It's been an exciting past two days for the 80's Baby. It looks like
I'll now have TWO signings to announce now instead of one. And no,
neither artist is from the South like some of you Jimmy Carter babies
were speculating. They have kept me so busy the past couple days that I
haven't found time to blog, so I decided to drop 3 in one day. That way
I'll be right back on track with my "31 in 31" campaign. I've had a few
things on my mind since Tuesday, like:

And since Lil’ Wayne has the most talked about verse on Idle (going
double) wood
, does that officially christen him as top 5 right now?

I'm mad that none of these people are 80's Babies: Shyne, Fab, The
Clipse, Raja Bell, Weezy, Young Dro, Young Jeezy, Young anybody. They
all have the qualities and components.

Pharrell flopped and he has decided to take everybody he produced for
with him. Except Snoop, that song is fire.

I said "no homo" at Subway yesterday. I might have finally quit
that crack baby habit. It’s getting out of hand.

Jim Jones has the most popular street song in NY right now. If you're
not from Gotham City, pray for us. Balllllllllllllllllllllllin!!!

Where the hell is the new Nas song??? Any new Nas song? Not "Tied Up" or whatever the hell that is with Kelis.

Its fucked up X-Tina dropped the best-produced Hip Hop album all year.

Lupe versus Wayne in a battle would be pretty interesting. Or at least
on the same record going back and forth on some "Once Again Its On"

Jeezy, Fab, Jay, Nas, Joe Budden AND LL are all supposed to drop in the
4th quarter. But none of them are on the DefJam.com release schedule.
Who's going to get pushed back?  My bet is Jay AND Nas both drop in 07.

It looks like Eskay will single handedly bring down Atlantic, 50/Murder
Inc style.

I really want to drop a mixtape, but what's the point?