Last week after copping the latest edition of Complex, I noticed that Beanie Sigel appeared in the new [1] ad campaign for Dash Incorporated along with the head window licker in charge himself. Since Dame owns the State Property entity it would make complete sense for Beanie to appear in the ads so I didn’t put too much thought into the whole ordeal. It’s not like Jay has been using a lot of rappers in the Roc-A-Wear ads any damn way. Well, except Freeway but something tells me that his schedule isn’t exactly chock full of shit to do. I’m surprised he isn’t working at the Wal-Mart service center like I suspect T.Error Marie to be currently doing.

Word is that at a recent club appearance in Philly, Beanie had a lot of shit to get off his chest. Before the club closed Beans instructed the patrons to stick around. He then proceeded to do a hour long set which included a freestyle where he not only dissed Jay but said that he had been dropped from the Roc. He also mentioned that he was planning on getting at Hova on his next project.

[1] In a perfect world, the upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model would have a challenge where the models not only shoot each other in the arm but also drive themselves to the hospital. I would watch.