Minstrel show rap

Insidious new trend: Minstrel show rap.

Flush with revenue from the likes of Mike Jones’ Who Is Mike Jones?, the Ying Yang Twins’ “Wait (The Whisper Song),” Three-Six Mafia’s Academy Award-winning theme to Hustle and Flow, and D4l’s “Laffy Taffy,” record labels are rushing out to sign the most coon-like negros they can find.

Granted, it can be argued that hip-hop became a minstrel show of sorts the first time some jig put on a gold chain and began pacing back and forth gripping his unit. No Richard Simmons. But that was unintentional. The following can only be viewed as an outright and purposeful embrace of minstrelsy.

DJ Webstar and Young B – “Chicken Noodle Soup”

Ironically, while minstrel show rap obviously has its origins in shitty southern hip-hop, it was a group of jigs in Harlem, New York who were the first to cross that line into actual minstrelsy. If you notice, there’s hardly a difference between the Chicken Noodle Soup dance, which is all the rage on YouTube these days, and the actual dances performed in 19th century minstrel shows.

As educated jig Marc Lamont Hill put it:

Am I getting old or is this dance, with all of the shuffling and light footing, nothing more than new-school minstrelsy?

Even DJ Webstar’s name has circus freak show connotations as it calls to mind the hit ’80s TV series “Webster,” which starred an adorable 25-year-old black midget. No Neverland Valley Ranch.

Peep: DJ Webstar and Young B – “Chicken Noodle Soup” [YouTube]

Jibbs – “Chain Hang Low”

Similarly, you have to wonder if the minstrel show connotations in young St. Louis rapper Jibbs’ current hit “Chain Hang Low” are purely a matter of coincidence. As “revealed” in the New York Times earlier this week, the songs melody has its origins in a song that was once a staple of minstrel show routines.

To wit:

In the 19th century it was a minstrel mainstay known, depending on the lyrics, as “Zip Coon” or “Turkey in the Straw.” [...] And now, thanks to the St. Louis rapper Jibbs, the old song provides the basis for a new hip-hop hit, “Chain Hang Low.”

If Jibbs wasn’t aware of this, you have to assume the TIs at Geffen were. Indeed, I doubt this was a coincidence at all.

Peep: Jibbs – “Chain Hang Low” [YouTube]

Ms Peachez – “Fry That Chicken”

That said, I’m sure a case could be made for young black kids like Jibbs reappropriating once-racist music the same way black people haven taken all of the fun out of the word nigga. Ms. Peachez’ “Fry That Chicken,” meanwhile, is just indefensible.

I’m not sure what the deal is with actual minstrel show music (“Turkey in the Straw”) as well as modern day minsrel show rap (“Chicken Noodle Soup,” anyone?) referencing food in general and poultry in particular(?), but fried chicken itself obviously has racist (if mostly true) connotations.

Also, what’s the deal with “Ms. Peachez” frying chicken outdoors on what appears to be a plantation?

Peep: Ms. Peachez – “Fry That Chicken” [YouTube]

Perhaps predictably, the hipster community having a field day with this one. As one cracka-ass cracka in the comments section at YouTube put it:

I read in the newspaper that Ms. Peachez is suing the man that filmed this because he did so without her knowledge. Apparently this was a private family reunion and not a rap video at all.

Yeah, real funny.

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  • Belize

    Didnt u say this shyt already????

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >Didnt u say this shyt already????

    Admittedly, all English might look the same to people who are translating.

  • chocolate face man

    pretty damn true

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    “Fry That Chicken”? Are you fucking kidding me?

    Fucking Jig-Hop.


  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    What’s next? Fat Joe coming out with a “club banga” called “Arroz Con Pollo”?

  • …………………….

    Man Ms.Peachez sounds like Pastor Troy bitch got a scratchy ass voice (Ya hear me) lol

  • …………………….

    The shit don’t stop there check this 1 out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GautSlgAsN0

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    The very first time that I saw the dance for that Chicken noodle shit, I said to myself and also to a Puretor Rican friend of mine that this song is a setback to my people and our race. I couldn’t believe that on national tv in the year 2006, my young black people were shucking and jiving on television. The sad part about it is back then, there weren’t many options for blacks to make it in life much less entertainment, but for my people to stoop this low and resort to such forms of bafoonery is utterly disgusting. I cant speak on the other songs cuz i’ve never heard them or seen their videos, but that chicken noodle shit is dispicable!

  • Fernando

    That comment about Mrs Peechez is pretty funny though. It seems that black people are pretty much inviting the racism thier way these days. Chicken Noodle Soup?? Why not just make a song called “Watamellon sho feel good”??? (also see Ying Yang twins on Cribs barking like monkeys) W.E.B DuBois is rolling in his grave

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    *Puerto Rican*

  • Meka Soul

    should we point our rage toward the “artists” for coming up with this shit or the labels for allowing it to go public?

  • Spark

    polo loco

  • Hollywood

    Bol, as much as I dont like your journalism, this was on the straight. I usually visit to see just how ignorant you are, but I was wrong today. Good sh*t! But to me u still a buster. A couple of more posts like this, and I may change my opinion of you.

  • Enlightened

    Is Ms Peachez from the South? Because if not, I don’t understand your headline with DJ Webstar being from Harlem and Jibbs being from St. Louis (which is the Midwest even though people keep confusing that).

    Meka Soul Says:

    September 22nd, 2006 at 2:44 pm
    should we point our rage toward the “artists” for coming up with this shit or the labels for allowing it to go public?

    I keep screaming we need to rage at these labels. Why do people keep getting mad at some muthafuckas from the hood (half the time it’s kids)that get offered six figures to leave the hood, go on tour, and say some bullshit. You can’t blame them for that. The labels are purposely making a mockery of Black people.
    How many people in the “golden era of hip-hop” were at home in their bedroom saying some BULLSHIT ass rhymes with dreams of being an MC. It’s just that labels wasn’t giving them deals back then.

  • Fernando

    Its a fine line between embracing unique things to your culture and re-enforcing stereotypes. That said, the South is known for having stupid people from all walks of life. Country music definitely re-enforces redneck sister-fucking, whiskey-drinking, big-truck, cowboy retard stereotype as much as Yin Yang twins promote chicken-lovin, monkey-actin, small brained jigs. But I guess its worse if your people are battling 500 yrs of slavery and social rejection.

  • nocal

    That Chicken Noodle Soup shit is terrible. The lyrics, to whit:
    “Chicken noodle soup/
    chicken noodle soup/
    chicken noodle soup/
    with a soda on the side”

    We need to bring back In Living Color so that David Allen Grier can do his bit where he reads rap lyrics as if they were legitimate poetry, just to these dumb motherfuckers realize that this music is terrible.

    I’m white, so I propose this: I will dress up in blackface, sing a song called “Watermelon and Grits,” and make a million dollars off of complete ignorance and poor taste.

  • Enlightened

    Oh yeah, if TURKEY IN THE STRAW is an old minstrel song then that’s some bullshit because I remember that from my old music textbook in like the 3rd grade when they used to have the kids singing along to the records. And this was a predominately white school.

  • http://aramhiphopetc.blogspot.com/ I Fux

    Right on Point this shit is like that little nigga on Dave Chappelle shoulder or Bamboozeled, that chicken noodle soup dance is on some straight 1920′s blackface shit. Hey yo can this be some kind of way of turning the racism around like Ludacris wearing the confederate flag (I found that to be ridiculous) or when the word nigga became a term of endearement…..

