Quitting is for losers

Will this be the week Sullee goes home? He’s narrowly escaped elimination the past couple of weeks, but look at who he was up against. Plus, he seems to have an issue with stumbling over his raps during the elimination round. The key for him should be staying out of the final round altogether.

Today’s show involves hip-hop fashion, so Mark Ecko is brought in to evaluate the group’s fashion sense. He mentions some shit about how having a strong visual element is key to being successful in hip-hop, which could be taken to mean a few different things.

The first part of this week’s competition involves traveling to one of these ghetto fashion stores in a strip mall to pick up some hip-hop clothes. One of the clerks thinks John Brown might be an actual celebrity (because of the camera, natch). Of course John Brown plays right into it, offering to sign autographs and shit.

Outside, Jon Boy busts out with a poorly received impromptu perfomance while everybody else just kinda stands there like, I can’t believe this cracka-ass cracka is out here putting on a rap show in front of a motherfucking strip mall ghetto fashion show. Back at the White House, him and Sullee kinda get into it.

The next day, they put on their ghetto wear for a fashion show. Kwame, who wasn’t even notable enough to be mentioned in the ads for this, is a celebrity judge. (And who knew he was that short?) Only thing is, this fashion show is more of a Best in Show-style dog fashion show, with the rappers walking the dogs across the stage.

Only one person can win for their team, and Persia ends up winning because her pumps matched her dog’s collar or some such. Sullee was pissed because he was on the opposite team, but it turns out that was only part of the competition. The rest of the competition involves recording a song and making a video.

There’s two sets of props for the groups to use in their videos, and Persia’s team gets the first pick. It looks like the best props are an old school car and three again kinda tranny-looking video bitches. Persia picks the car, so Sullee’s team ends up with the bitches. Since Persia won the fashion show, her team also gets Bushwick Bill.

They head off to pick beats and come up with a song. It seems like Persia, disgusting beast that she is, has a knack for coming up with ideas for songs. Sullee and the rest of the dudes on his team? Not so much. The idea for their song seems to revolve around the fact that they got the strippers more so than anything else.

Sullee and Jon Boy kinda get into it during the recording session, and then they kinda get into it again during the video shit. Jon Boy kinda went off on the director, which I found highly amusing. More so than anything else, Sullee seems nervous that this might be his last week on the show. Again, it looks like the hoes are the main focus of their clip.

Little X, the budget Hype Williams who actually kinda looks like Hype Williams, is brouht in to judge the groups’ videos. Sullee’s team’s video looks like the typical shitty hip-hop video, but without any element of irony a la the Roots’ clip for “What They Do.” Persia’s video isn’t particularly better, but at least it’s got a more original concept.

So Sullee’s team loses. The final round involves writing verses about which team member’s fault it was their video sucked balls. Sullee announces right away that he’s not snitching on anyone just for $100,000. Hilariously, John Brown starts right in with the snitching on both Jon Boy and Sullee. Jon Boy mainly blames himself.

Sullee kicks a hot verse basically saying, fucks this show, and walks out. Serch asks him if he’s for real, and apparently he is. For a minute, it looks like that’s it. But then Serch asks Jon Boy to step off as well for trying to subvert the final round. As he leaves, he mentions how the show has brought him closer to god. Roffle.

NEXT WEEK: Persia gets into it with some radio host. It looks like she might be the next one to leave.

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  • http://stealinmywavesandshit.blogspot.com jl3969

    how come no mention of your video interview thats been circling teh internets?

  • bol is obese




    “oh wow, wasnt he just tryin to shit on Lupe and his image a while back.

    “he must got a elephant gun and enough firearms to shut down an army base wit da shit he talks. but fuck it!”

    “that big blubber butt (pause) is a far cry from this mean mugg”

    “That nigga looked and sounded mentally unstable. And what the fuck was up with his neck not bein able to support his head?”

  • EnglandRepresent

    The White Rapper Show is fuckin heinous. I can honestly say I can rap better than all of those little muglets. White people should be ashamed of this shit. I did’nt think your interview was that bad Bol and if niggas is commentin on your looks why in the fuck are they lookin at you like that?? Thats suspect right there……


  • blizzy

    its over for you dogg, we all just seen the parker report with your corny ass. anything you say is null and void now that you exposed yourself. your like the quintessential net nerd. your the dude that i imagine when i read the corny shit taht other niggas be postin on here. poppin off all that shit and your fat neck can’t even support your fat head.

