Lupe catches a brick

It used to be the case as recently as a few years ago that record sales in the hundreds of thousands – anywhere from a few hundred thousand to upwards of a million copies sold – was considered a good first week. Obviously those days are long gone.

T.I.’s long since forgotten King hit that mark earlier this year (then fell off precipitously), but that’s been about it. Southern rappers like Young Dro and Rick Rawls at least managed to crack the six digit mark, but artists like the Roots and Method Man haven’t been nearly as fortunate.

In an age when rap albums are selling as if they’ve been pre-dipped in chode sweat (no Lance Bass), and when it’s becoming relatively common to not have a single rap album in the top 10 of Billboard’s top 200, does 60,000 copies sold the first week out now constitute a success?

I suppose first week sales of, say, 62,000 could be viewed as a success in the sense that, hey, that’s at least 1,000 more copies than the Roots could manage. But somehow I find it hard to imagine these corporations’ shareholders being swayed by that kind of logic.

On a long enough timeline (say, a million years), such an album might eventually go platinum. But realistically, it’ll probably struggle just to crack the six digit mark. At the end of the day, that’s just not very much money, especially once you factor in whatever it costs to promote an album.

In case you haven’t heard, the first week numbers for Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor are in. Email spam operation Hits Daily Double is reporting that it debuted at No. 8, with 85,000 copies sold, but Billboard, MTV and XXL are all reporting that it actually debuted at number 12, selling 58,000 copies.

27,000 copies seems like quite a discrepancy, even by Hits Daily Double standards, though neither figure strikes me as particularly impressive anyway. Fiasco himself has decided to roll with the 85,000 figure and has taken to congratulating himself on the message boards over at, of course, okayplayer.

phew!…85,000!!!…we’ll im happy…God Is Great!!!…thanx for the love OKP…finally put out an album…1 down…2 more to go…then its bye bye hip-hop well at least as a rapper…

God is great indeed.

At this rate though, he may end up having to check those retirement plans.

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  • thoreauly77


  • someone

    2nd hoes

  • Rey

    Way to take joy from someone else’s tough luck.

    This was your most asshole post yet. (no byron crawford)


  • Meka Soul

    uh oh…

  • thoreauly77

    the album is still excellent regardless of sales. i was waiting for this one mr crawford. the funniest part of your whole pst is the quotation from lupe himself.

  • Rey

    Lupe’s album was dope. The Kid still sold tens of thousands of albums. I’d wet myself if I ever did that. Dude gets paid to rap. Dude gets paid to make fuckin’ music. The rest of us are day-to-day, check-to-check, doing shit that none of us would sign up for if we had a choice.

    Fuck soundscan, Fuck the cynics, and Fuck little bitch-ass critics like Bol that couldn’t do better with Jay ghostwriting and Kanye producing.


  • haha

    didnt akon debut at 30 000 copies and ended up sellin over a mil

  • Bowser da Boss

    QAh, what are you gonna do. The Roots and Ghost prolly have the albums of the year and they both did piss poor sales wise. Rap is just in an overall slump. The only album that will even do well this year is Hovs. 06 hasnt been kind to these rappers.

  • Sabrina

    Damn Bol, all you think about is album sales! Think about gettin’ some pussy instead.

  • Jason

    Lupe’s album didnt sale because Lupe is wack. He’s not living up to the hype. Lupe is a fuckin fiasco!

    Who will save hip hop now??? (sarcasm)

  • Doc Flav

    I Think fans should stay away from the business aspect of the music industry. There is no possible way one can determine the ultimate success of a record by one week of sales. The Record company surely is not that naive, thats like buying a stock and saying well it will be worth the maximum value at this date, hour and minute.



  • Rey

    Yeah, dude caught a brick, along with Mef & The Roots. At least they bricked with a clear conscience that they weren’t pandering to late 80s and 90s babies, jumping on bullshit ass trends and fads. Fuck that shit, man.

    Dude decries the lack of good rap and the lack of music with substance, and then just shits on everything. It’s fuckin’ annoying.

    It’s all this affected cool. Everything sucks. Stuff is only cool as long as it’s “underground” or “off the radar”. The second it surfaces? Fuck it. On to the Next Big Thing.

    Fuck that shit. I’m a fat emo kanye stan of all stans. I love both my parents, I respect girls, and I could give a shit if the little ball-hugging poser ass motherfuckers always in character give me shit about it.

    Fuckin’ Cool Kids Club.

    *puts on tri-lam sweater & walks away*


    LUPE IS HIPHOP************

  • Jason

    How is this douche going to talk shit on anyone? He doesn’t even do his fucking job well. Everybody leaves comments to let him know how big of a fucktard he is. Man, Lupe should bow down to Bol. Thank God his opinion doesn’t mean dick; someone might care.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Man, I thought you were gonna play the mature role and congratulate dude on his CD release despite the lack of six-figure sales. Then I realized you must still be sore from him calling you out like he did–how unprofessional, right? So, you did the logical thing and stated the obvious–1st week sales are no indicator as to the quality of a piece of work. Eh, all in all, you get a LAME rating for this one…

  • I Fux

    Fuck Bol, whatever, Lupe will go plat in Japan….

    ^Sabrina is your pusssy wet

  • Mr.Me

    This dont seem like to good of a year for the backback elite. I thought Kanye an Common was gonna open the doors up for the conscience niggas so they could sell some units but the Young Jocs an Jibbs of the rap game fucked their shit all up…now the backpackers cant eat once again. I know okplaya must be outraged.

    Bol I guess the constant Dro name droppin means that ya bitchtafied ass (no Food an Liquor) is surprised at how good the album really is.