    Yo This shit is decepicable(spellcheck), but I am wondering are they trying to reverse the racism or some shit cuz this Jibbs shit how does he show himself in public, my chain hang low what the fuck is that most horriblist song I have heard in ages

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    lol @ NoCal

    Hey, what does “BDS” mean? I know it’s some kinda “spins” or “soundscan” industry term, but I don’t know what it means.


  • LOS

    >>”Ironically, while minstrel show rap obviously has its origins in shitty southern hip-hop”

    How is that?

  • Enlightened

    Fernando -
    Are you black. I hope not. Because if so, to make a statement like that would show that you’re another nigga that hates his own skin but doesn’t know it.
    If you’re Latino like your name suggests, then you’re just a misguided person that feeds into stereotypes.
    I’m not from the South, I’m from up north, but you should at least understand that there are dumb people and intelligent people in every part of the country AND
    having a Southern accent doesn’t make you dumb.

  • Fernando

    Blame the Labels?????? Why?? At some point there has to be some accountability for what we buy and listen to. Its not the labels fault that people ACTUALLY vote this shit #1 on 106th. Its not the labels fault that Webstar made this shitty song that probably got a huge “Buzz in the streets”

    I dont blame the labels when I see common wearing Green sweaters and rapping to deaf bitches. I dont blame the labels for Wyclef becomming a poor mans Bob Marley. Blame the Artist!!

  • Pingback: The Rap- Up!!! « Bronx Rap

  • http://aramhiphopetc.blogspot.com/ I Fux

    A poor mans Black Marley

    ^ shut the fuck up

    Big up to Dead Prez, I want them to make a Minstrel song, just ripping all these House Niggas to shreds


    i blame it on “The Man”…

  • Fernando

    Oh god..this guy again. The Social Justice / Political Correctness nanny is in the building. “I embrace everyone from all walks of life. There are smart and dumb people everywhere. Everything is equal”

    Where does the most retarded rap come from??? THE SOUTH (allthough it is quite entertaining)
    Where does country music come from??? THE SOUTH
    Nascar??? THE SOUTH
    George W Bush??? THE SOUTH

    And how do my comments reflect my thoughts on race?? I made a remark about how shit like chicken noodle soup re-enforces stereotypes you fucking idiot. I guess its hard to read with all the incense burning and your hippie friends distracting you.

  • The Historian

    The artist is ultimately accountable. They know what their doing. They don’t care because their getting a paycheck or else they would be pissed seing artists do this too.

  • Fernando

    Dead Prez does songs with some of the wackest people out there, including white people in PORTLAND OREGON. Poor mans Bob Marley. Poor mans Bob Marley Poor mans Bob Marley Poor mans Bob Marley Poor mans Bob Marley Poor mans Bob Marley Poor mans Bob Marley

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Bottom line is this, everyone who supports this shit in some form is to blame. First the artist for either thinking up this shit, or agreeing to do this shit. the labels for co-signing this shit. the people for condoning and supporting this shit, and the people who dont agree with this shit and find it to be bafoonery, yet we do nothing but sit back and watch it spread and grow like wild fire.

    As the guest blogger this week was saying in his last post that we as a people need to stand up and voice our opinions on issues such as this in order to stomp out this nonsense that these labels and sell-out ass niggas is doing just to get a check.

    At some point we gotta stand up for ourselves or else we’ll just end up the way that we were, as slaves. Only next time it won’t be in the form of the hidden slavery that we face today, it’ll be the blatant slavery that we faced when we first came to this country.

  • wayne-o



  • Fernando


    Are you gay?? I sure hope so, cause a straight person talking like a bitch is always a sad thing to see. Especially when they cant even get the point of a 4 sentence post. It wasnt that complicated and you still didnt understand it. I basically recycled what Bol’s thesus was, using some colorful language. Go pick up some trash, volunteer, or rescue some stray cats. lame

  • e

    What’s next? Fat Joe coming out with a “club banga” called “Arroz Con Pollo”?

    Nore, Fat Joe, and Lil’ Rob have a song called “maz maiz”

    The sad part is people will misinterpret this as “hating” on southern rap when in fact it is a disgrace that these rappers come out with this music.

  • http://aramhiphopetc.blogspot.com/ I Fux

    If my little girl wants to run around singing Chicken Noodle Soup 1. tell her to stop and explain the negative connotation’s of the song
    2. let her sing cuz the song is fun and isnt made to maliciously hurt anyone
    3. Sing along with her, because I am just as ingnorant as she is, her for her age and me cuz I am just uneducated

  • http://aramhiphopetc.blogspot.com/ I Fux

    “Maz Mais” said in a quick manner in spanish represents a whole different phrase, meaning “suck their”, which I am pretty sure you knew

  • Meka Soul

    the blame lies within a combination of both the artists’ audacity to create shit that will undoubtedly set back music a couple generations & the hugo chavezes of the record labels who have to audacity to nationally promote the shit in hopes of making a couple extra dollars.

  • e

    LOL at Bol refering to someone as an educated jig.(that really helps your cause for political correctness)

    Apparently this was a private family reunion and not a rap video at all.
    LOL these “artists” brought this upon themselvels

  • e

    Yeah I know IFux is was just joking

  • e

    I don’t think any of these things are taught in school,(I am not making any excuses) but how many of these kids would even know the meaning of minstrel show.

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    Bol you are so on point at the moment it hurts.


  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?cat=29 noz

    i should’ve never introduced you to okayplayer.com…


    Eventually, similar performers appeared in 1. entr’actes in New York theaters and in less respectable venues like taverns and circuses. As a result, the blackface Sambo came to supplant the tall tale Yankee and Frontiersman characters in popularity.
    Blackface soon found a home in the taverns of New York’s less respectable precincts of Lower 1. Broadway, the Bowery, and Chatham Street. It also invaded the more respectable stage as part of the era’s general stratification of theaters. These upper-class houses at first limited the number of such acts they would show, but beginning in 1841, blackface performers frequently took to the stage at even the classy Park Theatre, much to the protest of some patrons.
    Nineteenth century New York 1. slaves shingle danced for spare change on their days off, and musicians played what they claimed to be “Negro music” on so-called black instruments like the banjo
    It was harassed out of existence by authorities unwilling to tolerate its mostly black audiences behaving in the same boisterous manner typical of all New York theatergoers of the time.
    White, working-class Northerners could identify with the characters portrayed in early blackface performances. This coincided with the rise of groups struggling for workingman’s 1. nativism and pro-Southern causes, and faux black performances came to confirm pre-existing racist concepts and to establish new
    Those minstrels who stayed in New York and similar cities followed Barnum’s lead by 1. advertising relentlessly and emphasizing the spectacle of minstrelsy

  • thatwhitedude

    blame others all yall want but in the end its black people doing all of these things and black people hurting their own race. yall have noone to blame but yourselves.


    Ying Yang is a disgrace…egg’em
    Chicken Noodle Soup…egg’em
    All things minstrel…egg’em
    All things Bol…egg’em

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey


    It’s not just black folks that engage in minstrelry (um..)..

    The spanish guy who acts the role of the greasy spic or the gangbanger ese is to blame..

