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We interrupt normally scheduled blogging for this special 80's Baby bulletin.

Saigon leaked his street single "Pain In My Life" (Bloodstains) to myspace this weekend, a conscious but hardcore record featuring baby-faced (pause!) R&B crooner Trey Songz. The Yardfather reinsured to the loyalists on his page that he'd never sell out for sales and plans to stay to make radio conform to him. Here is Saigon's whole emotionally charged statement/rant:

This IS my official first street Single off of my new L.P. Greatest Story Never Told....Its a song that I felt I wanted to put out first...I don’t give a fuck about Radio Spins, Give a fuck about the clubs, all I care about is the betterment of my people and the people like myself.....This song features my boy Trey Songz on the hook and was produced by DJ Cocoa Chanelle, a great friend of mine and also a great person period...This song reflects everyday life that REAL people deal with everyday..hate it or Love it, Im doing what the fuck I wanna do in this fickle, bullshit ass, capitalist driven music business...And to those who are supposed to be on my team that are slacking... Dont Worry, Ill carry everybodies fucking load..Thats just what I do....Enjoy the fucking music....Oh, the other selection of songs are just an example of the direction that my album is going in....One Love Saigon...and watch Entourage Damn it.....”

I personally like the record a lot. Cocoa did her thing on the beat and it sounds like classic Sai. But I'm probably a little biased. Anyway here's the record...Enjoy!