"Q-Tip singing, Dre 3000 acting/Goddamn niggas too good for this rappin'." —Killer Mike

Well, well, well. Guess it takes one brick to make a nigga break out his rhyme pad again. In case you haven't been listening to y'all terrestrial or satellite radios lately, Andre 3000 has abandoned his Cab Calloway fantasies and is spittin' or bussin' as them Southern gentlemen say. You got a hot song. 3000 got a hot 16 for the remix.

Heavens to Megatroy. Poor Big Boi. He's been trying to get this nigga to do this for years and now after a couple of jeers and bad reviews for their musical massacre, could it be that OutKast is gettin' reloaded and ready to fire back at you eager Earthlings. Ten The Hard Way coming soon, bitches!

OK, Noz and Nas fanatics, let's not get our hopes up. These are baby steps for Mr. Benjamin. It's almost like watching a star player returning from an almost career-ending injury. "Walk it out like Usher?" Ugh. Still Unk gets blessed 'cause just when you think Dre slips with the opening line—he slaps you back to reality:

If You Say Real Talk I Probably Won't Trust Ya
If You Wanna Go To War, The Guns My Pleasure
Even Jesus Had 12 Disciples On The Level, Trigger, Whatever

Damn. Guess what we read awhile back is true. Andre not only spits hot fire (We'll always love Dy-lan) but he likes them firearms too. It's always the surface nerdy lookin' ones you gotta watch out for. De La Soul has checked a chin or two. True story.

And of course 3000, a certified rap vet, takes the time to get on that
Jay-Z grown-ass man shit too (word on the ATL streets is there may be a "30 Something (Remix)" in the works):

Your White Tee Well To Me Look Like A Nightgown
Make Ya Mama Proud Take That Thing Two Sizes Down
Then You'll Look Like The Man That You Are Or What You Could Be

He goes on to scold the young'n further with more wordplay but you can just listen to the record.

Round 2. The lil' dirty lookin' singin' muthafucka who's keeping
Murder Inc. alive feels having one lyrical legend (Nas) on his song
isn't enough so Andre attends the tea party. And since this is an R&B
record how about a lil' sumthin' sumthin' for the ladies:

I Walked Out, Hm, I Got 'Bout
Half-Way To My Car When I Heard Shorty Shout,
"3000, Forgot Your Credit Card, Smart Move
By The Way, My Little Sister Loves Your Cartoon."

I heard dude's cartoon is ass. Ha!

Still this comeback's latest and greatest appearance is on Rich Boy's
"Throw Some D's (Remix)." I'm too lazy to type out any more lyrics but suffice it is to say dude pretty much murders everyone on their own shit.

Notice how on all these songs mentioned Andre rhymes first. Like he
can't wait to get them bars off that chest. Maybe there's some hope.
But if history serves us, by the time Patton and Benjamin truly reunite it'll be too little too late.

P.S. Andre is also gonna be featured on the new Devin The Dude album on a song called "What a Job," which also features Snoop Dogg. That's right, Hollywood reunion.