The whole world wants to know what Hyphy is!!! First off, to all the people outside of the Bay who have no idea at all what Hyphy is, I will explain it.

Hyphy is a genre of music very similar to crunk and any other regional popularized sound. Now, there are many different levels of hyphy. You got the Hyphy lifestyle, which comes straight from the streets of Oakland. Artists like Keak Da Sneak, Too $hort, Yukmouth to some of the younger cats like Beeda Weeda, J Stalin, Eddie P and myself. We are the heartbeat of the hyphy movement because it started in our hometown. Then you have commerical Hyphy. The stuff that people steal from Oakland streets and say they made up. It's not real.

Listen, it's more to the movement then gold grills, ghost riding, and wearin yo stunnas shades at night. We have cats that can really spit. The Bay has been overlooked so long it's about time we get some recognition on a nationwide scale. My hat goes off to cats like E-40 and Too $hort ’cause as pioneers, they have taken the light off themselves and focused it on the movement, which will open the doors for others to eat.

Outside of the Bay, it's folks who try so hard to hate on the Bay but they can't ’cause no matter what you say, someone somewhere has taken some slang, swag, style or hustle from us. This goes back to the ’70s with the Black Panthers. Look at how what started in Oakland right around the corner from were I still stay today spread to a worldwide movement. A lot of folks forget that. We have always been activist, revolutionaries in the Bay. People who rebel against the powers that be.

Everybody is doin' the same thing in the music world today. We doin us. Don't hate until you actually see it or hear it for yourself. And everything that comes out the Bay is not hyphy, believe that. ’Cause you can think its a game and get your whole shit cracked playin'. Cats like Dubee, Messy Marv, San Quinn, Hoodstarz, Turf Talk, Andre Nickatina, they rep a whole different side to it.

I love music and am always open for something new. When "Laffy Taffy" came out, I was hatin' until I met Fabo and them and had to understand that they are street cats. That's just what they doing in they area. As humans, we never except spontaneous change. It has to grow on us.

There are some of us who, if given the oppurtunity to control the weather, would make it sunny forever. Then there are others who know that rain and cloudy days helps us keep balance. Hyphy is balancing out the music game, believe it or not!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just some stuff I had to get off my mind. Until next time. Meet me at the yellow bus stop and I'll holla.