  • Tony

    Had it not been for his feud with Bol, the numbers might have been even worse I’m guessing.

    Also, I have to wonder if the PR machine is just ramping up or is his record company willing to put good money after bad.

    IMHO, “skateboard rap” is just a marketing scheme and as Bol pointed out – a few short years ago this guy was trying to go gangsta to hop on that trend (no homo?) as well.

    Minor rap character. I’d rather listen to Ludacris.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    For once, feeling the comment, Rey… (Yes, Byron Crawford)

  • I Fux

    Ohh Ya to Sickamore, Jibbs is an 80′s baby, that is definetly not a good loock

  • soopadoopa

    The leak f’ed up his sales becuz it showed he had no potential smash singles, thats what moves units that 1 song/video thats everywhere. I like his shit 4 free though…



    Oh wat a fukin surprise Bol is hatin on someone. Dam I’m surprised……really though, Fuk u Bol! Lupe has skills hands down, and the fact that his shit didn’t sell means, we really don’t appreciate real hip hop……by the way I copped it n it was good. 3.5 out of 5.

  • Fernando

    Im no Lupe Fan by any means, but Bol……you are a jelous fat fuck with nothing going other than this blog. 65-85,000 copies doesnt seem that bad considering I havent seen any videos (other than Kick Push her and ther)or any promotion to speak of. Not to mention that he is rapping about skateboarding & relationships, not sippin codiene, Ice, Donks, bubbles, boxes or any other southern shit that is cool these days (p.S – I enjoy southern rap, but not as much as Transient)

    Brad Nessler

  • Fernando

    Speaking of which,

    Where the hell is Transi Richtor??

    Is the library computer lab closed??

  • Wiley

    Rey shut the fuck.

    No one comes to this blog to hear you cry and moan.
    We dont care what stan you are, bol never questioned the quality of the music (though it does suck) he simply stated the sales. It seems that there arent enuff nerds like you copping his shit. We dont care how much you loveeee his album, bol simply said it a BRICK. So why tell us how this album is real. Please get off lupes dick and deal with it.

    I mean what gay ass niggas have more than a 5 min outro, last time that happened was on kanyes debut album, who would have thought?
    Now that your off Bols dick (finnally)
    You voice your whole life to us. So you love your parents, jesus christ you had to tell us that on another mans BLOG.

  • Doc Flav

    People also need to stop blaming other artists and thier fans for the fact thier favorite artist doesnt do as well. Each record has its own individual space on the shelf, no one can take up two spaces at a time.


    Lupe is good, but damn promotion for this album was weak. That is some funny as shit BOL…looks like you got the last laugh…

  • Rey


    Tell us, Wiles: How does another man’s penis taste? Do you still mind it? Or does it remind you of your childhood?

    Inquiring minds, shithead.

    (requisite no homo comment)


    DONT FUCK WITH BOL….That should be title of this post.

  • Rey

    …but thanks for proving my point, Mr. Coyote.

  • ESL representa

    Someone sendin shots at rey!?!?!!

  • larise

    Your blog might change as of Wednesday.

    One of the chains didn’t get their numbers in. Subscribers were told this:
    “A retailer in the chain strata is unable to report its census point-of-sale data to Nielsen SoundScan for the week ending 9/24/06. Sales will be extrapolated for this missing retailer and will be reflected in SoundScan week 38 which will be released Wednesday morning (9/27/06).”

    I heard it was Best Buy.

  • Rey


    Yeah, ESL. What are the odds?

  • I Fux

    ^ Doc Flava

    Truer words were never spoken, only thing is radio sux the massive pinga

  • frankwhite45

    wow u really hate lupe wishing a man to fail?? But I guess thats beef. But for all the hype the numbers are kind of low but he can still manage to sell more copies . I respect dude cuz he aint rappin bout the same things every1 does.

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  • ESL representa

    i have to say in all honesty “I Fux” is taking rey’s “most comments” title over. Whats worse is that most of rey’s comments arent emotional homo rants in an attempt to get people to his shitty blog

  • sojiro

    come on now leave dude alone i mean seriously when u been hyped this much there’s only one place to go but down to have even sold that much after 2 bootlegs is ridiculous so leave dude alone i mean illmatic, how much u think it sold when it came out and don’t be sayin nuthin bout it being back then cuz illmatic would prolly sell even less in this day and age of hip hop..SO DO THAT MAKE IT LESS OF A CLASSIC!! and PLEASE don’t trip i ain’t comparin it to Illmatic but STOP THE HATE SHIIIT!

  • sojazzy

    lupe jus put out the album of the year, regardless of sales….plus this is only 1 week…..what have u done lately??


    Lupe Fiasco takes the number 12 spot with around 58,000 copies

    nigga floppped big time with all the hype , with the jay-z & kangay co-sign, with all the dickryding / bandwagon stans annointing him the saviour of hip hop ….. then lupe sells ONLY 58,000 copies muahahahahahahaha


  • Rey

    Well, in my defense, I don’t have a shitty blog yet.

    I’ve read Fux’s blog tho’, and it’s not bad at all.

  • esco

    Good music never usually sells. I dont really care if the pop market buys it or not.

    check out these crackers disrespecting our music:

  • Meka Soul

    i think john cena’s debut album sold more in its first week.

  • ESL representa

    point taken.

    I think yall ran that transient kid away he used to say some funny shit too.

  • ESL representa

    John Cena raps for real???
    I thought that was his wrestling angle?

