Didn’t really see the rest of Dipset in the raw footage that was jacked from the upcoming Cam’ron video. Things that make you go hmmm.

The only one Killa undisputedly bodied was Stan Spit.

Read Ronin Ro’s Dr. Dre book on my trip back and forth to T Dot. Haaatteedd it!

What’s Just Blaze TV without a white man conducting an orchestra?

I hope Bill O’Reilly and Luda decide to continue to keep this thing on wax. I don’t want Bill to violate his probation.

We all miss Persia. Still I promise you the last two eps of White Rapper Show won’t let you down.

DJ Envy is a funny style dude.

I got the Ghetto Revival hoodie in black, where’s my red one, JB?

Why does the least-attractive stripper always get the most burn in those Uncut-style videos. Peep shorty in red on 50’s left in “Funeral Music” for evidence.

You can criticize but it’s just not fair. Ja Rule is not his hair.

If Akon really was the one who started the talk of Em and Kim reuniting, why aren’t we running around callin’ him a snitch? Word to Obie.

Y’all can talk all that shit about that Weezy cover you want. It’s gonna do its numbers. Trust.

Little Brother making it without 9th Wonder? Small chance.

When’s Boss Hova gonna finally give ?uestlove a gag order? He talks too much. That nigga never shuts up.

Who’s gonna tell the Chubbster a.k.a. Ricky Ross his 15 minutes are up?

About a month ago, Eve was running around the music industry playing people her still D.R.E.-less next album on Aftermath. Nobody gave a fuck, that’s why y’all didn’t read anything about it, anywhere.

You don’t have a TV show until you get an on-air date.

I still can’t believe Bol showed his grill to Erik Parker. Why, Crawford, why?

Das EFX’s Dray has gonna solo? Finally!

Q-Tip would rather DJ than make a hit record.

Gillie, Gillie, Gillie can’t you see? Getting locked up won’t help you buddy.

Why is “I’m A Flirt” only a bonus cut on the Bow Wow album? Me thinks R. Kelly’s massa Barry Weiss is shuttin’ down them single rights.

Peeped the “Make it Rain (Remix)” good to see Bentley Farnsworth’s back doin’ what he does best—holding umbrellas. Ah, another rap dream deferred.

Oh yeah, The Game Belongs To Me! Sorry UGK.