Creeping teh gheyness

Here’s a thought: Rap music isn’t as good today as it was, say, 15 years ago because black men have gotten a lot more teh ghey than they were back then. Note that I’ll be instituting a special state of no homo Juelz Santana for the rest of this post.

I’m not sure exactly how you would measure this, but hip-hop is almost certainly the most hetero genre of music evar. In 30 years of rap music, there’s never been a prominent openly gay MC, and there probably couldn’t have been. There haven’t even been that many closet cases. Indeed it can be argued that teh gheyness is the antithesis of of hip-hop: The teh gheyer hip-hop gets, the worse that it is.

That said, the number of the latter is obviously on the rise. (Self) Esteemed print journalist Sickamore already did a post here earlier this year about how many of your favorite rappers are going around dressed like faggits, but it bears repeating: Hip-Hop has never seemed quite as teh ghey as it does in 2006. Fer chrissakes, check out this picture of Kanye West and tell me that would be possible in 1988.

Which begs the question: Can a group of men get teh gheyer over time? I’m going to go ahead and suggest this is possible. (Note: I was pre-med.) It’s no secret that the out of wedlock birth rate in the black community is out of control. Someone with the tools and the talent would be well-served to find the actual statistics, but I’m sure it’s way worse today than it was, say, 30 years ago.

Can a man become teh ghey because he lacks a male influence at a young age? Before the teh ghey community jumps down my throat – both because they’re upset and because that’s what they do – it’s worth noting that this idea has been put forth by one of their own. In an op-ed in the UK’s Guardian by teh ghey Peter Tatchell, it was suggested that a young Malcolm X became teh ghey because he lacked a male influence in the home.

After the death of his father, when Malcolm was six, he lacked male role models and was dominated by strong women – in particular, his tyrannical mother. He feared women and his early sexual experiences with girls were mostly unsatisfactory. Far from macho, Malcolm hated fighting and got beaten by other men. His passionate assertion that the need to feel masculine is a man’s “greatest urge” indicates someone doubtful of his own manliness.

If not having a strong male influence in the home could someone as gully as Malcolm X to rub talcum powder on an old white man’s balls, what’s there to suggest that something similar couldn’t happen to a fruit like Kanye West or any number of other rappers whose daddies were in jail or off somewhere living with their real family? In an MTV special last year, Kanye West described a similar experience from his own childhood.

West says that when he was young, people would call him a “mama’s boy.”

“And what happened was, it made me kind of homophobic, ’cause it’s like I would go back and question myself,” West says on the show, “All Eyes on Kanye West,” set to air Thursday night (10:30 p.m. ET).


To recap: Hip-Hop sucks today because today’s generation of rappers lacked a strong male influence in the home and as such lack the manliness to be great rappers. Am I right, or am I right?

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  • Sarutama

    The transient should have a field day with this one.

  • I Fux

    First fuck this gay shit, I am not not gay and dont want to listen to gay rappers, I wont even bump a girl rapper cuz i think its gay

  • I Fux

    I will listen to female R&B but a girl rapper I will just skim a cd and then never listen to it again, but a Lauryn Hill I can listen to because she sings

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    >”(Self) Esteemed print journalist Sickamore…”

    About time you hopped off his sack (no Richard Gere).

    >”…out of wedlock birth rate in the black community…actual statistics”

    It is at 70% right now, which is rediculous.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    (no John Mark Karr on anything to follow)

    ^^”First fuck this gay shit, I am not not gay…”

    Wait…if you’re not not gay, doesn’t make you gay?

    Sounds like someone is confused with their sexuality…

  • Fernando

    Ah yes. If ever a post required a response by Transient…this is the second in as many weeks…Seems most of these fruit bags are comin from the east coast or Chicago.? I’ve already mentioned Common’s “green sweater” Video in a previouis blog. Camron & Friends seem to openly wear pink(once is ok, but ALL THE TIME?), and Kanye…..oohh poor Kanye

  • Aqua Teen

    You are COMPLETELY wrong….
    Let me run down the list of rappers whose fathers didn’t play a role in their upbringing:


    need i say more?

  • Aqua Teen

    And on the other side of things…Lil Romeo’s father plays a big part in his i guess he is gonna bring real hiphop back huh???this blog makes NO sense at all


    cam’ron & his pink bandana any one lol

  • smileformedaddy

    ooh bol u on point i think kanye gay too but i know that picture fake. I also think DFL gay i think jermaine dupri is bi, chingy is definetly, THe game, Omarion, Pharrell, and 36mafia

  • Fernando

    West Coast & Down South (minus Andre)is keepin in Gangster…Yet the East-Coast is drifting towards Cardigans, Cumberbundts, Argyle Sweaters, Clogs, Rapping to Deaf bitches, Pink bandanas, limp wrists, and general metro / homosexuality

  • Nay Nimley

    (NO HOMO) Tight jeans don’t make you gay, do they?? LoL. guess I’m guilty as charged(NO HOMO)

  • Fernando

    Tight jeans doesnt make you gay. True. But combine those jeans with a neat little cardigan, a Louis Vuitton “man purse”, some ghey ass euro bowling shoes….and your on the way

  • Bol

    Three 6 Mafia teh ghey? No way!

