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  • dumdum

    1st….dipset bytch…

  • dumdum

    im like mooooove bytch get out the way cuz i moooove bricks get out the yay…

  • iLL Change

    you gotta love it

  • flava dav

    give me some leon haywood samples!!!!!!!!!!

  • silva




  • babyboy

    YN is the worst blogger i ever seen in my life, u lame nigga, 1 nice topic man, not even 1 what da fuck is wrong wit u????

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    YN Do you look at the album credits to find these original songs? Or do you actually research this stuff?

    I ask because I’m tired of hearing the rap that’s coming out now (no disrespect to anyone), but i enjoy listening to the songs that they sample.

  • Puerto-Black

    You ain’t the only one with big pockets/got it my shits bralic/ but your publishin should go to miss wallace/stealin big shit he made 2 albums u wyldin