    The white guy that is a jackass-johnny knoxville wannabe, or the classic HighSchool Jock asshole, or the typical goth fucker.. He or she is to blame..

    People that play up to the negative stereotypes are to blame. I’m puerto rican cuban, and I’d slap the fuck outta someone that treated me based on that fact rather than how I behave & react in any given situation.

    “Racism still alive, they just be concealing it”–Kanye MuthaFuckin’ West


    one more…

    all things brainwashed ignorant wanna be black white people say…egg’em

  • e

    Co-sign Rey

    Every group has people that play a role in why they are stereotyped.

    The funny thing is race isn’t so much a biological or scientific thing as it is a socail and cultural categorization.

  • http://www.myspace.com/poisonousdarthfc Poisonous Dart

    First off, Bol, you need to stop calling your OWN PEOPLE “Jigs”…that sounds like some shit a racist would say (and no, it is in NO WAY equivalent to Black people calling themselves “niggas”. You seriously need to cut that shit out, I suspect some old Italian mobster is writing these blogs when I see that word used….And you’re not the old one either, apparently someone gave someone the idea that using that word in reference to your own people was cool, IT ISN’T.

    How the hell do you justify making a blog deriding people making coonish material and here you are calling them “jigs”…do you call Black people “porch monkeys” as well. Whateva man. One.

  • Stax On Deck

    Hold On First off you Muthafuckaz need to get da Fuck Off My Region. East Coast Bitches. Especially you BOL. I hope ain’t none of y’all bloggerz white because if you are you have no buisness even responding to something like this. Everybody and they mommma wanna talk down on the South cause we ruling and we got the game on lock. And To thatwhitebitch SHUT THA FUCK UP!!!! Over half of your muthafuckin people are racist to anybody that ain’t caucasian. Y’all most of the reason black folks are in the situation we are in now in America. I ain’t racist by a long shot, but REAL TALK livin in this world would make you HATE white people because of how alot and i mean ALOT of you guyz think you are better than every other RACE. Black people know that if you ain’t comin out and sayin you don’t like black people your showin it by your actionz. AND ONE MORE THING FUCK ALL YOU SOUTHERN HATERZ!!!

  • DrGonzo

    I usually don’t read through the whole list of ignorant ass coments that almost certainly follow all of yr. columns, so forgive me if this point was already made; didn’t you hate on Little Brother for making this exact statement on their last album. What was that album called? Oh yeah, The Minstrel Show.


    All this ignorant, shitty rap’s gonna end soon though, I hope….I mean come on we got real hip hop comin out soon, Game, Clipse, Orange Juice Jones, Jay-z, Fat Joe, and maybe a new Shyne.!

  • Fernando

    Damn Rey-

    I write the EXACT same post, and bitch-ass Enlightened gets his panties in a twist. I guess I should have used less offensive language……YEAH RIGHT! Enlightened is a faggit ass bitch! HA


    Spare us the History. And it looks like you just copy and pasted some boring history book bullzhit

  • http://www.tonyskansascity.com Tony

    Actually, I think the most offensive thing that Bol linked is the page which described some guy as a “Public Intellectual.” Other than that, everything else was hilarious.


    Poisonous Dart Says:

    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:11 pm
    First off, Bol, you need to stop calling your OWN PEOPLE “Jigs”…that sounds like some shit a racist would say (and no, it is in NO WAY equivalent to Black people calling themselves “niggas”. You seriously need to cut that shit out, I suspect some old Italian mobster is writing these blogs when I see that word used….And you’re not the old one either, apparently someone gave someone the idea that using that word in reference to your own people was cool, IT ISN’T.

    How the hell do you justify making a blog deriding people making coonish material and here you are calling them “jigs”…do you call Black people “porch monkeys” as well. Whateva man. One.



    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:33 pm
    Poisonous Dart Says:

    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:11 pm
    First off, Bol, you need to stop calling your OWN PEOPLE “Jigs”…that sounds like some shit a racist would say (and no, it is in NO WAY equivalent to Black people calling themselves “niggas”. You seriously need to cut that shit out, I suspect some old Italian mobster is writing these blogs when I see that word used….And you’re not the old one either, apparently someone gave someone the idea that using that word in reference to your own people was cool, IT ISN’T.

    How the hell do you justify making a blog deriding people making coonish material and here you are calling them “jigs”…do you call Black people “porch monkeys” as well. Whateva man. One.



    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:33 pm

    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:33 pm
    Poisonous Dart Says:

    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:11 pm
    First off, Bol, you need to stop calling your OWN PEOPLE “Jigs”…that sounds like some shit a racist would say (and no, it is in NO WAY equivalent to Black people calling themselves “niggas”. You seriously need to cut that shit out, I suspect some old Italian mobster is writing these blogs when I see that word used….And you’re not the old one either, apparently someone gave someone the idea that using that word in reference to your own people was cool, IT ISN’T.

    How the hell do you justify making a blog deriding people making coonish material and here you are calling them “jigs”…do you call Black people “porch monkeys” as well. Whateva man. One.

  • Fernando


    You must realize, as everyone on here must realize, that Bol is a piece of shit. Not just in physical resemblance, but as a human. The quicker you come to terms with this, the quicker you can start spewing hurtful racist shit like me and watching a bunch of over-sensitive faggits like ENLIGHTENED get all mad-n-shit.

    Sorry Stax on Deck –
    I didnt know people from the south could read. My bad

  • paper

    This is absolutely infuriating… What our culture desperately needs is an intellectual brain trust of artists, writers, & etc…. to rally around the notion of perserving our culture… which means holding these executives responsible for creating and marketing these terrible examples of our once great culture… sure they have consolidated all forms of media which allows these “ivory tower” demigods the freedom to create and successfully promote almost anything… but we must continue to post writings that totally denounce the notion that we’re ok with these idiotic offerings… I honestly feel that most of these execs have an utter disdain for our culture… but they love money more… therefore they continue to develope & push these assinine products in order to purposely drain the artistic and economic equity out of our way of life… very similar to what’s known throughout organized crime as a “bust out”… to devour the life of a business from the inside out until its no longer commercially viable… in the case of hip hop this has more to do with destroying African American wealth building than disarming an already proven powerful art form… In the history of this country and the world for that matter, there has never been a medium of entertainment that has created as many multi-media moguls as has hip-hop… this is definitely considered a problem by a “controlling few!” We must not only preserve our culture but the opportunity that comes with it



    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:34 pm

    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:33 pm

    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:33 pm
    Poisonous Dart Says:

    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:11 pm
    First off, Bol, you need to stop calling your OWN PEOPLE “Jigs”…that sounds like some shit a racist would say (and no, it is in NO WAY equivalent to Black people calling themselves “niggas”. You seriously need to cut that shit out, I suspect some old Italian mobster is writing these blogs when I see that word used….And you’re not the old one either, apparently someone gave someone the idea that using that word in reference to your own people was cool, IT ISN’T.

    How the hell do you justify making a blog deriding people making coonish material and here you are calling them “jigs”…do you call Black people “porch monkeys” as well. Whateva man. One.

  • Fernando

    Bol is calling people Jigs because they are acting the part. If you want to defend people that can barely speak english, bark like monkeys(see yin yang on MTV cribs), and are pretty much retards…GO FOR IT!! Guarantee Three-Six gets more pussy in their sleep than Bol gets his hand.









  • e

    LOL Why do people get so mad a what Bol says. You gotta check your priorities if Bol’s opinions matter to you.