  • Rey

    Fuckin’ Transi hacked the site, swagger-jacked Bol, and wrote his own blog. Bra-VO.

    WTF, Bol. Today’s blog is as pointless as a Eunich with a condom.

  • Fernando

    The sad thing is…The gayer these fuks act..THE MORE BITCHES THEY GET. (Ref. Commons Deaf bitch video)

  • K.O.T.S


    “I am not not gay and dont want to listen to gay rappers”

    …..How do you know that your favorite rapper isnt gay right now? Better yet how you know he aint BI-SEXUAL…are you always with the rapper that you “bump” to when they are in bed with someone? Are you that insecure that you can’t think of your favorite rapper being GAY or Bisexual? What would you do if he ever comes out? Are you going to bash him? Are you going to throw away all the C.D.’s you bought? First check yourself and go find yourself. I aint gay but I dont think that listening to a Female RAPPER is say that you would rather listen to a R&B chick but they sing bout “men-problems”..maybe you relate to “R&B CHICKS”…just my thought…

  • SY Young

    ehh cant say that on this one.. jay-zs didnt have a father, tupac, im sure nas’s dad was a rolling stone i dont care how many sucky songs they do together. but the point is not having a father in the home is not a new thing or an 80s baby thing this has been happening for generations now….. actually i just think fashion is changing for tehy ghey look at how juelz santana used to dress before now look at him now with his gay rhinestone belts and tight shirts and jim “dirt angel” jones dresses like that now…. its just follow the leader now. and the leader of the packs are they ghey now i.e. kanye west, the game, 50 cent, cam;ron*

  • Arcane

    who cares if U homo or Not
    just spit that shit and make em bounce..
    music wont judge you….
    stupid motha fuck…’s will

  • Aqua Teen

    and what the fuck does teh ghey mean anyway?

  • Fernando

    A pointless blog from Bol???? What a shock!! I dont tap into this Barba-papa lookin fuk for deep insight. I wanna hear about faggit ass rappers and dick suckin r&b hutches.

  • DJ N-Credible

    it is an issue that effects the Psyche of black males along with corporate america hiring black women over black males…but as far as hip hop is concerned…im not sure if it has anything to do with lack of father figures…the reason things are the way they are is because of the labels…but as far as kanye…WHAT THE HELL WAS HE WEARING ON THE No.1 VIDEO…IT LOOKED LIKE ALL OF HIS CLOSE GOT SHRUNKEN AND IT WAS TOO LATE FOR HIM TO BUY NEW CLOTHES SO HE WORE IT ON THE SET(THE SHOW MUST GO ON) THEY DID RIGHT WITH HAVING THE STARS AND SHIT IN THE VIDEO BECAUSE THHAT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD…SKATEBOARD P GETS A PASS WITH HIS CHOICE OF APPAREL BUT KANYE…A BIT QUESTIONABLE

  • Kanye

    The Gayme & kanye are FAGGOTS

  • Rey

    Nando– I’m all for good ol’ ignorant Bol posts (nullus), but this one was just kinda dumb.

  • Rey

    *sigh* Last I checked, funky outfits (andre 3000, anyone?) didn’t make you gay.

    As Transient can attest to, Dating and fucking other dudes makes you gay.


    PHARELL , kANYE & Doja a.k.a JT

  • Tyler

    Yo BOL,
    it seems U still stuck on this gay shit man. I think it’s kinda fuck’d up dat U wit at MR.X like ‘dat dude. He is one of the greatest dude so ‘dat was kinda weak.
    I mean what U are sayin’ maybe fact but at the same time somethings are better left unsaid ya’ dig.

    Rap ain’t good cause niggas are more concern wit’ getting a big paycheck instead of comin’ up wit’ heat that we as fan deserve. I don’t really see what someones sexuality has 2 do wit’ it cause ya’ll we all bumpin’ Boy George, George Micheal and so on and so forth back in the day.

    And more Rappers than U know or are letting the world know take it up the ass so instead of going at Mr.X. . . U should be tryin’ 2 shed light on the real of the situation.

    Peep some non gay heat at:

  • Fernando

    I care if theyre homo!! I dont want to hear 16 bars with a lisp. I dont want to hear about whoopin some dudes ass with a PURSE. Keep that gheyness where it belongs…rest stop bathrooms

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Rey is upset that Bol exposed Kanye (no John Mark Karr) for what he really is.

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

  • Nay Nimley

    That Malcolm X stuff wasnt coo, way to disrespect one of if not THE most important black man in American History. not sure if being gay can do that for one, but I’m deffinetly offended. thats very disrespectful, this must have came from the same white guy that said Martin Luther King was a “playa”. Damn.

