Unkut.com Presents…The Last Taboo For White Rappers

While pale-faced rappers are now fairly commonplace, not so long ago they were a rare breed. This led to a lot of in-fighting amongst these pasty-faced rhyme slingers, as they struggled to be that group that “black guys didn’t hate”. Thanks to the the credibility of Def Jam and some killer beats, the Beastie Boys were able to rock hardheads in New York AND mallrats in Ohio (thanks MTV!), which was a pretty big deal at the time unless you were Run-DMC. Their bratty, beer-swilling antics endeared them to frat-boys everywhere, while hard-hitting tracks like “It’s The New Style” and “Slow and Low” received heavy rotation from street-level listeners worldwide. Plus they had chicks dancing in cages, which is always a good look. It wasn’t long, however, until some other Caucazoids took shots at the ivory throne, and following the Beastie’s defection to Capitol records for their enjoyable although critically overratted Paul’s Boutique album, Russell Rush quickly found some new crackas to fill the gap.

3rd Bass, a group who took themselves way too seriously but also had some really dope production, made several songs directed at Adrock, MCA and Mike D in an attempt to position themselves as the new “mighty whiteys” on the block. This all went according to plan until the guys from X-Clan decided to hand out a “Gas Face” of their own (even though Professor X would have known Serch from the Latin Quarter days). Putting Pete Nice and MC Serch in the unfortunate position of having to defend themselves against a black rap group, which had never really happened before that point as white rappers have always feared having their “Hip-Hop Pass” revoked. Since they were stepping into a minefield, their retaliation was pretty tame (verging on apologetic), and as a result they took an L. Around the same time, 3rd Bass targeted Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer (who despite being black was so widely disliked by rap fans that it seemed like a safe bet, much like Eminem vs Benzino or Ja Rule), but it could be argued that they never really recovered from the respect they lost as a result of the X-Clan conflict. To make matters worse, it turns out that going at Hammer wasn’t such a harmless move after all, as Serch explained in this interview:

“So we diss Hammer, and Hammer wasn’t really pissed about “Gas Face”, he was really pissed about “Cactus”, when Pete said “The Cactus turned Hammer’s Mother out”. He took that as a straight diss to his Mom, and we weren’t dissing his Mom. We were putting a play on words with “Turn this mother out” and the Cactus turned this mother out ­ we turned him out, we’re just hotter. Ok, he took it as a diss to his Mom….They put a $60,000 hit out with one of the biggest gangs in L.A., for any member who got to us and could prove it – a huge amount of money. They contact Mike Conception, who at that time was doing that record “We’re All in the Same Gang”, and Hammer had got Mike’s help. So Russell manages to get hold of Mike and says “Listen this can’t go down, how do we stop this”, and he says “It’s too late now, we can’t stop it”, and Russell is like “No, no. I’ll do anything!”. So Mike finally says “Listen, I want to go to the American Music Awards, and I want to sit next to Michael Jackson, and then we won’t kill them, we’ll just break their legs, but you’ll still be able to film them on TV from the waist up”. This was his reasoning! Russell says “No, you can’t shoot them at all”, and finally that’s the deal that they made. So Russell calls Donny Inner and Tommy Motola and he explains the situation, and if you check the seating plan for the American music awards from 1990 – Michael Jackson Mike Conception.”

Following these events, it was pretty much set in stone that these d’evils would stick to fighting amongst themselves as to who was “true to the game” and who was a poser. This trend peaked when Eminem name-checked all the white rappers he felt were beneath him in one of his early singles, which led to some really shitty responses from no-hit wonders like Milkbone, as well as a run-in with former Rhyme Syndicate mascot Everlast. Slim Shady‘s rise to the top enevitably brought all kinds of sour grapes spitting contenders out off the woodwork, as every “crazy white guy” rapper became convinced that Em had stolen their style from some shitty demo tape that Stretch & Bobbitto had played at 3 o’clock in the morning or some similarly deluded scenario. Cage and RA The Rugged Man, his two most outspoken critics, seem to forget that the “insane cracka” style is the the most obvious persona for a melanin-deficient MC to adapt if they want to have any chance of attaining that all-important “street credibility”. House of Pain were early examples of this, as they successfully adapted the “Irish hoodlum” image instead of the traditional “funkee white boy” approach.

