Three The Hard Way


It’s been an exciting past two days for the 80′s Baby. It looks like
I’ll now have TWO signings to announce now instead of one. And no,
neither artist is from the South like some of you Jimmy Carter babies
were speculating. They have kept me so busy the past couple days that I
haven’t found time to blog, so I decided to drop 3 in one day. That way
I’ll be right back on track with my “31 in 31″ campaign. I’ve had a few
things on my mind since Tuesday, like:

If Danity Kane outsells Outkast next week, does that mean Hip Hop is
officially dead? Or is it all Andre “I’m too busy playing the saxophone
or whatever the hell I do all day” Benjamin fault for not bringing it
on the album? Does Aubrey have more clout than Big Boi? What happened to them selling 1 milly their first week? Did anyone actually see the
video on TV or just on youtube? We’ll know all the answers next

And since Lil’ Wayne has the most talked about verse on Idle (going
double) wood
, does that officially christen him as top 5 right now?

You guys attacked me like a blogging Barry Bonds when I brought it up
the first time
. But now after her new video, I’m looking mighty

I’m mad that none of these people are 80′s Babies: Shyne, Fab, The
Clipse, Raja Bell, Weezy, Young Dro, Young Jeezy, Young anybody. They
all have the qualities and components.

Pharrell flopped and he has decided to take everybody he produced for
with him. Except Snoop, that song is fire.

I said “no homo” at Subway yesterday. I might have finally quit
that crack baby habit. It’s getting out of hand.

Jim Jones has the most popular street song in NY right now. If you’re
not from Gotham City, pray for us. Balllllllllllllllllllllllin!!!

Where the hell is the new Nas song??? Any new Nas song? Not “Tied Up” or whatever the hell that is with Kelis.

Its fucked up X-Tina dropped the best-produced Hip Hop album all year.

Lupe versus Wayne in a battle would be pretty interesting. Or at least
on the same record going back and forth on some “Once Again Its On”

Jeezy, Fab, Jay, Nas, Joe Budden AND LL are all supposed to drop in the
4th quarter. But none of them are on the release schedule.
Who’s going to get pushed back?  My bet is Jay AND Nas both drop in 07.

It looks like Eskay will single handedly bring down Atlantic, 50/Murder
Inc style.

I really want to drop a mixtape, but what’s the point?

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  • champlain


  • SHAW

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! lol i always wanted to say that. And yes, Lil Wayne.. top 5 because HE MADE that song not as in, created, but MADE it what it is.

    That of which, being great and probably the only song I can listen to completely on the album.

  • champlain


  • eskay

    Tell Kallman I’m coming for his job.

  • john cochran

    I dont wanna hear another Oukast album. Dre got too wierd for me. I do wanna hear Fab, Nas, And Joe, but chances are Jay gonna hate and hog the spot for his own trainwreck of an album. The black album sucked and I dont want another one. Ayo sick, since you signing niggas check out this cat from Philly name Buck Jones. My nigga is the future, fuck papoop.

  • Honorable

    DK will out sell Outkast.

    But I think its amazing that ‘Kast will sell over 200K without heavy radio or video play like all their previous albums.

    Granted, they have a movie releasing…but soundtracks dont do 200K in the 1st week.

    Sign O’ The Times (Pun Intended for Andre 3000)

  • Donny Goines

    Are the two artist you signed this week from NY? We really need some New York dudes reppin man. I feel as tho ALOT of A&R’s (even those FROM ny) be sleeping. There is immense talent to be found if you just look, but I think most are scared to take a chance. I hope that is not the case with me. I actully have heard people say they did’nt want to listen to my music just becuase Im from NY. That’s crazy.

    As far as everything else,

    I never heard Danity Kane sing or wacthed the show and Outkast seem a little too left field to me so whoever outsells each other wont really concern me

    Never heard the lil wayne verse but he anit even in my top ten.

    What exactly is your meaning of a 80′s baby? (I gotta cacth up, new to this)

    Pharrel joints are still cool I think.

    I NEVER say “no homo”

    That song is ok by Jim Jones but listen to the track, that was a easy hit to make.

    I think Nas might flop but I hope not.

    Who’s X-Tina?

    Weezy got Lupe

    Def Jam office are pretty cool, I didnt expect everyone in there to be so young. Something need to drop tho

    If this Eskay brings down Atlantic, anit that gona fuck you over?