  • Fernando

    Are you gonna keep riding this dudes nuts N-Credibly-ghey??? Why do Bol’s comments offend you so? Racially insecure?? I think so.

    Accept the fact that there are many black people who act just like the stereotypes you hate so much. Just like every other racial stereotype of every other race.

    Why do country ass white folk get called sister fuckers???? BECAUSE COUNTRY ASS WHITE FOLK IN THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS FUCK THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS. Doesnt mean that all white folks fuck thier family, and I doubt any white person would get that mad about being called that. But your racial insecurity has you all pissed off because Bol called out some of the most retarded black people in your culture. Dont defend motherfuckas acting like monkeys, and get mad at Bol cause he calls them out.

  • Fernando

    Its not like he is calling Oprah, Tavis Smiley, Louis Farrakhan, Beyonce, Jay-Z, or any other intelligent african-american a Jig. He is calling cats out that appeal to the lowest form of intelligence, and glorify ignorance. Why are you defending the retards n-credible? Remind you of your uncle that touched you?

  • Josh

    Yes! I’ve been saying this for weeks. God help us all.

    “Bamboozled” anyone?

  • http://aramhiphopetc.blogspot.com/ I Fux

    Does anyone know if the Sticky Fingaz interview with Tavis Smiley on BET is on Youtube, if you havent seen it that was the funniest shit I have ever seen in my life

  • Fernando

    Friday…Gotta GO!

  • e

    I Fux
    Whats the interview about?

  • icee corleon

    first of all i am from the south and everybody does not support snap music or mrs. peaches(which is really a man in womans clothes) we listen to this crap like the rest of the world and wonder how is this stuff selling.

  • icee corleon

    2nd its even more crazy to me because ms. peaches lives in shreveport,la and i live in bossier city which is right next to one another and i see rappers,and singers that really have talent out of all these people ms. peaches gets national..well the most attention we all need to think about this for a minute…..i think xxl is in new york how the hell do you hear this B.S. way in new york!!!!!

  • Fernando

    Dont ask icee Corleon, crap mysteriously gravitates towards Bol.

  • Francis

    Yo Rey you’re right

    This SHit is wack.
    Fat Joe is a bitch
    G-Unit haters are bitches

  • http://aramhiphopetc.blogspot.com/ I Fux

    E the interview was about Rappers becoming actors or whatever but Sticky Fingaz was on some other shit rambling and stuff, Tavis was just sitting there looking amused. At the time it just seemed so ridulous that someone could act like Sticky in everyday life



  • http://aramhiphopetc.blogspot.com/ I Fux

    Sticky was like ” I dont give a shit about Samuel L., Rappers we are taking all the roles, but not them funny roles, I aint playing no funny roles” the funny he was implying gay

  • thoreauly77

    well, pandora’s box has been opened, and thats not the name of some fat slut most of you are fantasizing about.

    1. stax on deck- i dont know how to accurately express how mind-numbingly moronic your comment was. “i hope none of ya’ll bloggerz white because if you are you have no business responding to this”…. well, that is certainly an opinion of a man with a mind open enough for some intelligent discourse on the inticacies of race. i took the liberty of spellchecking for you, gratis. and you’re welcome.

    nando- don’t let enlightened’s patchouli stink get to you. one day he/she(?) wiil realize that everyone has an “ideal”. and you’re right, it ultimately is all about personal accountability. the only real problem with that is if i was an uneducated young man from the hood, i would do damn near anything to feed my family, including make a mockery of my roots — though they may not even know thay are doing this.

    the ms. peachez character is simply that, a character, which makes it all the worse because this guy is aware that he is making a mockery of his race and on some serious coonin shit. it’s fucking pathetic and disgraceful.

    oh if anyone is wondering, i am white, so please feel free to shoot some racist arrows my way because though i am white, i will never be a cracka, honkey, sister-fucker or any other racial pejoratives.


  • thoreauly77


  • Melvin

    To take this minstrel show thing a little further, check out this dumb jig at http://www.myspace.com/therealnickyblack

    This boo has a song about pissing on his girl.

    The minstrel show is back. No Tevin Campbell.


    What’s next? Fat Joe coming out with a “club banga” called “Arroz Con Pollo”?

    ^^^ thatz hilarious

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Chi-Town Representor


  • http://www.myspace.com/angelsometimes Cthulhu

    Stupid, stupid people. The “labels” are always made out to have some ulterior racist motive for putting this shit out. Like black people are all just silly little buffoons who don’t know what they’re doing and will just do anything they’re told for some cash. And then what about the black people who listen to it? Are the labels just pulling their strings too? For the most part the white people I talk to have yet to know wtf Chicken Noodle Soup is. I think a lot of you people need to face the fact that black people are representing themselves as these ugly awful stereotypes. I know it’s fun to blame “labels,” aka white folk, for this shit but do you really think a white person wrote these songs? Did a white person write Whistle While You Twerk, as well? Come on people. For some reason a lot of black people apparently like this shit, and don’t make the connection that it’s straight out of Bamboozled. Labels just decide to exploit it. So yeah, it’s the label’s fault for making it nationally popular but it’s black people’s fault for fucking embracing the shit in the first place. Label’s don’t bite on something until it’s shown an established amount of popularity and thus commercial potential. They’re all about money, so their motives are clear. My question is why the fuck southern black people who love this shit don’t wrap their heads around what it, you know, looks like and seems to represent? It should be accepted by now that to white people, shucking and jiving looks like coonery. It doesn’t look like empowerment or irony to most people, it just looks like coonery. Out and out. It just reinforces stereotypes that already have to be virtually wrestled away from the perceptions of ignorant Americans.

  • http://www.myspace.com/angelsometimes Cthulhu

    I don’t think Bol’s use of the word jig is exclusive to those people who make a mockery of their race. I think it’s exclusive to those people who, um, are black. But I don’t think it should really piss anyone off either, it’s used in sardonic contempt. He also refers to all white people as cracka ass crackas, though I have yet to see any black posters here complain about that. Or white for that matter, but I’m sure it’s happened. That’s Bol’s “persona.” He has no regard for political correctness. He is not upset with Jibbs and Webstar for not being PC, that has nothing to do with it. What’s wrong with this new idiot music is that it seems totally ignorant of the negative implications it carries. Without having any depth or value of any kind, it reinforces negative stereotypes and dredges up ugly images of the past without regard. Being politically incorrect can be a postive and unifying force for americans, something that actually brings us together with its honesty and realism, effectively saying “yeah we like fried chicken and you can’t dance, that’s some funny shit and we love eachother all the more for it.” Music like Ying Yang Twins bullshit does none of that, it just polarizes things and makes black people look like fucking retards. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who still think that what they see black people doing in a music video represents the whole of black people as if there is no variation among individuals. It has nothing to do with being PC, being politically correct can actually just tends to frustrate the situation by making two cultures feel obligated to tip toe and putting too much pressure on everyone to be unnaturally free of conditioning. There is no need for that, but at the other end of the spectrum, there is no need OR justification for outright irresponsibility when it comes to representing your own culture.

  • thoreauly77

    *here here*

    fuck yeah cthulhu. i sure hope you don’t look like a lovecraftian cthulhu though.

  • 160jordansdeep

    diz niggaz bes tellen da truths abouts dat southenz rapz

  • E.williams

    Bol,you are a real brother for your comments in this article.Keep exposing these idiots!

