Those with the right answers will win back their ability to think for themselves. The rest of the lemmings will drown in ignorance.

P.S.—Bonus round and research material. I highly(a) recommend 911 in Plane Site and David Ray Griffin's 2005 speech at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The latter can also be found here in alternate formats or here as a transcript.

P.S.2—While you’re hunting around, you could also do yourself a favor check out The Power of Nightmares, which can be found on the above research material page (or here). But, please, don't go too far down the rabbit hole too fast unless you wanna go Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys, like I have.

Totally off-topic: The debut album by my (hopefully) soon-to-be temporary colleague(b) and Eskay’s favorite rapper has been leaked to les internetes. Again. Hopefully this makes for good blogging.


(a) No blowin' Dro.

(b) No, no Drama. You don't want no Drama.