It’s so nice to see that the spirit of Rick James continues to live on through Remy’s selection of wigs. This beauty came straight from the Janice Combs collection as you can probably already tell. I’m waiting for her to snort an entire line of cocaine at any moment.She should really look into developing her skills as an actress since Wendy Williams is looking to cast someone to portray her in an upcoming biopic.

Speaking of Mr.Wendell, she is allegedly going to finally out the gay rapper in the movie. Yeah okay, she’s been saying that shit for about a decade now.

There is some speculation going around that the interlude “F.U.S.S.” that appears on Christina Aguilera’s latest album Back To Basics is a direct diss towards producer (and all around funny looking white boy) Scott Storch. The acronym of the song title is said to stand for Fuck U Scott Storch. According to Storch, the former Mouseketter didn’t “go to bat” for him when his request for a private plane to travel out to Los Angeles was denied by her label.  

You poor, poor thing.

I doubt that this is got the best of Scott since he was busy working (read: having wild sex) on albums for both Paris Hilton and Brooke Hogan.  I’m just happy that him and Lil’ Kim never took the chance to procreate during their time with each other.