  • M-Town DA Great

    OK, this how it goes , im from the south but i don’t hate on any up-north,midwest, whateva; shit if you can make good music i’ll listen Real talk, I like phar-real but that in my mind cd is gar-bitch, look at loon man droppin a cd cuz he left bad boy and hit a bro in the back wit a shovel, people we have to smart-n-up cuz there’s gar-bitch music everwhere but don’t blame the south cuz we take advantage of what your ghostface, e-40′s,wc’s, ice cube’s been doing for years, and before i go don’t blame those artist(ok a lit bit)but must of those songs are written by some other cat at those record company and the record companies just find and up-and-coming kid to pend the fake ass bullshit on no one where im from iz digging that chicken noodle shit i never’d seen the vid so fuck it we don’t send that shit in heavy rotation down here; That the north guy and most of them cats aren’t from the true south better realize

  • Belize

    I got jokes huh

  • http://www.myspace.com/angelsometimes Cthulhu

    Oh man that had to be the very first time on this site someone mentioned H.P. Lovecraft, that makes me happy.
    No mostly all I share in common with Cthulhu is like, awesome coolness. I hadn’t realized that my name might imply a resemblance to a gigantic star spawned squid god though…I guess I can only hope people click my name to like, dispel that possibility.

  • bmort

    how the fuck can we talk about these songs when we walk around and make calling each other nigga and bitch a good thing. we shoot each other all day everyday. sell drugs to each other and glorify it like da shit is cool. niggas want real hiphop but that means glorifying killing each other or talking about selling drugs. somebody gonna say “but that’s what’s going on in the streets” well why the fuck do we need a rapper relaying this shit over a beat and dancing to it like he was happy it happened. Why don’t you ask half of these rappers to rap about something more positive. They can’t sell unless they talkin negative (i guess they aint as nice as they thing they are. White people were laughing at our ass way before these songs came out. Bol I can’t front i hate yo ass sometimes but u hit the nail on the head with this one but everybody knows hiphop is a minstrel show period.
    Shout out to Outkast, roots, mos def, talib kweli and other rappers trying to actually rap about something other then drugs, killing and fucking. No problem with club songs because they are serving another purpose cause we can’t be serious all the time. no problem with that 36 hard out here for a pimp because they were asked to tell a story and that’s what they did without talking about shooting a nigga in the head and we all know they could of came way more ignorant with they wanted to. so we need to be thankful they got up there and made hiphop look like a legitimate form of art that can tell grimey hood stories without hooping and hollering and over reacting on stage.

  • face

    why are people mad because people are having fun with music?

    ALL music shouldn’t and can’t be ALL serious and intellectual ALL the time..

    Why do people care about “stereotypes”? That just a word white folkz came up with 2 make people feel guilty about the regular things that they do..

    Theres nothing wrong with promoting music that makez folkz want 2 dance..

    Theres nothing wrong with dancing..

    Ain’t nobody gonna listen 2 “chicken noodle soup” or “chain hang low” or “fry that chicken” and get motivated 2 go sell dope or kill somebody or have unprotected sex..

    No ONE type of music can dominate all the time, because ultimately, music appeals 2 peoples emotions, moods, and lifestyles, and nobody has just ONE emotion, mood, or lifestyle..

    “Bol” is just a charachter, and he just post thingz 2 give u stanz something 2 talk about, and because he gets paid 2 do it. I seriously doubt if his real opinions ever make an appearance on here..

    So have fun and dance and stop hating,

    Im not saying stop thinking…jus stop hating

  • Enlightened

    Fernando Says:

    September 22nd, 2006 at 4:54 pm
    Its not like he is calling Oprah, Tavis Smiley, Louis Farrakhan, Beyonce, Jay-Z, or any other intelligent african-american a Jig.

    3 out of those 5 “intelligent” Black people you named are from the South

  • http://UGRS.com Tyler

    BOl, dude 4 real, what are you from? Like where were U born?

    Dude, don’t put that minstrel show shit on us down here in the South. Everybody knows ‘dat shit really got jump’d off by New Yorks own, yours truly. . .I don’t know what he is calling his punk ass these days but y’all Use 2 call him Diddy down south we call him Shitty. U guys just named him the King of everything Minstrel on here the other day now U tryin’ 2 flip ‘dat back on us. .
    T.I ain’t minstrel. . Lil Wayne ain’t minstrel. Rick Ross ain’t minstrel. . OutKast, ScarFace and I shouldn’t even have 2 continue 4 your dumbass 2 get the point dude. . So a few people is getting money off ‘dat snap shit and whateva, U new york dudes won’t never come back up as long as U let the hate rule your lives dawg.
    Peep the musical vibes at: http://www.myspace.com/marcmaysrockandrollthug

    “And BOl, U need 2 lose some weight so have yourself some Spinach, cause I heard ‘dat it’s real good 4 U.”

  • AD

    Again use waist our time talking down on southern hip hop. Its funny how when the south starts to run things, now its a minstrel show. What about ol’Dirty Bastard(god bless the dead), what was he?????? flava flav????? kin-n-play???? fresh prince????? Biz Markie????? You east coast cats spend too much time trying to look hard and cop guns. Come back to real life, wer e not living a movie. People actually have fun. Stay off the south’s dick if you don’t like it.

  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx EMORAPSUX

    A Nigga singing about his “Chain” (shackels) is pretty ignorant…

  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx EMORAPSUX


  • http://www.myspace.com/angelsometimes Cthulhu

    I honestly kind of agree with people who say chill the fuck out, these are just songs to dance to [except for that "fry that chicken" song or whateverthefuck]. It’s kind of sad that if black people make songs about dancing, it’s automatically labeled “minstrel” like black folk can’t just dance and do their thing without worrying if it resembles in some way some bad shit that happened a long time ago. I think it’s funny that people can get pissed off at a song with the name Chicken Noodle Soup. It’s definitely a sign that some people take shit way too seriously. But on the other hand…I guess it indicates that we really aren’t yet at a point where we can suspend our sense racial propriety and just have fun. It’s ok, maybe someday we’ll get there.

  • Tracie

    Bol, this is my first time actually reading your shit because I’ve heard about how crappy and uneducated your comments are, and after this comment right here:
    Ironically, while minstrel show rap obviously has its origins in shitty southern hip-hop
    This will be my last time reading your shit. Peace

  • http://www.myspace.com/petelastname1 Pete Lastname

    I agree with this. I always find Byron an entertaining read, though I don’t usually agree with what he’s saying. But this, I agree wholeheartedly with. And, ya, I don’t think Jibbs was aware.


  • http://UGRS.com Tyler

    They wasn’t called it Minstrel when FatASsJoe was making niggas LeanBack. It wasn’t Minstrel when Puffy was shaking his ass on the tube every 5 minutes in a shiney suit. So why is it Minstel all the sudden when we take over making dat paper with the big faces? . . Yall up top should do U while we keep getting money like Jordan, doing us.

  • Kemo

    You forgot the BAY with the ultimate coonery mistrel show know as HYPHY and SIDESHOWS. That “movement” alone has brought the civil rights movement back a few decades…smh. Black people have lost hip hop to commercialism…

  • >>>>>>>ROC

    wow a fuckin bol article that makes sense….its true……the white man is controlling all of this shit that we see so we can’t uplift ourselves from this ignorant ass shit…we continue to follow this bullshit and not try and change it for the better…why the fuck do kids want 2 be the nigga wit his chain hangin low or a dopeboy…when they can be the dude payin him his checks?

