I thank God that I have been given the opportunity to do this blog this week. It's allowed the world to get more of an understanding of what we are tryin' to do in the BAY AREA; from the hyphy movement to political involvement. Which leads me to what the Yellow Bus is all about.

First off, I'm not trying to make fun of mentally disabled kids in no way whatsoever. What I am actually doin' is subliminally sending a message to these kids that it's cool to go to school. In the city I live in, Oakland, they are closin' down schools like crack houses. Just this year, 7 schools were shut down. It's creating confusion and chaos. Kids from rival hoods have to go to school with each other and that shit ain't safe. Just like in any other hood around the world, it's really funk. So kids is learnin' to go to school strapped. And what kinda learning enviroment is that, if before you thinkin' about packin' books you thinking bout packin'?

Who would've ever thought that just to go to school you would have to carry a gun. It's really that serious. Babies, 10-to-18-year-olds, are goin' through this shit everday. Don't nobody wanna die goin' to school, so you know what they gon' do. And in the end, they don't even go to school, it's too much of a health risk. So the only options after that is the streets, juvenile hall or the one none of us like dealing with...the ground. Too many young kids are losin' their lives in the streets because of lack of effort put forth by community leaders: the politicians, the athletes, the rappers, anyone who has the power of influence.

So as one of those people, who have that ability to change lives, I'm tryin' my hardest to get these kids to go to school and do something with their lives. We must realize as artists, we are role models and people look up to us. It's not what you have done for yourself in life that matters, it's what you have done to better the lives of others. I love that I have been blessed with a talent and a gift but I also know that I was sent here to help people and that's what I try to do with my music. I challenge anyone out there who has the ability to reach the masses to start exercisin' their God-given talent and change lives. That's my purpose. It's bigger than rap and the hyphy movement.

In closin', I wanna say thank you to the whole staff over at XXL for allowin' me to blog this week and I hope that I have enlightened some out there as to all that's goin' on in the Bay. If you wanna holla at me, hit me on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mistahfab

And now for the shameless plug: Check out my CD, Son Of A Pimp, and look out for my new CD, coming January 23, 2007: The Yellow Bus Rydah. And pick up a copy of Treal TV (DVD) and Treal TV 2 (DVD), and see for yourself what this Hyphy Movement is treally all about.

Finally, good lookin' on all the feedback, good and bad. I have to pull this vehicle of expression over and fill her up. Love y'all.