It’s not uncommon for an entertainer to lie about their age. One of my favorite cases would have to be Papa Joe Jackson telling a young Michael to fib about his age to keep his fans interested. As you can clearly see, that nigga is still having some Peter Pan “I want to be a boy forever” issues. It’s also an internet legend that on Beyonce’s passport from the mid 90’s that she was actually 20 something, which would make her in 30’s now. I don’t know if I believe that myth since photoshop skills could’ve been involved, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

The whole rapper getting arrested for drug possession deal is not only cliché but expected. Eskay hit the nail right on the head in his summary of events. One major point on the arrest report that is raising eyebrows over the internet is Weezy F. Baby’s birth date (which is recorded as being 09/27/1979). Many people including myself were under the impression that he was actually 23 years old.

Having worked as a data entry worker I can say that there have been times that I have falsely entered information inside of databases just to punch-out. It’s not necessarily right but it’s the truth. Fuck correct records, I’m trying to get home baby. With that being said you can’t always trust everything you read online, including public records. However, I have been hearing from different outlets that he is indeed 26 years old.

Who should we turn to in a time like this for the truth? How do we make sense of all this shit?

We don’t. If you are the least surprised about any of this I really have no words for you.