More recent examples of recorded white-on-white rap violence included Demigodz vs Def Jux (which, if nothing else, resulted in somebody finally sampling Revenge of the Nerds to good effect), El-P vs Sole (the first diss records that only people with a modem knew anything about) and others which I don’t care to remember. When Masta Ace threw some barbs in the direction High & Mighty‘s Mr Eon and Mighty Mi, the whole thing turned out to be a misunderstanding and got squashed, which was lucky for the EC fellas since they were able to avoid having to diss a black dude (not to mention a rap legend). Even if it hadn’t been sorted out, I highly doubt that they would responded at all (other than possibly kidnapping the Biz Markie puppet from Ace’s first video), given that it still remains as the one of the last taboo’s in hip-hop.

The only other example that springs to mind would be when a kid calling himself Paleface (aka “The Blue Eyed Devil”) came out with a song going at Ice Cube for his “cave bitch” comments towards white chicks. I never heard the song, but he got featured in Vibe (no Fonzworth Bentley) magazine back in 1991 and I’m pretty sure that this makes him one of the only white “rappers” to ever bark at a black MC. But the question remains – will a whitey (other than Marshall Mathers) ever have the stones to go at a black guy in the hip-hop game? I’m betting it’ll be the same week that an openly gay rapper goes triple platinum….

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  • J

    They need to give you this spot permanently. You’ve been the best guest thus far. good shit…

  • soopadoopa

    It would have 2 b an italian wit Mafia connections. Nobody esle would try it.


  • iame247

    First (and this was my first time trying) I would like to see Eminem go at
    Ice Cube or Freddie Foxxx or someone like that. Ja Rule was a safe beef because he was under the assumption 50 had his back, or they adopted each others beef or something like that. Any way the topic makes you go Hmmmm. Good one.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    It would happen sooner than you think.

    The next smart underachieving white rapper who needs quick and cheap publicity should go at Dipset or Fit-tee on some dis record.

    That’s all most beefs really are, barking on records with no action to back the words.

    Since hip-hop beef is never real, maybe we should call it hip-hop hotdog.

    And since hip-hop is all gound up filler records, hip-hop beef by default would actually be Bologna Hotdog…

    Or would it actually be Hotdog Bologna?

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!


  • Doc Flav

    Good shit! Your knowledge game is on point, you pulled out Milkbone, Lol! I never heard that Hammer story before, I Guess I slept on “The Funky Headhunter,” (no Rock Hudson)

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    This gives me the opportunity to express my confusion with the praise BeastieBoys get…frankly im not feelin that shit…they wont get mentioned by me when im 50 years old schoolin the youung bloods on hip hop and its origins…i gues because they were white…you know they always need somebaody to cheer for…”the great white hype”…and thats in all things dominated by blacks…on the other hand we have tiger woods but that prick denies his ancestry…but like i said they praise ay white rapper even if they suck…tiger woods doesn’t suck by the way

    • Matt

      If you don’t like them, cool, you don’t have to be a racist, assuming punk.

      The first time I heard the Beastie Boys I was fucking hooked, and I grew up in the 90′s not knowing who the fuck they were. Their sound is completely unique to them, their delivery is completely original.

      Don’t even say Run DMC does the same thing, they combine rock and roll with hip hop in a similar way, Run and DMC would go back and forth on verses in a similar way, but no one sounds like the Beastie Boys.

      I was going through a time where I was sick of modern music, sick of every damn club track, every gangbanger track, and I found them. They didn’t rap about super political topics, they weren’t really lyrically driven, but they were so full of energy, so full of style and so completely fun to listen to, they deserve the praise they get. You obviously can’t get over the fact that they’re white.

      Look at the other white rappers in this article. No one gives a fuck about most of them, not even white people. I hate this “Whites only like this guy because he’s white,” really?? Because I’m pretty sure Vanilla Ice was in demand for about 6 months before the world shunned him out. The WORLD, it’s not like only black people didn’t like him.

      A million white rappers try their hand at becoming famous every god damn day that you never hear about. Before the excuse was, “Well, Vanilla Ice was so terrible, no one takes white rappers seriously anymore.” Now the excuse is, “Well, Eminem raised the bar so god damn high, no white rapper can even get a shot anymore.” Only pussies make excuses, and if a rapper does “make it,” you’re just ignorant if you’re gonna say it’s because of his color.

