When nailing Rihanna got boring

So the word on the street is that Jay-Z is working on a new album for later this year. In separate interviews recently, both Pharrell and Timbaland “accidentally” mentioned that they were in the studio working on beats for a new Jay-Z album. Oops!

You wonder though if both once-great producers really find it that difficult to keep a secret, or if the TIs at Def Jam instructed them to leak this information to the press so as to gauge public interest in a new Jay-Z album. Smart money would be on the latter. In an especially egregious incident, I read recently that Kanye West “accidentally” mentioned the new Jay album while giving an acceptance speech at an awards show, before catching himself at the last minute. Riiight.

There was never any doubt in my mind that there would be another Jay-Z album sooner or later. I was actually surprised though that Jay made it through 2005 without dropping anything. The thing is though, a lot of that bullshit Jay put out after he retired carried him right into this year. As recently as February, he was doing “Yesterday” with Paul McCartney at the Grammys, instructing the former Beatle to “take ‘em uptown,” which is just wrong on so many levels.

It’s been quite a bit of time though since Jay-Z has done anything that really impressed me, other than perhaps nailing Rihanna. The Grey Album, which Jay didn’t really have a whole lot to do with, was kinda cool, but most of the other Black Album remixes have sucked balls. The track he did on that Memphis Bleek album was alright for what it was, if not on the level of Jay’s best shit. And the less said about some of these verses he’s been dropping on people’s remixes, the better.

And even though it’s only been three years since the Black Album, the state of hip-hop has changed quite a bit. While it’s true that the East Coast had already begun to fade by the time Jay-Z decided to gracefully bow out, it’s pretty much died altogether in the interim. G-Unit aside, East Coast rap albums these days are hardly a commercial force. Crazy as it sounds, it remains to be seen whether anyone would even give a shit about a new Jay-Z album.

As such, I wonder if it’s really that good of an idea for Jay-Z to attempt to mount a comeback this year. Given the circumstances, it would seem as if he’s got hardly anything to gain and everything to lose. If the album comes out well, of course he’ll be considered the man, but it’s not like he already isn’t. But if the album sucks balls, he’ll just be viewed as a huge embarrassing failure with a gambling problem, like Michael Jordan when he came back with the Washington Wizards.

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  • Pennez


  • http://www.myspace.com/pamento87 Dante


  • http://www.hypebeast.com/lupefiasco 2chéLupe

    Even though though the South is supposedly running the game like marathons (coughCHIcough), a Jay album would nothin’ but the best. Jay was a surprise guest to a concert that full Joc&Jeezy fans(its okay Phonte) and he rocked the crowd with classics. Expect nothin’ but the bet from Jiggaman; as my man P put it expect nothin’ but scriptures.
    FNF UP
    p.s. Mike still went to the All-Star Game
    **LFFL on the way

  • http://www.saywordatl.com Jo Van Gogh

    Looking forward to a return from Jigga. As long as the album is free of guest appearances it’ll be dope.

    What would be nice is if he crafted street jewels and left all of that pop shit off ( like he claimed he would do on the black album )

  • St.Silas

    Christ is Black. Revelation 1:14-15


  • roc_representa

    Bol, did you hear 44 Fours? If so, what did you think of that?

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    @lupe — rocking a crowd with proven hits and coming to the masses with an album of new material are 2 different things. i mean you can’t gauge how jay will do based on hits. he has to come with a dime or his legend will be tarnished, truth be told. that’s just due to how great he is as a lyricist, and how high people hold him. if he comes back and ‘catches a brick’, you know he won’t be happy. i know i won’t be happy. in a perfect world, he would have ended “the black album” with “What More Can I Say”, and been done with it.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Let’s see…

    1-Nice to see Emperor Lu back on here.

    2-Not so nice to see that Bol is over his love-fest from last week. (the girl he hooked up with probably never called back)

    3-Even the long t-shirt crack’n'trap crap rap fans love Jay-Z. People would get the F outta his way (well, not cam, but i’m pretty sure everyone in the dip-set is a bit off–no ashton kutcher)just to see him come back.