  • Fernando

    Correct…Clothes dont make you gay. But you better spit some FIRE if you gonna dress like a crack-head (andre) or a fruit bag (cee-lo).

  • Aqua Teen

    well nay nimley…i hate to inform u..but mlk was a “playa”..thats a weel documented fact…but it doesnt take away from his legacy…if anything it makes him appear more human by having such a tragic flaw

  • Meka Soul

    now i have to burn my copy of “college dropout.”

    “the love below?” if that title wasn’t a cry for help…

  • Rey

    I could give a fuck (nullus) if Kanye was gay. Hating on K. West is reeeeaaalllllyyy played out. Fuckin’ Lil’ Wayne is on VIDEO KISSSING A DUDE ON THE LIPS, but you fuckers are trippin’ over a little sweater.

    Still tho…

    I have no issues with gay dudes or lesbians, but I’ll be honest: I definitely wouldn’t wanna hear a gay rapper talk about gay rapper stuff.

  • Fernando

    MLK fucked mad bitches. Its a documented fact by people in his closest circles. Its not a big deal. Dont be mad, he just got ass like every other famous male public figure in American History. Dont be so scared to learn that the greatest people in history were just that…PEOPLE. You would have tapped mad ass too…dont lie

  • Rey

    Word, I bet Ghandi was runnin’ trizz on them bitches.

  • Fernando

    And I dont think Bol said X was gay. He just made a point (not a very well researched one)that X was overly macho due to a lack of a father figure. I dont agree with this thesis, but I dont see it as an insult

  • DJ N-Credible


  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    I’m not a Kanye fan for different reasons…I don’t care about his mediocre production/rhyming skills or his dress…

    Being cocky (no Thug Motivation 101) is one thing. Kanye takes arrogance to a whole new level. Someone close to him really needs to put dude in his place. And you know he doesn’t give a ish about his fans.

  • slap fire out a blog

    I dont think it has anything to do with the homo factor. Urban fashion in general has grown up, no longer are the baggy jeans hanging off of your ass the thing to wear. Look @ Roc-a-wear and Sean Jeans newer collections which has seceral slim and relaxed fit jeans and have done away with the obnoxious logos. Hell you have european designers like Dolce and Gabbana even Prada that are portraying hip hop imagery tastefully in there fashion wih all of the over sized madness. Shit Im glad we can finally grow up and dress up, granted I worked in the fashion industry right out of school (no Sexy Back) but I like this direction……

  • Fernando

    You dont think if these crusty ass white senators are pullin bitches on the side that MLK wasn’t????? PLEASE. And I bet Ghandi DID run trains on Indian bitches. You lead a country of 200 million and dont get fine budhist ass thrown at you?? YEAH RIGHT

  • Rey

    DJ Ign-R-NT– I wouldn’t really give a fuck if my brother, best friend, or co-worker was gay. You sayin’ that shit just proves that for all your bluster, you’re just another dumb motherfucker with a computer.

    This is the one thing that angry niggaz & uppity crackety cracks have in common: You’re all some stupid, ignorant fucks when it comes to that gay shit, and I really don’t care who “ethers” me over saying that.

  • XRAY3000

    ^def cosign!

  • Rey

    Mikey–Ehh, fair enough.

    Nando–That was a joke. j-o-k-e.

  • Fernando

    SLAP-FIRE – I always knew you “worked” in the fashion industry. *he he*

  • Fernando

    I knew it was a joke…but it was also TRUE!

  • Rey

    Heh, something had to keep his home-spun ass going!

  • DGthegreat

    I knew it! As I stated yesterday, Bol is the ghey rapper, er, blogger!

    Your tendencies are coming out and you should let the world know. Ooops too late…

  • Fernando

    Its not even about the clothing anymore. Its about these cats being faggit ass niggas. And I dont care how “open” you are to gay people, that shit does not mix with rap..NEVER WILL. Shit, most female MC’s aren’t tight just because its not cool to listen to a bitch rap about her shoes and suckin dick

  • king douche

    wow that picture of kanye with his model fiance is so gay. wow what a fag!!!!! u got him on that bol.

  • Fernando

    Can someone please direct me to a website of all the Finest Video-hoes. I need that. And can some Mogul (i.e Diddy, Jay-Z) please get these fine ass bitches to start doin DVDs. Everyone sits through terrible rap videos to see these chicks, who wouldnt watch and hour length Hoe-off

  • Mr.Me

    Bol ya gay ass just made this post cuz you tyin to weed out all the gay niggas on here so you can form the worlds 1st online homosexual gang.
    Fuck does a gay nigga from the UK know about Malcom? Malcom was too real to be a closet fag. Niggas is goin to hell for hatin on the dead. RIP Malcom

  • big rizz

    Its out of control because we like fuckin, but i aint trying to give a bitch half after we get divorced! Niggas already aint got shit, and like snoop said “bytches aint shit but hoes and tricks”!