  • http://myspace.com/wabdamuss wab

    yeah i co-sign that u should be a regular XXL blogger

    Jus dont let it go to yer head, lol


    This article would be cool because this guy knows a little history, but all the racial slurs are disrespectful. There just aren’t many other ethnicity rappers out there, thats why there aren’t more multi racial conflicts. Not because blacks are superior. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    @ Truth

    Their arne’t many white rappers because hip hop was created by blacks and no one can do it better

  • truth


    kinda like wallstreet

  • http://www.myspace.com/kracktheking KR

    Aey this was a nice blog…that is all

  • Sushi K

    “enjoyable although critically overratted Paul’s Boutique album”

    Huh?!? You must be an eighties baby, as anyone that was around and atuned at the time of it’s release will attest that this was the ultimate and most sublime Beastie Boys record. Listened to the shit like 50 million times on all kinds a external feelgoods. Psychedelic, salty and bloody. Undisputable, son, you better ask somebody…

  • Young A. Simmons

    Props on the El-P vs Sole shout-out.

    That Linda Trip diss was vicious.

  • nocal

    I’m surprised to hear a black dude talk about the Sole vs. El-P thing. Ostensibly you’re black. Maybe you’re Puerto Rican or something.

    Also, learn how to spell.

  • http://www.unkut.com Robbie

    “anyone that was around and atuned at the time of it’s release will attest that this was the ultimate and most sublime Beastie Boys record”

    I was too busy listening to “Unfinished Business” to care.



    Yo YN hire this dude already

  • Fuck gayme


  • H-Man

    roofless iz what roofless doez…Damn, banned from MTV???…now thatz gangsta…ery hood in tha street no, tha whole world no, let all tha people no…dont mess wit tha henchmen…Hate It or Love It…nobody bangz harda…Hitt’em up…OUTLAWZ..Show and Prove tyme comin…

  • Funk

    When my people grow some balls is when another “whitey” goes at a black rapper.

  • JLY

    If none of you dumbasses rememba, the eminem vs ja and benzino beef also included em takin shots at jermaine dupri and em has taken shots at royce da 5’9 and cannibus. so ya all betta think wen u say he goes afta all “safe bet” black guys.

  • JLY

    remember now, em has taken shots at royce da 5’9 and cannibus along wit ja and benzino.

  • H-Man

    100 of dem thangz….hahahahaha….went to far on tha G-unit and Game diss, just got tired of tha beef, and dissed them both…fokin snapped yo…2 much bullshit, let tha muzik talk 4 itself…naw mean?

  • H-Man

    truth, Em could murk JD on tha mic…who couldnt EM murk?

  • e

    Nice post, I don’t think Em would ever diss a taletned black mc. Bubba Sparxx could though that guy can spit(no kanye west)

  • http://www.jumpoff.tv www.jumpoff.tv

    @ The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Although blacks created Hip-Hop (music that is bc puertoricans were strong on the bboying tip) that don’t mean they are the best? Skills and talent isn’t only skin deep…

    Eminem is sick and can serve 2/3rds of the black rappers who come and go as little gimmicks left and right.

    And on the whole battling tip, which is a very underground scene, I’ve seen white rappers take it to black rappers 9 out of 10 times.

    That is all. Love the post. Hate the whole white vs. black thing.

    Hip-Hop is for everyone.

  • Danja29

    I think Em WOULD indeed go at a talented black rapper… and HAS. I don’t know if he’d do it now cause he seems to be all humbled and mellowed out and all that bullshit as of late. But I think Em is one of the few MC’s black or white that actually WOULD or COULD go at anybody cause at the very least, the battle would be a draw.

    The rest of ‘em? Not so much.

  • gettohellsoon

    Why would someone asume that a person would be scared to diss someone else purely because of race? Thats about the dumbest shit I’ve heard today. If it’s beef, thats what it is. Drama doesnt have color, neither does hiphop. If you think any different you should go kill yourself now and do all of us a favor.

  • BlackBetty

    All y’all need to shut the hell up. I don’t care if Em’ dissed anybody noteworthy or not(em in now way reflects or represents me or any real “whitey” I know). If a man disrespects me I’m goin’ to confront him and I sho don’t give a damn what color he is. Also, I’m not hopin’ to see a white rapper come hard at anybody because I don’t have the lack of confidence or self esteem that would cause me to desire seeing another white man being better than a black man in any perspective. But all that aside you need to listen to that Theodore Unit’s Sean Wiggs he’s aiight.

  • vato loco

    best blog on this site already, you should get a permanent spot. dont underrate cage though, kid is pretty ill plus he been moving units.

  • sha-elemental

    If someone came at me sideways I’d have no choice to either em. But I would not lower myself to useing racial slurs to do it I’d just straight up eat em alive kinda like what Em did to Ja. What’s there to be scared of half of these rappers aint what they say they is anyway.

