Does it strike anyone else as odd and kinda sad that the US is in the fight of its life against Islamic fascism and yet you wouldn't know it from reading most hip-hop publications. It's one thing to mention the Iraq War in a story, but how many writers have really gotten down to the heart of the matter? No Don Henley.

I tried to address the issue here before, but of course people got all upset. In a post called "Lupe Fiasco, jihadist," I attempted to explore some of the Islamic themes in Lupe Jihadist's Food and Liquor, including a not so subtle element of Islamic fascism. The reaction from the Islamic community was perhaps unsurprising given their 1400-year history of ideological inconsistency.

(I just noticed: a cursory Internets search for the term "lupe jihadist" turns up pages and pages of shit, the vast majority of which I wasn't even aware existed until just now. Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ.)

Several crazed Muslims in the comments here, on MySpace, and elsewhere threatened physical violence against yours truly as well as a boycott of XXL magazine. The message was clear: Muslims aren't the kind of people who will try to tell you what to think and/or kill you, but if they don't like what you say, they will threaten you with violence as well as try to silence your voice.

But you're the one with the problem.

Speaking of confused Muslims, I see Lupe Jihadist is back at it. In an interview yesterday with, he suggests that I "unraveled" after he did a guest post here calling me a bitch ass nigga. Uggh... so let me get this straight: a supposed Muslim (Islam = peace) tossing out dreaded n-words as if they were dead babies and threatening to dropkick people = Bol unraveling? Oh, okay.

Lupe Jihadist's Rocks and Dynamite, or whatever it's called, only did Little Brother numbers anyway, but that didn't stop it from being nominated for a handful of Grammys (they love that neo soul BS). As far as I'm concerned, this is as good a time as any to inform people of what's at stake here. A petition to the Recording Academy may even be in order.