Like I said before at this site, ‘Brandy is more hardbody than your favorite rapper’, but Foxy Brown is on the come up. There’s a likely chance that she has violated her probation by getting arrested in Florida and that should mean a trip to a local New York City detention center and not some cushy, laid back Fed prison like where Lil’ Kim did her bid. If that happens then Foxy won’t be coming home the same woman she is right now. No one comes home from jail the same person. You either learn to be an adult and assume responsibility for your actions or you waste your time by blaming others for your condition. You get better or you get worse, but you don’t remain unchanged.

How far has Foxy Brown fallen since she almost went to the top of the female emcee hill? At one time she was rumored to be connected to the prince of the city. I’m not sure whether Jay-Z was writing her lyrics or not, but her flow sounded a lot like his. Then she spent time with The Firm crew who lent her their swagger and their reputation for being lyrical giants. In terms of street credibility, which may or may not mean shit at the end of the day, Foxy was ahead of all her competitors. Even when Lil’ Kim was appearing to be going Hollywood with all of her plastic surgery and her new white friends, Foxy was still that ‘hood bitch that would roll your els for you. She would rap so crazy that her lipstick would smear and her hair tracks would get exposed. We had Foxy Brown before Trina and before Khia made being a hot ass mess a household word. Now we may not have Foxy Brown ever again.

It was time to put the Foxy Brown character away after she kicked those Firm rhymes that made no mathematical sense. I just hope Inga Marchand gets her shit together soon because she is the only one that will provide for her baby brother. Those two are like the welfare WIC check version of Brandy and Ray J. The one thing I’m starting to learn is that the career of a rapper is a lot like being a running back in the National Football League.

N.F.L. = not for long.