  • Enlightened

    Let’s not forget:

  • Enlightened

    Let’s not forget:
    EMINEM CAME IN THE GAME DISSING BRITNEY SPEARS, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, N SYNC, ETC. The only Black person’s name that came out his mouth was WILL SMITH.
    Let’s not forget:
    When EMINEM WON HIS FIRST SOURCE AWARD and was on stage lookin scared as hell talking about “Where’s Dre?” he was basically apologizing for winning and he was a WHITE BOY THAT LOOKED OUT OF PLACE IN THE HOOD (The Source Awards). At that point he wouldn’t say shit – to no real nigga.
    WHEN HE SIGNED 50, all of a sudden he felt better about that shit and had the nuts to say Ja Rule and Benzino’s name, but never before that!

    Also with that Hammer shit, first of all niggas can front all they want (you don’t know what the fuck you talking about), but MC Hammer had hella props in the hood until later on when HE WENT SUPER POP. Also, I don’t believe that about him putting a hit out and some WEAK ASS WHITE BOYS for saying something because if you thumb through the files and check real history, you’ll see that HAMMER WAS A REAL STREET NIGGA THAT USED TO CHARGE NIGGAS UP AND WHOOP THEM HIS SELVES. He wouldn’t put a hit out with some L.A. Gangs. HE’S FROM OAKLAND – SO HE WOULD HAVE JUST TOOK SOME NIGGAS FROM THE TOWN WITH HIM AND WHOOPED THEY ASS HIS SELF.
    Your credibility is kind of fucked up to me right about now.

  • Enlightened

    gettohellsoon & sha-elemental -
    I don’t know WHERE THE HELL Y’ALL ARE FROM – but in the hood (which the rap game took on the characteristics of) WHITE BOYS DON’T COME SIDEWAYS OUT OF THEY MOUTH AND SAY SHIT – TO NO NIGGA! Half the time white boys got whooped back in the day just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time – I know it ain’t right, but it is what it is.
    Y’all on some fantasy land shit talking bout race ain’t matter about dissing, if it’s beef it’s beef. Yeah right. The only white boys that fixed they mouth to say some shit to a nigga was one that happened to be connected to somebody – USUALLY SOME NIGGAS WITH CLOUT. Just like the 1999 Eminem versus the 2003 Eminem.

  • http://33jones.com fresh


    Check out the videos from Scribble Jam ’97, before Eminem had Dre or 50 Cent or anyone else behind him. He didn’t look out of place at all then.

  • Danja29

    @ Enlightened:

    to YOU, his first disses mighta been goin at Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera… video evidence and his rep in Detroit prior to him ever having a video on MTV would say otherwise. Just wanted to enlighten you on that.

  • k

    “I’m surprised to hear a black dude talk about the Sole vs. El-P thing. Ostensibly you’re black. Maybe you’re Puerto Rican or something.”

    I’m pretty sure dude is white AND from Australia.

  • Fernando

    Hammer was hood….To quote Outkast “Run up on Hammer…Bet Hammer beat Yo Ass!!”

    He might have done some Pop shit to get some money, but most rappers do that when they get big enough..a la Nelly with Tim McGraw & Janet, Jay-Z with Linkin Park etc. etc.

  • jon-jon 23

    Emenim dissed black women and called them “nigger shit”….Yall negroes got it twisted. They don’t have to come at us in raps because they run America. They throw us in jail, over charge us for bullshit like cars, clothes, and jewelry. They import drugs here and funnel it down to dumb niggas–then niggas get busted and thrown away forever. Who really cares about if they make diss records or not when NYPD and LAPD beat on niggas and lock them down on a regular basis.

  • JLY

    em was beefin wit ja before he signed 50

  • Enlightened

    FRESH & Danja29 -
    Good lookin. I can admit, I don’t know much at all about Em’s pre-Aftermath history, so I gotta take y’all word for it.
    Y’all do have to admit y’all saw the change in him too though. If y’all saw those awards I’m talking about then you know.

  • Enlightened

    jon-jon 23

  • http://www.dumpin.net mike dikk

    You forgot Everlast going at Dj Quik on the Shamrocks & Shenaningans remix (“You make me sick like DJ Quik). Then Quik served him on that “You Can’t Fuck Wit A Nigga’ track on the Menace II Society soundtrack.

    Outside of that, good work. I visit your other site all the time too. That whole PM Dawn/BDP beef finally explained stuff has been the best stuff on the innernets in a long while.

  • jimmy

    give this guy the spot!!!1

  • http://www.myspace.com/poisonousdarthfc Poisonous Dart

    I’m pretty sure Vibe magazine wasn’t around in 1991, besides that, this was pretty much on point. Too bad the whole Tony D. vs. MC Serch “Tony Dick gets the Gas Face!” , DJ Quik vs. Everlast, Young Black Teenagers having to explain their name on all of those damn talk shows to angry Black folks back in 1991 (classic shit!) and the Whooliganz and Knucklehedz both having their albums scrapped in 1994/5. This was a good read. Keep up the good work at Unkut.com. One.

