sickamorescratch.jpgOh how I've missed you precious blog. I thought for sure I was getting axed for being on the disabled list for so long. Or Brendan Cashman and Elliott Steinbrenner would've acquired a Bobby Abreu to replace the missing in action Gary Sickfield. To show my appreciation, I'm going to write a new blog every day for the month of August. Even on the weekends. Enough with the baseball references (no one in hip-hop watches that sport anyway), let me pull your coat on what I've been up too in my absence.

First things first, the now infamous Little Brother. The youngest in charge is A&Ring their new album on Atlantic. Pretty ironic considering my bloggingmates disdain for the North Crackalackin trio. Phonte, Pooh and 9th are changed men, look at the range man, they got a whole new game plan. First track we're knocking out is featuring label mate Yung Joc, called "Going Down With The Underground".

I joke, I joke.

Also been putting the finishing touches on Saigon's new album. I know none of you believe me when I say it’s coming soon, but it really is. We just got the treatment back for the video and its loco. The record drops this month. More of the Yardfather we all know and love. Soon as the new joint gets back from mastering I'ma leak it. Don't tell Just though.

I'll let DJ “Asylum” Drama tell you the details about his own album, but it's coming out amazingly as well. "The Southern Chronic". Can't really disclose anything else, other that its going destroy every other DJ album in the history of DJ albums (sorry Clue, Khaled). It already spawned this year's best verse by the best rapper alive since the best rapper got a job. It’s so sick I'm about to vomit, promise, one egg short of the omelet.

Signing my first act in the next up and coming week or so. All the searching and traveling I was doing, only to scoop someone up from Southside Jamaica Queens. I guess New York is enough, but hip-hop isn't. I got in a bidding war with Game’s new home label and won! I'll give you more information when the ink dries.

When I'm in St Louis I'm usually checking out this group Da Banggaz. A trio with the hottest club record in the home that Nelly built right now. Not like that wack ass "Chain Hang Low" shit. This is the last performance I attended last Friday for their home radio station:

In other news, the company is going good. Spot just shot a street video in front of 40/40. Sky Balla is throwing a party tomorrow in Manhattan. Tru-Life got his diss record leaked. And I'm in the new Scratch!

So my new crusade is to do 31 blogs in 31 days. Wish me luck. Until tomorrow.