    The crossover audience (read: white folks) that push albums to multi-plat status would dig it just cuz Jay knows exactly what to do to make them “crackety cracks” dance in clubs or cop buttong ups or whatever the hell else they do.

    Jay needs to come back with another album, and if he does, I betcha it’d be a kind of cross between his first and his last album–Grown Ass Man hustler stories (but my money is on him denouncing the crack rap trend and ethering that shit like he did Mitchell and Ness) with dope lyrics ala Reasonable Doubt, with the production & “I know you’ll miss me” vibe that made the Black Album solid.

    Hov = G.O.A.T.*


    *The asterisk is cuz we never got to find out if BIG would fall off–I personally think he woulda retired before that happened, but.. RIP Frank White

  • Unfaded Disciple

    “G-Unit aside, East Coast rap albums these days are hardly a commercial force. Crazy as it sounds, it remains to be seen whether anyone would even give a shit about a new Jay-Z album.”-Bol

    Naw people would kill for another Jay-Z album, thats like mad sells just sayin gJay is makign an album right now. I also think anything cam happen with this album, the songs he been featuring in all over th eplace were not only sub par, but lacking pwer anf skills that Jay use to have embelish in his old career.

    Then again Jay-Z may not be putting his best work into them, and if he does on this album…it’ll be a hit.

    (Black Album Was Sorry As Hell IMO)


    Personally I think Jay’s ego is doing this. I think he was waiting for east coast rap to be in the state that it is now so that he would be able to put everything on his back and say “I single handedly brought east coast back” and no one would be able to argue that. And at this point in his career his fans put him on such a high pedestal, there is nothing he can do wrong. Anything bad that he does, the Jay0Z dick riders will have something to justify it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan, but he needs another album like Reasonable Doubt and if not that at least Blueprint

  • thoreauly77

    reasonable doubt kinda sucks. it’s all about blueprint 2.0.

  • Fernando

    Reasonable Doubt sucks???? Yet blueprint 2.0 is the album??? Comeback from planet crack-rock and think about what you just said. MARK

  • Sonny Cheeba

    Hov = G.O.A.T.*


    *The asterisk is cuz we never got to find out if BIG would fall off–I personally think he woulda retired before that happened, but.. RIP Frank White

    ^^^ the truth!


    The crossover audience (read: white folks) that push albums to multi-plat status would dig it just cuz Jay knows exactly what to do to make them “crackety cracks” dance in clubs or cop buttong ups or whatever the hell else they do.

    Thats what Rey said I mean its almost like white folks cant be big hip hop heads when I hate the poppy shit just as much as the last guy. That comment was pretty ignorant but thats fine besides that a new Jay album will sale hella good that album would be so anticapated and yea the producers are leaking that shit on purpose that just builds momentum. WEll Jay coming back would bring the east back im not really sure if its even gone but Yea I cant wait untill the JAy album.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey


    I wasn’t making the 1 billionth “white people like bad hip hop” comment.. That was a shot at anyone who uses the term “crossover” cuz that always seems to imply that a song goes from an “urban” (urban meaning black) station to a “top 40″ (top 40 meaning suburban/white) station.

    aka Going from black & spanish folk radio, to white people radio. (i said crackey cracks just to needle Bol)

    I’m just dropping all pretense.

  • http://www.theredlandmusic.com Marcel P. Black

    Hov will come out an abulm as sell damn near plat in one week. He will show these fly by nite niggas how to fuckin do it.

  • JR DOT

    All jay needs to end his career is a mirror of reasonale doubt. In terms that he introduced a whole lodda shit on that record that has influenced rap ever since, if he does that with the upcoming album and keeps the vibe as original as the first. It would be another classic

  • Whoa!

    Jay-Z nalied rihanna? damn that nigga gettin pussy from beyonce and her DAMN HOV IZ my hero

  • RandomName

    I’m looking forward to a new Jay album too. All this hip hop is dead crap is getting on my nerves. And I’d just like to point out that all of that started after Jay “retired”.

