As the saying goes, I've got good news and I've got bad news. I'll start with the good news first, because I'm positive like that (read I got a pretty hefty check in the mail the other day - thanks, okayplayer!).

First of all, DJ Drama and Don Cannon have been released on $100,000 bond. I'm not sure if that was a package deal, or if that was for both of them, but - at any rate - they're out. Hopefully, it wasn't too late.

It probably wasn't though. They were only locked up for about a day. Not to let you guys in on any more than you need to know about me, but suffice it to say that I've gone for more than a day at a time without taking a shower, and it wasn't like I was under any immediate threat.

So that's the good news.

The bad news is that DJ Drama and Don Cannon may be in more trouble than we initially thought. For starters, they were busted under Georgia's RICO law, which is the kind of shit the government pulls out when they don't intend for you to be free again anytime soon. Ask Osama bin Laden.

Speaking of which, it turns out 5-0 may have been looking for more than just Tom Breihan's favorite rap albums when they busted Drama and Cannon, and they may have had good reason to.

When the inital Fox News report mentioned that these raids usually turn up drugs and weapons, I know a lot of people assumed this was just their usual race-baiting bullshit. Admittedly, I had my own suspicions.

As it turns out though, this was not the first, but the second such raid to take place, and the first one turned up all kinds of shit.

To wit:

"Our first raid also happened in Atlanta on Metropolitan Parkway on Oct. 11, 2006," says [Police Chief James] Baker. "It was run by a bunch of immigrants, the majority here illegally, from West Africa. We seized over $14 million of counterfeit CDs, five vehicles, cocaine and marijuana."

Cocaine and marijuana? Illegal immigrants? $14 million?

Ruh roh!

Most of the story's I've read so far about the Gangsta Grillz SWAT raid have made it a point to note that the recording industry itself is pretty heavily tied up in the mixtape game. Still, presumable they weren't aware of the extent to which it's tied up in all other sorts of illegality.

Maybe they just found out, and maybe that's why Drama and Cannon had to go down. The tIs may be trying to wash their hands of the situation, not unlike they did with Irv Gotti, before we find out one of these Africans is smuggling yellow cake uranium or some such.


UPDATE: DJ Drama's lesbian sister, who calls herself AfroLez, has a Free DJ Drama post on her MySpace blog.

My bad if I just revealed that DJ Drama has a lesbian sister named AfroLez.