Back On His Diddy Ish

The richest man in hip-hop dropped a new video last night. I highly anticipated it, not because I love the song, but he already did my favorite video of all-time. Plus he hasn’t done sanything in a long time. It’s a good time for him to drop his solo, especially coming off “Me & U” and “Its Going Down”. This is the new joint with the chick from The Pussycat Dolls. After this video she might be in the running for the sexiest singer alive.

A few observations I had:

-Where are all the African-Americans? Maybe Diddy is going more the pop route
-It probably would’ve made more sense to have Cassie do the hook
-0:01 Mark. Shameless Cadalliac plug
-0:03 Mark. Unforgiven Cologne Plug. Cha-Ching!
-1:26 mark. Are those platinum fronts in his mouth?
-I thought he was going to get on his grown “I’m not dancing anymore” man shit until the 2:10 mark
-I LOVE NICOLE WHATEVERHERLASTNAMEIS!!! Jimmy is a lucky man (allegedly)
-3:07 to 3:28 Mark: LOL!
-3:17 Mark. What the hell was that?!
-4 Minute Mark. Did I mention I love Nicole Swikfdbvger?
-It’s better than “Déjà vu”
-For the first time in my life, I truly believe I can dance just as good as Diddy.

Overall is was a cool video. Puff is trying to get that Black Eyed Peas money. I guess after the shootouts, all the bars he bought out and all the gangster things he’s done his career, Diddy’s not looking for anymore street credibility. Get that crossover money nigga!

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  • KR

    am i first this time?

    i bet i aint…

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  • KR

    oh SHIT!!!!

    …yeah, take that, take that…diddy…whatever…yeah…I WAS FIRST, BITCH!

    …eh, im a loser…

  • Rey

    I like Puffy. If this album isn’t all full of Young Joke-esque beats or songs, I might buy it. (Sheeit, I bought forever like 3 years after it came out just to round out my bad boy collection…Diddy Stan, thy name is Rey)

  • Meka Soul

    diddy has a really chubby neck [no terrance howard]. i guess he only “preserves the sexy” from the chin up [no al reynolds].

    that pussycat dolls chick can get ethered any day of the week.

    and what the hell happened to those “making the band” broads? you’d think after all the “success” sean john has had w/babs [cops], ness [MIA after being ethered by mysonne's cheeba stasher on mtv], chopper [or young "set it off"] and dy-lan, you’d think he’d throw them on this track to avoid resorting to desperate measures for money.

  • pop a poppa

    not bad considering its from diddy.
    i still ain’t donatin’ anymore dollas
    to that sell-out bitch.
    did anyone else hear about him goin’
    on Martha Stewart’s show and trying to
    teach her some slang?
    thing was, he was teachin’ her shit
    that was about 10 years old. lol
    its official…
    justin timberlake is now blacker than
    his diddyness.
    this bitch will do anything to try to
    seem relevant to today’s listeners.
    c’mon puffy… iced-out grills?
    fuckin’ faggit.
    he needs to run some more marathons.
    puff startin’ to look like Lil’ Fame
    from M.O.P.
    and you would think that for someone
    who is a semi-rapper he would have a
    better flow after a decade of reading
    words into the mic.

    that Nicole bitch ain’t even the
    hottest chick in the Pussycat Dolls.
    there’s some honey-skinned piece in
    the group that makes beyonce look like
    star jones and shit.

    oh… and i can’t stand that “hate me
    now” video.

  • wtt@

    isn’t diddy like 50?

  • dj madwax

    the real question is..who wrote the lyrics

  • flava dav

    what about a ball and g video for riding high to promote their new cd puffy puttin himself before his artist once again



  • janice

    Nicole’s dating Jimmy Iovine (alledgedly) If there is some truth in this then yuk! I don’t care how powerful/rich the man is, I wouldn’t touch the man with a stick.

  • e

    Two posts in row where you don’t make a baseball refrence your slippin Sickamore

  • Belize

    10 down 21 to go…good shit but i cant respect puff for 3 things
    (1) he dont write his shit
    (2) he dont produce his shit
    (3) He the reason why a fellow belizean is still locked up…so he can kiss my rass!

    BUT…It was funny watchin him get his wanna be chris brown thing goin…i think he fuked his hip up on the 3:17 mark

  • King Paul

    Nicole makes this song/video. Uncle Puffy pays ghostwriters for that???!! and lol at his dancing

  • gees dat dude

    if that bitch is dating jimmy lovine thats the most fucked up shit i ever heard and it proves bitches will do anything for money.


    Sick, the chick ur referin 2 is Nicole(PCD).
    Puffy has a great business mind(Sean John clothing, Justin’s restaurant, etc…)
    Beat Wize, he CANNOT produce w/o jackin beats from tha past ( ie- The Police “Every breath U take”, David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, etc…). Try being original 4 1ce.
    BTW- there R otha chicks in the industry who are hotter than Nicole (ie- Beyonce)

  • DJ N-Credible


  • Belize


  • fuckthis bullshit

    You guys are aware that puffy is bisexual, right?


    ^^^^you mean Lil Wayne

  • Meka Soul

    i honestly think i can out-dance diddy now.