  • Fernando

    Bol is from the UK? Dont tell me I’ve been reading a blog by a limey!! NOOOoOOOOO

  • Bol

    >Malcom was too real to be a closet fag.

    Yeah, you tell ‘em!

  • pop a poppa

    like umm whatever! you dumb dummies
    don’t know what you talkin’ bout.
    its cool to be gay!

    *goes back to bumpin’ Elton John*

  • pop a poppa

    FERNANDO Says:
    Can someone please direct me to a website of all the Finest Video-hoes. I need that. And can some Mogul (i.e Diddy, Jay-Z) please get these fine ass bitches to start doin DVDs.

    for real i wanna see some Hoopz on
    Summer action. we need a hip-hop
    girls gone wild type shit.

  • gutta

    sorry bol that last statement was real ignorant…but the blog was good

  • Meka Soul

    wow… too hostile for me.

  • Fernando

    Exactly. Who wouldnt want to see this? We already know that 90-95% of these bitches are straight FREAKS, so its not like it would take much cohersion. Just need some $$$$$ to get the project started. I would start with Esther Baxter getting her titties sucked by….the bitch from Yayo’s “curious video”. YEAH!

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Y’all need to get a real-life woman and stop worrying about videe-hoes(TM).

  • Fernando

    Then those beezys from “you & dat” video could hop in and eat each others ass CAUSE YOU KNOW THEY NASTY ASS HELL!

  • Fernando

    I got a few real life women. Thats not the point, nor the issue at hand. Im talking about making money and satisfying my voyeuristic hunger for the yamps that show you ALMOST everything every day of the week. There is nothing pathetic about wanting to see these Hoe’s do the Freak shit YOU Know they are willing to do.

  • Fernando

    Im sure Luke has done it with some low budget southern sluts. But Im talkin about the SUPER-FINE ones. Big money.

  • Fernando

    This blog suck today…out

  • Rey

    Wow.. Meka Soul got scared!

  • Danja29

    greatest quote in the comments section: “MLK fucked mad bitches”… that shit’s just funny. I wonder if he was like those underground rappers who would have girls at his hotel room tryna talk about “the movement” and shit…

    anyway, i don’t think that lack of male influence makes you gay, but it def. rubs off on your mannerisms and shit. in one way, it could be good cause you could be into cookin’ and know how to dress… but on another side- everything else a female does looks teh ghey when a dude does it.

  • BridgesNY

    Byron, what the fuck. Of all the trite, shitty writing ive seen you put out, I think this one takes the cake. First of all its offensive, not cause im gay or feel strongly about gay rights or anything, but cause its such a low form of cultural observation. You try to address this ‘teh ghey’ as a sociological trend. what the fuck does teh mean? and how are you gonna talk shit about kanye and not mention fifty’s gay ass magazine cover on GQ you faggot? It might be cause your a tool, your a lame ass industry rat that sits around and hangs from talented peoples balls all day. get a fuckin life go write about New Urbanism or something positive or interesting or if not just go home and listen to your records and cry yourself to sleep faggot

  • marlon

    thats a funny pic of kanye, but really? did you ever see the video for the message that was a ghetto ymca ask me.

  • slap fire out a blog

    Fernando, joke if you want

    Fashion Industry = Fashion Hoes

    a lot of friggin women I tell ya……..

  • god

    “Hip Hop is dead” = because it is gay

  • kane

    “bol” is “ghey”


    NOW THIS EXPLAINS JIGGS..REY u can live happy cuz uv found out the real reason for chain hang low…its a but bead song!

  • pop a poppa

    yo FERNANDO… have you seen that
    video of Gloria Velez? you know, the
    bitch that Dame Dash was pourin’ all
    of his Cristal on in the “Big Pimpin’”
    video? anyway that bitch is hype. i
    heard that Joe Budden ate her out in
    exchange for some head! LOL anyway
    you got to check out this video where
    she is at this big ass rap convention
    type thing down south and some kid
    videotaped the broad eatin’ out
    another chick’s cookies in front of
    like 1,000 people. you should do a
    search for that shit. i know its on
    Kazaa cuz thats where i saw it from.


    I just want to know one thing…Bol must really like homo’s to
    1. Think of this shit
    2. Decide how to write this
    3. Formulate this into a blog

    Thats a whole lot of butt-fuking goin on in ur head bol..whats next- cleaning out ur closet?


    That gloria velez shit is on Luke’s freakfest video..u can only cop em on ebay now but she was a luke chick for a while. He got another chick on thier throwing balls out of her pussy to the crowd.
    But i dont think bol nor kanye would be interested in this info.

  • Rey

    Anal beads or not, there will never be an excuse for Jibbs (no ashton valderrama)…

    …altho’ I’m sure Jibbs uses his anal beads on Bow Wow while J-Kwon films it.

