Doesn’t this make you all warm and fuzzy inside? Over the past weekend The Game was spotted at Paris Hilton’s album release party in West Hollywood. He was also seen leaving the celebration along with Kim Kardashian. If Kim looks familiar to some of you its because she is Ray J's alleged girlfriend. Ah wait a minute! Didn't Ray J brag about being in a gang? The Care Bear Squad or some shit? Maybe he can drive over to Game's house and spit on his car. That will show him not to mess with his broad.

Paris’ friend and album collaborator Scott Storch is being labeled as a deat beat Dad.

A Miami woman name Dalene “Dae” Jennifer Daniel has filed a paternity suit against the highly sought after beatmaker which cites him as the father of her infant son Jalen Scott Storch. Daniel claims that she is currently unemployed and her only assets are two cars valued at $21,000.

Since Storch chose not to respond to the suit, a Miami judge declared Storch the “legal, natural, and biological father” by default. Child support and other financial issues will be determined at a later date.

Personally I think the woman should be evaluated by a psychiatrist for even giving Scott some ass.