    Anit no point of the mixtape when you got the internet.

  • Donny Goines


    I hear alot of crazy things about Craig Kallman….

    Take it

  • e

    Props on the baseball refrence sick but you gotta at least give us a hint on your new artists


    Hope u were workin with sia-giddy the last couple days…mayne games so wack right now thats its perfect timing for any atrist as long as the album is HOT..not big bang hot, chronic-style hot

  • DJ N-Credible

    2 notes

    1. That Pharrel and Snoop Song is

    2. Top 5 LIST

    1st> Nas
    2nd> Weezy F Baby(please say the baby)
    3rd> TI

    Its official everyone in the game right now sucks equally…

  • K.O.T.S

    SIK….we do have a young on the 80′s Roster…goes by the name of “YOUNG BUCK”…one of the best southern rappers…even the GAME STAN’s say so…

  • Spoons

    9th!!! . . . i always wanted to say that. haha.

    yo . . . who r these new artists you got???

    and Andre’s verse on Hollywood Divorce is way better than Wayne. Top 5 my ass.

    peace. im out!


    Man, who did you sign ? You was suppose to announce that today!

  • 80s Beatch!

    Hey Sic,

    Who do you have to bribe to your your track featured in the “BANGER” section?


    Aint Quan in Atlantic? i know this aint got to do with shit but Quan the truth. believe that

  • B Boss

    Wack Wack Wack – Dam Bol is killing you. You Fake Puff Daddy/Mase in the DJ form wanna be blogger. Dop another tape why the sound quality of all ya tape sounded like you did ya voice overs in the bathroom negro please. I wonder who you signed I’m sure he ain’t someone worth listening too. The real gonna shine from TX back to Bk. Dam ass kissing got you far. I think you got cum on ya breathe. Dicamore

    Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend
    Niggaz Know Who The Future IZ
    I’m Too Smart For You And Myniggaz Is Too Real.

  • Barkley tha insider

    I heard Sick signed a female r&b singer named Wynter Gordon from Queens. Hopefully I got some bad info, and he signed a m.c., Sick please tell me i’m wrong…We need some new mc’s in the game.




    So you guys dont think Kast is gonna move units?

  • K.O.T.S

    nuff said….

    And I’m a start
    Yea, and I don’t have to go to Hollywood
    ‘Cause Hollywood come through my neighborhood with cameras on
    I really think they’re stealin from us like a sample song
    I really wish one day we’d take it back like Hammer’s home
    The hurricane come and took my Louisiana home
    And all I got in return was a darn country song
    This whole country wrong
    What would you write if you just put a little ice on
    And cut your mic on
    But you don’t even write songs
    But Hollywood make you spit like a python
    I meant Cobra, I’m so not sober
    I’m high like a Hollywood coffee or soda
    You can call me a roller
    Your grill’s glistenin’
    Spent a hundred thousand on mine to feel different
    What’s the real sense of it?
    Bling bling, I know
    And did you know I’m the creator of the term
    I just straightened the perm
    Aint let it sit too long, they just makin it burn
    And make a movie of our lifestyle
    But they earn like a dead body burned on a mantlepiece
    That’s why I try not to lie on wax like this candle grease
    And I be’s the little nigga
    Cooler than anti-freeze defrost on your window pane – Lil Wayne
    But in Hollywood it’s Litt-le Wayne
    Don’t make me nut
    So that’s why I got a pre-nup
    I do

  • dsa

    check out black essence for Nas.

  • e

    Are your new artists 80s babies Sickamore?

  • H-man

    Atlantic got crushed….lolol…Any other label wanna roll da dice??, Im more than Game, ya feel me???…Noone holds us down….Come on Sick, who’s da fellas 2 get signed up??? Inquiring minds wanna know?? Go Outkast, go Outkast go…

  • Papoose Is GARBAGE

    BUT, Papoose did sign to Jive Records for 1.5million!


  • begs no friends

    One of his signings is Wynter Gordon, a wack generic r and b singer…you guys put this idiot sickamore on a pedestal he doesnt know anything and damn sure isn’t changing SHIT about whats wack in hip hop right now…he’s just after a check like everyone else….

  • sean

    LOL HIP-HOP FANS AREN’T THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO BUY ALBUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    danity kane & outkast have 2 different fan bases (for the most part)

  • $tarchild

    can we please stop with the Wayne age bullshit? everybody knows he was born n 82 bitches!!