  • Rey

    …no homo.

  • Miami Monica

    “BOL” is “ghey”

    LOL…. ill second that!

  • Kentucky Fried

    This is what I think about Kanye..

    Kanye West is a certified Schizo
    He used to be what the game was missing though
    Then he flipped the script became a hypocrite
    Back in the day he used to spit hot fire
    But that was when he was spittin through that wire
    I’d give my left nut if he were still wired shut
    So he could never become that MTV slut

    It all started when he opened his mouth on live TV
    Dr. Evil was stunned and couldn’t even believe
    While we’re in a national crisis he’s promotin his cd
    Unlike the average fan right through you I see
    Desperate times desperate measures the lowest you’ll steep

    I could give a shit you’re in the red for late registration
    You had one hot Freshman LP congratu-fuckin-lations
    But you slipped made a comment on how Bush runs our nation
    Even when noone has ever faced that situation
    All this bitchin reminds me of a chick in menstruation

    See there I go venting it’s easy for me to lose focus
    Of the main driving force behind why I wrote this

    You came out blazing first album but discouraged college
    You said forget degrees or gaining more knowledge

    Just start rhyming, spinning records, and making beats
    Next thing you know you’ll be on top like me

    That album was hot just the message was terrible
    But you sold out got cocky and your music became unbearable

    What happened to just Two Words or being Self Conscious
    Gold Digger Diamonds Forever all you do now is flaunt shit

    And then the comment, Bush doesn’t like black people
    Rejecting college to your fans I think YOU DON”T like black people

    Pushing kids away proves you couldn’t cut it
    I finished Magna Cum Laude, how u love it

    Your absurd comments show you struggled with homework
    More responsible I’ll fill you in for what it’s worth

    Since Bush entered office poverty levels dropped dramatically
    He threw more money in schools to improve America grammatically

    He also increased our budget on welfare
    My prediction in 06, you’ll flop like Telfair

    Thank God you have John Legend and the man Common sense
    Without those two studs Good Music’ll start gettin tense

    I’m not here to get famous just want to share the truth
    So dropouts like Kanye or anyone in his crew
    MIGHT formulate complete opinions for you

  • john cochran


  • Fernando


    Ive seen it…and it is glorious (no pun intended) The film quality is poor, but there is no hiding that thickness….I SAY GODDAMN! There has to be a full length version. I also heard she did some shit for Vince Carter in Mexico.
    Fashion Industry = Fashion Hoes..True
    I wont disagree on that one.

  • Fernando

    That video is nice and all…But after watching it, I felt kind of dirty. Did you see some of the people in the crowd??? Jesus Christ, it looks like she is eating-ass in front of a swap-meet. At least now she made it to the cover of some shitbag hip-hop magazines. I actually saw Luke on Fox News the other day. That in itself is funny (freakfest–>Fox News), but they were asking for his opinion of THE WAR!!lmao

  • Profit

    Hahaha….hip hop is ghey!

  • lamborrcleveohio

    I’ve been reading Bol blogs for last couple of weaks. Its safe to say he lives in his own reality.


    Dat was pretty dope for a KFC runner…i want a #2 though with mash potatoes and mac n a extra buscuit too !


    I think Kanye is an undercover bowtie wearer

  • Rey


    You might be dissin’ Kanye, but he’s getting paid to make music, you see

    while you’re hatin’ late registration on this site for free

  • DJ N-Credible

    Rey Says:

    August 23rd, 2006 at 2:12 pm

    I wouldn’t really give a fuck if my brother, best friend, or co-worker was gay.

    It would not bother you if your brother was gay…hmm you must have had some homo activity in your pass…explain to us how you went back str8…you are str8 right???

  • Fernando

    Everybody on this blog wants to be paid like Kanye/
    But the picture dont lie..THAT NIGGA IS GHEY

  • Young A. Simmons

    Best way to kill the gay blogger rumour is too do an article on homosexuality?

    It must be lonely in your mommas basement Bol…
    Just your Pharrel cd collection for company.

  • Rey

    DJ O-RIG-N-L Name–

    Family is unconditional, asshole. As long as my brothers weren’t hurting anyone, I’d love and support them regardless.

    As for part 2 of your latest series of stupid shit: No, I’m not gay, never have been, never will be.

    It’s insecure fucks like you that are always saying shit like “No fag better hit on me!”, but let’s be real, Dick Juggler N-Credible, you’d probably be offended anyway if a gay dude ain’t want you.

  • Rey

    LOL @ Young A Simmons

  • Fernando

    If only Bol was listening to something as hetero as Pharrell. That cat is bumping “Promiscuous Girl”, and some other homo shit. I guess it gets him in the mood to make love to his hand.

  • Rey

    lol @ Fernando

    “Your chicks are your left & right.”