  • Dr Flav


  • DocZeus

    That interview is hilarious. Bol is such the shy geek in person who gets buckwild on the internet when he is behind the safety of a keyboard. His total persona makes a hundred times more sense now.

  • blizzy

    this niggas multiple chins done ate his neck up, and there aint nuttin left for him to support his head with. i feel bad for you for real cuz, this was a bad career move, your days are numbered. no one is gonna wanna listen to the shit you poppin when you aint got no credibility. the fuck i care what a lame ass nigga poppin about a rapper, cuz your opinion holds no weight now, just like your neck.

    Yo elliot holla at me, i hear you needa new blogger, i know someone better for the job.

  • strike

    first, bitches

  • blizzy


  • Strike

    1st bitches

  • blizzy

    oh yea, and after reading your article, its john boy that signs autographs, not john brown…

  • J.R.O.

    For real, Doczeus.

    Bol, why you keep smilin’ all gay??

  • that guy

    ^^^ Chuchh. Bol, your a the caricature of a fucking internet geek. when was the last time you got some pussy dude. your JUST how i pictured you in my head. Now that I’ve seen ya, i think Lupe and them Little Brother dudes can probably kick ur ass

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    bol please keep making an ass of yourself you cocksuck.bol you must really not get any pussy at all yous to busy wrightten lame fuck articals bout dis and dat.and one las time nobody cares bout dis show although i love how honkys is lookin bad by dis show bout other than thatfuck dis show and fuck you.and fuck wiggers and wannabes.

  • Rex Grossman

    Damn… Bol has put on some weight since his infamous gay, pissed-off Ninja Turtle pic (see banner at top of page).

  • http://www.afterthesmoke.com Whuzi
  • http://www.afterthesmoke.com Whuzi
  • http://www.myspace.com/briandawsonmusic Brian Dawson

    damn, Bol hops on the post QUICk. thats 2 weeks in a row ive seen you with youre White Rapper blog up RIGHT after the show. hardest workin blogger in show biz.


  • http://www.myspace.com/briandawsonmusic Brian Dawson

    and correction: it was JON BOY not JOHN BROWN signin autographs in the store…hallelujah holla back..

  • http://www.myspace.com/briandawsonmusic Brian Dawson

    and correction: it was JON BOY not JOHN BROWN signin autographs in the store…hallelujah holla back..

    and fuck the haters…

    do your thug thizzle..


  • Ra

    Stick to show recaps bitch! A vid is out showing how much of a herb you are! I hope you enjoyed being taken seriously cuz that shit is over

  • Lo-D

    yeah you seemed nervous as hell in that BOOOLLLIIINN!!!!

  • Bol likes Hotdogs and Ho-Hos!

    Did anybody notice in Bol’s interview that only 3/4′s of his fat ass upper body was shown, and that his fat ass head looked like a bowling ball sitting on a beanbag!! Bol IS FAT!!!!! And being as Huge as he is wouldnt you think he would have a deep hard ass nigga voice not some faggity ass 19 year old white college boy voice, damn your fat bol. OHHHH shit what about the “TEH GAY” smiling after every comment now that makes you a fat fag!! hahahaha UR FAT!!!!!!!

  • Da B


  • nike

    pesria has some kind of talent if i may say so myself.

  • Hurricane Game

    Bol you really need a life man.
    Get you a Hoe and throw some D’s On Dat Bitch!

  • jacquez
  • marksman

    look at this fat feminine whitewashed homo nerd with his little blog again. after watching that video interview on the parker report, (http://theparkerreport.com/comments.php?id=18) watch his voice all stammering, no eye contact with the camera, its obvious that bol has no confidence and is the shook coward geek that we all suspected he was. you aint shocking no more, black milhouse. you’re not even a hater. you’re just a bitter whitewashed fake. we all expected you to have some sort of swagger. instead you’re the black version of that chubby homo blogger that looks like elton john. its a wrap for you.

