Will this be the week Sullee goes home? He's narrowly escaped elimination the past couple of weeks, but look at who he was up against. Plus, he seems to have an issue with stumbling over his raps during the elimination round. The key for him should be staying out of the final round altogether.

Today's show involves hip-hop fashion, so Mark Ecko is brought in to evaluate the group's fashion sense. He mentions some shit about how having a strong visual element is key to being successful in hip-hop, which could be taken to mean a few different things.

The first part of this week's competition involves traveling to one of these ghetto fashion stores in a strip mall to pick up some hip-hop clothes. One of the clerks thinks John Brown might be an actual celebrity (because of the camera, natch). Of course John Brown plays right into it, offering to sign autographs and shit.

Outside, Jon Boy busts out with a poorly received impromptu perfomance while everybody else just kinda stands there like, I can't believe this cracka-ass cracka is out here putting on a rap show in front of a motherfucking strip mall ghetto fashion show. Back at the White House, him and Sullee kinda get into it.

The next day, they put on their ghetto wear for a fashion show. Kwame, who wasn't even notable enough to be mentioned in the ads for this, is a celebrity judge. (And who knew he was that short?) Only thing is, this fashion show is more of a Best in Show-style dog fashion show, with the rappers walking the dogs across the stage.

Only one person can win for their team, and Persia ends up winning because her pumps matched her dog's collar or some such. Sullee was pissed because he was on the opposite team, but it turns out that was only part of the competition. The rest of the competition involves recording a song and making a video.

There's two sets of props for the groups to use in their videos, and Persia's team gets the first pick. It looks like the best props are an old school car and three again kinda tranny-looking video bitches. Persia picks the car, so Sullee's team ends up with the bitches. Since Persia won the fashion show, her team also gets Bushwick Bill.

They head off to pick beats and come up with a song. It seems like Persia, disgusting beast that she is, has a knack for coming up with ideas for songs. Sullee and the rest of the dudes on his team? Not so much. The idea for their song seems to revolve around the fact that they got the strippers more so than anything else.

Sullee and Jon Boy kinda get into it during the recording session, and then they kinda get into it again during the video shit. Jon Boy kinda went off on the director, which I found highly amusing. More so than anything else, Sullee seems nervous that this might be his last week on the show. Again, it looks like the hoes are the main focus of their clip.

Little X, the budget Hype Williams who actually kinda looks like Hype Williams, is brouht in to judge the groups' videos. Sullee's team's video looks like the typical shitty hip-hop video, but without any element of irony a la the Roots' clip for "What They Do." Persia's video isn't particularly better, but at least it's got a more original concept.

So Sullee's team loses. The final round involves writing verses about which team member's fault it was their video sucked balls. Sullee announces right away that he's not snitching on anyone just for $100,000. Hilariously, John Brown starts right in with the snitching on both Jon Boy and Sullee. Jon Boy mainly blames himself.

Sullee kicks a hot verse basically saying, fucks this show, and walks out. Serch asks him if he's for real, and apparently he is. For a minute, it looks like that's it. But then Serch asks Jon Boy to step off as well for trying to subvert the final round. As he leaves, he mentions how the show has brought him closer to god. Roffle.

NEXT WEEK: Persia gets into it with some radio host. It looks like she might be the next one to leave.