  • Kentucky Fried

    I wouldn’t ever hate on anyone making some cay cay ever. Just don’t come out saying how great your album is and how you should win 4000 grammys when in reality it doesn’t hold a torch to the first one. And then say shit like my verse on the GFK and Neyo remix are some of the best lyrics of the year b/c you quote Anchorman. TEH GHEY

    Oh and Johnny Cockran please never mispell again again please. It shows your unintelligence way too much which is probably why you didn’t enjoy the song. Try again tomorrow.

  • pop a poppa

    LOL every time i see someone call him
    DJ Original name i can’t stop laughin.
    thats definitely the best nickname on

    i might gotta plunk down a few dollas
    for dat Luke shit now. tossin’ balls
    out her pussy? damn thats some mad
    talent. why can’t they ever have
    some circus shit like that around my

    “looks like she is eating-ass in
    front of a swap-meet.”

    exactly!!! thats what makes the shit
    classic! LOL you can pick up some
    new clothes and watch some hoes all
    at the same time. i swear if there
    was ever a retail store that had live
    strippers they would be rollin’ in
    mad cash. Dame Dash need to open up
    the first slut couture store. and
    have Stacy as the grand opening (pun
    intended). LOL

    KENTUCKY FRIED i can’t believe what i
    am reading!!! isn’t it illegal to be a
    Republican and a hip-hop fan?

  • the ghost

    Damn, dudes are ripping Bol apart right now….but is that how he likes it???


    Dick Juggler N-Credible, you’d probably be offended anyway if a gay dude ain’t want you.

    ^fuklin hilarious…rey


    I still think DJ Original Name is a undercover Ipod DJ…nigga u aint slick…tryin to use MP3 scrathes…haaaa

  • alleyeCNtower

    there is much truth to the last statement he made.
    plus throw in the jail culture, the DL phenomenon, the “bitches ain’t shit/money over bitches” philosophy of hip hop, and you got the makings of a SUPER GROUP OF GHEY-AZZ GANGSTA RAPPERS!

    The Game is the primary example, on soooo many levels. No male father figure. Broken home. Bad role models. Insecurity. MALE EXOTIC DANCER, LOL!!!

    I’m serious too, though.

    the amount of gay men in hip hop is the biggest secret in our culture, period. the day that someone gets exposed is the day that all the homophobes look in the mirror and say: “can I live with myself listening to “–. —’s” or “–X’s” album knowing that they are gay?!”

    mark my words, you closed minded, hate filled, truth avoiders.

    your favorite rapper is probably a BI-SEXUAL, and that’s the final word.

    have a nice day!


    LOL at Kentuky Fuck Boy

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    bol said “faggits”


    u a faggit ass nigga bol

    but dis wus one of you better blogs afta yo faggit ass kweli conscious posts of da past week

    howeva, bol..u know damn well u bit dis idea off one of my old sohh threads

    lol @ it transpirin’dat rey is a faggit sympathizing faggit ass fat dumped kanye stan nigga


    lol @ it transpirin’dat rey is a faggit sympathizing faggit ass fat dumped kanye stan nigga

    ^u stupid 4 that one my nig

  • Kentucky Fried

    Glad you noticed Pop a Poppa I am a hardcore Conservative contrary to what most fans of hip hop are. I guess that’s what happens when you get into hip hop way before politics. And to top it off I’m white! BAYAAAAHHHHH!!!

    LOL at Belize wanting to fuck a Kentucky Boy thats really ghey. It won’t be me though sorry mankisser.

  • e

    Although I don’t agree on the lack of the male influence being responsible for rap being gayer (there has always been a lack of male influences in poor areas) but hip hop needs to stop being so fashion centered I blame it on the new east coast rappers ie Dipset(wearing pink is never acceptable) G-Unit, Pharrell, Kanye. Rap needs the west coast back (no the game) rap was less gay and fashion centered when NWA and Ice Cube were the top dogs


    “And to top it off I’m white! BAYAAAAHHHHH!!!”

    U ethered ur self kentucky fuk boy..i got nun to say


    On some new hip-hop news snoop’s album (on geffen records) was pushed back to november when a similar geffen records artist (the game) drops too…I think somebody needs to holla at the 5-0

  • Kentucky Fried

    Don’t think I’ll lose much sleep over it I rock hoes you rock fellas.

  • Rey

    u a faggit ass nigga, transi milonakis


    Yeah…sure u do..u know bitches dont like KFC

  • Kentucky Fried

    Nice comeback you just got trumped by a white dude….

    Advantage Cracka

  • Whoa

    i dont hav a father and am tough as nails not having a father makes u stronger in certain ways because since i dont have a male influence am gonna grab on to wat eva. and i happened to grab on 2pac All Eyez On ME! bitches!

  • New York Nigga

    yea man wat iz up wit da suits man i mean damn i waz neva da type to be so fresh so clean i waz da nigga in da skool thuggin it out nah mean!