  • marlon

    Anyone thought of the fact that everyone has the internet and it is much easier to use, and most hip hop fans give a fuck about a law? I know this is old news but It’s so easy to download, most people are using ipods nowadays anyways and music is all mp3′s between itunes and torrents its like if record stores worked on an honor system, record sales are going to take massive blows especially when it’s a genre that encourages crime as is.


    Blame it on the album cover…i told that dude..he just hardheaded

    I hope he doesnt T.O. himself

  • marlon

    and what the fuck is this two more and its onto others things? easy marathon man, you think your just gonna dip into make the money, what kind of actor says i’m making one more movie than retiring, or i’m doing one more painting and then retiring no love for the art of mcing that is the fucking problem with rap right now and mr. 4 eyes conscious rapper over here is just as bad as the next.

  • Meka Soul

    i hope he doesn’t freddie mitchell himself.

    now that “skateboard rap” has been proven to sell donkey nuts [no clay aiken], what will be the next trend to flop horribly?

  • Rey

    John Cena really does rap. I don’t know if he writes his own stuff, but he’s not bad. Kinda like a white Jadakiss (their voices are very similar) only replace “guns, d-block, and drugs” with “headlocks, F.U., and chaing gang soldiers”.

    For what it’s worth: John Cena > Mike Shinoda

  • Rey

    Hopefully the next flop won’t be Game, Nas, Diddy, or Hov.

    I would mind if Luda flopped, but it’d serve him right. Dude fell off hard with Chicken’n'Beer.

  • Killa

    Lupe has internet hype – that shit don’t translate to the streets. Think about it, who downloads the most music? The same muthafuckas that are on these blogs and other members of the “internet community.”

    The saviour of ” Real Hip Hop ” FLOPS HARDER than a mutha hahaha


    John Cenba was co-signed by bumpy knuckes..nuff said



  • ESL representa

    now that “skateboard rap” has been proven to sell donkey nuts [no clay aiken], what will be the next trend to flop horribly?

    leanin and rockin/walkin it out/goin dumb/walking beside your moving car on purpose/doin anything with chicken noodle or any kind of soup

  • Rey


    Is a “Bumpy Knuckles” cosign good or bad?

    lol @ ESL


    Yall crack me up with this whole real hiphop shyt..where was all these “real-hiphop fanatics” when mos, talib, basically all of ruckus “we rep hiphop” records tanked…shyt is phatetic–and no i aint spell checkin’ shyt- understand ebonical typin’

  • ESL representa

    Ill trust your word belize that chronic 3000 shit is the truth


    rey- if bumpy knuckes had ur pretty sure ud start pullin every dude’s punk card u saw…

  • soopadoopa

    White jadakiss?!?! thats funny Rey Yt dont care about no black skate kids they prolly think he a poser anyway. Did n e body hear Luda new shit?

  • al

    skateboard rap is wack. the only ones to do it decent r pharell n chad and the rest of the neps. and thats cuz they got cosigned off of their undeniable beats and songwriting.

    lupe joint is decent, but thats really not saying much. Rap is lackluster right now. On to R&B…


    I don’t give a fuck about record sales, if a nigga spitting fire, give him is dues. The wackest shit usually always sell, and then the artist disappears, forever. Lupe is not following the south’s weak ass formula, so, he didn’t sell alot of albums. I respect ol’boy for having his own mind and style. FUCK THESE CLONES AND FUCK THESE WACK ASS SOUTHERN DICKHEADS 1

  • Meka Soul

    just when i thought it was cool to read comic books in public again, this happens.

  • Rey

    cosign Prine Ceasar

    Ah, a good thing then. Good job, John Cena.

    I hate Pharrell.

    I meant in voice only. He’s not as good as ‘Kiss (obviously), but you can tell that’s who he molded himself after.

  • Rey

    lol @ Meka..

    Comics? Damm. My nerd-dom has limits, and that’s them. (oh, and sci-fi shows on tv)

  • Hasler09

    its obvious why albums aint selling most albums get leaked on the net ages before they come out !!!!!obie trice album was on the net like a month before it hit stores im probly the only dumbass who bought a copy everyone else downloaded that shit!!and who wants to buy albums now that they all have pharrell,timberland,scott storch,swizz beatz on the boards and has akon singing the hook?they all fucking good but way over used almost every rap album this year has one of the above on there album!!!its the safe option not every track they produce can be a hit but if they keep getting used as lead singles on reputation shit will just get worse.

  • Rey

    Where’s Yung Buttplug? He still off myspace-stalking me?

  • Rey

    cosign Hasler09.

    Fux, you let ESL run you outta here? You’re better than that!

  • Vindi

    I have to say I’m not suprised jumped 2 state how much Lupe sold…

  • Kanye

    A Jay-Z & Kangay West co-sign failed miserably to save LUPE’S album from FLOPPING… This nigga Lupe had so much hype around him that flopping like this is extremly embarassing for the back packing community & the so called “real hiphop” fanatics out there

    it goes to show that Lupe has internet hype – that shit don’t translate to the streets. Think about it, who downloads the most music? The same muthafuckas that are on these blogs and other members of the “internet community.”

  • I Fux

    Back from lunch…

    Yo Freddie Foxx is going at Rakim, is this relevant today?

    Thankx for the co-sign Rey, but blogging is a real job and I cant keep up with it, so I do it for the fuck of it….

    And ESL whats wrong with you, why are you so upset?


    Yeah ESL..the way that DJ flipped money aint a thang and change clothes was priceless cuz i really wasnt feelin them cutz too much till he freaked it

    Right now im tryin to like that 2pac/Dungeon Family mix…but i got lost in that Luda mix..that *Cannon* shyt never gets old


    yo rey what’s ur myspace page?