    I dare anyone to show me one article/Post on any website declaring east coast hip hop dead pre Jay retirement.

    P.S. – Lupe, who do I have to bitch-slap to get this damn album released.

    Chi-town, wild 100′s stand up !!

  • Chad

    People everywhere listen to Jay Z he may have just asm many fans in Texas as he does in New York trust me I stay here

  • the dough

    Why do all of you people want him to release another album like one he already has. I hear all this talk about “he needs to drop another Reasonable Doubt” and whatnot, wouldn’t you be more happy if he took a risk and dropped some completely left field shit. What if he actually started rhyming like Common Sense?


    First off..fuk u bol..now that thats out of the way…good blog…im the biggest jay-z fan since regrets and that shit wit changing faces and rkelly ( i got so much pussy off that)…but my nigga hov’s verses been gettin lame…plus he keeps rappin slow and low like the young gunz..nigga step it up!

  • Danja29

    as much as people would like you to believe that a new jay album wouldn’t get a massive response… yeah it would.

    we can pick apart the “hustlin” verse, talk about how wack he was on the “shake it off” remix, talk about that wack shit he did with r. kelly… but a new jay-z solo album would STILL make everybody stop in their tracks and pick it up the first day. if they hven’t downloaded it by then. TRUTH.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    “Now we goin’ house shoppin’, everybody wanna know the price your spouse droppin’…” Sheeit.. That’s off the SpaceJam soundtrack..

    Jay rhyming like Common would be cool.

  • Danja29

    oh, and no he doesn’t need to re-hash reasonable doubt. he already did that and clearly he has other things to talk about at this point. besides if he did re-hash RD, all people would do is pick it apart for all of the non-similarities.

  • pop a poppa

    i can’t believe it’s already been three years since the black album came out.
    it seems like just last week i bought it on its release day.
    i think jigga would get a good reception from the public if he decided to actually release this new album.
    to me it seems like his stature has actually grown since he “retired”.
    its like he is more than just his music now if that makes any sense.
    and with the way he is running def jam into the ground with all of his wack signings, a jay-z album is just what his label needs to cover their losses.
    look at it…
    ludacris will come out and do huge numbers of course.
    nas will do well too.
    but then there is the roots…
    will they make it past their built-in fanbase and break through to the mainstream? given jigga’s ceo marketing so far i’d say no.
    and with almost all his one acts at def jam releasing a single then disappearing forever, someone needs to fill the void over there.
    who better to do that than the president himself?
    the only reason that i can think of why people wouldn’t be receptive to a new jay-z album would be if they got pissed about jay-z toying with them.
    it seems like people would like him to make his mind up and stay with his decision either way he goes.
    either stay retired or put the album out… but don’t say one and do the other like he’s been doing.
    if jay did come out with a new album i would like to see him go in a new direction.
    jay gets mentioned in the greatest of all time lists alot.
    i personally don’t see him among the best to ever do it cuz he never had a political/revolutionary message a la 2pac or krs-one.
    i would hope that if jigga does come back he would use his stature to steer the hip-hop game back to its days when lyrics of substance was all the rage.

  • New York Nigga

    Ja-Z nalied riahanna? damn he gettin her AND beyonce nigga ur my hero

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a faggit ass nigga bol

    in fact u all sum faggit ass dickrider niggas

    hova been boring and tired since 2001

  • John Cochran


  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    rey wus mad gay today as usual

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    almos as gay as hova chillin’ wit dem fall out boy faggits

  • gluvnast

    jay-z shouldn’t even attempt a comeback album, not because it’s going to suck or nobody is going to cop it, but the possiblity of tarnishing whut he build is there, and as fickle as hiphop is, it’s a dangerous attempt to try…

    rakim’s 1st comeback is a great example of disappointment, and then he went and did “the master” to further destroy it….

    jay-z should do like the rock n roll greats are doing…tour all over and make the bigger bucks doing that…he got the fanbase to pull it off…wand these last three years proven that all of his concerts were historic events, from the 1st time he went to the madison, the controversial r.kelly thing, the declare war show, and the recent reasonable doubt..


    free the marmoset from his p.c!