  • soopadoopa

    I’ll co-sign for 2 reasons:

    Back in the day, only women had both ears pierced. im not saying everybody with both ears pierced is gay, but when i was younger my pops(RIP) told me piercing the wright earlobe wuz a sign of fruityitis.

    Second and nobody can front on this one; with all the tough talk and threats rappers rarely if ever actually have fist fights, i dont advocate violence, but these niggaz argue more than chicks. Either knock a nigga out, or knock it OFF!!!!


  • Ian

    Dunno, Bol…you ever seen a Whodini video? Dudes rock the John Stockton shorts.

  • allnice

    Yeah, niggaz really are gay in 2006, no question. I don’t know if not having a male influence in your life at an early age contributes to real gayness, but I do know for certain that dudes that grew up without father figures are the slang version of gay. These are the type of dudes that are suckaz for love, do anything for a chick just cause he thinks she likes him type dudes. The gear doesn’t really have anything to do with this type of gayness.

    In the Autobiography of Malcolm X, the dude doing talculm powder gay shit was the cat named Rudy. He was the one that cased out the rich houses for their burglary team. Dude supposedly did shit like that for money….but it was still gay. Unless there is some new evidence I don’t know about, Malcolm X doing gay shit is pure speculation.

    Sucka for love type gayness has been around for so long that I don’t know if it has been rising or not. If you grow up without a male role model to emulate, I guess you emulate your moms, which is the worst thing that could happen. Without the proper male guidance and advice concerning females, cats end up treating chicks too nice. The fact that chicks don’t like nice guys is no secret, so the outcome is clear to see…..

    Also, there are different types of male influence. If your dad was a pussy, chances are you will be a pussy too; whereas, strong male influences usually create dominant male personalities.

  • geah_son

    I dont think either biggie or Tupac had strong father figures.The only role models kids have these days are lying bullshit rappers.Kids wanna be the snow man and flip bricks.Hopefully some kid will take the literally and get a job in construction.


    Kentuky FukBoy…Damn ur white and u cant read..isnt that a double negative. Ur people are mad right now.

  • thoreauly77

    jesus christ dj-ricockulous, please stop responding when you get called out, it is truly pathetic. or change your name, or something… PLEASE. and all this fag-bashing needs to stop. seriously, who really gives a fuck? stop typing and go get some pussy; homophobia is gay, okay?

  • thoreauly77

    also, its pretty sweet how this turned from homophobia into racism. bravo kentucky fried white guy and melanin-blessed belize, truly being born with a specific color of skin is something to celebrate and berate other people for! fuck yeah!

  • Danja29

    Kentucky Fried LOST for makin’ up a whole rhyme that no one’s ever gonna hear to dis Kanye… how corny-as-fuck is that? Especially when you know if the nigga wanted to produce your album, you’d jump at the chance just like any other muhfukka with common sense (no pun intended).

  • messiahs’ father

    this was a funny blog.

  • messiahs’ father

    this was a funny blog.

  • messiahs’ father

    this was a funny blog.


    kanye used to visit his father over the summer in atl.vh1 had him on there.salute the the honesty of them flamboyant fags cuase at least you know where they stand.that s what kanye was speaking on.these are less nigga to compete with.on the other hand i dont want my kid no where around that shit so im divided.i believe that shit is mental.u r born wit it .the sad part iz that its going mainstream.slick rick had a man bag.kanye rocks a silk scarf that my wife wears to bed so i see the debate.
    malcolm shoud not have been mentioned.
    fonzworth bently is getting more shine on mtv and bet than real mcees bol might be right. but on the other hand luther vandross wasnice see the debate


    fuck yeah…haaaaa…lmHao

  • balloser

    HAHAHA! Bol, you sucker. This is just because you were accused of being gay some posts ago, because you admitted to just listening to nelly furtado nowadays…. Wag the dog, punk.

  • ummm

    what you forget is that the earlier 80s rappers never had male role models either!

  • Kanye’s Boyfriend

    You fellas here had better leave my boyfr…um, I mean FRIEND, Kanye alone. He never meant no harm, he just wishes he could be successful in hip-hop AND be gay at the same time, but it’s really difficult because of all the hot males that are hetero. If Kanye could pull out of my rear, I’m sure he would, but I’ve got a sphinctal death grip on homeboy and he risks losing his member all together if he tries yanking his wanker out of my bang-bang. The only way to get out is to lube it up by cum–eh, you know what he’d have to do. Anyways, fellas, nice chatting with you. Hopefully me and my man friend Kanye can come out the closet together some day–I’ll be the one wiping my upper lip off and running my fingers through my hair. Toodles.

  • Kanye West, The Louis Vuitton Don = Gay

    Guys…I am SOOOO gay! YAY! LOL! YAY! Me and Jamie Foxx that is. Common is actually…straight. Jamie gives me the funky smelling member on a daily basis. Eat that, cowboys!