  • d rock

    Illmatic caught a brick its first week out too. Actually when has a “great hip hop” album actually sold well???


    i read how dude thougt u look like droopy yesturday…that cool though..droppy was a chronic using G
    “im angry”..haaa yeah droopy was a G

  • ESL representa

    not that big of a Pac fan sorry.

    in the midwest its hard as hell to get mixtapes. that chronic 3000 and this torrent shit might help me out. if i could just get more than one to work. limewire hold me down tho

  • joe

    dick rider


    got almost all u need to survive

  • Fernando

    T.O is the shit. I wish I was a lunatic freak of nature that played football for a living

  • ESL representa

    good lookin Belize!!!!!

  • Rey

    lol @ Fern.


    If I thought I could post my myspace url on here without getting a ton of bullshit from my “fanclub”, I would.

    I changed my pic. The one I had up was me mad scruffy late nite at Taco Bell. I put up one of me at work all clean & shit. “Preserve my sexy” and whatnot.

  • john cochran

    Get off Lupe’s dick. What do you care how much he sold or not. Just concentrate on the music side and dont worry about that man’s business faggot.

  • Rey

    Quittin’ time in NY.

    Be good, gentlemen.

  • Fernando

    Why is Bol talking shit, like being outsold by Clay Aiken is something to be ashamed of. That little limp wristed, red haired faggit probably outsold 90% of rappers out there

  • john cochran

    And oh yeah, meth’s album is crazy. he got screwed by Def jam cause I didnt even know it was out till I seen my cousin with it. Him, Joe Budden, Ghost and DMX should go fuck jay-z up for not doing them right.

  • I Fux

    Remember when Common couldnt pay his dad’s rent, I like Common and all but damn rappers are broke, which is why I had an Idea for the show MTV Cribs 3years after the original, and the cameras would show up to the rappers crib unannounced with cameras and see if they still live there and if they dont, they should find their current residence and ask what happened……


    LOL @ rey workin at taco bell

  • Meka Soul

    i’m personally waiting on mtv cribs: 9th ward & magnolia projects edition.

  • I Fux

    Belize I saw your comment, but its hard to do all kinds of stuff here @ work and usually stay of the cpu at home unless I have to do something

  • shawn

    not a shock here. lupe sucks and once again, jay-z as executive producer produces a brick…open your eyes new yorkers and jay-z dickriders…..he’s TRASH

  • Fernando

    Id like to see MTV cribs visit Pretty Ricky in about 4 years. Those nigs are gonna be fat, broke, and have nobody around except a few groupies they held on to. “GRAPE SODA…..ITS ALL WE GOT”

  • Fernando

    Theyre gonna be hawking those belts with the letters going across.

  • I Fux

    hey how are all those ghey groups so Short , Bow Wow, Pretty Ricky, B2gay,Bobby Valentino an so on and so forth all midgets. Look I am 6′and thought thats average height but all these dudes are hella short-no homo-

  • Sushi K

    “Illmatic caught a brick its first week out too. Actually when has a “great hip hop” album actually sold well???”

    Very true. And Nas has done alright since then, no??

    For what it’s worth I picked up FnL and Outkast’s Aquemini at the same time. Never heard the FnL leak or Aquemini before. I have since listened to Aquemini about 15 times and FnL about maybe 4 times.

    As many have pointed out FnL suffers from weak sung hooks, but the lyrics and flows are really nice. It’s also overproduced and the music is not raw enough considering the earthiness of the raps.

    Lupe’s got potential, but needs to hang out with someone like Mos Def or Brother Ali and not Kanye or Jay-Z (who killed hip-hop in the long run… sorry).

    On the other hand listening to Aquemini is like taking a trip through another galaxy… in a Cadillac. Wow!

  • Hate it or Love it

    not a shock here. lupe sucks and once again, jay-z as executive producer produces a brick…open your eyes new yorkers and jay-z dickriders…..he’s TRASH

    ^^^^^ real talk….Jay-z is in brick production hahahahahahaha




    lol @ meka’s 9th ward edition…i think the best was dave chappelle’s dinosur egg…”drink that shyt nucca”

  • sandino

    Fuck you byron(bols) lupe is still the truth nigga. Since when did sales equate to illness on the mic? Rakim never went platinum, neither did BDP. You trying to tell me ice-t is better just cause he went platinum?(no diss).

    Go shave ya moms pubic hair.


    I fux- that 6 foot limit was forgotten when immature came out

  • che

    condolences to run and family.

  • I Fux

    Yo word I saw Ja Rule once and that dude was hella short, Omarion is a midget, The only dude I saw that looks tall is Game I think he is like 6’4 or something. Bow Wow is a midget, NO homo but Lil Romeo would serve him, that whole P. Miller clan is tall

    No Limit Soldier I thought I told Ya


    anybody see that kat williams hbo special..duke was crackin me up when he started talkin bout how short DMX was (no homo)


    have your shit leaked months in advance doesn’t help. sales don’t determine how dope your album is!! i.e. The Roots, Little Brother, now Lupe.


    oh yeah Chingy’s album is terrible, but he sold more than Lupe so i guess his shit is classic.

  • >>>>>>>>>ROC

    man its fucked up when something this great doesn’t sell….2 me this album will go down as a slept on classic…but hey…when niggaz like mike jones is sellin……u no real shit aint gonna sell…….its just the way it is…….1

  • chrome kid

    that album kinda sucked. kick push was good. that was it. everything else sucked, except daydream i guess, but only because it had jill scott on it. i was actually convinced that he was gonna bring it like, classic rawkus or something. worse than kanye.

