Sometime during my Cal Ripken-ish blogging streak, I attacked the fake 80's Baby for not responding to Gillie The Kid's ghostwriting rants. It seems that Wayne did the right thing by not responding because now the Philly boar's deafing buzz has died down to a sweet whisper. This didn't stop Mr. F Baby from responding to the taunts in the new King Magazine. The interview has a ton of quotable from the top 5-er including:

On Gillie Writing For Him:

"Mu'fuckas considering me the got six mixtapes out, No one's considering you for shit. Why you aint spit Wayne shit on yours then? What kind of nigga can write for another nigga and sound better than thyself? Who the fuck is you, Ne-Yo?"

On who, what and which drugs were in the studio with him making those

"The nigga said, 'I was there, Carter I, Carter II, all the Stunna albums.' So was you, so was weed, cocaine, uh...Patron, um...bitches...uh...You know how much stuff was there?!"

On his executive position:

"This job wasn't given to me because I'm Wayne. I was already doing everything creatively. Now I've started to handle everything business-wise."

On T.I.:

"T.I. Aint say he's the best rapper in the South, he just said he's the King of the South. Niggas make it like when I say I'm the best, I'm downin' anybody. Aint this a game? Aint somebody supposed to win this mu'fucka?"

T.I. On Wayne:

"It takes a whole lot to impress me, but every album, Wayne seems to do that. If he keeps the momentum, he's going to go a long way."

On his stance in the game:

"Andre, Jay, Kanye, those are your legends praising me right there. You wanna look at me as a boxer, put me as Floyd Mayweather. I got niggas scared to take the fight."

Jay Leno on his Tonight Show performance:

"One of the best and most unexpected performances in years."

In the article that he swears "on his daddy's soul" Gille never wrote or gave him any lines. He also says his biological has been buried since he was 14 years old. So you Internet gurus do the math and see what age he really is.