  • Fernando

    This song is weak. Im not dissapointed because Diddy has pretty much always been weak. He at least could have slutted out the Pussycat dolls chick a little more though, she is fine than a mothafuka. Which leads me to this….PLAYBOY needs much more power in the world. I can think of at least 100 bad ass chicks that need to be seen nude by the male & female population of the united states, her being one of them. YEAH

  • Prince of the South

    The video was good, but I hate the song. I think Loon worte the song for Diddy. There was the start “Relax you mind and let your concious free” thing that was the hook of a Loon song and his verse sound like something Loon would spit. Hope Diddy sells because his label needs a plat record bad.

  • Therapist

    wow, i’m guessing diddy was getting the dust off of his dance moves in this shit…

    i’m no dancing with the stars judge, but damn homey, puff’s dancing was stiffer (pause) than cassie’s shit…

    and had the nerve to have a dancing silhouette scene… smh… did you peep him do the egyptian hand/head movement shit? haaaaa

    yet, he’s still that nigga…

  • the dough

    “Plus he hasn’t done sanything in a long time.”. Come on Sick, spell check!

  • Enlightened

    Man, that video is funny as hell. Do you notice, he absolutely has no talent. He really REALLY TRIED to dance in that muthafucka and he showed that he REALLY CAN’T. I even took up for him before and said the one thing he could kinda do is dance but I was wrong as a muthafucka.

  • e

    Diddy can’t dance, rap, produce, or act yet he is rich and famous he probably doesn’t have enough talent to be a weed carrier

  • http://what? YES

    good lord what the fuck was that.

    first of all he sounds like a little kid, maybe it is those “platinum fronts” or him rapping with a grill but his voice sounds terrible.

    the second he hit the dance floor it was like some justin timberlake sexyback shit.

    and he chose not to use cassie because everyone knows she cant sing, therefore he could never gone to preform this mess at the grammys or wherever the fuck.

  • Profit

    I’m not the type to wish death on anybody but this nigga’s pushing it…

  • DJ Main Event

    lmao. this is your funniest post yet.

    that line about dancing as well as diddy got me.

  • Sonny Cheeba

    -I LOVE NICOLE WHATEVERHERLASTNAMEIS!!! Jimmy is a lucky man (allegedly)
    -3:07 to 3:28 Mark: LOL!
    -3:17 Mark. What the hell was that?!
    -4 Minute Mark. Did I mention I love Nicole Swikfdbvger?
    -It’s better than “Déjà vu”
    -For the first time in my life, I truly believe I can dance just as good as Diddy.

    ^^^that was on the money…

    That Nicole broad is FIRE and she IS fucking w/Jimmy, but some young “Usher/Nelly” type nigga’s gonna bag that in a min- watch!

    And Diddy needs to chill the fuck out dawgs, he’s just making Hip-Hop look wacker- plus he lost whatever mc skills he had (i.e. Biggie, Ma$e, The Lox all blessed him w/flows)…

    But hey- i’d rather listen to him then Auntie, oh my bad, Uncle Murders’ wack ass…

    And REY, if u bought anything Puff Daddy related since Shyne’s incarciration, Bad Boy’s been raping you!

  • G-UnotKiller_Solider50

    honstly yo this song could be way better this is kinda whack… wait no fully whack ummm enough mc hammer wanna b diddy


    I was kind of entertained and Im sure I will buy this album even though I know I shouldnt. But Rey I got a question how is that Forever album?

  • New York

    that song iz wack hip hop iz dead

  • Flawles$

    I think Nicole is hot but The Spanish chick (at least i think she is)got that booty.

  • Flawles$

    Is it crazy or these days pop is sounding like the new hip hop… Lupe, Sai, Nas, Jay, Dre, Em … please drop albums soon!

  • Mr.Me

    Shorty who picked up the cell in the beginnin looks black. I heard J-Lo was Puffy’s own privite A.T.M. girl.

  • Boner Jams 03

    u wanna talk about videos lackin melanin…what about that new lil wayne video?? that shit looks like a 4 minute long heineken commercial

  • Tyler

    The song is terrible and if U watch the video in like 2 days then U will really think ‘dats it’s worst than 1st time U peep’d it.

    All that money, all this time and this is what he came up wit’? Oh shit, it’s no different than his other albums without BIG.

    I guess one of his little sons wrote his rhyme on this joint. And is it just me or does dude look like a fuckin’ fool wit’ bottom fronts?

    And are U people serious? Dat chic is fuckin’ ‘dat cracka nigga Jimmy Iovine? IF so then she ain’t hot, not at all cause a bitch ‘dat tight should come wit’ a little bit more self respect.

    So I hope U got a good look at dat video cause that was the guy ‘dat fuck’d up the whole hip hop game, 4 real.

    Get lifted at:

  • yaboy

    that nicole bitch can fuckin get it. goddamn i would fuckin dislodge that girls hip.

  • input

    Puffy done crossed over in the 90′s where you been. EH EH EH EH take that, take that. Now go to Brooklyn and find me the breast milk of a cambodian women.

  • Alex Brown(G.B. Bahamas)

    classic….. fo sho

    i give that 10/10(hot as fuck)

    am the best critic

  • King Of NY

    ^^ nigga u must be trippin


    Watchin Puff get his groove on was hilarious.

    Damn if she B w/ Jimmy. That means the boyz gotta chance @ the otha 5 from PCD.

  • hog

    lmao at his dancing

  • Dutch

    So who wrote it….sounds like jay-z to me but my cousin is convinced that it is T.I. But if you listen to it…it really sounds like you can hear jay say that whole shit plus he uses big words like jay does…but what do you think??

  • Tiffant

    hey i lyke dis song its cool

  • moe