  • Belize

    u really got jokes now

  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx O U RAP 2


  • Lamont S.

    Somebody….ANYBODY…please sign Rakim, Kane, KRS-One and Large Professor to a new label called Actually Rhyming Records…

    Not only has the South destroyed rap music’s mainstream respect with all this Yin Yang coonery but now Northern and West Coast rappers are starting to sell out and abandon actual lyricism for bass beats, catchy hooks and disgusting grills…

    “Don’t tote no 22s…Magnum cost me 22…Sat it on them 22s…Birds go for 22…Lil’ Mama superthin…she say she 22…she see them 22s…we in room 222″

    …and what the f is a Shoulder Lean???

    All I listen to these days is 98.7 Kiss FM anyway but damn…New York STAND UP!!!

  • http://yahoo.com PRINCE CEASAR

    Bol..I have to be truthful; I think you’re an ignorant, simple-minded lame, but, you were right on point with this blog. Everything u posted was very truthful and the majority of young, black people don’t even see or understand “the jiggaboo mentality” that they’re embracing. I’m barely 21 and I see this bullshit on T.V. and in the streets everyday. It’s disgusting..keep up the good work, BOL 1

  • Just one (NJ)

    OH MY GOD!!! Them joints may be the most horrible excuses for hip hop…EVER! Fuck if they too much like “Minstrel Shows”, we as a culture (and I mean hip-hop) should be offended that this type of bullshit is allowed to permeate the airwaves. Period. And us mu’fuckas up top need to stop hatin’ on everything southern, some of it is straight bangin’. Cats like T.I. and his whole movement, the Little Brother movement out of N.C. is classic hip hop music. Just cause a dude speaks with an accent doesn’t make him ignorant. Remember, there’s a ton of garbage coming out of NY. Terror Squad anyone? Or even Nas’ last album, 2 discs of fuckin’ crap! So it ain’t just the south puttin out shit, hip hop overall is takin a nosedive. Support good music, no matter what region it comes from. ONE

  • CLowe

    I’m from the south and I find much of the bullshit that’s coming from the south to be incredibly ignorant. I agree that many of the southern rappers are making a mockery of not only black culture but also hip hop. However, there are many intelligent southern hip artists that aren’t able to get adequate exposure (i.e. Little Brother).

    Also, how do some of you feel about artists such as Dipset who are equally ignorant? I’ve noticed many east coasters/northerners often leave them out of the equation during their bouts of spewing disdain for the south’s “ignorance.”

    One more thing. Minstrel Shows were popular in England and New York before they ever became popular in the south. Doesn’t really add to my argument but thought it was an interesting fact.

  • Truth Be Told

    So Chi-Town Representor finally decides to show his East-Coast-Dick-Riding-Face. Nigga shut yo weak-ass up fuck boi. Rap ain’t dumbed down errbody wanna fuck wit da South And Tha Hataz Mad. Hahahahaha. When New York and Da West getz back on the game will be cool. So don’t cry dry your eyes and clean your pampers BECAUSE THE SOUTH IZ HOLDIN!!!

  • maddhatter

    Its funny when a group of people that dont appreciate southern rap music are automatically called”haters” when in reality we just think the majority of it is garbage(referring to our muscial taste and not bitterness towards who is selling more records or what region fell off) There aint nothin wrong with dancing so i dont see what people are gettin there panties up in a bunch about but i do see rap as getting more and more retarded whether its comin from the south or the west or the north. Dance songs are cool, but there needs to be a seperation, these songs are not “rap” there more pop club records. That being said these songs are horrible dance songs-chicken noodle soup? fry that chicken? um i actually dont even know where to classify this um..music?

  • Dr Flav

    Divide and conquer is what is abound. Folk on here talking about racial stereotypes, while using slurrs thats really proactive. The negative context of minstrel shows came from whites applying blackface and exploiting and using thier act to copy or ridicule blacks with talent. This was a case of wanting to enjoy black entertainment, as long as there were not any real blacks around. You can see later how these black influences later appeared in their dances, music and speech.

  • Dr Flav

    A minstrel is a poor entertainer who performs for income, the musician, dancer, mime, poet or singer with a cup on the street could be considered a minstrel. I really find it ignorant for some to base the culture and intelligence of a whole group, based on the actions of a few entertainers, whom acting a fool for comedic value in an apparently on purpose manner. They are making a choice on how to express themselves through their medium. Do you think these people function in this manner all during their daily functions? If you do, who is really an ignorant fool.

  • Dr Flav

    Dont you find it odd, that the black people in region of this country that has taken the biggest and most severe forms of racism is accused of perpetuating racial stereotypes? Do you not think we have a firm grasp on what is truly harmful to not just us, but all people of color in this country?

  • Dr Flav

    Now its north vs south, with the north being most critical of music that if you used an unbiased analytical ear you will hear similar influences universally. Why must the aspiring efforts of others be ostrasiced because of your particular taste? Its one thing to be critical, but being contemptuous toward your own is new improved bigotry. Fact is, we are free people, we can dance, talk, eat and express ourselves without fear or worry of what others think, is this not America?

  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx O U RAP 2


  • Dr Flav

    Finally, with all this talk about a drag queen cooking chicken, a teenager bragging about a chain and children making up a funny named dance, where is the criticism of the murder, drug dealing, drug using, violence and irresponsibility that has been present in the hip hop music of all regions for over two decades? I sense their are hypocrites with an agenda pushing this southern hate. They dont have to like our music, its enough of us that buy it, but this character assassination of general southern is a problem and can become a problem to northern people who visit and live here in the south, who wants to interact with someone who feels like that towards you?

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  • Pingback: “Heartless…” « Real Recognize Real

  • bob

    you prolly can blame the labels, but look at atlantic who released Lupe and Little Brother. Thats some smart rap.

  • slyrical

    people of all races buy some of the stupidest shit ever marketed conscience shit has been made marketed and sold at times its been popular at times not i’m not the only person who wonders why alot of dumb wack shit is more accepted than well thought out shit that makes you think but i’ve learned the hard way most not all people are STUPID AS FUCK!!!!

  • Cuban Link

    this is the greatest thing written by XXL ever.

  • Doc Flav

    That Was Real Foul The Way You Did Not Allow My Comments To Be Posted, I Made A Serious Relative Replys. Is That In It Is? Why Make A Blog If You Dont Want Valid Counterpoints To The Discussion? All That Careful Thought I Put In To Give An Understanding And You Let Folk Who Stereotype And Use Racial Slurrs Posts To Remain? Something Wrong About That.

  • Doc Flav

    ***Is That How It Is***

  • pop a poppa

    great post Bol. this washes away a bunch of the bullshit you usually say.

    “when the oppressed join in their oppression it is impossible to change it”

  • pop a poppa

    but Bol you are just as guilty of promoting this “minstrel show” as the people you are skewering. just look at some of your posts in the last few months.

  • pileofshit69

    “Why do people care about “stereotypes”? That just a word white folkz came up with 2 make people feel guilty about the regular things that they do..”

    Perhaps the single dumbest thing I have ever read on the internet ever, today.