  • derfla the hus’la

    lol bol you realy need to review that interview of yours and explain how homoish you looked lol I still can’t stop laughing at your ass.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Rex Grossman Says:

    February 6th, 2007 at 12:38 am
    Damn… Bol has put on some weight since his infamous gay, pissed-off Ninja Turtle pic (see banner at top of page).

    lol…when people said he was fat i thought they were just clownin…damn Bol you let yourself go…i guess thats what blogging all day does to the body…at least get a new sofa if your gonna sit on it all day…

    *scratches head wondering why this guy criticizes people the way he does*

    dude get a mirror…someone should tear you a new one for that gay interview…Bol i think you would risk your life for 1 minute of fame…

  • Tyler

    Bol from that interview U did. . Bol =’s the defintion of an internet Gangsta’ but I mean what else did U people think was really going on? Keep doin’ U Bol but stay in ‘dat secret undisclosed location. It’s hella funny bro.
    Yea’ I love the concept of the show itself but yea’ man I mean I know nerdy whiteboys ‘dat can rap better than most of the kids on ‘dat show. They could have atleast kept the hot heroin chic a lil’ longer yo. Speakin’ of hot spittin’ whiteboys peep the musical heat at:

  • Marshall

    Sad thing is, John Brown seems to have the most sense of all them (outside of his rap persona.) Persia and Shamrock are a close second. And I love how serious Serch takes the show.

  • wtf


  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Yo, why the fuck does Bol keep his head tilted to the side like that for the pic above and for the entire Parker report interview. That shit gettin’ a little heavy, dogg? Man, you’z a bitch-made if I’ve ever seen one. I was expecting you to be out-spoken, have some real shit to say about why you do the things you do, but you came out empty-handed, son. You looked like a giddy school girl being asked if she likes to touch herself. All bashful and ducking out of the camera frame. I tried to give you some pointers before, but for real, son, if you wanna step it up to the next level–you need to be more outspoken in interviews. That was a bad look for you dude. This just confirms that you are hiding behind the internet with your ramblings about the mistakes that are made in hip-hop. You should have known this day was coming, now everyone’s seen you and are realizing that you are not the egg-headed dude in the picture you put up. You’ve been exposed. I’m not wishing any bad luck on you or anything, but for real, you should have seen this one coming. You can only hide who you are for so long–words on the page will eventually lead us back to their originator… Anyway.

  • content

    >Damn… Bol has put on some weight since his infamous gay, pissed-off Ninja Turtle pic (see banner at top of page).

    He was just sucking his cheeks in, look at the expression.

  • marlon

    how much does this show payola you bol. no one fuckin cares but your right on time with it every week.

  • thoreauly77

    honestly bol, i could give a fuck what you look like. obviously thats not why i read your posts and it seems pretty “gay” in and of itself to have dudes studying your vocal inflections and head-tilts, and then call that gay. fuck it. youre a writer: keep writing.

  • http://www.myspace.com/twerkolator twerkolator (aka “violent shermhead”)

    “You should have known this day was coming, now everyone’s seen you and are realizing that you are not the egg-headed dude in the picture you put up. You’ve been exposed. I’m not wishing any bad luck on you or anything, but for real, you should have seen this one coming. You can only hide who you are for so long–words on the page will eventually lead us back to their originator…”

    damn homie, you’re acting like he was on a hidden camera or something. he obviously CONSENTED to the interview, so he obviously doesn’t give a fuck what you or the the rest of these assholes think. i think a lot of you cats are borderline retarded. think about it: you get on your keyboard to talk shit about a guy who, as a part of his job, talks shit from his keyboard. at least this is what Bol does for a living and he does it in an intelligent, witty, provocative, and humorous way. what’s the rest of you d-bags’ excuses?

    and since when was it cool to talk shit (especially via the internet) about how another dude looks and to speculate on how much pussy another man is (or isn’t) getting. i can tell from most of the comments that half of y’all niggas is lame as hell because you’re too dumb to be anything else. (it’s not cool to be ignorant).

    this whole thing just confirms that Bol is waaaaaay smarter than most of the people who comment here. he really pulled a lot of you niggas’ hoe cards…








    child molester ass nigga…

    the picture u have up above is from high school or suttin?

    on Kanye being Gay, takes one to know one…

    XXL.com just outed u!


