Remy’s Super Freak and Storch’s Dirrty Beef

It’s so nice to see that the spirit of Rick James continues to live on through Remy’s selection of wigs. This beauty came straight from the Janice Combs collection as you can probably already tell. I’m waiting for her to snort an entire line of cocaine at any moment.She should really look into developing her skills as an actress since Wendy Williams is looking to cast someone to portray her in an upcoming biopic.

Speaking of Mr.Wendell, she is allegedly going to finally out the gay rapper in the movie. Yeah okay, she’s been saying that shit for about a decade now.

There is some speculation going around that the interlude “F.U.S.S.” that appears on Christina Aguilera’s latest album Back To Basics is a direct diss towards producer (and all around funny looking white boy) Scott Storch. The acronym of the song title is said to stand for Fuck U Scott Storch. According to Storch, the former Mouseketter didn’t “go to bat” for him when his request for a private plane to travel out to Los Angeles was denied by her label.  

You poor, poor thing.

I doubt that this is got the best of Scott since he was busy working (read: having wild sex) on albums for both Paris Hilton and Brooke Hogan.  I’m just happy that him and Lil’ Kim never took the chance to procreate during their time with each other.

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  • thoreauly77

    a breath of frsh air…

  • thoreauly77

    and fresh air.

  • WOW…

    Remy looks a hot mess. Waste of a perfectly good set of titties if ya ask me…

  • DJ Main Event

    why is that? besides them having some crazy-in-the-mental kids.

  • thoreauly77

    fresh, why does remy look like a steroid abusing version of storm from the x-man? or maybe like a black conan the barbarian? tell me please.

  • Mr.Me

    Scott Storch be fuckin alot industry hoz. He should right a book.

    Remy Ma look like coochie smells like mildew an fish sticks.

  • Meka Soul

    “when i came home last night/you wouldn’t make love to me…”

  • Danja29

    all i can say about rem: “she lets her hair down, she likes to paaarty doooowwwwn”

  • Belize

    Procrate…fuckin hilarious…did scott scorch (isnt it scorch fresh?) get a face job…he doesnt look like casper anymore…

  • Rey

    Remy looks like the mom from Family Matters right there…

    …fitting, Cuz Scott Storch looks like Urkel in the next pic.

  • http://what? YES

    that half blonde half black hair shit is so wack.

  • the dough

    Remy is rockin’ the femullet.

  • JonesBoyz

    Why is “she’s rick james, bitch” echoing in my head.

  • pop a poppa

    remy looks like she is about to start
    waving a sword at any second.

  • H-man

    lolololololololol…I thought I smelled sumthang Storchy…lolololol

  • Smarter Than Jew

    Christina Aguilera’s album will flop without storch on the beats. storch is a production god



  • MSY

    “It’s so nice to see that the spirit of Rick James continues to live on through Remy’s selection of wigs.”

    I never laughed so hard. I would kill to see her with the glitter all up in that shit…

    And YES, s/he needs to stop with the 90′s blonde bangs shit. It didn’t even work then.

  • khal

    that FUSS might be true, based on the lyrics… crazy subliminals…

  • H-man

    Who let the Jews out??? The worlds gone to hell in a handbasket…lololol



  • cos

    yall have already said all there is to say about remy. but dammit if it aint true that scott s. is an unattractive ass dude.

  • Julia_Claudine-Devereux

    Oh the things lil boys do with their bar mitzvah money. Scott Storch, please go away.

    Romey…oops Remy needs to ditch that hair. Such a cute girl..she needs a stylist to help her step up her game.

  • M-Kenya

    ****fuck what eva christina A. say. ♥ Storch aint payin her no mind she gone wish she had him on that album but just like (sry ta say) brittney spears career, hers album is gonna plum-it****

  • New York Timez

    I highly doubt scot storch fucked brooke hogan, that chick is like Hulks size (no lie). She woulda broke that lil nigga in 2. That nigga probly smashed that skank paris though.

  • nisi

    M-KENYA- Are you retarted or something? Scott Storch is played out. That’s what happens when you get TOO big. The ego inflates and the talent gets limp. He’s worked with both Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson on their albums. They both flopped horribly. Christina’s first disc was produced by DJ Premier, who’s much more respected in the hip-hop community. There’s already grammy-buzz. I say Christina has already had the last laugh.