Brooklyn’s Bad Boy’s Back Again

sickamorescratch.jpgOh how I’ve missed you precious blog. I thought for sure I was getting axed for being on the disabled list for so long. Or Brendan Cashman and Elliott Steinbrenner would’ve acquired a Bobby Abreu to replace the missing in action Gary Sickfield. To show my appreciation, I’m going to write a new blog every day for the month of August. Even on the weekends. Enough with the baseball references (no one in hip-hop watches that sport anyway), let me pull your coat on what I’ve been up too in my absence.

First things first, the now infamous Little Brother. The youngest in charge is A&Ring their new album on Atlantic. Pretty ironic considering my bloggingmates disdain for the North Crackalackin trio. Phonte, Pooh and 9th are changed men, look at the range man, they got a whole new game plan. First track we’re knocking out is featuring label mate Yung Joc, called “Going Down With The Underground”.

I joke, I joke.

Also been putting the finishing touches on Saigon’s new album. I know none of you believe me when I say it’s coming soon, but it really is. We just got the treatment back for the video and its loco. The record drops this month. More of the Yardfather we all know and love. Soon as the new joint gets back from mastering I’ma leak it. Don’t tell Just though.

I’ll let DJ “Asylum” Drama tell you the details about his own album, but it’s coming out amazingly as well. “The Southern Chronic”. Can’t really disclose anything else, other that its going destroy every other DJ album in the history of DJ albums (sorry Clue, Khaled). It already spawned this year’s best verse by the best rapper alive since the best rapper got a job. It’s so sick I’m about to vomit, promise, one egg short of the omelet.

Signing my first act in the next up and coming week or so. All the searching and traveling I was doing, only to scoop someone up from Southside Jamaica Queens. I guess New York is enough, but hip-hop isn’t. I got in a bidding war with Game’s new home label and won! I’ll give you more information when the ink dries.

When I’m in St Louis I’m usually checking out this group Da Banggaz. A trio with the hottest club record in the home that Nelly built right now. Not like that wack ass “Chain Hang Low” shit. This is the last performance I attended last Friday for their home radio station:

In other news, the company is going good. Spot just shot a street video in front of 40/40. Sky Balla is throwing a party tomorrow in Manhattan. Tru-Life got his diss record leaked. And I’m in the new Scratch!

So my new crusade is to do 31 blogs in 31 days. Wish me luck. Until tomorrow.

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  • Bol

    >To show my appreciation, I’m going to write a new blog every day for the month of August.

    Oh perfect.

  • king douche

    So dope Bol is the only comment.
    BTW….that group sucks.

  • Eric

    With tools like Sickamore working in A&R it’s no wonder hip-hop is almost dead.

  • Belize

    If u promised siagons album months a go, u think u can write a blog ev’day…shyt good luck then playa

    …tell me u didnt sign 25….that joint “she likes my style is hot though”

    ps…Bol-do sum work mr. larry b. scott….haaaa

  • big rizz

    keep doing ya thing playa!

  • Che

    stfu bol.

  • G Off

    The over/under on total August blogs is 13

  • exo

    Little Brother ain’t get dropped?

    “So my new crusade is to do 31 blogs in 31 days.”

    Good fuckin’ luck, dude.

  • rip

    waiting forever for saigon

  • thoreauly77

    i sure hope that every single one of the other thirty blogs is also shameless self-promotion; maybe sickamore should make out with dj drama so they can save some time by not making out with themselves. sickamore, please spare us the blogs. YN, please find another blogger that is prolific and isn’t just a & r -ing for himself. fuck.

  • Ronnie

    Dude your truly clueless…

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    G Off-

    Im taking the under on 13.

  • DJ Main Event

    Drama’s album better be goodafter all this speculation and hype. i KNOW that the ppl who review albums wont think its the classic LP, but it should be worth a listen or 3.

    Da Banggaz… from what ive heard so far, ehhhh….

  • Rey

    31 in 31? You gonna start doing Sickamore’s Break A Day?


    Sickamore drops some BS blogs but they entertain me.

  • sassy

    i’m so f’n proud of you! my lil mogul

  • PHZ-Sicks

    ohh shit..i performed with Da Bangaz in CT last summer…glad to see they are doing their thing

  • Greg/ YG Da Boss

    On point as ussual and the baseball refrence was classic considering the trade deadline just passed and the word play with the names but lol for real baseball refrences might have been lost to some I am a throw one of my own I thought you were gone cause you had pulled a Harold Reynolds ouch damn I miss H.R. on the show though.
    Now as far as the blog man I gotta see with my own eyes to believe a blog a day. That Saigon project looks promising. I am interested to see who the artist is that you snatched.


    Not feeling Da Bangazz, FYI every city in the SOuf has a hype group of young jitz like them…More glam than talent, Nothing special.


    “31 blogs in 31 days”-WTF!?!?!?!? It’s called QUALITY over QUANTITY U S.O.B.

    Fuck outta here

  • Peachie

    Check 4 Pittsburgh, Pistolvania’s youngest in charge~~~~~~~Wiz Khalifa


  • honorable

    good luck! i know u a busy man.

  • Thomas J

    aight keep doin ya thing. i got some new tracks, you asked me to tell you, and i’m telling you.

    give peace a chance my man.

    one love,


  • Playa=50=

    great crazy performance love that

  • Fuck Gayme


  • khal

    rofl @ chain hang low. what a ridiculous piece of trash.

  • fuckuman

    “The Southern Chronic”…that HAS to be a joke…good one Sickamore!!
    Good luck writing 31 pointless, shitty blog entries…can’t wait for that Sky Balla Album!!

  • king douche

    Sickamore and Drama’s blogs are just a place for them to do free promotion for them and their shitty artists.

    Whats up with that YN??


    Game told that:

    if i flop i flop/
    i got a millions tucked under my bed and a $100.000 jacob

    He’s fuckin true!!
    he will flop!
    but this lil money won’t be enough to surive! go back to strippin! LOL


    Guess you not feel’n da kid….That’s cool tho. It’ll just make me work harder….”A&Rs GOT ME FEELING LIKE MOSS IN THE DRAFT”…Remember what happened to him ?…Both MOSS and Jigga…Not too bad eh?


    The search begins there.
    the search ends there.

  • Beatmachinaz

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  • the dough

    Lay off the blogs and get working on Saigon’s album. Either that or come to North Idaho to see me rock it.

  • Miami Monica

    Sick!!!! Back on the blog game HARD!!!! ;-)

  • LowKey

    cmon sickamore…..all they are is another crime mob from st.louis….

  • Will

    Woah, The Obvious Amount Of Haters Posting Comments Is The Clear Reason You’ve Made It So Far!!! Do As You Have Always Done, Sickamore Prove Them Haters Wrong & Make Em Feel Real Dumb! Keep Doin Your Thang Man!


  • Curt Dog

    bangaz=crime mob part 2, spot=nice,his video was raw hiphop,sky balla=terrible nobody in the bay feeling him,tru-life=cool but the diss was wack

    Come on Sickamore 1 for 4 iznt good AandR

  • EXP

    man…this just turned me on to blogging..the game footage was classic…holla at me

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