  • pimp C

    And dis wack nigga has the balls to write shit about me. You, nigga? YOU? HA!

  • skip

    lmao he(bol) has an english accent that’s the bitch in his ass coming out

  • skip

    his(bol) 1st response

  • skip

    lmao he looked like he wanted 2 be on the sun instead of doing that interview when he was answering about kanye

  • skip


  • j

    lmao.. you dudes needs ta chill, the dudes a journalist… all the outlandish shit he says is to keep you motherfuckers reading.. and it works. yall still be here waiting to see what he says next… plus i dont ever remember bol saying he was a gangsta or a thug… nor did he ever say he was a shy soft spoken dude lol. but bottom line through all his writing for shock factor and such no one can deny that he comes with some valid points a lot of the time. he exposes a lot of what is ridiculous in hip hop and pretty much the entire planet(nullus for this entire comment)


    Where’s my nigga Transient(no homo) he’d be ethering Bol and Rey right about now?

  • jdubb

    I am not saying it is right or wrong either way, but, Bol surely you can not be surprised at this response from your readers….you made fun of some people and artists on a real personal tip. You made your bed(it must be huge based on your interview) and you got to sleep in it….

  • EReal

    Yawnz… slow day in the blogs today.

    Maybe Bol has some guts man.(No Common’s hats) He knew that his fat ass would get just crucified if he went on that show, bobble head and all, and we found out. I dont know if its balls, or just that he’s a “dickridin faggot and loves the attention” as Nas would say. Personaly, I believe the latter.

    Either way. Im not gonna get in on all the Bol bashing, cause to be honest with you the two insults being thrown out based on the interview are played out already. Those being “Fat” and “Faggot”.
    I dont think those are gonna phase Bol much, as obviously he already knows those things. I’d rather take some time reviewing the interview and then goin at him on some other tip.(No Weezy Fucks Baby)

    I will say this tho.

    Noone gives a fuck about this white rapper bullshit. Thats why people went straight for the fat Bol bashing, because you didnt give them anything better to talk about. Maybe give us a decent disscussable blog and you can take the focus off of your Jaba the Hut like physique, eh? eh?
    Someone hit Pancake face up with the link to that interview, make something interesting happen around here. Today’s blogs have sucked major ass.(No Elliot from Be Cool)

    1 hunned

  • exile


  • Bol Crawford
  • thoreauly77

    ereal- an entertaining blog to check out is http://www.nappydiatribe.blogspot.com.

  • star1

    wow, you’re famous now!!! you happy?!!

    whenever someone spots a nerdy, virgin, net geek, they’re gonna call him a “Bol ass nigga” now!!!

    as in, “look at that bol ass nigga, talking shit, when it looks like he ain’t seen none since it seen him”.

    and so forth.

    damn, you came off as being so bright, but look at you now. :(

    i have to admit though, if you can bounce back from your appearence on http://www.thepakerreport.com, you’re the shit.

  • http://ee.com Monte

    Haeee…Korny azz…fool…

  • http://ee.com Monte

    Come Correct….

  • Pimp C

    Trick hold up.

    You stuttering butterball, buffet cruising ass nigga.

  • Bun B


    its all over, homey.

  • giftandacurse

    bol so fat he uses butter 4 lotion
    toilet bol so fat da nicca take a shower in chicken grease
    bol so fat his turtle necks got wrinkles
    y bol lookin like bolnorbit
    u done son rip toiletbol 05 –06, did homo bol jus revealed his cornbawwlishness

  • FuckUPayMe314

    R.I.P Bol


    HAHAHHAHAH Norbit ass nigga

  • mannyworld33


    4 A WHILE

  • rizzo

    Yo, get your info correct Jon-boy was signing autograpraphs not John Brown. I guess all white people look alike, especially the wack ones.

  • EReal

    thoreauly77 Says:

    February 6th, 2007 at 4:59 pm
    ereal- an entertaining blog to check out is http://www.nappydiatribe.blogspot.com.
    Thanx doggie.

  • mannyworld33


  • BeathemDowN

    Damn…Everyone teared this nigga a new asshole.

  • nullus

    checkmate fat nigga