  • Spark

    Hey Bol, did ?uestlove hurt ur feelings??? back in tha day

    LuPe F & L 6.5/10

  • Young A. Simmons

    Just dropped by to say F + L is still nice, Bol you a hating ass negro.
    Reveling in someone elses (so-called) failure.

    Your day consists of suckling at you mothers tit, writing semi humurous blogs and cruising the streets of Saint Louis in your mini van preying on pre teens.


  • Spark

    Rey Says: ”
    Fuck that shit. I’m a fat emo kanye stan of all stans. I love both my parents, I respect girls, and I could give a shit if the little ball-hugging poser ass motherfuckers always in character give me shit about it.

    Fuckin’ Cool Kids Club.” a little teh ghey… (no homo)

  • Pete Lastname

    Good, now that I know the so-so numbers, I’ve made up my mind to go out and support duke.

    Food and Liquor in stores now.

  • Spark

    Food & liquor= 6.5/10

  • Sushi K

    September 27th, 2006 at 4:53 pm


    what about backpackers?… duh

    crappy term anyway, how about…

    multisylabic rap


    it’s fans don’t type with the caps on rap

  • Spark
  • Spark
  • 123

    Lupe is a faggot. I’m surprised he even sold as much as he did. This fake nigga need to stick to skateboarding, fuckin’ herb.

  • Colron

    Anyone know if itunes/other pay sites are included in these results?

  • Cthulhu

    I think the reason Bol hates Lupe so much is because he relates to him in a way. There is something in Lupe that Bol relates to enough to envy. That’s what I think. I also think Lupe is somewhat annoying, but I wanted to see him do better than that. I guess for today’s standards though, those figures are moderately decent.
    I like you Rey.

  • answerD

    funniest line in a while

    On a long enough timeline (say, a million years), such an album might eventually go platinum

    none of this shit suprises me in the least bit! and i got all these industry niggas trying to front on me, while I hold the key!

    NOTE to music industry, all those who have crossed me or are affiliated to those who cross me, will continue to suffer! My album is better than the whole industries, and I aint even wrote it yet! pitifull!

    you know I dont be feeling real good these days, but every wendsday when this soundscan comes out! always brightens my day!

    nothing really against lupe, I liked the kick push joint! they just took to long to put out your lp! look at young joc, see puff struck when the iron was still hot, so this niggaz on his way 2 platinum!

    cant wait to see how the rest of this year plays out! thanks bitches! for everything!

  • South City

    I like Lupe (No Ms.Cleo), but 58k is laughable.

    I doubt the leaks had too much to do with his floppin’…word to Justin Timberlake. Dude didn’t have bad promotion, I coulda swore I seen a couple posters on light poles in StL.

    My advice for these up and coming rappers, if Jay-Z attempts to recruit you, run. Jay’s been in “office” what, 1-2 years now, and hasn’t produced a single platinum record.

  • SCORPIO1970

    Do me a favor. Go and check the first week sales of what you describe as Jay-Z’s best album (Reasonable Doubt). How about Tribe’s first disk? While you are at it look up Criminal Minded by BDP. Diamond D, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, and Public Enemy as well should also be researched. If good hip-hop had anything to do with albums sales, wouldn’t that make MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice some of the best rappers ever. Stop making quantitative judgements on something that can only be judge qualitatively. This is exactly why Hip- Hop is as fucked up as it is, bitches like you only concerned with first week numbers. By the way, how many units have you moved? OH! (No Bol)

  • Cthulhu

    I bet you anything Lupe posts a defensive comment up in here anonymously.

  • jon-jon 23

    Consumers get tired of the same old formula: I used to sell kilos…my Benz this…my chain…my bitch. Record companies sign rappers and want them to fit a certain image instead of letting them do their own thing. Then you have these ignorant ass niggas fueding with each other over what region is the best when in reality just about all rap (north, south, east, and west) glorifies being ignorant and doing dumb shit. The only difference in the south and the east is that most niggas from the east spit their ignorance faster than the southern niggas.


    i am shocked he sold that much after he said he could not clear some of the songs that were on his leaked album. my thoughts after hearing that was this niggs going bomb big time lupe is not wack and yes illmatic did bomb. lets be real to sell you have to have at least 2 commerical songs and a good album. one that makes radio and gets heavy spins which means it gets made into a video. that leads you into bet and mtv and vh1. then you need a hit for the clubs at the same time. On top of that your album can’t be a turd or it will fall off after first week numbers. Can’t wait for that clipse joint they need to stop pushing it back or they going brick for sure.

  • >>>>>>>>>ROC

    SCORPIO1970 Says:

    September 27th, 2006 at 7:58 pm
    Do me a favor. Go and check the first week sales of what you describe as Jay-Z’s best album (Reasonable Doubt). How about Tribe’s first disk? While you are at it look up Criminal Minded by BDP. Diamond D, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, and Public Enemy as well should also be researched. If good hip-hop had anything to do with albums sales, wouldn’t that make MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice some of the best rappers ever. Stop making quantitative judgements on something that can only be judge qualitatively. This is exactly why Hip- Hop is as fucked up as it is, bitches like you only concerned with first week numbers. By the way, how many units have you moved? OH! (No Bol)

    TRUE STORY!!!!!

  • allnice

    I knew Lupe’s album was going to brick because son is garbage. He pushed his album back a million times and it still sucks. And son is bullshitting if he is happy with 85K sold. Lupe has to pay his recoup money, rent, bills, etc. After all of his expenses, he can’t be making more than 30K for the entire year. Add in the extra several grand he will make for concerts, and son might just hit 60-70K.