  • icon

    There were some gay rumors surrounding Malcolm
    Michael Eric Dyson addressed them in his book: Making Malcolm: The Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X, speaking to the rumors that Malcolm may have sold himself during his hustling days, and saying that Spike Lee caught flack from the gay black community for not at least glancing over it in his biopic. Personally, if Malcolm was gay, I would rather not have confirmation of that shit- I don’t consider myself a homophobe, but there is certain shit I just don’t wanna know about black icons who helped shape my ideology; I prefer to think of Malcolm as the soft spoken and articulate firebrand who scare the bejeezus out of the white mainstream and put a face to the concept of justified black rage.

  • icon

    Fernando: There’s some shit called Hip Hop Honeys…it’s softcore vide-hoe material, but it doesn’t have any of the marquee names…

  • Kentucky Fried

    Belize your so idiotic your posts simply don’t not make sense. That’s a double negative dumb fuck. And silly boy Dan your post might carry some weight if I were an aspiring rapper. I bet if I dropped either one of you in a barrel of titties you’d both come out sucking your thumb.

  • bmort

    dats the dumbest damn article ever. I guess if kanye had a damn white t shirt with gold fronts he would be a man. lol nigga would look ignorant if you ask me. if he did that he would be fake then. now dipset with them pink ass shirts (dats gay as fuck) KILL YA SELF. dats why i been listening to three six fo da longest casue u neva catch dem niggas leaning and snapping they fingas. bring crunk music back too many niggas in da club with shades and buttons. Im in college and when I was a freshman ’01 we used to get crunk by then end of the night niggas have they shirts off and sweating like an athlete. now i dont even go to parties cause niggas wanna look better then females. remember jay z started all this get ya grown man on and get a button da game is fucked up all together.





  • Michael Jones

    Why this obsession with homosexuals? Like Outkast said, “If you don’t love ‘dem hos/you like them very much.” I think BOL has his own identity problems.

  • rkm

    How is you criticizing people for being too gay any different than someone cricizing someone for being “too black”? Who gives a shit what someone does in their bedroom, they aren’t making a move on you, right? This is some incredibly hypocritical nonsense from someone who’s usually pretty on point–ie that Katrina piece earlier this week.

  • DJ N-Credible




  • Mingemasher

    Rap is going back to its roots….look how friggin gay it was in the 80s

  • Charles

    Maybe I’m not up on my slang these days but what the hell does teh ghey mean?

  • jon jon–23

    Rappers are always talking about going to prison like it’s a rite of passage, but a lot of these “thugs” are exchanging “meat enemas” and eatin’ tube steak in prison on the down low. They get out and act hard. It’s a paradox.

  • Akatok1

    I think that personally nobody wont listen to gay rapper because its already enough for people to get in the rap business, but it sucks not that the we (the black people) are getting fucked by these record labels because they want you to sell millions of records and the moment you flop they tend to drop you in a split second. Fashion wise.. i think that people are just taking a bit too far. Some people can dress good and some people needs help. For example Pharrel gets props because he is a skater boy and he wears that type of clothes, but when it comes to going to events he know hot to dress up. And then you got motherfuckas like Camron that started that pink faze shit and it become a fasion statement for a like time and it die out. Like i said it depends on who you are and how you express yourself in this environment.

  • Dielon

    What a long, strange way to process through one’s own homosexuality, bol. You’ve all but screamed it from the mountaintop with your constant fixation on gayness in hip-hop and elsewhere. poor guy. god loves you just the way you are.

  • jon jon–23

    When you look at some of the earlier rappers like Curtis Blow, U.T.F.O, Whodini, Grandmaster Flash; look at the Xtra Medium jeans they use to wear. Not only that, but the cowboy costumes and tight leather. I doubt all those pioneers were gay. Nowadays, a lot of so called “hard” thugs dress gangsta but when they go to prison they turd tappin’ other men and gettin’ they shit pushed in.Then they come home and get with a lot of chicks. That’s one reason diseases are running rampant in our community. Just because rappers are dressing different doesn’t mean they are gay. I don’t dress like that but I won’t knock someone that does. A lot of times the thugged out nigga with prison time has seen more dick than a urinal.


    I Fux Says:

    August 23rd, 2006 at 1:27 pm
    First fuck this gay shit, I am not not gay and dont want to listen to gay rappers, I wont even bump a girl rapper cuz i think its gay


  • JM.

    I think dudes get too excited about the subject in the first place. Niggas ain’t gay because there was no father in the house. And all of you gay apologists on here, calm down, I think they advance their own cause just fine by themselves. I used to work in the Sony building, plenty of gay cats in the rap industry, wouldn’t be surprised to see rappers trying to get better promotion by any means necessary. I’m not sure it’s even about gay, it’s more about the lack of strong minded individuals who know how to follow their own path and not that of society. If your gay, stay gay, if your not, don’t mess with it. That simple.

  • Kurt Raschilla

    Why do the content jogs my memory of one other related the one that Someone said some place else?