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    for you haters who comment before researching, don’t think that bol is strictly saying the south = minstrel show rap. chicken noodle soup is a Harlem, NY thing…

  • http://myspace.com/gracestarr Grace Starr

    Im just now seeing the chicken noodle soup video (i try to stay far away from bet and mtv)and all I can do is shake my head. What the fuck is wrong with my black people? this shit is sad. I dont even wanna comment on the Mz Peaches tracks. shit is fuckin ignorant as hell. Bol I do have a question for you though, If you dont like this type of bullshit but you also dont like a nigga who spittin some shit with substance like….lupe for example then who do you like to listen to?

  • http://myspace.com/thebeatshrine Grace Starr

    This is my first time seeing the video for chicken noodle soup(I try to stay far away from mtv and bet) and i must say that all I can do is shake my head at that.What is wrong with my black people?And im not even gunna comment on “Mz Peaches” because his or her shit is pure ignorance.Bol i got a question for you though, if you realize that music like this is wack and that groups like little brother and lupe fiasco stand for the exact opposite of what these jigga boos are doing then why do you always got negative shit to say about lb or lupe or anyone making music with some sort of substance

  • http://myspace.com/thebeatshrine Grace Starr

    had to post the shit two times because i didnt know if it made it up here the first time.

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!

    I’s sho nuff like dancin’ round fer’ sir whitey he gon’ make’m me a star shonuff!! I reckon I do my lil’ jig and he gon’ let me gets paid a whole shiny nickel I wreckon!!
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^We need to cancel all dat shit man it’s not a good look for blacks all together, I mena besides the fact it’s garbage it’s basically a mental tool the media who is ran by whites (fuck whta ya’ heard bout bet)is using to show our young black youth what they can accomplish if they act dumb and do a lil’ dance. I take offense to seein’ that shit on tz and the internet cuz’ it makes us look goofey as shit.I mean seriously think about it when is the last time you saw on eof our informative, thought provoking artist get as much as exposure as these jigs do? you don’t and set up that way so you won’t! don’t sleep y’all whitey and don’t fuckin’ wit’ us he just moves more tactical now!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!

    my fault on the spellling errors, I was so pissed off seein’ this shit!!

  • Real

    Why doesn’t an artist from the south who actually cares how their music is portrayed speak out against this??

    Where’s Outkast, Scarface, Luda, or even Pimp-C when you need them?

  • Roblynn

    Yet you bash those who are trying to raise the game because of personal bias (Lupe Fiasco)

  • byronblowd





  • Mr.Me

    “The day the Jigs took over..”

    Bols grandma got Spiderman condoms.

  • Uest

    WOW. Open your goddamn ears and eyes – you choose to blame some kiddie/club rap for the downfall of our people…yet forgot to mention the 10,000 other songs (apparently “real hiphop” to you) promoting the killing of each other, selling drugs to each other, treating our women like shit, etc.

    At this point, I don’t give a fuck about someones chain, stupid dance, or what they like to eat. None of those songs promote any of the shit above.

    You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, quit trying to write like you know what the fuck you talkin about.

  • Dr Flav

    Bol thank you for adding my input, sorry for snapping. Superman, Nothing gives people the right to call anyone a nigger. We are not required to behave in a certain manner for anyone. Freedom allows people to express themselves through any means without worry of who likes or dislikes it. Clothing, Speech, Dance, Music Or Art.

  • Dr Flav

    To clarify, I Mean behave within legal constraint.


    all dat chicken noodle soup shit its like dancehall moves..”let it rain” fuk outta here

  • VAgangsta

    chicken noodle soup is for suckas…..its got a 15 year old singin obviously ghost written lyrics witha corny ass hook….for all yall that bump that shit, yall aint hiphop heads anyway…..oh yea for that fool Fernando or Hulio or whatever your name is that be talkin all that shit about the south…how bout this….you claimin all the people from the south are ignorant and produce ingornant music and whatever….but with a name like that i guess both your parents are lawnkeepers huh?? or maybe you snuck into this country on a bananan boat?? dont talk shit faggot bout the south cause u obviously an inbred faggot that got too much time on this hands replyin to everybody on here…..heres a thought….respect the south bitch because gues what?? your family is from the south!! fuck out of here b….

  • VAgangsta

    ohh yea….yall cant blame music labels for puttin this garbage out there….look at all the dumb ass songs that came out in the last year…..”laffy, taffy” “Lean wit it, Roc Wit It” “Walk It Out”……like 50 said the quality of music is degrading cause people dont give a fuck about the music…as long as it puts hard bass in your car you gonna bump that shit….fuckin industry faggots

  • 11kap

    In a minute, there will be nothing worth listening to. I don’t know, kids. I guess it is time to invent another type of black music.

  • jon-jon 23

    True some southern rappers carry on like buffoons, but at least that is part of their act purposely. A lot of east coast rappers believe they are smart and that just aint’ the case. Most are not well educated; in their formative years they probably have rarely left the hood; they talk about guns, drugs, sex, tennis shoes just like the majority of other rappers. If a rapper like Rakim is so intelligent and deep why isn’t he a professor or writer making millions now? He is obviously older and not a factor in the rap game anymore. Because he is smart to the average dumb ass nigga and that don’t amount to much.

  • jus

    for once i agree with bol….wow

  • joe

    I just love now that the South is running this rap shit. All you stuffy ass columnists and out of work east coast rappers are hating. Fuck a 50 cent Loyd banks, who else, is Nas even relevant now ? What New york needs to do is stop bitching and make some hits. All you faggots wear skirts.

  • VAgangsta

    awww joe…u soundin like a bitch who upset south aint gettin its respect….well heres the deal ho….that south shit is hot but some of that shit is garbage….its not even hip hop, its pop hop….u prolly bumpin that chicken noodle soup aint ya?? fuck out of here b with that bullshit….

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  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx O U RAP 2



  • Tone

    Fuckin’ coons.

  • Unspoken Respect

    Wow, this is real important news. Crawford, find a new job or come up with some information that is important to hip hop.

  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx proof



    Its the Souf…Fuck’n Ignorant Animals….

  • Pissed Aggin

    What the fuck is this bullshit? What happened to the advancement of our people. It’s our kids listening to this shit. Sad day for hip-hop. Shout out to Bill Cosby. He ain’t the only one that’s angry.

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  • Real Talk From The Dirty South

    Real Talk muthafuckaz…Da South Don’t Fuck Wit New York because y’all hate on the South quicker than taliban blowin demselves up. You catz try to put us in one categorey…non lyricists with nice beatz. The South Does so many different types of music that it is impossible to label us in just one group. We do Crunk/Screw/Snap/Gangster/Pop/and just plain on Real Ass Music. Not too many of you New Yorker respect anybody who has something goin that is better or even slightly better YOU. And y’all wonder why the South is SO united itz because we are like one big HOOD. In the South we do plenty much everything the same. Crunk shyt came from Memphis and Atlanta. Screw Music came from Houston. We Rep Our States 4 sho, but we will Rep The South faster than anything. The South does our thing and don’t care if you hate or not. We just gettin started…

  • http://www.myspace.com/youngmaica who am i?