    This dude said that he don’t even like rap, so he is wage slaving right now. He isn’t enjoying making quality hip hop songs. And he isn’t getting paid major funds either. Time for sonny to dissolve like sugar in water.

  • allnice

    I know this nigga didn’t just try to compare Food and Liquor with Illmatic. Imma let son off the hook because he prolly just started listening to hip hop 5 years ago.

    Lupe stans are some of the most bitch made niggaz around. I had to laugh when I heard one of these cats say some shit about how they love they parents and respect women. Son sounding like he Theo from the Cosby Show and shit. Niggaz don’t get any pussy or funds because they sweat this Lupe nerd rap shit.

  • e

    Another generic blog about a rappers album flopping step ur game up Bol. How about a post on Hell Hath No Fury

  • HeadNodda

    Isn’t that 85,000 cds more than you sold? face it those 1996 – 2000 rap fans have moved on, mtv doesn’t like hiphop anymore, bet doesn’t respect hiphop anymore, these labels gotta take it back to the hood and i don’t mean rapping about the hood, i am talking about start back promoting in the hood or urban areas. get back to the mom and pop stops, get back to the local access video shows, hit the gound running and going hard…

  • Phyziks

    Stop stealin stories from… nuff said

  • Gully_Foot

    Talking about sales, but Lupe makes more for a weekend’s worth of shows than Bol makes all year.

    Bol lost.

    Oh, and…Best Buy numbers aren’t in yet, fam. Step your research up, or put your entire 16,000 dollar salary towards getting a Soundscan account. Either one.

  • Gully_Foot

    And LOL @ talking about “The Streets” and sales in these replies. Black Eyed Peas bodies ALL your street favorites.

    Little white girls buy albums, remember that. The Streets = The Internets in terms of “selling power”.

  • Rey

    After a late nite..Yeah, I got a little carried away I guess. I like you too, Cthulhu.

  • Johnathan Blaze

    peep Lupe’s celebrity playlist on Rhapsody:

    1. A Rush Of Blood To The Head Coldplay
    2. Black Girl Lost NAS
    3. Night In Tunisia Ella Fitzgerald
    4. Respiration – (featuring Common) Black Star
    5. Brain Damage Pink Floyd
    6. Money Pink Floyd
    7. Juke Box Hero Foreigner
    8. Bobby James N.E.R.D.
    9. Provider N.E.R.D.
    10. The Eraser Thom Yorke
    11. Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz
    12. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough Michael Jackson
    13. They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

  • thisishowwedoit?

    i love you bol (no homo) because you always have the last laugh

  • Will

    Don’t most people get paid withi a contract? or is it always by copies sold?

  • H-Man

    Tha first artist 2 put a big piece of crack on tha front will go gold 4sure…lolololol

  • Cthulhu

    I don’t like Lupe, but it’s not because he respects women and loves his mom or whatever. Those are good things, much more important than alot of lameass web pseudo thugs realize [it's funny imagining how dudes in here with thoroughly cultivated slang use it exclusively in comment boxes and blogs.]

  • Spark

    Cthulhu go to church

  • Spark

    Goodie 2 shoes go to hell

  • Cthulhu

    Spark, you’re too cryptic for me. First you tell me I’m nice and now I need to go to church?

  • the one

    I can admit, the first Lupe album that leaked was way hotter than the second. Damn Lupe, You’ll be aight homie…(no Bol)

  • Cthulhu

    I’m no goodie two shoes dammit. You have no idea how many people I’ve killed.

  • WORLD33

    LMAFO @ I hope he doesnt T.O. himself



  • WORLD33

    how did i know sumbody was gon’ say it was jay-z fault that lupe didn’t sell alot of records his first week.
    the hate is crazy on here.
    i think Bol was waiting for this to happen to lupe…. he might have already typed up what he was going to say and just made sum corrections like the amount etc. then he did a hate dance for 3 hours around a bootleg copy of f&l and it worked


  • haha

    hah good for him, next week lupe will be around 40-50 on the charts, following week hell be 80-90, then hopefully hell never be heard from again.

    no i havent heard the album but that kick push single was shit. and yall sayin ohh they didnt promote him etc etc.. idk wtf yall talkin about, they played clips of his video CONSTANTLY on mtv/vh1 in their “new artist” commercial spots and while running the credits after shows. thats not promotion?

    and that whole “skateboard rap” shit… wtf dumb label executive thought that one up? there is no such thing. was that supposed to put him in a genre all his own? completely asinine.

    i say, good riddance to lupe. talentless puppet.

  • haha

    oh yeah, and i hope his label gives him a plaque of a brick.

  • Spark

    i feel like sub messages are sent

  • Spark

    Cthulhu Says:

    September 28th, 2006 at 10:47 am
    I’m no goodie two shoes dammit. You have no idea how many people I’ve killed.

    That is funny ur still nice and it waznt towards you

  • Spark

    Cthulhu u catch that Irwin special on 20/20 shit had me choked up. nive steve pics



  • Global Macro

    A more interesting topic than, say, waiting for a big-name rapper’s debut to drop and then jumping on the sales figures and What They Mean To The Industry, would be figuring out why the rap blog-o-sphere is so obsessed with sales figures in the first place. Last time I checked I’m listening to a CD, not a fucking chart

  • Rhyme Skeem

    Ay, i gives a fuck what anybody from da chi and Lupe is real hip-hop. Im tired of mufukas talkin about how much money, snap music, and all dat other bullshit dat makes people not even listen to what real lyricist like lupe gotta say. Mos Def and Common are better than Jigga lyricaly and he even said it himself in his music, but are those two considered better by most? LUPE BYOTCHES!! CHUUCH

  • Korean Slapboxer

    Listen, not to call out you backpackers that are mad with the article but lets face it. If your savior Lupe was sooooo great you all would’ve took your skate boarding colorful hoodie asses to your local FYE,Best Buy, Virgin or whatever and copped his album. but you didnt, you probably downloaded it. Forcing Lupe to eventually get dropped or Koched. Not to say KOCH is bad place cause Capo doin’ great over there. And by the way all Hip Hop is real Hip Hop. Its just bad Hip Hop is the norm these days. And just to let you know, this is coming from a dude thats purchased from Yanni to Organized Konfusion.

