The richest man in hip-hop dropped a new video last night. I highly anticipated it, not because I love the song, but he already did my favorite video of all-time. Plus he hasn’t done sanything in a long time. It’s a good time for him to drop his solo, especially coming off “Me & U” and “Its Going Down”. This is the new joint with the chick from The Pussycat Dolls. After this video she might be in the running for the sexiest singer alive.

A few observations I had:

-Where are all the African-Americans? Maybe Diddy is going more the pop route
-It probably would’ve made more sense to have Cassie do the hook
-0:01 Mark. Shameless Cadalliac plug
-0:03 Mark. Unforgiven Cologne Plug. Cha-Ching!
-1:26 mark. Are those platinum fronts in his mouth?
-I thought he was going to get on his grown “I’m not dancing anymore” man shit until the 2:10 mark
-I LOVE NICOLE WHATEVERHERLASTNAMEIS!!! Jimmy is a lucky man (allegedly)
-3:07 to 3:28 Mark: LOL!
-3:17 Mark. What the hell was that?!
-4 Minute Mark. Did I mention I love Nicole Swikfdbvger?
-It’s better than “Déjà vu”
-For the first time in my life, I truly believe I can dance just as good as Diddy.

Overall is was a cool video. Puff is trying to get that Black Eyed Peas money. I guess after the shootouts, all the bars he bought out and all the gangster things he’s done his career, Diddy’s not looking for anymore street credibility. Get that crossover money nigga!