    i liked reading everything but the comment about southern hip hop being shitty. dude it’s some of the realest muthaphukas you ever heard down south. i know plenty of southern mc’s that go hard. Scarface, 8Ball, Bun B, Chamillionaire, Fat Pat…r.i.p., Maica, Mystical, TI, Ludacris, etc….
    the list goes on and on. you can’t call southern hip hop shitty just because you don’t understand the vibe. if you grew up dealing with the bullshit that we put up with you would understand our music. i’m from Texas and we bang Screw! most people don’t understand Screw music. they call it ” that slow shit”. disrespectfull…very disrespectful. see Screw is more than slowing a song down and sipping drank. it’s a lifestyle. see southern rappers are what they talk. they do what they say. down here all you really got is yo balls and yo word. whatever touch the mic better be real talk or don’t talk it, cause dudes will pull yo card. see in other places you get the animated and story telling rappers, cause it’s all about if my story is more interesting than yours. everybody’s in competition. we don’t have to compete like that. we love our southern rappers and we allow all of them to eat. that is until they go sour. don’t get me wrong. like anywhere else we do have our bad apples. i defend the entire south, but i can not and will not defend the wack. no matter what the location. yeah nike jones, who, mike jones and lil flip set us back a few years on the hip hop evolution chart, but we trying to climb back. we might make it if paul wall either got back with Chamillionaire or stopped rapping. we need our Great White Hope, but damn he letting us down. for those that don’t know check your color changing click websites and try to find some old mixtapes. you see that paul used to spit some throwed shit. (what it dew its paul wall i be…in a denali/ ridding on deap dishes i’m an expert at potery)……sigh
    thanks for letting me get that off my chest……good day

  • Stax On Deck

    Whoever You Are Who Am I you hit the Nail On The Head. Str8t Cosigning that shyt!

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  • awakened

    I am from the south and I feel southern rappers should be the main one conscious of minstrel/vaudeville behavior. Instead, they are entertaining the white man who accidently flips the station to bet. He’s laughing hysterically. It’s sad to see music regressing like this. It’s sadder to see oblivious black people advocating it. This is the type of sleep state the white people want us to stay in..unaware, ignorant, shuckin and jivin, and providing minstrel show entertainment. Let’s unify again..and put an end to ignorance in our community.

  • jack7son

    White folks can do a show like Blue Collar Comedy, which baffoons white redneck stereotypes and nobody cares. Black folks make equally funny videos which baffon black country stereotypes, and suddenly we have an issue. I think the material, either white or black is essentially making the same joke, and is funny. Do you think Ms. Peachez really behaves that way in real life? It’s just an act.

    As far as it being a regression of black music, all popular music is regressing. Turn on any radio; top 40, R&B, country, alt rock…it all sounds ridiculous. Look at the tv, there’s hardly anything worthwhile on there. Same for the movies.
    IMHO this is not a represention of black regression, but rather a regression in the level of sophistication that the US culture requires today.

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  • http://www.itsbaltimorebaby.com C Love

    Not sure how able a person that is not the descendant of black american slaves can say what or what the music does not do to the black community. If you are not from it or live in it…you are not in a position to comment.

    I think the black community was initially happy that so many young blacks were speaking thier minds and becoming millionaires. Perhaps in our naivete…we assumed that these people would give back to their communities..and we would all benenfit. Now all I see is greed…no one cares about their community anymore and most NEVER speak for the oppressed masses….all these rappers care about is themselves. Most are no longer in the hood to even be affected by the damage a lot of rap music does.

    Whites (the primary BUYERS of Rap)…have HISTORICALLY found blacks making fools of themselves entertaining. Once upon a time when authenticity was at the root of Hip Hop ….they needed us, but now they do not…since it has been proven that even if POC decided to not participated….it will live on. Once upon a time…Blacks were involved in Rock…..say that to a kid today and they will NEVER believe you.

    Same thing could happen to hip hop if we let it. It is time for some personal accountibility…..the labels are in the biz of selling a product. They are not in the business of uplifting the black community…no matter how inflential we think their cooperation could be.

    Forget the labels. Forget Russell Simmons. Forget theses fake rappers. At the end of the day….they do not matter. What can we do to help our community? Why don’t we all get as passionate about discussing that topic???

  • http://www.myspace.com/typeryter TyPeRyTeR 250

    I haven’t heard the song, (call me out of touch if you will, I’m bumping some of the hottest shit out right now,and what do you know? It didn’t make the list.)

    Let me reflect on Lil’ Wayne’s extremely vague comment when asked how he plans to do it all over again (intro, carter 3) He Explains the secret to staying sucessful is to “Stay Personal. Stay Personal,what I mean by that is:Stay within yourself;or if you lose, you’ll understand why you lost- Cuz you played yourself,an’ you’ll know what you did wrong. You can’t lose;Keep it personal. Music Is about the person.”

    That being said, I agree with wayne.Part of the reason all these horrible songs are popping up, is because we’ve somehow decided to dumb down our lyrics a little to sell a few more records.I’m not saying this is a racial issue, or a geographical one,but I’m more in agreement now than I was with Nas two months ago. This shit is getting WAY out of hand, and frankly we’re letting it happen.

    This is a whole other issue, but also reflects a little on the dumbing down of the lyrics,which I believe is due in part to our acceptance of lazy or “easy” fad that came in aroun d the same time as the ROC was forming like voltron, or let’s say around the time dipset came into the picture. I’m not hating on the dips, back the truck up.All I’m saying is the second we started rhyming the same word with the same word multiple times in sixteen bars, It became so easy for fickle minded young fucks to start pumping out garbage music , and get rich off it. And I blame the fans for the sales. If you’re one of the people who listen to this kind of $h1t, then you ARE contributing to the death of true hip-hop. I mean come on, aren’t some of you tired of clubbin’ songs? Dopeboy songs? I listen to some dopeboy music, but let’s be honest. It’s flooding the market, and it’s ruining hip-hop. Nobody talks about much more than their ki’s and their keys nowadays it seems like none of y’all even care to hear intelligent raps anymore.

    I wonder how many of y’all bought THE COUP’s latest album, “Pick a Bigger Weapon” or how many of you chicken soup listeners have heard of REAL lyricists like I self devine, or C.Rayz Walz.,Cunnilinguists, QWel of Typical cats, Uprise of tha dopefiends,Anti-pop Consortium,The perceptionists, I could go on forever. You see, I have no problem bumping some of the less intelligent rap; even I can relate to some of the stories found within. I used to sell dope.I used to live on the street. I grew up in low income housing, and Didnt have much of a father figure as a kid. But I’m ashamed to look at some of y’all rappers nowadays. How did rappers like 50 get so rich(even despite his amazing promotion and super producer) SINGING teenie bopper songs, when cats like Ghostface, Ras KAss, Sheek Louch,(or any of the D-block cats)not get the light they should?

    XXL, you guys are part to blame for contributing to this new plague in hip hop, I mean I remember when your issues had more Content than ads. More rappers than models. More substance than propaganda. Remember the Reggie Noble Issue, one of the first? I think it was #3( I don’t have mine anymore)But that was one of my favorite issues ever. Something’s changed since then, annd it isn’t the rent. I understand paying bills, but I mean you need to cover more than one are of hip-hop.You never interview scratching DJ’s (mostly just mixtape DJ’s, and I rarely see anything even subsurface,never mind underground.( however must commend you on the 360* section, and featuring some canadian content in the past few months.)
    But let’s be real, If you support the life, the mentality doesn’t have to go with it. I know plenty of Intelligent Dopeboys, and none of them are doing the Chicken Soup Dance.