I can’t believe my eyes. Memphis Bleek actually used one of his sick days from the service center at Wal-Mart (what’s up T.Error Mari?!) to hit the stage in Melbourne, Australia with Jay-Z this past weekend. I guess after all of those long hours rotating tires and changing transmission fluid that nigga finally saved up enough money to cop that hoodie he had his eye on. Good for him. 

During the final performance of the night, a mystery person came out to help Bleek and Jay roc the mic right. Different media outlets are speculating that the unknown individual may be the latest member to join the Roc-A-Fella team, but judging from the manicured red fingernails I’m going to say that it is none other than the hand that rocks Baby Daniel’s cradle.  Beyonce, we know that’s you girl.

After a well publicized departure from Virgin Records last week, different reports about Jermaine Dupri’s next move almost immediately to begin to surface. The latest buzz is that Janet’s nipple pincher may be on his way to Island Def Jam. Word is that L.A. Reid may be interested in bringing JD over to the legendary label.  I’ll believe that one when and if it ever happens though.