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Transi! I thought you were past all that!

    Here’s a freebie: I kinda like Fallout Boy.


    (lol–no wilmer valderrama)



  • http://myspace.com/thebeatshrine Grace Starr PRODUCER/RAPPER

    Jay cant drop another reasonable doubt because he aint livin like that no more you ass!!Blueprint was a classic BUT it was not reasonable doubt pt2. If he did another album like that he wouldnt be being real to himself or his fans because he aint out here n the streets no more. Hes a legit Hustler now and im proud to see a black man put the guns and the drugs down and pick up a mic and flip rap money into other things bigger than rap. Also have yall ever heard of the word hunger? Hunger is something that can not be faked.Im not sayin that Jay aint hungry im sayin hes not hungry for the same shit he used to be hungry for.Once yall niggas get a lil bit of money yall will understand

    tru story

  • New York Nigga

    The Black ALbum waz a hot azz album one of hiz best HOW CAN U SAY IT SUKED U STUPID AZZ

  • UnFaded Disciple

    Black album was nothing but pop music mayne, are you kidding me?

    99 problems???WTF!


    Alrite rey I get what your saying my bad. But how the fuck is 99 problems poppy Unfaded disciple. I mean change clothes was very poppy and Dirt off your shoulder was semi poppy but 99 problems nah. What more can I say talking about all he has done in the game. No not pop get your fucking facts straight.

  • Boner Jams 03

    I need some porn

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    I dunno UD…i wouldn’t call that pop.. The guys just knows how to make incredibly catchy songs. 99 Problems was dope, the beat was on some run dmc throwback stuff and it worked, and the lyrics were really clever. Change Clothes was terrible, but I’m biased cuz I can’t stand the neptunes. If anything, I didn’t like all the gun talk. Dude was years and years and a hundred million dollars removed from that. Just my opinion.

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    Who gives a flyin fuck if Jay Z come back with and album or not? New York does and that’s about it. Ya’ll New York motherfuckers are payin’ and beggin’ ‘dat dude to come back cause you think it’s going 2 put you guys back on the map but I got a newsflash 4 U. . . “It ain’t going to help” cause Jay Z sucks Lance Bass Balls. He is just a lil’ bit better than all your other up top hot garbage that has come out since the real King of New York died. So Jay or no Jay the game is still going 2 flow the same way. So Jay, pleassse stay away! Peep the street heat at: http://www.myspace.com/marcusorealusmusic


    Tyler you say only Ny cares about a Jay-z come back but im from Kentucky which is the south so no not only NY and East coash fans of rap are looking foward to a jay come back it would be the most anticpated album to come out if he is coming back. I checked the shit you told us to for myspace its plain horrible ecspecially Ganksta.

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    we’ll see what happens with this jay-z thing. it better ether anything on the black album.

    Bol what’s with this ‘rappers nailing young-ass chicks’ thing you got goin?

  • http://aol.com lilbeanerguy

    Jay-Z sucks!! New York needs to appreciate they only good rappers and thats Dipset

  • http://aol.com lilbeanerguy

    By the way The South is runnin the rap game now so fuck new york

  • Harrisburg

    Bol, I’m leaving you a comment in support of your DJ Drama stress. Keep that douche under the heatlamp as long as possible.

  • kiss of death

    i hate how all you down south people talk about ya run the rap game. ya lrics is garbage comin from people who do snap music. t.i and ludacris are the only people who put out real music along with everybody from houston and some of ya dont even buy their albums. stop snappin ya fingers and appreciate everybody elses music

  • armaggedion

    What would be nice is if he crafted street jewels and left all of that pop shit off ( like he claimed he would do on the black album )
    ^hmmm, lets see- jay has been removed from the streets for lets say a good 8 plus years, why on earth would he be droppn “street jewels” when hes primarily been sitting at a desk or been on G4s and resorts and islands gettin his wang sucked by beyonce. HELLO!!! polo top, my louie slippers-jay got no business tryin to do crack rap and if he does hes a clown for it, he will stick to his usual formula a couple of pop joints followed by some autobiographical and will address some haters and more of im the greatest of all time talk.

