There are several rumors about what went down outside of Justin’s on Monday night. The most common theory is that Fab may have pulled a “Beans” and shot himself in the thigh as part of a publicity stunt. You know the rap patrol wasn’t going to let this shit slide. Cops initially believed that the shooting may have been tied to a beef between Fab and a few local gangstas.

But wait, this is where things gets interesting.

After conducting an investigation, police sources say that Celtics guard Sebastian Telfair was outside of Justin’s the same night. Before the shooting occurred, his chain worth $50,000 was allegedly snatch from his neck. Telfair left during last night’s Celtics game vs. the Knicks after halftime to view a police lineup containing pictures of Fabolous and members of his entourage. The trip downtown to the police station was a wasted one since he was unable to identify a suspect. That doesn’t surprise me much, the poor child look like he drunk an entire gallon of Clorox as a child.

Don’t get it twisted and think Sebastian is a choir boy, though. Last February he was suspended after a loaded handgun was discovered in his luggage on the team plane as it prepared to take off. If you ask me, it’s pretty easy to see what happened. Dude chain was snatch and he then subsequently started to let off shots.

Fabolous and his co-defendants are giving the default “I don’t know shit” story to the media when it comes to the identity of the triggerman.