  • Cthulhu

    I still don’t get what nice means spark. It has to be slang for something.
    Yeah I saw that special, I don’t even wanna talk about it I was crying so hard. Oh so you saw my profile.

  • Shiest Bubz (yea its me…The Versace Don)

    I dont normally do this….but I see some blatant hate on my boy, Ameer. I got a call and said I should make a comment.. So here I am on my 2way….Piffin’… Ameer is what a lot of niggas need to be doing with they music. He is bringin’ a lot to the game..and he reps that fly nigga shit to the fullest.I respect when I see niggas hustle from the ground up…likewise…my new mixtape is in stores now….cop that..


    FUCK U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Originator

    Lupe Fiasco Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Villain

    Bol u really ask alotta dumb question for a seemingly inteligent….the reason can be summed up into one word and that PIRACY…PIRACY has at an all time for like the past 6 or 7 years….with programs like warez/kazaa and or bittorrents…….and besides im pretty sure that atleast 70 percent of the buying public are white and and the non white one are women…notice todays topsellers are the likes of beyonce mariah carey, may j blige etc from a hip hop and RnB standpoint…..if u wanna sell records then target the white ppl and the black women…..but NIGGAS are pirates or shud i say niggARRRSS!!!(LMAO)….(No 6 degrees of seperation)

  • Chris Villain

    Ohh Yeah….Tha Carter 3//////cop dat shi wen it drops…Lil Wayne Will Save HiP Hop with this third installment

  • Brizzlelean

    keep it funky… dude sold 58,000 records, he has (3) videos, tons of press, you mu’fuckas was making him out to be the next coming of hip-hop… but you same mu’fuckas forgot to go out to buy the album… Atlantic will drop him for sure… and he just created a whale of a hole for Saigon to crawl out of over there… get ya mu’fuckin bars up people.. .dont nobody wanna hear that spaced-out fashion rap…. skateboards & robots, get serious… its real shit goin on in the world to day….
    Bang, Bang Larceny Gang

  • Big O

    John Cochran, how are you going to get mad at Jay-Z, when his album doesnt even have advertising and he will be out early November! R U serious!!

  • John

    Bol is an ugly faggot.

  • bol looks like chubaka

    the problem is that BOwL of shit is one ugly son of a biatch….he feels he has to put people down to make himself feel better about his uglyness. (did i spell that right?)
    anyway, BOL, you’re trying way to hard, this ain’t Cosmo or Vanity Fair, so stop your foolish blogs and articles that really amount to a squirt of piss.

  • daesonesb

    You guys forget the emphasis Bol puts on record sales. He knows that they have no bearing as to whether or not an album is great, but he just likes to talk shit. It is what gets him comments and readers.

  • Mutumbo

    And yet, Byron Crawford still resides in the blogosphere…L!

    Food and liqour is fresh. Go Lupe!

  • Millo

    FUCK CRAWFORD=(Really SUCK’S!!!!)=Big Fat Dick=Mine=In your mouth!!!


  • Toothpick

    The real shame is that past rap/hip-hop albums that did debut with astronomical sales figures were largely wack as hell. The problem with rap now is that so much bullISH has been passed off as dope the casual fan can’t tell the difference. As far as Lupe Fiasco at least he dared to be different, not succumbing to the temptation to pretend to be a drug kingpin like the 90% of today’s so-called rappers.

  • cliffdogg

    You have a serious hard on for

  • Gully_Foot

    Best Buy’s numbers are finally in, Bol can eat a penis now…

    Top 10 debut…

    8 – FIASCO*LUPE – LUPE FIASCO’S FOOD & LIQUOR – 80665 – 80971

  • Urbanite
  • Randy_Jackson

    Lupe Won! Okayplayer Won! HA! You keep us in your mouth.

  • RDB

    Lupe’s at over 80,000 first week, faggit…

  • sojiro

    “Rey Says:
    September 27th, 2006 at 3:38 pm
    Hopefully the next flop won’t be Game, Nas, Diddy, or Hov.”

    DIDDY? are u serious? no really,YOU SERIOUS? how u gon even consider DIDDY in that category….let me ask you this is there really anyone who cares if diddy flops or not come on now no clownin pleasse back on topic

    what the fuck has LUPE fiascodone to all of you anyways? sound like a bunch of hatin ass muhfuckas wit nuthin better to do then hate , i think chapelle really do need to create a real player hater’s ball cuz these lupe fiasco haters is gon clean house if u hate im so much go listen to somethin else i mean WE ALL KNOW AINT nuthin but REAL hiphop everywhere else right now (insert fucking eyeroll) and i ain’t on no lupe dick-suckin tip either but ya’llis gettin ridiculous wit it u’d think he was 50 and askin to be hated on he don’t even say fuck the haters go find somethin else to hate on SHIIT its damn near like beatin up a pacifist who refuses to fight back ya’ll must really feel big and proud no less stop cryin bout Lupe why don’t yall go hate on someone who really deserves it i mean Damn the selection in hip hop these days ain’t never been betta (fucking laffy taffy, snap bullshit etc…) IM REAL PISSED i mean seriously finally someone comes out who don’tbe relyin on BEATS and eh’body gotta jump on the “lets find something to hate on im about” Tip this is straight SAD

    i’m done with this

  • sojiro

    and even if he HAD sold only 20 000 that would still be 20 thousand more than most of ya’ll will ever sell and next time jay wants to do a guest verse on your cd holla at me PLEASE i beg you