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    “LBII” I am glad to see ‘dat you could take the time out of your busy life 2 peep the myspace space. .Thank you 4 ‘dat and on the real who cares what U think about it since we love tha’ hate and it’s funny U pick’d the “Ganksta” song 2 hate on the most since we only flipped the track “Wanksta” it just means U are hatin’ on something ‘dats already platinum plus and don’t know your hip hop. It’s a dis track against 50 the snitch and Em so yea’ U shouldn’t like it, U dickrida and no we don’t consider Kentucky as a part of the South so U ain’t speakin’ for us and what I was tryin’ 2 point out was who cares more if Jay Z comes back or not than N.Y. people dipshit it seems everyone else got the point. . But I try not 2 use this forum for personal attacks but what does the LB stand for? Loser Bitch!

  • Dneroda1

    i wrote on this bout 3 weeks ago hit up my blog: myspace.com/dnero1

  • brown

    Do you actually read the stuff you right? You know Jays shit gonna sell of the strength of who he is. And Jay aint gonna come wack with some shit. You can tell from listening to his old music that hes aware of the Mike Jordan scenario. Stop writting stupid shit.


    Jay still harder than all these damn craker jack azz rappers, what the hell are you sayin ol’ special az nygga. Nobody shyt is tighter than 4 good songs, max, on a album, u seriously sayin u don’t think Hova is gonna come tighter than all these shyts rappin bout NOT-A-DAMN-THING???

  • mr agee

    im in the air i dont hear ya niggas corny raps.

  • Sweet James Jones

    He better stay in that goddamn office and act like the fucking president of a record company and find some REAL talent. And I’m not talking about his fuckboy friends.(i.e-Memphis Bleek, Young Gunz,Foxy Brown,)
    Get yo mind right, cause we running shit down here pimpin.

  • p-nice

    tyler your shit is wack. come up wit some new shit. u down south niggas is lucky that jay put you on. b4 callbos wit jigga nobody was listening to that shit. east coast baller forever


    Actually Tyler that stands for my antials and you would expect me to like a song against 50??? when I dont even like his bullshit music. Lets see I dont understand how you dont take KY as part of the South when it is. I mean what would you consider it? YEa so dont diss me for not like your shitty song and not call me a real rap fan because yall put out a bad song put some better music out there.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Hey MekaSoul, I think me & Transi’s battle has been replaced by Tyler vs LBDII..

    (Um… no homo? Sorry, I’m still new at that)


  • http://www.urbanology101.com The Critic




  • Tha Blueprint

    “it remains to be seen whether anyone would even give a shit about a new Jay-Z album.” … really Bol?

  • http://myspace.com/nicetown PHILADELPHIA

    LOOKIN FORWARD TO THE UP AND COMMING TIMBALAND JIGGA MAN COLABORATIONS u have got 2 give it 2 ya boy he’s been in tha game 10 or so years and never fell off he is an icon of the rap game u gotta feel his struggle he’s also been on a “celebrity fuckin spree” MYA,BEYONCE, now RIHANNA he is definantly living up to his reputation when he made “BIG PIMPIN”

  • Prince of the South

    He’ll still sell b/c there are certain artist that can come out and do good no matter what they put out or whatever the musical climate is now. Southern rap is the only thing that’s selling, but when you look at it a lot of the top sellers in the south copy off of Jay’s style. TIP, Wayne, Jeezy, and rick ross if he sells when he come out. Hov made making a whole album about hustling cool, but nobody wants to give him credit for it. There aren’t many superstars in the rap game and Jay is one of the few. Aside from him only Dre, Em, 50, and Snoop could come out and sell b/c they have established themselves as a brand. The south runs hip hop right now but only those rappers could come out with a record during any climate and people would rush out to buy it. Kanye is almost there, he’s not quite there, but he’s Jay’s protegee so he’ll be there in a few. The rest of these rappers are only going through the motions, those rappes named will continue to stay on top when they drop.

