check go through this month?

  • Hannah Smith

    “YN will continue to be a bitchmade corporate whore to Big Music/Media & prop their product, seldom of high quality…”

    How quick he was to sell his soul (and take a large knick out of hip-hop’s).

  • miltownhustla

    I was honestly wondering the same thing. Where is the Kingdom Come review? It’s a XXL album. If they give it an XL they are basically saying it is no better than Shawna, Slim Thug (LOL), Rick Ross, or any number of unworthy shits they gave an XL to in the past 12-18 months. I think they need to revamp the review system to include numbers.

    YN I’m serious you should really consider doing this because it will help solve issues that I address after listing the new system.


    Small (1-2)
    Medium (3-4)
    Large (5-6)
    XL (7-8)
    XXL (9-10)

    This way an album like Kingdom Come which is worthy of a XXL can receive it without putting it in the same category of say Life After Death or Reasonable Doubt or Blueprint – all 10′s in my book. Kingdom Come is about a 9. It also would stop people from bitching about reviews like that of Hell Hath No Fury which was also about a 9. Furthermore it would stop people from bitching like giving Nas’s HHID and Ross’s POM both an XL is saying they are equal because HHID could be an 8 and POM a 7.

    Hell you wouldn’t even need the number you could color code it and keep the exact same bar codes. For example,

    S-green – 1
    S-red – 2
    M-green – 3
    M-red – 4
    L-green – 5
    L-red – 6
    XL-green – 7
    XL-red – 8
    XXL-green – 9
    XXL-red – 10

    You guys have to admit this is a damned good idea and would increase the value of the reviews drastically. Earning a XXL red would be like a classical 5 MIC rating. Whereas excellent near classics like Hell Hath No Fury could still be acknowledged without all the bitching.

  • John Brown

    Hallelujah…Holla Back

    Dawg, you aint blood so stop asking for the red hoodie. By the way if you would had kept Misfit over Persia from day one this show would had done a lil bit better.

  • NickeNitro

    Okay…so then you hate everything…except the 20 questions part of Vibe Magazine, which you ripped off. That should be a dead giveaway that XXL is garbage — it’s editor rips off Vibe.

    Plus your entire source of pride is how many issues your magazine sells, not how good it is (obviously). Cosmo, then, must make you feel like a very small man. It must be hard working for The Man, in this case, Harris Publications — do you even outsell their hunting and fishing magazines?

  • NickeNitro

    To use the XXL catchphrase that gets repeated ad nauseum, NoMamesBuey “ethered” you.

  • jacquez
  • blackman

    The only one Killa undisputedly bodied was Stan Spit.
    That is the truth that nigga cam talking about he bodied Nas,Jay-z,and Mase,when not one hip-hop fans can remember the songs he supposely done it with.


    Y “interscope pays me” N,
    Y “I suck 50s dick” N,
    Y “hip hop on another level, my ass” N
    ……u pick nigga.

  • rkm

    Don’t sweat the munchkins. Your blog is great, now on the other hand, there’s your newest hire…

  • john cochran

    Why yall didint review the best album of the year (the doctor’s advocate)?
    Half the albums yall review should be M’s and L’s. Stop giving everybody xl.

  • nike345

    Cam is deluded.

    Oh and weezy new album cover is terrible!

    R.kelly may be molesting our chilrens…but dude can still make songs hot!


    Y’all can talk all that shit about that Weezy cover you want. It’s gonna do its numbers. Trust.
    SMH @ YN, you said the same thing about the Bank$ cover and his album flopped, back then I told you to put Rick Ross on the cover. This time you should have put 50 or Saigon on the cover. Just wait till the end of they year and see who sells.

  • Belize

    Why does the least-attractive stripper always get the most burn in those Uncut-style videos.

    ^Cuz they suck dick. That takes u places now a days. Ask Bol. U gave him a job without ever seein his ghey swag

  • Fresh

    LOL @ Ja Rule is not his hair. Someone left a comment talking about how Jay-Z may be bringing Cherry Coke back but Ja is relaunching Duke.

  • DANJA29

    LOL @ a nigga talkin’ about Saigon should be on the cover. Yeah. Cause we know a nigga with no release date and no fanbase outside of the net and the mixtape circuit could make those mags fly off the shelves in no time.

  • Incilin

    “Little Brother making it without 9th Wonder? Small chance.” – You act like they made it with him in the crew in the first place.

  • EReal

    ^ LOL @ Inci.

    ” got the Ghetto Revival hoodie in black, where’s my red one, JB?”
    You would, YN, you would…. you’re like Lil Flip and his clover chains with this white rapper bullshit.

    1 hunned.


    We all miss Persia. Still I promise you the last two eps of White Rapper Show won’t let you down.

    I got the Ghetto Revival hoodie in black, where’s my red one, JB?

    ^^^$hamrock wins, but John Brown is “The Franchise”- even u can’t front…

    and Bol ethered himself with the video… that nigga looks like a child molester, who can only see his dick in a reflection!

    no Bol’s creepy voice

  • NoMamesBuey

    LB did not make it commercially.

    LB certaintly did make it critically, despite the efforts of bitchmade mass media corporate whores to ignore them like YN. They also have a loyal fan base & a dope live show.

    HHS (which Schiavo’s XXL reviews BTW) YE review for 05, the year “The Minstrel Show” was released, has Phonte as the #2 MC & 9th Wonder as #2 producer.

    As someone mentioned here before, rap artists with a loyal fan base & critical acclaim can have actual long careers.

    Over the long run they might have more cumulative success then “hot” (no Weezy Fa-go Baby) “relevant” MCs like Weezy Fa-go Baby.

    As the other commenter said, the Roots, have been making dope albums & live shows since 1993. OTOH, the “relevant” MCs in 1993 like the Fu-Schnickens, “where are they now?”

    Likewise in 2015 which artist is going to get more burn in iPods, LB or Weezy Fa-go Baby?

  • Mike L

    STARRED Booklist review for DR. DRE by Ronin Ro:

    *STAR* Ro, Ronin. Dr. Dre: The Biography. May 2007. 336p. illus. index. Thunder’s Mouth, $24.95 (9781560259213). 782.42.
    Prolific rap chronicler Ro presents the most comprehensive treatment yet of a pivotal figure and founder of the rap industry. Dre has had a
    hand in nearly every development, feud, and trend since the early 1990s, when he and his seminal hip hop aggregation N.W.A. (stands for Niggaz With Attitude, in case you’ve forgotten) emerged from Compton, California. He later managed, produced, or mentored superstars Busta Rhymes, Rakim, and 50 Cent, and guaranteed platinum sellers Snoop Dog and Eminem. Ro uncovers a more reflective and introspective side of a man who has certainly seen it all, as far as the meteoric rise and contentious history of rap is concerned. In 1988, N.W.A. released Straight Outta Compton, arguably the first gangsta rap album. Its provocative tracks brought radio bannings and public hand-wringing about the threat to society N.W.A., its songs, and its ilk represented.
    It made N.W.A. notorious and wealthy, and led to the founding of Death Row Records, the east-west rap feud, and the gangland-style murders of
    rival rappers. Dre maintained a thoughtful composure. Probably one of the 10 best books on rap. ––Mike Tribby