  • soundbwoy

    the official number for lupe are 80 000 ,i got the album this week its a pretty good album for a rookie (no lance bass)he took a risk with rapping about skateboard and u got to respect that he coulda have a nitty or collipack beat but no he open a new chamber


    haha Says:

    September 28th, 2006 at 11:16 am
    oh yeah, and i hope his label gives him a plaque of a brick


  • koofiesmacker

    Lupe Album was just o.k, lest not get a head of the curve. I was expectin’ some More a-La Rawkus Vibe. That Classic ish, But nah, Only “Day Dreamin” took it there. I red on some interview where Lupe Said his Album was put together like Nas”it was writin” ,..Negro please, shit ain;t even on that level, so y’all need to stop saying this Nigga is the Messiah of Hip-Hop, And Mr. Lupe Kick push ur ass up out of here, & Pick up That Nas Album, you might learn something for ur next project.

  • Korean Slapboxer

    And after careful review and recount Lupe Fiasco still falls shy of 100,000 copies. You so called Lupe Fans suck cause you don’t support. For this reason negative Hip Hop and Nonsense Hip Hop will rule forever!!!

  • gutta

    all these ppl defending lupe, did any one of you buy the album???? prolly like 4 or 5 of you and thats the reason why artists arent selling as much because these”die hard” fans arent buying the music that they claim to love. these are the same ppl who worship talib qweli,lupe fiasco,and nas but when the album comes out they go right to the computer for it. if you love good music and and are a fan of a particular artist then support him and stop complaining.

  • Pingback: Sorry, Aaron « Accustomed To a Certain Way of Living

  • Steve

    Besides Stating The Obvious, What Did U Expect? Did Anybody Really Expect Lupe To Do Big?

    And Did Anybody Think It Weird That Such A Devout Muslim As Lupe Said “Thank God” And Not “Thank Allah or Mohammed”

  • Retarded

    Again, you are mindless.
    Best Buy did not give in their album sales. Lupe made it gold. Byron, you are one of the most retarded person. Ever. I’m sorry you never got laid man, dont let rap create pressure on you. You need to read Lupe’s lyrics. Read slowly and use a dictionary, it may take you days to understand what Lupe truly means…maybe go ask your preschool teacher.

  • Yung1

    Why Is Bol Hating? Is It Because Lupe Called Him Out? Well We All Know Real Shit Dont Sell Look Who’s In 6 Figures,That Young Joc & Chicken Noodle Shit And As Far As Skateboard Rap He Made One Song About Skateboarding Which Is Just His Hobbie Have You Idiots Even Picked Up His Album And Listened To It? 95% Of It Is Real Shit Thats More Than The Majority Of The Industry Can Say

  • jr

    roots went triple plat beeyoch!

  • breeze

    Bol I wasn’t even aware of ya’ll beef but it became obvious you got something jammed up you ass about lupe. Yeah I agree in recent years 58k or 85k (whatever the case) wouldn’t have proved to be a destined success, but damn nigga a couple of years before that music was measured by its content. I’d rather critique music based on the actual music because the garbage ass shit that’s pushin your so-called impressive numbers is killin the fuckin culture all together to the point your hatin ass won’t have any shit to post more bitch ass comments about.

  • Tim

    Fucking hell, will everyone stop saying Hip Hop is dead. Rock sucks huge dick as well but you just got search properly for the real shit.

  • Adeline

    Awesome, man

  • Adhilah

    Not bad, it really can occur

  • Adriena

    Nice..nice post.

  • Adriene

    Thanks man, i agree

  • Deano

    everythin is fucked up in hip hop, yeaa go fuckin rick ross and fukin franchise boyz, FUCK THAT, the state is fucked up people say yea all the money goes to fukin record labels an that so fuck that, na, think of all the promotin and shit that costs a hella lot a money and with real artists like the roots and lupe they aint gonna want to do albums, the roots say have dropped 6 albums unless you wanna count the live and album an that but thats up to you but none have sold significantly and its jus fukced up, they aint gonna want to put out more albums cus they cant sell cus people wanna ‘snap dey fingers’ and all that shit, we need to sort this out


    BOl are u serious u either smoken sum flame ass dope or u just a hatin mothafucka,honestly i aint neva heard of ya but im from da CHI and u best know who LUPE is,he is the truth he is what hip hop means if u dont get dat than u 4got where u come from fool,honestly all the truest,realest,no b.s style is coming from here and mofukas neva wanna show luv why is dat?cuz itz our turn to shine, everbody had dey shot and couldn’t do it right,so stop hatin REAL TALK!!!

  • french nigga

    hip hop is dead the south has blood on his hands!
    thanks God for nas,lupe and the game!

  • BluBlack

    Well dont act like ya knew he wasnt gonna brick, jay killed him on that first song, and ever since then his swagg has not bin the same, insted of being different, he started to try too hard to be different. When a corny dude is insecure its super ugly, your songs sound extra wack, see look at kid cudi, lupe is more lycrical than kid cudi, but cudi swagg is up, cause hes corny too but, you cant believe him more then lupe. And its a same cause lupe is hot. They didnt know how to sell him. But he knows how to sell himself, (MYSPACE.COM/BLUBLACK) OR ( JANGO.COMBLUBLACK)