  • slobbythegreat

    Before the black album came out i saw a promo pic with a casette on it with 13 producers Kanye,Timbaland,Neptunes,Just Blaze,Ski,Dr Dre,Eminem,DJ Quick,Swizz Beats,Rick Ruben and Premo, i think thats them, i think he should do that but also get scott storch, red spyda, havoc, and rza..just have 16-18 tracks all produced by different producers and keep the guests down, id like to see him do a track with nas and also game but also the lox and maybe saigon, and joe budden and ghostface, keep it lyrical..id love to hear jay flow over a rza beat

  • The Originator

    So Jay-Z decided to curse us once again with that weak ass flow!!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/rebeldr hip hop fan


  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    LD 2 & P not Nice, U guys got an opinion just like everyones got an asshole dawgs which if U could read my comments U would have read ‘dat I said “I don’t give fuck if U like the heat or not”How many record have U sold? Like I said everybody got an asshole and where are your tracks, artist, or websites or anything anyway? If you could read I went on to break down the inside scoop on one track 2 say maybe U need 2 revisted ‘dat U lame and on the real if U like Jay then U a Jay Z fan but if a nigga don’t like Jay like me ‘dat don’t mean they hate him but people think that others are caught up in the hype of him Jay & him being from N.Y. and so on and so forth they are not really diggin’ him 4 the reason of him being a hot MC. It’s called Marketing my friend. Haven’t U heard ‘dat joint “I’m not a writer, I’m a biter” where it shows how many lines he has stolen from other rappers? Guess not Mr.HipHop. And Yea’ thank U Jay Z for putting on a couple Southern Rappers, but he wasn’t the 1st do ‘dat but yea they did it cause they knew were the real money was at but what does that have 2 do with Jay’s rhyme skills? Nothing, and just cause they “say” he signed Jezzy don’t mean he really signed it if U knew anything about how major labels really work but I am not here to educate U nor and I am here to use this mag. for personal attacks on people but U spoke on me or mine then I had 2 speak back cause “if I throw U a bone, I don’t wanna hear what it taste like.” If U knew anything about the real industry then U would know there are mad motherfuckers that don’t have what is known is the industry as “Ears.” People only jump all over a hit after they heard it on blast over and over and yea’ once 50million motherfuckers say it’s hot then they be like, “it’s hot” then they swear it’s a hit. . Dats dickRidin’. U ain’t the 1st person that I every met that couldn’t hear and hit before it was in blastmode. And I am from N.C. living in the bottom, South Beach, MIA and no we don’t consider Kentucky the south nothin’ above V.A. and for some people not even ‘dat. What do we call K town? SuckaVill. I am sure all this was over your heads again just like the music but I will pray 4 U anyway. Now have a coke & a smile “Let your Shoulders Lean”. Much respect 2 the rest. 1EAZY

  • The Originator

    BOL you stupid ass muthafucka Rihanna is 17 years old. If Jay-Z he did nail Rihanna that would make him a child molester. But then again Jay-Z is 12 years over Beyonce. Looks Like R. Kelly isn’t the only one who likes em young.

  • Killa Cam

    Jay-Z the child molester.

  • Killa Cam

    Message to Jay-Z stop all recording of your new album. Please throw away any tracks that has already been recorded.



  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    LD. . .Do U smell ‘dat cuz? I do so shut your mouth. I was just fuckin’ wit’ U wit’ ‘dat point but the rest was real so go murk yourself.

  • E.N.

    why is everyone hating on the black album, the lyrics and production on that shit was crazy

  • E.N.

    ok originator, I’m sure if Beyonce was 12 years younger than you, you wouldn’t hit it, right?


    Ahh this is usless talking shit over the internet I like Jay you dont thats it.

  • tumi

    It’s good 2 hear that the GREATEST OF ALL TIME( only b’coz EMINEM didn’t come out in 96) is realesing another album. Who else can get a hook 2 sing about all his previous albums(Moment of Clarity (produced by Em))? He has the greatest diss song of all time (TAKEOVER( don’t make u de next contestant on the Summer Jam..))