  • gettohellsoon

    @ Enlightened:

    Once again, fuck race. I’ll say it again, beef is beef. If your scared to say something to someone cause of race, your a fucking coward. If you think you’re tough shit cause of your race, your ignorant as fuck. Thats not directed towards anybody, thats just whats up. Im not trying to defend anyone, shit Im not even white. I just think it’s dumb as fuck for folks to pull the race card. Everyone bleeds the same, trust that.

  • Dee

    Em did go at BLACK Rappers

    thats all he did fromlime 1995-1999
    (i’m sure 99.9% of the battles were against “street” black rappers)
    And he won all the time.

    –He is done with that shit..He doesnt need to prove anything anymore.
    He is worth MILLIONS!!!!

  • Dee

    A White rapper has to have a reason to go at another rapper,,and lets face it
    most rappers dont really battle anymore anyway,

    once they are established they dont want to take the chance of hurting their image..there isnt any value in battling or beefing lyrically with another rapper.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bookwormbrown bookworm brown

    dope post, but could you link the songs next time or some shit? get 21st century with it.

  • http://www.jumpoff.tv www.jumpoff.tv




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  • bedouin

    “but it could be argued that they never really recovered from the respect they lost as a result of the X-Clan conflict.”

    I don’t think they really lost any respect from it, but maybe my memory is bad. I was a huge X Clan fan but putting sophomore efforts against sophomore efforts, Derelicts of Dialect is a masterpiece compared to Xodus.

    3rd Bass to me wins the crown of first really tight white MCs. Richie Rich on the wheels? SD50s and Sam Sever on production? You can’t go wrong.

    But, to add to the rumor mill. One guy I knew about 10 years ago who was close with 3rd Bass’s first DJ (Nite) told me that one of the dudes from Beastie Boys actually went to Serch’s house and plastered the place with eggs one night. The whole Beasties vs. 3rd Bass thing was over 3rd Bass trying to prove their legitimacy too much (ala “Product of the Environment,” which was a dope track regardless).

  • http://www.unkut.com Robbie

    “one of the dudes from Beastie Boys actually went to Serch’s house and plastered the place with eggs one night”

    I’m betting it was Ricky Powell.

  • turtle

    MC Serch did call Professor Griff a sucker in The Cactus.

  • http://www.bozacknation.com/blog.html bk to the fullest

    You sleep on Lord Scotch 79, some call “the first white rapper”
    peep issue 3 of bozack nation

  • Trae Bizzo

    You respect search as an emcee and whats the first thing he do as a producer, he holds onto the Illmatic publishing and sells a line to jay-z
    thats how you thank Nasir for makin back to the grill again sell.

  • Jim

    interesting article. the only thing i disagree with is ‘paul’s boutique’ being “critically overratted,” just because you never have an album produced like that again due to many factors, mainly copyright. there have been almost no other albums produced like that one.

  • RU

    Copywrite (white) vs CamuTao (black)

  • jason

    Everlast vs DJ Quick – Everlast came back again to Quick on a track called “I’m a swing it” on the album “Same as it ever was”

  • http://HipHopLivesNOW.org mighty FlipSide Esq.

    There is that beef between DJ Quik and Everlast. The verse from House of Pain’s “Shamrocks and Shenaneganns” “You make me sick like strawberry Quik, orginally was you make me sick like DJ Quik. And Quik came back with, “Can’t fuk wit a Nigga.” There also was that Pall Wall and Chamillionaire beef (Yawn). I think that we could see a nice beef soon. I just hope it stays on the Mic, ya dig!

  • JT

    Yeah pretty safe to say Serch got the last laugh though faggot. He found Nas, the best rapper of all time hands down. Who the fuck is X Clan? Oh that’s right, they were just a fly by night black fist in the air rap group that no one ever heard of after the Cross Colors era of 91-93 ended. Fucken idiot. Go back to hip hop school pahtnuh.

  • Mcman Ichiban

    F all you cracka ass rappaz. Any one of yall diss a black rapper we settin it off. Same for you bloggaz way out in he effin boonies who don’t live this but talk all day about it

  • zing zinger

    “i’m betting it’ll be the same week that an openly gay rapper goes triple platinum….”

    …..Didn’t Kanye go triple platinum?

    Ha ha

  • Ell

    hell yeah!!! The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

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