  • Danja29

    is there a bit of irony or just utter intention in the fact that the “caller” on that “Ms. Cleo” link you dropped is ALSO a ’69 Baby? Ha-ha (no Jay).

  • Rebel

    Yo Sick…you missed a day of bloggin homie…how you gonna make it up????

  • Rebel

    yo this dont count…3 in one…get outta here!!!

  • Donny Goines

    Damn its a lotta hate here lol……spread some love.

    Sick shoulda annouced he was signin me but I think niggas anit rockin wit NY rappers anymore.

    You tell me why I ani’t signed YET lol. We as New Yorkers gotta work twice as hard now. Pap gotta lot of wieght on his shoulders. I hope he rises to the occasion.

    Sick sign some NY niggas. 1

  • New York Nigga

    yea there iz a new Nas song on DJ White Owl International Hustler pt.4 its called
    Nas-The Last Thing oh yea!!

    $tarchild Says:

    August 25th, 2006 at 4:47 pm
    can we please stop with the Wayne age bullshit? everybody knows he was born n 82 bitches!!

    lol he’s 26 he waz born in 79 BITCH ASS FAGOT

  • New York Nigga

    and if Dainty Kaine goes platnum hip hip hop iz dead.


    Sick, Xtina belongs in the pop-tart/garbage R-tist category.

    & who da fuck is Danity Kane?!?

  • pop a poppa

    and if Dainty Kaine goes platnum hip hip hop iz dead

    how is that? last i checked Danity
    Kane was an annoying ass bubblegum pop
    group, not hip-hop.

    Reggie Jackson AND Barry Bonds?
    bravo Sick.

    Pharrell’s beats haven’t been hot as
    of late but Clipse’s “Mr. Me Too” is
    THE single of the year after T.I.’s
    “What You Know”. plus Luda’s “Money
    Maker” keeps growing on me.

    i have no idea how anyone can stomach
    that “We Fly High” by Jimmy Jones.
    gotta be the most annoying song he’s

    too bad Nas didn’t get the beats Premo
    decided to give to Christina
    Aguiwhatever her last name is.

    for all of the hype that is given to
    albums that drop in the 4th quarter i
    find it to be the worst possible move
    an artist can make. why drop an album
    in the busiest time of the year when
    there are 10 new albums comin’ out
    every week? the best thing to do is
    wait out the storm and release your
    album during the music drought which
    is February and March. 50 Cent used
    this plan to perfection with Get Rich
    Or Die Tryin’ and The Massacre, not to
    mention T.I.’s King.

    oh and DONNY GOINES your shit sounds

  • Donny Goines

    Thanx for the love homie.

  • $tarchild

    hey New York Nigga check his bio dumb ass it says born September 27, 1982.

    “9/27/82 ima 80′s baby”

    and save the internet insults, bitch

  • Greg/ YG Da Boss

    Well you have to factor in that the TV show is a huge reason for “Danity kane” selling and you do have a point that Andre is on some other shit I know his been out here in LA taking acting classes and my brother saw him at a bookstore recently creative people get bored easily and want to move on to new challenges. I saw it first hand how Napoleon just stopped rapping at the peak of his career so anything is possible.

    Oh and Snoop is back to some gangsta shit so it’s ain’t just cause of P Snoop bringing the raw back and oppening the door for New West Cats to shine.

    Everyone is focused on a South signing and NY coming back with new artists but their is too much heat in the MidWest and the West Coast don’t tell me yall forgot about those regions and New West artists are coming with force.

  • DJ Main Event

    drop the mixtape.

    Pusha from Clipse aint an 80′s baby?

  • DJ Main Event

    another thing… he hasnt taken Clipse with him on the flopping path.. from what ive heard anyway.

    all that LV shit is blinding the man but fuckit, whatever puts food on the table.

    starving niggaz get a plate.

  • New York Nigga

    HE WAZ AREESTED AND HIZ BIRTH CERTICATE SAYS 26 HELLO! stop beatin ya meat to him fuckin fagot

  • gutta

    the girl from danity kane gotta fatty!!! d-woods,damn…..lupe and weezy would be good but weezy is in hiding right now. we all know b and jay would never break up, its sad that she feels she gotta do this to keep up with letoya. outkast album is not wsup…thats album is not them at all, they tryin too hard to be different. WTF is X-tina ??