  • http://www.arnofresh.blogspot.com sofresh

    That’s one column taht doesn’t say much… Byron : step your game up…
    (funny thoughy as always. you got a nice hatin’ game !…)
    Talking about remix albums for the black one, you might want to check this one :
    Keep on hatin’ with style !

  • Walt

    Who keeps mentioning dipset? They fucking suck with the exception of Santana. But yea they do suck like seriously like really fa real… And how Jay Lyrics been getting weak yall niggas ain listening… Dear Summer was hot, Go Crazy remix was Phiya, More then a hustla im the definiton of it… Diamonds remix was even better… The song he did with Pimp C Bun B Z-Ro and Jeezy was… That wasnt a good verse from Jay… But I digress. The song he got with B his verse is tight… “I used to run base like Jaun Pierre/now I run base high hat and a snare”…. You fucks are killin me, and on the Hustlin remix he did his thang…. Fuck everybody and yall Gay… Im out this bitch. 1!

  • Walt

    I fucks wit Kentucky they are apart of the south Who the fuck is Tyler? The leader over all things southern, doubt it!

  • www.soundclick.com/atrem

    Who really cares if this dude comes back or not! 1. he’s not better than Nas 2. He’s not better than BIG 3. Since when in rap is it cool to get dissed and not fire back. (Cam)

    4. Go listen to that Shady Guys Fiyah

    p.s. RIP Rocafella


  • h-lo

    I think “unfinished buisness” should have never gotten releasd. Outtakes from an already poor album, lightyears away from what those artist are able to achieve. That’s just littering his catalogue. When asked if he could imagine to make an Beyoncé/Jay-Z album he even said: “The last time I made something like that, it ended up with horrible results. Can anyone say ‘Best Of Both Worlds’?”. On the other side, when provided with the right musical context, like KanYe’s powerful two albums, he still impresses. They simply showed him on top of the game, I mean, he came there in for like one verse and demonstrated who’s the boss: “How could you falter when you’re the rock of Gribalter I had to get of that boat so I could walk on water”. His rapping on the new Beyoncé song DèjaVu is tight, too.

    He just has to make another album, alone by the fact that Nas wants him to do so. But he probably could’t escape the allure anyway…

  • Walt

    1. He’s sp better then Nas
    2. “If he aint better then BIG he the closest one”
    3. Cam is gay and not worth the time nor the effort. And he sort of did fire back on the hustlin remix,listen carefully
    4. You gay

    P.S. Rocafella 4ever, Hov 4life

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    LBD2. . then the beef between us is dead then, even though U are the 1 ‘dat went at my head 1st. .but like I said try and peep the joint “I’m not a writer,I’m a biter” about Jay. Jay is cool and all but the way “people” try and make him 2 big the King. .the best and all ‘dat he just ain’t the one. Along wit him stealin’ niggas lines, he lost his beef Rap 2 Nas. Business wise he is cool but still how he get Def Jam over Dame when Dame put him on, Kanye on, who Dame really found and all them artist on the Roc was Dame so how he become a label head over Dame? Cause he fuck’d his man over & that’s not how a true KING gets down. Loyality 1st

  • h-lo

    Excuse me, but who dares to call Timbaland an “once-great producer”?
    Oh Mr. Crawford, you are one promiscuous boy!


    Bangin Rihanna does’nt get boring!!!

  • http://yahoo.com lil chi-town shawty


  • Mr. Anderson

    First of all nailing Rhianna would never get boring, I’d bang that girl all day and all night, fuck the bullshit. For real for real, tho Jay’s alright. I don’t cop his cd’s or nothing but I like a couple of his songs and he does know how to make money, and what else could you ask for…..besides good lyrical content. hmmm I say Jay needs to put all the ice and yachts and chancletas (yea I heard) and young mediteranean shit down and go back to when he first started I’m talking reasonable doubt. Why is everyone nice until they get rich?