It ain't a day that go by. That I don't think about Drizzle, the real inventor of the Hyphy Movement. MAC DRE aka MR.FURLY, the owner of the buildin'. I know, I know people are like, "Who the fuck is Mac Dre?" So let me tell you.

Mac Dre is to the Bay, what ’Pac is to the West Coast, what Biggie is to the East Coast, what Soulja Slim is to New Orleans and what DJ Screw is to Houston. I'm pretty sure you can catch my drift. It's fucked up that in every movement some one has to die for the rest of the world to pay attention. The Mac was a martyr.

He did so much for the Bay, dating back to 1989 where he dropped his first album, Young Black Brother, which sold over 100,000 independent. Wakin' they ass up. He later went on to record over 20 albums!! What you know about that. He even recorded an album from the federal pen, which was the first time that something like that had ever been done. When he got out, he flipped his whole style and came back hard, pickin' up where he left off at.

With the reinvented style, he had changed the genre of music in the Bay. From "Mob Music" to "Feel Good" songs. "Thizz Music" filled with some of the most clever punchlines and catch phrases ever. He had a personality that the world loved. He has become the most reconizable face in the Bay. Hands down the biggest star in Bay and the face of the movement. Now, with all the nationwide exposure the Bay is getting, it's like, Fuck, my nigga had to die for shit to start crackin'.

Mac Dre gave me my chance to get on. I was jus a local cat with a lil' buzz from freestylin', but he liked my personality and was tellin' me that he's startin' the Thizz Nation and wanted me to be involed and I was like, "Shit yeah." It's been on since that day. That's why I rep so hard for my nigga every chance I get. He's probaly in heaven tryin' to make a deal with God to come back down for a concert or something, lol.

Dre, not only do I miss you but everybody whose life you've effected. It's so crazy that some sick-ass fan took his tombstone from his gravesite. How sick is that? We are offering a $10,000 dollar reward for any information on this. In closing, I wanna give A WORLDWIDE THANK YOU for everything you did for not just me, but the whole Bay Area. AS THEY SAY IN THE CREST, FUCK THE WORLD WE LOVE FURL..........THIZZ IN PEACE BIG BRAH.....YEE!!!!!!!!!!!!